My First Love

Chapter 11
By: Goth
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Authors Note: This story is an older one from 2001 that is being revised, some of you may remember it. I decided my first story needed to be better than what I was capable of making the first time around so here it is, enjoy.

My First Love
Chapter Onze

By: Goth

The days after Justin tried what he did seemed to drag on. I only wanted to be next to him, to protect him from himself, if nesseccary. School is hard, people heard, and saw our conflict, our breakup. The questions and names were almost constant, I would niether confirm or deny their questions about our sexuality. It was none of their business.

I waited in our usual spot waiting for Justin, and then I saw him come around the corner, his eye's met mine and I could feel the longing. I swear I could feel his very soul reach out and touch mine all the way from across the courtyard. My heart began to melt.

I remember kissing, oh so sweet. Justin's lips mashed up against mine. Tasting his sweet taste, smelling him. I became lost, and just as soon reality came tumbling down on me. Justin spun around and started yelling something. I stood there momentarly lost. Then just as I was regaining myself I started getting pulled by Justin. I went to say, what the hell? But then felt a sharp pain in the back of my head. I heard the yelp leave my lips and Justin turned and looked at me closely but kept dragging me.

When we were out of the crowd he asked, "What happened?"

"Someone hit me with a rock I think." I said as I felt a headach setting in.


"My head, it hurts bad." I started to rub the spot and almost instantly stopped. I felt it, the warm wet sticky liquid. It brought back a not so distant memory, and I knew it wasn't sweat. I pulled my hand back and I saw it, blood covered my fingertips. The memory began to replay for a second in my brain, looking at my hands, covered in Justin's blood. I was almost to tears but not from pain from the memory it was just so clear.

That's when I noticed Justin. I have never seen him mad and I was sure this was pissed. He was staring at Damon, he smiled at us, and Justin began walking. I followed after him trying to get him to stop. There was no point. His walking turned to quick strides, Damon started backing away but Justin didn't let him. I started to run to try and stop it but was blocked out by a bunch of kids.

I saw the security and the P.E. Teacher running in to stop the fight. Then followed as they dragged them to the office. After going through everything, we waited for our parent's to come for an emergency meeting.

My Mom was first to show, followed by Damon's. Then after much yelling in the principals office by Damon's Mom. Justin's Mom finally made it. She looked drained, her eyes were baggy, and her hair was a bit out of place. I felt bad for her, but mostly for Justin. He had to see it 24/7, and even though he won't tell me I know, he worries if she loves him. I could see it how he looks at her. That same look he had when he looked at his Dad.

In the conference room we all sat around the table. Each of us next to our parent. I watched as the parent's argued, and as the principal tried cushoning the verbal blows. However my focus was on Justin. He was sitting there, being silent, just watching them, a pained look on his face. I wanted to grab his hand, or hug him. Yet behind that pained look I could see the intensity, I could see him absorbing their words.

In the end, the police were not called in. Damon had been witnessed throwing the rocks, and therefore he had started the physical assault. We were all suspended for 11 days, with 3 saturday schools. Oh how they had painted us in, if we failed to attend the saturday school it would mean expulsion. Something about how working together was going to improve our social behavior against each other blah blah.

My Mom didn't ground me or anything, she feels I shouldn't have been suspended. I agree with her on it. Justin's Mom took a different approach with Justin. She grounded him for his whole suspension. She allows us to talk on the phone, I worry about him though. He sounds depressed, I just, ever since that day... all I do is constantly worry about him.

Hours on end I think about him, crave him. His touch, smell, his cute facial expressions. I missed him so much it ached. I held his picture in my hands and stared at it. It had taken me so damn long to finally get a picture of him but I did and I worship it. It's then that my mind wandered... It started as thinking about him kissing me.

Giving me those sweet little pecks, that get just a little longer, building up my frustration. Making me quiver for just a little more, and when I'd think I couldn't take anymore he'd push me just that bit further. Then let me indulge, feeling his lips open, his tongue darting out.

Finally when our tongues would finally touch the bastard would torture me further. Pulling those delicious lips away from mine, his teasing pecks would emerge again, drawing me in.

I came out of my mini day dream, I licked my lips as I stared at his picture, I couldn't resist, I felt my hand already sneaking under my waistband. I closed my eyes again, falling right back into my day-dream.

