This is my first posting on NIFTY. The story is complete. If you are interested only in sex then this story if not for you. This is a story of a boys search for his sole mate based around a loving family. The geographic locations, names of city's, places and facts on illegal immigration are true. This story must be considered fictional even though there are many truths within. At the wish of my family I will not be answering any personal questions, however I would most happy to hear what you think of my story and would happy to answer any questions I can on the areas described within the story as long as they are not rude, insulting or vulgar. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. Your can contact me at


Chapter One

My name is Eric Baker; I was born in Bisbee, Arizona in Cochise County (for those of you who know American history, yes the county was named after the great Indian Warrior). Bisbee is a small town of just over 5000 in the middle of the 5300 foot Mule Mountains on the eastern edge of the Sonoran Desert about 15 miles north of the small Mexican border town of Naco. I am twelve years old. My mother is Hispanic, her parents came from a place in Mexico called Durango that has a small group of descendants from Spain that didn't have much mixed blood so she has green eyes, light brown hair and light skin. My Dad is of Swiss decent with blue eyes and blond hair. With this wild mix I came out with blue eyes, brownish blond hair and skin that looks like I have a very light tan all year long. I am 5'5" and weigh just over 109 lbs. I'm not an egotist but I do realize I am good looking, intelligent and good at sports. I am now old enough to realize these talents and characteristics can make for a better life. I don't know who coined the fraise WE ARE ALL BORN EQUAL but they are very wrong. All you have to do is look around you to see the vast inequities that exist. Okay I have had my say so let me tell you more about my family. My parents are the center of my life, I'm their only child so they think the world revolves around me. I'm not spoiled, I have chores I'm expected to do, keep my grades up and my room clean. I love my parents very much, they have made a happy world for me. As I became older I could see that not all homes were as happy as ours and I felt all the more fortunate. I love baseball, swimming and sports in general. I will graduate from middle school at the end of this school year. This will put me ahead of my class so I will leave some friends and class mates behind which I'm not happy about. On the other hand this is a small town and most of my friends live close by and the high school is just across the street from the middle school. Because we have such a small school I have been able to take advanced classes that help me graduate early. My mother teaching me Spanish also helped get me the points I needed. I will start high school after my birthday, I will be 13.

My dad is a Senior Supervisor at the U. S. Border Patrol Station, Naco division. He oversees over 100 border patrol agents that cover the vast open spaces of our border with Mexico. This is one of many stations that are scattered along the border towns in Arizona. All border patrol agents must speak Spanish so my whole family speaks the language. If you live anywhere near the border you get use to seeing border patrol SUV's traveling the highways and back roads. If you are out much you get use to seeing Mexican illegal's running across the desert. Over 250,000 were caught 2003 but almost as many got through. My mother is superintendent of all the schools in Bisbee. This gives her the entire summer off so she can look after me. I'm given a great deal of freedom to wander the mountains and canyons around our area. The only place that is completely off limits is the abandon open pit copper mines. I have several friends that I enjoy being with. We all get along great at school and during our summer outings. The only problem is none of them are close friends. You know the kind you can tell anything knowing it will never be repeated. Someone you can talk to about your deepest dreams, fantasies and fears and they will understand and share theirs with you. I guess my thoughts runs to deep and that makes it hard to find such a friend.

It is late spring and school has just about finished. I will graduate from middle school tomorrow. I have the highest grade average in the graduating class so I will have to give a speech from the auditorium podium. I've been working on it for a couple weeks. My grandparents will be coming from Tucson (to-saon) for the event. It's a large city about 110 miles northwest of here. They will arrive tomorrow in time for the event. I arrived home from school before mom as usual and sat down at my computer to put the finishing touches to my speech. It didn't seem like I had been working very long when mom called me for dinner. My dad works the 6 am to 2 pm shift but due to all the paper work that has to be complete at the end of each shift he rarely gets home before 5 in the evening unless there is a family event he needs to attend then he will pull rank and have his assistant do it. As we were eating dad ask how my speech was going. I told him it would be finished before I went to bed. After dinner I helped mom clean up the kitchen. As we finished up dad ask if I wanted to pitch some balls. I'm always ready to play with my dad. He is always up beat and treats me like I was more than just a kid. He respects my thoughts as much as I do his. We have a relationship that other kids would die for. As it was getting dark we headed for the house. I thanked my dad for playing with me and headed for my room to finish my speech. When I had finished it was late so I took off my clothes and crawled in bed. I have slept nude since I was about 5 or 6.

