My First Love

Chapter 1
By: Goth
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Authors Note: This story is an older one from 2001 that is being revised, some of you may remember it. I decided my first story needed to be better than what I was capable of making the first time around so here it is, enjoy.

My First Love
Chapter Uno

By: Goth

It was the tenth of October and as always my friend Billie and I were excited about Samhain. It was the mark of the most spiritual day, and also marked the new year. When I got to school I found Billie in our usual spot. He pulled his coat closed as the chilly wind invaded.

"Hey Billie!" I said.

"Hey Justin what's up?"

"Not much you?"

"Same." I replied.

We hung out for the few minutes we had before the morning bell. As usual we ignored the first one and talked for awhile longer. We were making the plans for the upcoming ritual to be performed. When the second bell - the tardy bell - rang we headed to class.

I am glad I found Billie in this school. It seemed as if only yesterday I had gotten enrolled. Me, at a rich school. It was so new to me, all the kids with their cell phones, fat wallets and cocky smiles. Then there was me, thrown into the middle of preppy high, a goth no less to add to my problems even more. I sighed as I walked down the halls that first day. When I first saw Billie it was in our usual spot, he stood there, almost perfect. His white teeth shinning brightly and the sparkles in his eyes seemed to make him look almost holy. When he saw me a huge cocky grin grew on his face.

Then the thoughts plagued me, Oh great, I have to deal with kids like him... great! He walked up to me however, shook my hand and welcomed me. I was shocked to say the least, and maybe a bit stricken by his looks. His black hair with his pale blues eyes captivated me. His lips were so supple and soft looking and when he flashed that cocky grin again, I knew right then I was in for it. More thoughts plagued me, as always he just had to be straight. Most kids my age - and that would be 13 - can't admit to themselves that they are gay, much less accept and openly gay teen. I heard those horror stories of coming out, and I sure didn't want that, but at the same time I wanted to be free to express myself, just as anyone else can (I mean just as straight people, but I digress).

I walked in the door when the final bell rang. I looked at Mr. Chadwick his stern piercing grey and cold eyes crept over me. Sending chills down my spine, his foot tapped at the floor and he gave me the scowl that I just hated. His head shook back and forth with admonishment. "Late again are we Mr. Stevens... I've told you coming to my class late is not acceptable. This is your third and final warning. Come late to my class again and you will be sent to the hall for the duration of class and will be given zeros on that days class work and the home assignment."

"Sorry sir. I will not be late again."

"It's Mr. Chadwick, get seated!"

I quickly sat at my desk, which I despised. Being left handed sucks, all the desks are made for right-handed people. Which made doing work uncomfortable and annoying. I grumbled to myself and pulled out my notebook and pen.

"Today we are learning about WWII. So pay attention we will be having a quiz sometime this week. Also get out a notebook, and pencil." I still wonder how ANYONE could get history for their first hour! It seems so evil, like a mass conspiracy to torture our poor zombiefied minds. I yawned audibly and got another scornful look from Mr. Chadwick. He shook his head in that disapproving manner that he seemed to love. The hour dragged by as always, inciting a mental riot in my head, The rioters screamed and pleaded for the hour to end so I could see Billie again.

Finally the bell rang, I packed up all of my stuff and handed the teacher my homework and in school assignment. "Now why can't you apply yourself this well to getting here on time?"

"I'm sorry really. I woke up late today my alarm clock didn't go off at the right time because it automatically switches an hour ahead, and since our state doesn't do daylight savings well you get the point."

"Sure..." He said then I walked out and started towards my class.

I was walking, or more like running towards my next class. I knew if I ran into Billie - which I wanted to - that I'd be late, or end up skipping it, and I was getting low on absences. Just as I was avoiding I ran right into him.

"Hey where are you going in such a hurry?"

"Hum lets see here, every time I meet up with you I'm always late and the teachers hate that. Also I need to take a major piss!"

"See your in too much of a hurry you've already passed the bathrooms. Also I'm headed that way too."

"Fine. Lets go, you win!" See this is the time Billie and I usually skip and hang at the park smoke a ciggarette or two. But he wanted to go home instead. Which was weird seeming we usually go back to school after lunch. That way you don't get caught skipping. We don't how but it always seems to work. "Why do you want to go home?"

"Because school sucks and I want to just relax today and play some video games."

"Still what do I tell my parents when they ask why I wasn't at school?"

"Dude did you forget my aunt is the secretary. She will excuse us. DUHHH!"

"Fuck off pansy ass!"

"No thanks I've had better offers!"

"Yah, yah whatever, Billie. So what do you want to do at your house?"

"I don't know I'll tell you when we get there." The walk to his house took us right past the park where we smoke. I had never been to his house before so I was excited to see where he lived, and his bedroom. I know perving on my best-friend I'm low. But these damn hormones take control I swear! I was amazed at the size of the houses. They looked like the ones you see in the magazines and I was nervous. This was much different than my middle class neighborhood. Everything was so clean and nice, like it just came out of the bubble wrap or something.

Billie must of seen the look as he started telling me about the different houses and owners and their dirty little secrets. He told me about The Johnsons, Mr. Johnson liked helping the 17 year old babysitter while his wife was at the crochet club. Or how Mrs. Botwin was the communities weed dealer (Got to love the show weeds :-D) We suddenly stopped and I looked up from my feet, or rather Billie's ass. It was two stories, the front was a cylinder and the rest was squared. On top of the cylinder middle section was a balcony and under the front door. The house was framed with beautiful weeping willows and rose bushes.

