The Mouse Club

by Larkin

Fictional Story, sexual content, male/male Copyright Larkin 2006

The Mouse Club

by Larkin

"Come on Mathew, brush your teeth and hurry up or you'll be late for the Mouse Club!"

The Mouse Club was a pre-school that was really over at Mrs. Tuttle's house. She tried to make it look like a hi-quality pre-educational, pre-school, but the truth was that it was just a glorified babysitting service.
My mother tucked my tee shirt in all around and then hiked my shorts up so high that it made me look like an idiot.
Our car pulled up in front of Mrs. Tuttle's house.

"Mathew, I already spoke with Mrs. Tuttle and told her that I won't be able to pick you up before six, ok?"

She walked me up to the door of the old run-down house. 
The door flew open and we were greeted by Mrs. Tuttle.

"Hi, There's little Mathew. Welcome to the Mouse Club!" She always said this in a cheery voice.

Mrs. Tuttle always wore stretch pants in unattractive pastel colors. Aside from having a huge ass, she was generally untidy and wore clownish make-up. 
Even as a young kid, I took careful note of these things.

She leaned closer to my Mother and said as if I shouldn't hear, "You know, I think Mathew is a gifted child."

My Mother turned and hurried back to the car. On her way she said, "I'll try to make it by six."

I was led into the house, down the hall and thrust into a large room with four or five other kids. 
Most of them looked bewildered, left to wonder in a world of broken toys and child sized furniture. 
The babygate closed behind me and Mrs. Tuttle went back to her Seduko and cigarettes.
Having reasonable popularity, some of the kids jumped up to greet me.
One was Tyler. He was wearing a plastic army helmet.
There was Reggie who I was sure was retarded because he fell for the same tricks over and over again.

Reggie was also the official cry baby and of course, Kleg, Mrs. Tuttle's son, "The bully."

You could always count on Kleg being there since he lived there.
There was one girl, Adalyn. You didn't need to do anything to set her off because it would happen spontaneously. So we left her alone.
She would sit with her nose in the doll's house probably imagining that she was somewhere else.
Tyler was Kleg's assistant. 

Kleg would go up to Reggie and intimidate him face to face. At the same time, Tyler would get on his hands and knees behind Reggie. 
Of course Reggie didn't see Tyler kneeling behind him. Then Kleg would push Reggie backwards. Unable to break his fall, he would fall over Tyler. 
Then he would begin a loud prolonged cry.
This was one of many situations that would cause Mrs. Tuttle to come running to the babygate.

She would bellow. "Shut up!" or "What did you do to him." or "Kleg, leave him alone or so help me I'll...."

One of the worst I heard was, "You're lucky you not one of mine or I would smack you the shit out of you, you little turd."

Of course Kleg was one of hers and there were a few times where we sat and watched while she went to town on poor Kleg. 
I have to admit that it was quite a spectacle.

I didn't worry about Kleg. He was resilient and was over it as soon as she left the room.
On warm days, there was a door that went outside to a fenced in yard. It was muddy and no better than a kennel. All of us went out except Adalyn because she didn't want to get dirty.
On this day, Kleg had made himself at home in a pale blue plastic laundry basket. I went over to see what he was doing.
The soft plastic basket seemed to fit his contours except for his legs that hung over the sides. He greeted me with a cheerful smile and I looked down to see that he was pulling his penis up and down. 

At first I thought it was his finger but it wasn't.
Tyler came over to see too. He paused to pick his nose. When he was done Kleg had Tyler's undivided attention as well.
Like many of these things, hardly a word was spoken between us. He pulled his little cock up and down and then pushed his pants and underwear out of the way so we could inspect his balls.
He pulled his boner down and let it flip up causing a chuckle of approval from us. Kleg enjoyed showing off to his minions.
Tyler knelt down next to the basket and reached in and started carefully tugging at Kleg's boner. 
Kleg didn't object at all. In fact, he clasped his hands behind his head and relaxed.
I couldn't quite understand what the attraction was all about but I was happy to let myself be drawn into it.
Cars were driving by and almost anyone could have seen us but we didn't care. 
After awhile Tyler took Kleg's place and both of us helped him get a boner.

Mrs. Tuttle walked out in the yard and said, "Lunch!"