All too soon it was morning so I got up, took my shower, my room is very large and has a queen bed along with a private bath. Once again no I'm not spoiled. When I finished I headed for the kitchen where mom had already prepared my breakfast. When I finished I got on my bike and rode the short distance to school. Today being the last day all we did was horse around, talk about summer and said goodbye to some class mates that were moving during the summer. When the last bell rang I headed home to get things ready for the evening graduation. My grandparents arrived. When I ran out to greet them my granddad grabbed me in a hug and said not to go near the Jeep. I couldn't see in due to the heavy tint on the windows. My grandmother got out, gave me a big hug and we headed to the house. It had been decided that we would go out for dinner. Arrangements had been made at Rosa's Little Italy, my favorite restaurant. It was a small but has a true Italian atmosphere. The lady who owned it prepared my favorite, ravioli with meat sauce. It was served family style with salad, soup, bread and wine. I not being spoiled was allowed a small amount of wine. As always it was a wonderful dinner. When we finished we headed to the auditorium. There were only 18 of us graduating so there were only about 90 people there. I gave my speech, the diplomas were handed out and after punch and cake everyone headed home. When we arrived home my granddad took me out to the jeep and opened the hatch. I gasped as I looked in at the 125cc Honda dirt bike. I was so excited I jumped up and down. Granddad and my dad pulled the bike out and let me set on it. My dad told me strict instructions would come later. I thanked my grandparents over and over. My dad then took me to the garage and opened it. Inside was a two man pop up tent, sleeping bag, camp stove, 24volt light system with battery and charger. The tent had two nylon mesh zipper openings and a heavy canvas floor. This would make the tent sealed from snakes and other critters with four legs. Do you like it son? Yes sir, I can't wait to use them. I pulled my dad down and gave him a kiss and then hugged my mother. Dad told me that Todd, one of the young guys that works for him was going to teach me how to ride and handle the dirt bike. Todd had transferred from California where he raced dirt bikes in his spare time. It was getting late so we headed for the house. I was so tired I hardly remembered getting in bed. The next morning after breakfast my grandparents headed back to Tucson.

Chapter Two

Summer break had started so I went to sign up for the base ball league. When I arrived the coach for the 14-16 group called me over. Eric, how would you like to move to our league and pitch for us. Yes sir, I would love to but what would the other guys say about a kid my age joining them. If any of them could pitch worth a dam they could complain but they can't so I would like you to join us. You are as big as most of the 14 year old and many of the 15 year old guys. He took me over an introduced me to the team. For the most part they seemed to happy to have me. I hoped it was going to be a great season. The coach told us where to get our uniforms and ask if we all had our safety gear and cups. He checked each glove to be sure they were in usable shape and was safe to use. Practice was to start in two days. Todd had started teaching me how to handle the dirt bike along with all the do's and don'ts. He said I was a natural and should be able to be on my own soon. The base ball season got underway and I seemed to connect with my team mates. The only problem was they being teenagers weren't into having a 12 year old hang out with them other than at the games. The coach told me some of them didn't understand the mind games I played with batters. There are times that intelligence can be a handicap and people will pull from you because they feel threatened. I'm no sure I am old enough to understand the intricacies of being a teenager yet. I accepted my lot and went on. As the summer progressed I ask my dad if I could go camping down at the San Pedro River. He said he would sleep on it and talk with mom. The next morning dad got me up before he went to work. We sat down at the kitchen table with mom. Son, Your mother and I have given a great deal of thought to the matter and decided you are mature enough to go out on your own for a couple days. I got up, hugged them both and assured them I would follow all the rules. Eric that is why we are letting you go. You have always been a very responsible kid so we felt you deserved the chance to experience life on your own. Dad said he would be home by 3 pm and to have everything ready to leave. I spent the day making sure I had everything I needed. I checked the battery to be sure it was fully charged. It was good for 8 hours using two lights and a radio. I checked the fuel tank on my bike and made sure the extra fuel gas can was full. I made sure I had disposable propane tanks for my stove, my sleeping bag was ready along with my fishing gear and 4/10 shot gun with ammunition. Mom had prepared my food container and cooler. I was ready to go. Dad got home just after 3 pm. We loaded the pickup and headed down highway 80 toward Tombstone. We took the Sierra Vista cut off and headed to the river. When we arrived we pulled in the parking area that is next to an old steal bridge that is no longer used. I unloaded my gear while dad looked for me a place to set up camp. He found a good spot that was about 50 feet from the river. There was only one other camp a short distance down from us so dad went over to talk with them. They were two younger guys about 21 from Fort Huachuca which sits next to Sierra Vista. They told him they were there for the weekend. He told them I was going to stay by myself for the first time and ask if they would keep an eye on me. They said they would be glad to. We introduce ourselves to one another and headed back to my camp site. My dad started to help me set up but I told him I wanted to do it all. He ask me if I had my cell phone and I assured him I did. He gave me the number of the Sierra Vista Border Patrol office and said if I had any trouble to call them to contact him as he knew my cell wouldn't reach over the mountain. He hugged me and said he would see me Sunday around 2 or 3 pm. I got my camp set up and lights going. I cooked a hamburger patty and made myself a sandwich. Food always tastes better to me when I was camping. I cleaned up my cooking utensils and decided to turn in for the night. Before I got in my sleeping bag I turned on the alarm on my bike just in case anyone thought they could take it. The next morning I woke early as the sun was already heating up the tent. I got dressed ate some cereal and headed for the river with my tackle. The river was only a small stream by now as all the snow from above had melted long ago. I fished for hours but they weren't biting. Around 2:30 I headed back to eat some lunch. I was glad I had set up my tent on the east side of a large mesquite tree because I now had shade. I was fixing a sandwich when I heard a lot of noise coming from the two guys camped down from me. They were throwing camping gear in their truck. They were yelling at one another using cuss words I hadn't heard. The way they were stumbling around I knew they were drunk. In a few minutes the pealed out off the area and were gone. I didn't mind being alone, I actually preferred it. I was getting on my bike when a border patrol Jeep pulled up just above me. One of the guys came down and ask how I was doing. I told him I was enjoying my first time out by myself. He ask me if I had seen any Illegal's. I told him that I hadn't so he slowly walked back to his jeep. I was sure dad had sent them to check on me.