I was shocked to say the least. How could three people live in a monster of a house like that. The entryway seemed to be bigger than my room. I was sure I was collecting flies with my mouth gaping open. It was nicely decorated inside, with a Victorian met with a modern flare.

Billie smiled at me, and my obvious shock. And in the sexiest voice I had ever heard from him he said, "This way sir, the Miss's want's me to give you the grand tour." His somewhat cheap yet cute British butler voice was so adorable. After the tour we went to his room. He told me to sit on his bed while he hooked up the Playstation. When I sat my eyes wandered to Billie's perfect bubble butt. I was ever so tempted to reach for it and squeeze but I knew that was not a good idea. I swallowed my lust and leaned back. When I put my hand against the bed I felt something under the covers. I knew the familiar feel, a magazine I was sure. I reached under the cover and pulled it out. Billie had just started to turn around when I pulled it from under the covers. His face paled and I wondered why. I looked at the magazine in my hand and felt my eyes bulge.

I looked at it and saw on the front a very hot looking guy with his lips firmly wrapped around another guys dick. It was my eyes turn to bulge. I was tempted to open it and look through it, but even I was too petrified to do that. Not yet willing to be that vulnerable. I put it down, and looked at my feet, I didn't know how to approach it any better. I just kind of clammed up.

"Justin... I. Uh... I-I."

"So what are we playing?" I tried changing the subject completely.

"Uh..." Billie's eyes were red like he was about to cry, it was stupid - I was being stupid. This is what I had been dreaming for so long and now I was playing it off as I was dumb or something.

"Fuck it. Look I wasn't supposed to see that, but I'm glad I did. It--"

"I'm sorry, please don't tell anyone... I."

"It doesn't matter to me, because... I'm." I couldn't say it, it was too terrifying what if this was a test? But the look on Billie's face, he was searching my soul it seems with those eyes that captivate my soul. It was as if instincts kicked in, and my consciousness became second to none. I leaned into Billie, he backed away and I crawled closer until our lips were centimeters apart. His sweet scent and warmth washed over me and I dove in. Our lips connected, so softly at first, they were barely touching. The contact sent chills through me, then our lips were forced together, mashing into each other. His lips parted and his tongue touched my lips. My mouth opened automatically and his tongue explored my mouth. The taste sent electrical stimulus through my lips and spine, and our tongues battled for supremacy.

When the kiss ended I felt my face burn with a blush, I couldn't explain to myself how I had just kissed the boy I was falling for. I had actually kissed him, something I had only done in my dreams. I felt a smile work it's way across my face and saw Billie's grin too.

"Wow..." Billie stammered he looked at me and giggled slightly, his grin grew even bigger. "I've never... that was... Wow!"

"Me either... I mean I always wanted to but... Whoa I'm sorry I didn't mean to just jump on you like that I don't know what possessed me, but I'm kind of glad it did!"

"Me too that was so hot!"

My face flushed a full 7 different shades of red I am sure.

Billie continued "I can't believe you did that... I thought you were going to hate me and never hang out with me again."

"Never would I. I couldn't hate you..."

"Well we sure are going to hang out more often now!" His face was beaming with a smile that could weaken any heart.


I still can't believe it! He kissed me! Me?! I wanted him so badly, and then he did, and how he did it, oh my god. I felt as if my heart was going to stop with the sensual way his lips lingered just away from mine, then he came in and I was lost in total bliss, it was nirvana. I was so hoping my ploy wouldn't backfire on me, for a minute I was really worried. It was stupid of me, but look what I gained from it! Ever since I saw him that first day in school I knew I wanted him and no one else. He was so cute with that mischievous grin and confused look. His red hair, pale skin and blue eyes got to me. I just had a feeling I had to introduce myself. Ever since then we were best of friends. But now we're `better' friends! I had it set up perfectly! I caught him in the halls like usual and had him come with me. See this is one of our daily routines go to the park smoke a ciggarette, bullshit then go back before the end of lunch. But today I needed to find out if he was gay. I had to, so I did so! I can't believe he kissed me like that though I was in heaven I wish humans didn't have to breathe if we didn't we could have kissed for hours which we did anyway. It was so magical, I can't believe Justin hasn't seen me checking him out before now. I was hoping he would say something and that would be how we found out. But I couldn't wait that long. It has already felt like an eternity! But I'm sure glad I did pull my little stunt! Look where it got me, right where I wanted to be, in Justin's arms. That felt so good, Justin and I feel asleep and awoke at 4:00 PM.

However I was startled by the fact it was four. My parent's would be home in any second. I shook Justin awake. He grumbled at me, but then his eyes shot wide open and that dopey grin came back. I felt it infect me as well. We went out the back and walked down the alleyway. We took the long way around to avoid my parent's usual route home. When we saw other kids walking home we turned and started walking back to my house.

We talked about the events that had happened today, and how wonderful it was. I wanted to grab his hand, pull him into me and kiss him passionately for hours, but I knew we couldn't not right now. It would have to wait, sadly.

To be continued...

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