I have always admired how boys know when to be cool. We stood blocking Mrs. Tuttle's view of Tyler while he zipped up.
Lunch was Chef-boy-ardee's, Spaghetti-O's.
It left an attractive orange ring around our mouths not unlike Mrs. Tuttle's clownish make-up.
After lunch, we returned to the plastic laundry basket. 

Kleg looked at me and said, "You're up."

Not another word was needed. 
I sat down in the basket. Both Tyler and Kleg tugged down my pants enough to expose my cookies.
The first thing I remember was that it tickled. 
Tyler was doing the spider walk with his dirty hands on my thighs and belly. 
Kleg was more experienced because he knew exactly what it took to make a boner even if it wasn't his own.
I watched with great fascination while he pulled my little penis up and down. When it began to grow in size he trapped his forefinger behind his thumb and then flicked at it sharply several times. 
It's funny because it sort of hurt but then my penis began to stand up and respond to all the attention as if it had a little life of its own.
I continued to watch but relaxed and let them do anything they wanted. 
My penis held the attention of all three of us.

I remember that it felt very good and I wanted it to go on and on until Kleg said, "Ok, it's my turn, get up and let me have a turn."

He grabbed the sleeve of my shirt and stretched it out until I got up and let him replace me.
Just then, thinking he was missing out on something, Reggie came over. 
Tyler wasted no time driving him away. Instinct told us that he was a stool pigeon. 
We had found a way to end the absolute prison like boredom of the Mouse Club and we knew that Reggie would put the whole thing in jeopardy.
It was Kleg I owe for expanding my horizons. 
Tyler and I knelt over Kleg reclining in the Plastic laundry basket. 
Never had pulling down a zipper held such magic before. 
His dick popped out, already stiff and gooey at the top.
He gave each of us an approving smile.
My own little boner refused to go away even though it was tucked in my shorts and underpants. 
I was acutely conscious of it when Tyler and I opened Kleg's pants.
Why?...Who cares, all I know was that it was fun.
Upon Kleg's instruction Tyler and I became skilled in maintaining the total stiffness of his boner.
He pulled his tee shirt up to his chin and pushed his pants down to his knees.
I could see that Kleg was in a sublime state.

Tyler said, "It's my turn!"

Kleg opened his eyes and said, "No, not yet!"

He refused to get up, but then neither one of us stopped attending to his penis.
It ended abruptly when parents started arriving to pick up their kids around 5:00.
It's was funny how the whole event disappeared from our minds as if it never happened. 
Parents paraded in and we did other things.
Until finally, Kleg and I were the only ones left.
Being alone with Kleg made him more intense. He got up close to me and looked into my face and into my eyes. I felt strangely subject to him.
Mrs. Tuttle came to the babygate and said. "Mathew, your Mother called and said that she will be here around 6:30, so you and Kleg can go up in his room and play until she gets here.
I remember looking up and seeing how his pants tucked into his behind as I followed him upstairs.
Kleg's room was a graveyard of toys with a messy bed pushed up against the wall.
The feeling came back to both of us.
What was puzzling to me was a tingling feeling of anticipation that started in my butt, then it spread to my penis.
Without saying a word, we both pushed our pants down and started mutual play.
Kleg sat up and then lay back down in a way so that he could take my boner into his mouth.
His position change put his boner up by me, so I did the same. 
A dirty boy scent hung in the air around us and it excited me even more. 
Kleg took off all his clothes so that he was naked. 
He stood over me with his boner standing straight up. 
Then he came down on me and encouraged me to suck it.
I did.
The experience was both serious and dreamlike and time stood still.

Then, I heard Mrs. Tuttle yell, "Mathew!"

Kleg jumped up and got under the cover while I pulled up my pants.
The door opened.

"Mathew, your Mother is here and Kleg, why are you under the covers?"

He looked up from his pillow and said, "I don't feel well."

I went down to meet my Mother.

In the car, my Mother looked at me and said, "I don't know if I like that Tuttle woman. I think she's got a screw lose."

I didn't know it then but that was my last day at the Mouse Club.

Kleg grew up to be straight. He married, had kids and became a fireman in another near-by town.
Because I was homosexual, I moved to New York City and became a graphic artist.
I've had many boyfriends but I never settled down.

In all of them, I looked for those Kleg like qualities that I saw that day when I first discovered sex.