I unlocked my bike and took off over the old bridge and down the river. When I returned it was getting dark so I locked my bike and headed to the tent. I heated a big slice of ham, fried some potatoes and pulled out the cottage cheese and salad mom had prepared for me. When I finished I cleaned up the mess and lay back on my sleeping bag. I must have dozed off because I heard a noise and someone speaking in Spanish yelling Socorro, Socorro, Socorro (help). I grabbed my battery pack flash light unzipped the flap and stepped out only to see a boy rushing toward me. Not very far behind was a man dressed in black yelling voya hasta matanza te (I am going to kill you). I reached in the tent and grabbed my shot gun. As the kid reached the tent I pushed him in and aimed my gun at the man rushing toward me. He reached for his side arm and I fired at his legs. He hit the ground as I heard other people behind him scatter. He got up cussing and screaming in pain and hobbled away into the darkness. I looked at the boy, speaking in Spanish I ask who the man in black was. The boy replied "coyote"! (a person who is paid to guide illegal's across the border to safe houses). I turned on the 24volt lights and looked at the boy. The first thing I noticed was his beautiful blue/gray eyes. He had reddish brown hair almost reaching to his shoulders and a great tan. He was Angelo not Mexican. Without thinking I ask him where he came from in English. He replied, Hermosillo. The kid spoke flawless English. I sat down beside him, He was very dirty and smelled a little ripe. He was shaking like a leaf. I rubbed his back to calm him while telling him he was safe with me. I notice he was looking at the food on my foldaway table so I as ask if he wanted something to eat. He nodded in the affirmative so I go up and fixed him a sandwich and a large bowl of mixed fruit. He gobbled it down in minutes. I made him another sandwich which he ate slower and slower and slower, he fell against me asleep. I laid him down on my sleeping bag. As I looked down on him, even as dirty and ragged as he was, he was beautiful. I rolled him over to unzip the bag so I could sleep on the other half. I cleaned up the mess and lay down. I just couldn't get him out of my mind. I was confused as to why I had been so taken by him.

Chapter Three

When it became daylight I woke and just lay there looking at him. As he woke he smiled. I just couldn't believe what I was feeling for this kid. We just lay there looking into each others eyes. I broke the silence to ask if he was hungry. He said I know I smell awful. Is there somewhere I can wash? Yes there is but first I need to know your name, I can't just call you boy. He giggled and replied, Dustin Ludwig. Well Dustin my name is Eric Baker and yes there is a small spring that runs into the river not far from here. We can take my dirt bike and ride to it. By now tears were running down his cheeks as he said, I don't know how to thank you for helping me. There's no thanks needed. Anyone would have done the same. He looked at me and said, I don't think so. Most people wouldn't have shot someone to save me. We will talk later, I said, right now we need to get you cleaned up. I picked up a towel, wash cloth and soap. He was smaller than me but I pulled out some of my shorts, T shirt and socks. We got on my bike he slipped his arms around my wais and we were off. We crossed over the old bridge down the side of the river until we reached the small stream coming through the rocks. He striped all his clothes off. I had never seen another boy naked before but I knew he was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I handed him the soap and wash cloth and he started to wash himself. I couldn't take my eyes off him. He looked at me and ask if I would please wash his back (would I ever). I took the wash cloth and started at his neck, down his back across his butt and down both his legs to his small feet. I didn't have any shampoo so he washed his hair with soap. When he had finished he dried off. I handed him some of my underwear. He looked at me and said he wasn't use to wearing them so I gave him the shorts. He slipped them on, they were loose on him so I told him to hold on until we got back to camp. He pulled the T shirt over his head, it was big but at least he could keep it on. I handed him some socks, everything was too big for him. We got back on the bike and headed for my tent. There was a fair difference in our size. He appeared to be around 4'10" and I guessed to weigh about 85 lbs. When we got back to camp I took a piece of rope and ran it through his belt loops so he could keep up his shorts. He kept on thanking me until I told him he was embarrassing me. He just smiled and said I'm sorry. I cooked us some bacon and eggs for breakfast and we drank some orange juice. He said he had never tasted any. When we finish he helped me clean up. We went outside and sat on an old cotton wood tree that had fallen years ago. As we sat down I said Dustin we need to talk about a couple things. First how old are you. I just turned 12. Now tell me why an Angelo was living in Mexico. He began by saying there isn't much to tell, I have no memory of my parents, most of what I can tell you was from my Grandmother Hilda. She told me her mother and father came to Mexico in 1944 to get away from the war. She said many families's came with them. My mother married one of the boys that was born in Mexico that was from one of the family's who had come with them, their name was Ludwig. My father was Hans Ludwig. My mothers name was Greta. She said that made me pure German. When I was about a year old my parents went back to Germany and were going to send for my Grandmother and me when they were settled. Grandmother said we never heard from them again. Last month my grandmother died and shortly after the man who owned the small house we rented tossed me out so he could rent to another family. My grandmother taught me English first so I wouldn't have a Spanish accent in case I ever got the chance to come the states. She then taught me Spanish and then German. After she died I started making my way to the border. I knew if I could get across the border patrol probably wouldn't bother me because I'm an Anglo and speak English. I got across the border without much problem but while I was sleeping the coyote you shot caught me and made me come with the group he was guiding. He said if I tried to get away he would shoot me. He said I was a good looking gringo boy (a rude term for an English speaking foreigner) and he could sell me for good money in Tucson (yes, it still goes on to this day). He then slid over, laid his head on my chest and cried. I pulled him to me in a hug and said I would take care of him. I told him my dad would be picking us up soon and we would get something worked out.

