My First Love

Chapter 2
By: Goth
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Authors Note: This story is an older one from 2001 that is being revised, some of you may remember it. I decided my first story needed to be better than what I was capable of making the first time around so here it is, enjoy.

My First Love
Chapter Two

By: Goth

We walked back to my house, and as we rounded the corner I saw my Dad's car pull into the garage. I pointed at it and told Justin. He looked over and seemed to fidget.

"What's wrong?"

"Well it's just that, well you know..." He said, and he looked more miserable.

"What? Come on tell me I swear I'll try and make it better." He bit his lip in that nervous way he does. It makes him that much more adorable to me. But something was also bothering him and I wanted to know what.

"Most parent's have trouble dealing with me by my style alone. Throw in the fact that you can tell I'm no moneybags for sure. I hate when kids at school look at me like I'm trash, it's worse when adults do it, especially the really old ones, like I'm going to mug or kill them or something..."

"I swear my parent's won't mind. They trust me with what I do, they will look at you and know you're a good person because your hanging out with me."

"If you say so Billie." Justin said still seeming to be worried.

We walked into the front door and my Mom called out to me. Her usual welcome home call. "Hey Mom, I brought a friend over to hang out."

"Come into the kitchen honey."

We walked to the kitchen, my mom stopped preparing some food to look, she smiled at us. I noticed she did look Justin up and down for a minute, but then she just smiled. Meaning he passed her inspection. Dad rose his eyes above the paper and said hello.

"Hi Mr. Johnson, and Mrs. Johnson."

"Hello--?" Mrs. Johnson said.

"Justin" Billie said.

"Nice to meet you. Are you new to the neighborhood?"

Justin clammed up a little at the question but recovered quickly and spoke. "No, I live a couple miles from here on Shelby, not far from 19 Avenue and Thunderbird."

"I know the area, I am helping a woman, Mrs. Jacobs sell her house."

"I know Mrs. Jacobs. She's a nice old lady, has a lot of cats though."

"That's her for sure. Where in the area do you live?"

"Just a couple houses down from her house."

"The one with red trimming or the blue trimming?"


"I'll have to ask your Mom how she keeps her rose bushes so nice I always admire them when I drive by."

"Mom can Justin stay the night?"

"Well, first he needs permission from his parent's but yes, I see no problem there. Justin honey call up your Mom and ask, after your finished I'd like to have a word with her though."

"Ok Mrs. Johnson." Justin said.

"Call me Angie dear, I hate Mrs. Johnson."

"Ok, Angie." Justin said while giving her his cute smile.

After Justin called his Mom, got permission, and asked for a change of clothes to be brought we went up to my room. We sat on my bed with my door shut. I dared to kiss him now and then, knowing any minute my Mom or Dad could walk in. But the fact that we could get caught excited me all the more. I couldn't help it, I had been wanting to touch him, and feel his lips against mine. It was like a drug, and I needed my next fix. The ringing of the doorbell scared Justin and I, our lips parted with a little pop noise and we both giggled.

We ran down the stairs right as my Mom opened the door for Justin's Mom. My Mom invited her in for a drink so she could talk with her. Justin got his clothes and we took them back to my room. We played a few games and then went back down. Justin's Mom was getting ready to leave. She gave Justin a kiss on the forehead, and he blushed. I almost started laughing out loud. I'd get him later, he'd never live it down. He said goodbye to her and she left. My Mom informed us to be ready in a half hour for dinner.

I got an idea, and hoped Justin would be into it. He wouldn't know what I really had in mind though not until I did it. "Hey Justin let's go out back."

"OK.' He said.

We went out back and I tackled him. He yelped out from the surprise but then retaliated. Whenever I did this with my friend Brian he'd get a boner and I could cop a feel without him knowing. But this time I didn't have to be sneaky to my partner, just to my parents. After about five minutes I felt what I wanted. Justin's penis poked me in the stomach. I flipped him over and with my left hand I rubbed between his legs found my target and latched on.

Justin's eyes bulged but then a grin spread across his face. As he did the same thing, instead of grabbing my penis he grabbed my nuts, and rubbed them softly. My hips nearly bucked from the pleasure it brought. I lost my thoughts under this condition, and when I felt a drip of precum work it's way out I flipped him, and grinned. I held his arms down and sat on top of his thighs I leaned against him and our cocks rubbed each other as he attempted to struggle away. I wanted to buck into him from the pleasure our contact was bringing us but I stopped I knew better. I scooted off of him and sat in front of his bulge. So my parents couldn't see anything out the window.

He blushed at me and I caught his gaze fixed on my bulge. I soaked in his image for a later use when I needed it.