His kisses soon would become more fierce and straight to the point. Our tongues battling for power, tempting each other. He'd bite my lip just right, knowing how to drive me nuts. And that's esactly where my hand would travel, teasing him just as much back, teasing all around that heart but never touching it, trying to ebb me on.

His sighs and whimpers entered my head, as if he were in the room with me, it shocked me, and then I realized it was myself. I felt a blush, as my mind wandered back to my fantasy. I let myself sink into my fanatsy. I could feel the tension inside building, trying to bubble it's way out like a million elephants. I grabbed my nipple and played with it, immagining him teasing it. Feeling his fingers slowly circling it, then pinching and rubbing the little bit. His fingertips would slowly run down from my nipple, causing my stomach to twitch in anticipation, circling my navel, then slowly walking them lower. Right before grabbing it and giving it that first experimental squeeze. My mind clouded, and I felt that tension exploding throughout my body then spilling out like a flood.

I laid there in the aftermath, smiling to myself. Just the thought of him drove me to uncontrollable lust. This time alone it's so agonizing, I just want to scream, until the world shutters and cracks, urging it to give me my desire. You never realize how lonely you are until you can't see that one person you love.

It's been 5 days, but it feels like 5 years to me. Talking on the phone isn't good enough, I want to see his face. To touch it, and feel him, to hold him and at the same time melt into his arms. I looked at the clock, 7:30. I decided it was still too early to call, so I took a shower. I grumbled seeing the clock only read 7:50, it felt like half an hour.

I paced in the hall for a minute and decided cooking and eating eggs would take up more time. I put on some music, White Zombie filled the air as I threw some butter in the pan. I grabbed a couple eggs, and some bread. I waited for the butter to melt all the way then threw the eggs in. I seasoned them, then threw the bread in the toaster. I flipped them and let them cook for a little longer. I was in the mood for soft the toast popped up and i buttered it then threw my eggs on.

My grand plan only put me to 7:59, and I grumbled again. I sat on my bed and started thinking of ways I could see him. Maybe he could sneak me in his room? Or maybe I could just beg his mom? No that wouldn't be good and I don't want to look desperate...

"Gah!" I said then fell back on my back. I stared at the roof, imagining he was there next to me. I'd feel the heat from his body slowly seeping in making me feel warm and safe. My hand would sneak up to his and my fingers would start knotting together with his. I grumbled again. Thinking about it just made me crave him more. I looked at the clock, only 8:03... why? Why couldn't it just say nine already?!

I wonder if this is what prison feels like? I broke down, and grabbed the phone. He should be awake... I dialed, then hung up on the first ring. I picked it back up and called again. This time I won't hang up... on the third ring I heard Justin's voice fill my ears.

"Hiya sexy, good morning!"

"MM hi, I've been dying to hear your voice." I said.

"Same, I've just been laying here waiting but I didn't know if I should call, I was just about to."

"So how are you doing?"

"Ok, bored, like all the time, she won't let me do anything."

"Does she go to work today?" I asked hoping.

"Yea, but only a four hour shift."

"So... when does she leave?"

"In a few minutes, why what are you thinking?" He asked knowing.

"Well, you see... I was thinking maybe I could come over, and I could sneak out the window when she got home... or I could leave a few minutes before she gets out of work just in case."

"Really? And I thought I was the bad influence?"

"I never said that." I said, bursting with joy. "So, I'll come over now. It'll take me like 30 minutes to walk there anyway."

"Ok, I love you sexy."

"Not as much as I love you!" I said, then hung up before he could argue with me.


"Not as much as I love you!" Billie said to me, I was right about to say no way, but before I could even move my lips I heard the click.

I smiled and shook my head, then realized I needed to make myself look presentable. I fidgeted waiting for my Mom to leave she'd know something was up... I decided a shower wouldn't be suspicious.

In the shower I quickly washed and gave a little more attention than needed to my special parts. I smiled at myself already horny just thinking about him. Once I was all rinsed I jumped out of the shower and dried off. I yelled out into the hallway seeing if my mom was still home. Yelled out again, I waited a few seconds then threw the towel on the floor and walked to my room.

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