Dustin helped me take down the tent and pack up everything. It was almost 3 pm when my dad arrived. I walked over to the truck while Dustin stood back. Dad I need for you to listen to what I have to say. I have someone with me we need to take home. He is not a runaway or in trouble. He needs our help and I have promised I would. Please trust me, we will work it out after we get home. My dad looked at me for what seemed like forever then smiled. Okay kiddo, It's your show. I just hope you have though it out. I called Dustin over and introduced him to my dad. We loaded the truck and rode back to Bisbee almost in silence. When we arrive we unloaded everything and stored it in the garage. As we walked in the house my mother met us with a confused look on her face. My dad said we have to set down for this one. We went to the family room and sat down. All the while I could see Dustin look over every detail of the house. Mom this is Dustin. I am very pleased to meet you Mrs. Baker. I began by telling them what I had done. As I told about shooting the coyote my mother gave out a loud gasp. I went on to tell them what Dustin had told me as my parents listened in disbelief. When I finished we just sat there letting it sink in. My dad finally spoke. Eric you and I need to talk outside. We stepped out on the back patio. Eric, I know you realize you have a Mexican illegal on your hands and I hope you realize the position that places me in. Before he could say more I interrupted. I am sorry to cut you off dad but I need to explain something to you. You know how we discussed that I had never had a close friend and you told me that I would connect with someone one day with the same interest and deep feeling I have about life. Well within the last 24 hours I have found that person. I don't know how to explain it but I can assure you I feel it. This boy just slipped into my life last night and stole my heart. I am desperate dad, will you please help keep him with us. As usual my dad just sat there thinking. Finally he said do you know how bad you hurt the coyote? All I know after a few minutes on the ground he got up cussing me out and limped away. Okay son I can't fault you for shooting him. If you hadn't it's for sure he would have shot you. I am pleased that your only intent was to wound him. I also know I have never seen you with such determination in your eyes. I don't know what passed between you and this boy but evidently you are very attached to him. You are your mothers and my whole world so we will do what we have to. I don't know what I did to deserve a dad and mom like you guys but I am so thankful I have parents other kids would give anything to have. My dad grabbed me in a hug and said we are the one's that are thankful.

As we walked back in the house mother was putting dinner on the table and Dustin was helping. Dad walked over to the kitchen, put his arm around my mother's waist and spoke quietly in her ear. When he finished she smiled. My dad turned to look at two anxious boys. He spoke. Welcome to our home Dustin. We hugged each other and cried tears of joy. After we settled down we sat down and ate our dinner. When we were finished Dustin and I helped mom clean up. Thank you boys for helping. Your welcome Mrs. Baker. Dustin that will never do, please call me Jan. He smiled and we headed for my room. Dustin walked around the room very slowly taking in everything. He stopped at the book shelf by my computer and slowly looked them over.

Eric, I can't believe all the books you have. I have read some of them and the others I wanted to but we couldn't afford them. He went over to the computer and ask if I would teach him how to use it. You don't have to ask me I will teach you anything I can. He turned to me and said then we shall teach each other what each of us knows.

It was getting late when we finished talking. I needed a shower bad after two days without one. I went in the bathroom, undressed and put my clothes in the hamper. I turned on the water and got in. Just as I was relaxing under the warm water I felt something rub against my butt. I quickly turned only to see those beautiful eyes looking up at me once again. I forgot all about the fact I had never been naked in front of another boy before. All I could do is stand there. Dustin smiled and said, don't you think we better wash before all the hot water is gone. He reached over and picked up the shampoo and started washing my hair. When he finished he started washing me down. When he reached my privates he just kept on washing, I had feelings running through me I never knew existed. When he finished he said, now do me! I started with his hair which I had to wash twice to get clean and then started down his body. His penis appeared to be the same size as mine and neither of us had been circumcised. The more I looked the more beautiful he became. When we stepped out of the shower we dried ourselves off. We just stood there taking each other in. We finally broke our trance and headed for bed. I crawled in with Dustin right behind me. He snuggled up against me just like we had been doing it all our lives. The next thing I knew it was morning. As I rolled over I was once again looking into those mesmerizing eyes. We giggled and hugged then got up. Laying there on the dresser was a stack of clothes. I picked up a pair of shorts and realized mom had gone out last night and bought him clothes. I turned to hand him the shorts only to find tears running down his cheeks. Don't cry Dustin, it makes my mom happy to do thing for other people. I told him to pick what he wanted to wear. He passed up the underwear and put on blue shorts and a matching blue shirt. He picked up the stack of clothes to get some blue socks when he saw the shoe box under them. He opened the box to find a pair of Nike tennis shoes. The tears came again but he continued to dress in silence. When he finished I ask how the shoes fit. He looked up at me and said I have never had anything so nice, and yes they fit fine. I got dressed and headed for the kitchen. Mom met us with a smile and ask if we slept well. She said it seems that one problem had already been solved. What problem is that, I ask? Sleeping arrangements she replied. Both Dustin and my face turned very red. I looked in on you last night and it seems you have it all worked out. Your arrangement is fine with your father and I but we will want to talk with both of you about it. Agreed? Yes mom agreed. Okay your breakfast is ready. We ate our breakfast while mom finished clearing the table. If anyone ask about Dustan your only reply will be he is an orphan that we are caring for. When we finished eating Dustin thanked mom for the clothes and shoes. We headed out the back door to get my bike to go to the ball field. When I opened the garage there sat two identical bikes. One was mine from Christmas and the other was new. As we stood there staring my dad came into view. Well Dustin how do you like it. Dustin's eyes grew big and he said, it's for me! All yours dad replied. Dustan ran to dad and hugged him with big tears running down his face. All of you have done so much my mind just can't take it all in. I will never be able to repay you for your kindness. This is a life one only dreams of from where I come from. My dad bent down to eye level with Dustin. This is not a dream Dustin, you are one of the family now. Forget the bad in you past and remember only the people who guided you and taught you to be the person you are. Dustin hugged him again. Come on were going to be late for the game. When we arrive at the park, the game had already started. We sat down in the dugout. One of the older guys came by and said don't tell me we are going to have two of you little farts on our team. I stood up and told him to keep his mouth shut until he could play a better game than me. The coach heard the commotion and walked over to us. What's the problem? This big jackass thinks I'm just a worthless little fart. So I told him off. I'll get him straightened out the coach replied. No coach, I think me playing for you is a mistake. I'm going to go back with the guys my age where I belong. Just because I'm in the same grade as some of these guys but it doesn't mean I'am one of them. There is a social barrier of acceptance by virtue of age and I'm not there yet. You are in deed a wise little man! I think you have made the right decision. The coach walked away. Come on Dustin let's go home. Dustin looked at me. You did that because of me didn't you? No Dustin I did it for both of us. He had tears in his eyes as we mounted our bikes and headed home. When we got home I told mom we had decided to go play with the young guys. I knew they would be practicing tomorrow morning so I ask Dustin if He wanted to go for a swim. He smiled as he shook his head in the affirmative. I told mom we were going to go swimming over at the canyon catch. I explained to Dustin that it was a deep canyon with a large hole in solid rock that caught the spring water. Mom fixed us a lunch and drinks to take with us. As we headed for the canyon Dustin ask what I used to swim in. I just looked at him with a big grin. Dustin grinned back and said, Ya that's the kind of suit I like, birthday. We both laughed as we continued down as far as we could go on our bikes. We then walked down the trail to the bottom of the canyon. The water was about 10' deep at the deepest point. It was so clear you could see the bottom. We put our lunch aside and I started to undress. Very few people know about this place Dustin. Besides you can hear someone coming from a long way off because of the echo in this canyon. We both undressed and slipped into the water, we swam splashed and played for a couple hours until it became obvious Dustin was too tired to stay in the water. We got out and laid on a big flat rock that was in the sun. I could tell Dustin was worn out. It wasn't five minutes and he was sleeping. I just lay there and looked at his perfect little body. Even though he was a little thin you could see the definition that comes when puberty starts to take place. Thirty minutes passed as he began to wake. He looked up realizing I was staring at him and said "what"? Oh nothing. No that's not true. You are smart, fun and the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. You are the friend I have been looking for since I was 6 years old. I can't believe I have found you. He reached for my hand and pulled me down beside him on the rock. He scooted up to my face and said, you have just described what I thought the first morning we woke in your tent and our eyes met. I can't explain it I just know it. I pulled him up to a sitting position, put my arms around him and kissed him on the lips. His tongue slipped through my lips and I shuddered. We sat there for at least 30 minutes exploring each others bodies. If heaven is anything like this I know where I'm going. Our hunger got the better of us so we slowly got up and retrieved our drinks and sandwiches. We ate in silence just looking at each other.

Chapter Four

That night after dinner mom and dad said they wanted to talk to us. My dad started by saying, I know the two of you have some unexplainable connection. You both seem to realize it as do we. We need to know a little about where you boys think all this is going. Dad I think I can speak for both Dustin and me. If he has anything to add when I am finished that will be fine. I don't think we can define the connection we have, all I know is he is the most beautiful boy I have ever seen. He is the intellectual and physical connection I have been waiting for since I was six year old. The attraction doesn't come from a sexual base although it could be part of what we are. I have never thought of boys like I think of Dustin. He is what has finally made me complete. I haven't and still don't look at other boys as anything but playmates and casual friends. I have never looked at another boy or girl for that mater in a sexual way. What we have transcends my capability to explain. We are what we are and I pray to God that never changes. It was very quiet for a few moments and then my dad said, Dustin do you have anything to add. Yes sir, everything Eric has just said is just how both of us feel. It is if two were one. Our minds follow the same path, we can anticipate what the other is feeling or thinking. It's as if our very soles have melted into one. Well boys one thing is for sure. You have reached beyond your parent's ability to understand the connection you two have made. We accept what has happened and who you are. All we want is to love you had have your love in return. You will always have that we said in unison. Mr. Baker did I just pick up on something when you said "your parent's". You are a very perceptive boy Dustin. Eric, please get the big brown envelope off my desk for me. I ran to his office and found the envelope then dashed back. My dad opened the envelope and pulled out a paper and handed it to us. It was a birth certificate made out in the name of "Dustin Ludwig Baker". The parent's were listed as Gerald and Jan Baker. There was also a social security card made out in Dustin's name. We both just sat there until it finally sunk in. I had a brother. Dustin looked up at mom and dad with tears running down his face and said, can I now call you mom and dad? Mom pulled her and dad into a three way hug with Dustin. I cried.

Dustin was wiped out so I picked him up and carried him to our room. I undressed him and laid him in our bed. He was already sleeping. I went back to the kitchen where mom and dad were drinking their coffee. I hugged each of them and sat down. Dad I don't know how you pulled it off and I will never ask. I just wanted you to know that I realize I have dropped a lot on you in a very short time and want you to know just how much it means to me. I am happier than I have ever been in my life. That is not to say I wasn't happy before because I was but the addition of Dustin in my life has made it complete. Honey, Dustin will be as you always have been. The center of our life. My mother kissed me on the lips. She hadn't done that since I was just a little kid. This had been the best day of my short life.

The next morning Dustin woke me. Guten Morgan, Buenos Dias Hormano, Good Morning Brother. Good morning smart ass. We both laughed and then pulled ourselves into a hug and I kissed him. We lay there looking at each other as if it was still a dream. I jumped up, straddled his body and started tickling him unmercifully. He giggled until he had tears in his eyes so I stopped. He reached up and ran his hands across my chest and over my nipples. I wish I knew where feelings like this came from. He began to laugh and said, your stiffly is poking me. I blushed and tickled him some more. We climbed out of bed and headed for the shower. We now had a routine. I washed him and he washed me. It's the only way to take a shower. We finished, dried off, dressed and took off to the kitchen. Mom was reading the paper as Dustin ran up to her and planted a kiss on her cheek. Good morning mother. Yes it is a good morning my Handsome sons. What have you planned for today? We are going to the park to play ball with Eric's friends. We ate our breakfast, I kissed mom and headed for the park. The guys were glad to see me. I introduced Dustin. Guys this is my new brother, Dustin. Tommy piped up saying, gee he came out half grown. Everyone laughed. I told them as much as I wanted them to know about him and we started practice. Dustin was learning the game quickly. It was also evident he was anticipating my moves and he was always there to cover me. At the end of practice the guys made Dustin feel good by telling how well he had done. He thanked each player individually to let them know how much he appreciated played with them. It was obvious they all liked him. When we got home I told mom that I wanted to take Dustin to one of my favorite places. A small flat area on top of a peak near the open pit mine. She once again fixed us a lunch, we got on our bikes and rode past the fenced open pit mine then off the road to a place where we stored our bikes. We walked the path up the mountain to the top. From the top we could see across the valley below into Mexico. We spread our small blanket on the ground near the edge so we could lie down and still see the view. As we ate I told Dustin I had never brought anyone up before. This was my place of solitude where I had contemplated the many aspects of my life. When we finished eating he told me about his life in Mexico and how difficult it had been for his grandmother to make enough money to have a couple changes of clothes, food and shelter. It was a sad tail of poverty and loneliness. For the most part he was an outcast. He lived in their culture but he was not part of it. He was continually taunted by the Mexican boys. When he was finished he looked at me and said that is the past and I have put it behind me. I now have you, mother and father. My life is now complete. He sat up and slowly started to remove my clothes. When he finished he took his off. We lay beside each other and explored the others body. In a short while Dustin fell asleep. When he woke I had already dressed. He got up stood on his toes and kissed me. When his tongue slipped into my mouth I once again shuddered. He then slowly dressed and we headed down the mountain to our bikes. When we arrived home it was almost dark. Mom and dad were in the family room when we walked in. Dustin ran over and crawled up in dad's lap and cuddled against him. Dad smiled and said how do I rate this pleasure. Dustin said, because I love you daddy. Dad smiled and kissed him on top of his head. Mom had dinner ready so we ate and cleaned up then headed for our room. I was teaching Dustin about computers and he was teaching me German. It seemed we both had a natural affinity with languages. I had already learned enough to carry on a simple conversation and Dustin for sure was going to pass me in computer ability. After several hours we grew tired and decided to call it a night. As we settled in bed Dustin ask me what I wanted for my birthday. I smiled at him and said I want you. He looked at me with a very sincere look and said if that's what you want that is what you will have. Several things passed through my head so I decided to say something to defuse what might be going through his mind. Dustin I already have you and that is all I want. He just smiled. We kissed and snuggled and before we knew it was morning. We did our usual routine in the shower, dressed and headed for the kitchen. Dustin rushed over to mom and kissed her saying good morning mother. Mom reached over and kissed me on the cheek. After breakfast I'm going to take you boys for a hair cut. If I don't you will have all the cute boys chasing you thinking you are girls. We both giggled and ate. Mom took us to my barber, he ask Dustin how he wanted his hair cut. He looked at me and said I have never had a barber cut my hair. I told the barber to cut his like he cut mine. Medium in the back with the sides just over his ears. When he finished he looked even more beautiful that ever. He looked in the mirror and proclaimed it was the best his hair had ever looked. Mom dropped us at the ball park where we met the guys. When the game started it was decided that Dustin would catch for me. As the game got under way Dustin found it hard to give me signals. I called a time out and had a talk with Dustin. When we went back to play they called the plays to me in German. The guys wanted to know what the heck was going on. I told them the problem and said there were no rules I knew of against what he was doing. Pete said it would blow the opposing teams mind if we used it. So that is how the season went. Our opponents just shook their head and complained. We came in second in the tournament.
The summer was winding down and my birthday was only days off. I had asked mom to invite all my school class from middle school and any who were on our base ball team who weren't in my class. When mom and dad ask what I wanted for my birthday I told them it had arrived several months ago on the banks of the San Pedro River, however you could do me a big favor and get Dustin his own computer. My dad smiled and shook his head. You boys are beyond belief. You could care less about yourselves just as long as the other is taken care of. Your mother and I have watched you both over the past months and your lover for each other is still beyond our ability to understand. Dustin will have his computer. Thank you mom and dad, I love you more than you will ever know.

The day of my birthday arrived. We had it at the park so we could play games. It appeared that everyone was having a good time. I received many nice gifts including some books that I had been wanting for some time. The cake was absolutely beautiful. It had every color of the rainbow on it along with 13 candles. I was now a teenage. Mom and dad bought me clothes and several expensive computer programs that I had been bugging them for. Dustin bought me the book on anatomy that I had been wanting. The party wound down and Dustin and I helped mom and dad clean up. They then took me to dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant. When we got home it was late so Dustin and I said our good nights and went to our room. When we got there Dustin looked at the new computer and then back at me as if to say what's this? I reached over and took his hand and said, it's for you. Why he said. Because you are my brother and I love you. I ask mom and dad to get it. He turned around reached up and kissed me and said have I told you lately how much I love you. I replied, it's been a while, probably a couple hours. He kept a serious look on his face and slowly started to undress me. When he had finished he undressed himself. He pulled me into our bed and started kissing me around my neck and chest then to my nipples. He worked his way down my body while my mind took off into space. When he reached my navel he ran his tongue round it causing me to go wild. He continued down to my hairless body until I felt something very warm cover my boyhood. When he had finished I could hardly get my breath. When I recovered I said where did you learn to do that. He said you learn much on the streets in Mexico. Happy Birthday brother. I rolled over and laid him on his back and returned the favor.

Chapter Five

The weeks turned into months and school was in full swing. As time passed I noticed it was getting more and more difficult for Dustin to get through the day. As soon as he got home from school he would lay down for a nap. I began to remember last summer when we would go on outings or play ball he would take naps. One night in the middle of winter I told my parents about my concerns. Mom told me they also had noticed and she had made a doctors appointment for him on Friday. When Friday rolled around we all set out for the doctor's appointment. He was in with the doctor for what seemed like forever. When they came out dad sat down next to me and said Dustin was going to the hospital for test. My dad said he and mom wanted specialist so we were going a Tucson Hospital. We would be staying with my grandparents. The next day with everything pack we headed for Tucson. When we arrived they processed Dustin's paper work and we waited for a private room. While we were waiting Dustin fell asleep against me. I carefully let his head slide to my lap. Two hours passed but they finally got him a room. A nurse came to get him with a wheel chair. I sat him in the chair and she started to the elevator. When she turned around and saw me she said you will have to wait until we get him settled. I looked at her and said when hell freezes over. She looked at my dad. He said I wouldn't take on that battle if I were you. She told him we have rules you know. Well young lady I am afraid they are going to get bent. You go ahead and I will talk to the doctor. She punched the button for the third floor. It was the pediatric floor. She rolled Dustin to his room and she handed him a hospital gown and told him to put it on. I started to undress him while she just stood there. I sat Dustin down and walked over to the nurse. Do you work this floor? Yes I do. Well Lets get something understood this is my brother and I'm going to be here all the time. I would like for you and me to be on good terms for my brothers sake but I'm going to tell you right now that I'm not going to put up with your attitude. Now if you will remove yourself from this room until I get my brother in bed and the doctor comes and gives instructions I would appreciate it. She stormed out as my parents arrived. As they walked in the room dad said we better get the rules straightened out before we go any further. He walked back out into the hall toward the nurse's station. He found the head nurse and told her they needed to speak with the hospital administrator. She told him the administrator just happened to be headed for this floor. He told her to please tell him to come to my brother's room. Dr. Gibbon arrived and was telling my parents about the test he was going to order for my brother. As they were talking the hospital administrator arrived. He shook hands with Dr. Gibbon then turned to dad and said, you must be Mr. Baker I'm Dr. Allen, I understand you wanted to speak with me. Yes doctor it seems we may have a problem with some of your rules and nurses. I would like it understood that my son Eric will be staying here with his brother as long as he must stay. Mr. Baker we have rules and I am afraid we can not allow him to stay. Sir I am very familiar with the law. I can and will get a court order to allow my son's to stay together. This is not a negotiable matter Mr. Baker. I appreciate your wish to have your son's together but I will not relax the rules for you or anyone. Dr. Allen I can and I'm telling you to leave this room. The doctor spun around and left the room. My dad apologized to Dr. Gibbon for the disruption, the doctor just smile and said it had been his pleasure to see the administrator put in his place. He went on to tell us that he had ordered a MRI and some blood work to see what was going on. He had them scheduled for 7am the next morning. He went on to say he would get back to us just as soon as he had something definitive. As the doctor left dad started dialing on his cell phone as he walked out in the hall. In a few minutes he returned. As Dad came in the room he could see me setting on the side of the bed holding Dustin's hand and wiping the tears from his eyes. He walked over to the other side of the bed where mom was and ran his hand through Dustin's hair telling him not to worry that his brother would get to stay. He then turned to my mother and took her hand and kissed her saying we will get through this. I suppose if the hospital administrator could have had any idea how many strings a Senior Officer of Home Land Security could pull he would have pissed his pants. I could see through the open door to the nurse's station from where I was sitting. As I looked up I saw a man in a suit and two FBI agents walk up to the desk, there was some commotion and one of the nurses picked up the phone. In a few seconds the hospital administrator came out of one of conference rooms. The man in the suit who was a Tucson detective handed him a piece of paper, he read it and stormed off in the other direction. One of the FBI agents came over to the room and shook hands with my dad. He said the Tucson Police Chief had a judge sign a court order prohibiting anyone from coming in this room without your permission. He said the administrator was madder than hell and said he was going to call the hospital lawyer. He went on to assure dad he was wasting his time but just in case he was leaving one of his officers at the door. My dad told him how much he appreciated it and the agent said, Jerry we take care of our own. There were no further problems. I spent the night in bed holding my brother. The next morning Dr. Gibbon came in as they were coming to pick up Dustin for his test. He commented on the federal officer sitting at the door and gave me a thumbs up. He told me I could accompany Dustin down to the MRI waiting room. They moved him to the gurney and with me holding his hand and mom following behind. It didn't take long so we were back in Dustin's room an hour later. A nurse came in later and explained she needs to draw blood for some test the doctor had ordered. I held Dustin while she drew the blood. Late in the day Dr. Gibbon came in and asked mom and Dad to come with him. They went across the hall to a conference room. He told them that Dustin had cancer of the liver and that it had spread so far that it was inoperable and chemotherapy was no longer an option. My dad looked at him and said how much time does he have. Maybe two or three months. The doctor said he recommended taking him home. He would give orders to the local hospital in Bisbee to provide any care needed to keep him comfortable. Mr. & Mrs. Baker I am so sorry. This is the hardest part of being a pediatrician. I shall never get use to it. As he left the room dad came to Dustin's room and ask me to join he and mom. I walked in, he closed the door and pulled me down beside him and mom. Dad I can tell by the look on your faces, he's going to die isn't he. Yes Eric, He has inoperable cancer. I lost it. All I can remember is waking up on a gurney with Dr. Gibbon looking down at me. The doctor said he would give me something to help keep me calm. I told him no that I wanted to have a clear mind so I could take care of my brother. He nodded and helped me down from the gurney.

I got Dustin dressed and helped him to a wheel chair then pushed him to the elevator with mom and dad right behind. On the ride home I laid Dustin's head in my lap and talked to him. As we rode he said he knew he was going to die and for me not to worry. He had lived more in the past eight months than he had in the previous 12 years. His dreams had become a reality and that was more than most could say after living a full lifetime. He told me how much he loved me and that I was to go on with life. He said to remember our time together as a gift from God.

In three weeks my beloved Dustin was gone. I became so distraught I became ill, mom and dad had to hold up the funeral for a week so they could get me back on my feet long enough to have it. It seemed the whole town turned out. I was such a wreck I couldn't tell you what was said at the services. After the grave side services concluded I just sat there. Mom and dad went to the car and waited. I sat there looking at the stone engraved with "OUR BELOVED DUSTIN, SON AND LOVING BROTHER, MAY YOU REST ON THE CLOUDS AND DANCE ON THE WINDS UNTIL YOU ARE IN OUR ARMS ONCE AGAIN". I cried and until there were no tears left. I sat until it was dark when my dad came and carried me to the car.

I didn't return to school for the rest of the year. I couldn't find purpose for life anymore. I couldn't sleep and ate very little. I would wander the streets and revisit our favorite places in the mountains. I lost weight and withdrew into my thoughts. My parents worried over me continuously. As winter passed into spring and spring into summer I began to come slowly out of my shell. When fall came I returned to school and through all my energy and efforts into my studies. By working summers on my next years assignments I graduated form high school at 16. With my parents encouragement I went immediately to collage at Yale. At 23 I had my degree in pediatric medicine. I sat up practice in Tucson. At 28 I married a wonderful girl who was also half Hispanic. We had two beautiful boys, Dustin and Gerald. They are the center of our life. They both speak Spanish and German. Dustin is 12 and Gerald is 14. My wife wanted us to name our second son Dustin because she new the story and how much the name meant to me. It turned out to be much too hard for me to call him Dustin so eventually he became known as Dusty. After 16 years I retired from my very successful practice. We built us a second home in Hermosillo, Mexico Where I sat up a clinic for street children. I still fly my plane back and forth every week while keeping check on the clinic and every chance I get my boys go with me. When I'm not working at the clinic I spend my time with my boys and wife. I am content with life but my mind often wanders back to the banks of the San Pedro River where I first laid eyes on My Dustin.

The End