"Nice bulge, sexy." he said, inciting a blush to grow on my face.

We were just talking for awhile about nothing really just making chit chat. I was just absorbing him it was nice having him here, and I didn't have to hide around him. It was just comfortable. We were interrupted by my Mom calling us in. By now we were completely soft again, well I was still a little hard but not enough to notice.

We all sat at the table, and the regular routine proceeded. "So Billie & Justin how was school today?" My Mom asked.

"Boring same old junk they say prepares us for the real world." I smiled always giving a smart-ass answer before an acceptable one. "Actually I learned how to divide whole numbers into fractions, then in shop we put the hinges on our bird house lids."

My Mother shifted her attention to Justin. "I got to first hour a little after the tardy bell, I thought the whole day was doomed but at lunch time they had pizza hut delivered, then in science we found out how the reproductive organs work in frogs next week we finally get to dissect."

"Oh I hated the frog!" She exclaimed.

"Did you have to do a squid in 8th grade Mrs. I mean Angie?" Justin asked.

"No, but last year they told us parent's they would be adding it to the course. With an alternative program that runs on a pc."

"I think it might be cool to dissect it. A squid is so different from us I wonder if it has all the same organs or not, or like an air bladder." I said.

"Ok, let's talk about something else maybe?" My Dad said.

"How was work honey?"

"Same as usual, we got another major business account today, my design team starts on it's new logo and commercials tomorrow. If we can keep them happy I will get a nice bonus.

Justin ate some of his stuffed chicken, and made a very loud `mm' noise which got a huge smile on my Mom's face.

"Heh, excuse me, but this is really good!"

"I'm glad you like it. Billie usually complains when I make it because he supposedly doesn't like cheesy broccoli inside his chicken." I smirked at my mom then took a big bite of mine. I switched to my green bean casserole.

After dinner we went up to my room. We again played more video games. Justin dominated Tekken Tag while I dominated with Mortal Kombat Trilogy We had been going at if for about an hour when my Mother and Father poked their heads in. Right as Justin killed Sub-Zero with Sindel.

"Oh yeah who got who?" Justin boasted. He gave me this very sexy smile and I gave him my cocky one.

"Hi Mom. Are you going to bed now?"

"Yes, try not to stay up too late you two." My Dad finished.

"Good night!" Justin and I said in unison. My mom smiled at us, and closed the door.

Once they closed the door we waited for about 20 minutes. I lightly pushed Justin to the floor and sat on him like I did in the backyard. I looked down in his eyes, the desk lamp shinned in his eyes and created sparkling orbs. His skin was smooth, and slightly blushed from out contact. He had a very cute grin and looked so innocent, but it quickly disappeared when thoughts from earlier made my cock get harder. I put my hands on his sides and rubbed his stomach, chest. and sides. His member began to stiffen as well, his nipples got hard and were adding more to the erotic pleasure of looking at him in this state of arousal.

I leaned down, I used my elbows as to not crush Justin and let my body come in full contact with his. Our cocks were comfortably crammed together. I kissed his chin and neck then moved to his lips. His mouth opened and I invaded his mouth. Our tongues rolled around, tasting each other. Before I knew it we were both grinding our hips together. Justin's hands roamed over me. Justin broke our kiss and pushed me upwards. He sat up with me then started pulling my shit up. I took it off the rest of the way then pulled his shirt up and off. As I threw his shirt behind me he leaned against me, my back met the bed as his lips attacked mine. Our flesh was now pressed into each others. I let his warmth invade me. My hands roamed over his flesh and his did the same to my lower back.

He broke our kiss and leaned back enough to reach my waistband he undid my belt, then the button. He leaned into my neck, and lightly sucked and licked right next to my adamsapple. His finger tips slipped down into my waistband. I stood up and pushed my pants down, I helped him up and he did the same. We got into the same position and he continued his expedition. This time he opened the button on the fly of my boxers. He looked in my eyes and I smiled at him. I kissed him to urge him on.

His hand went into the hole and found my rod. He squeezed it, then slightly jacked me. I felt some precum dripping out of my penis. His fingers came across the sticky liquid, with his thumb he rubbed it over the exposed part of my head. He pulled my foreskin back and spread it all over it. At this point he had my cock and balls out of the hole.

I wanted to explore him now, it was awesome having him play with me, but I wanted to check him out. I got off his lap and pushed him to the floor again. There was a small wet spot at the head of his cock, just under the waistband. I pulled his boxers down instead, I lifted his balls with one hand and put the elastic band below them. He was completely exposed to me. His penis twitched as if on cue to make a show for my exploring eyes. Unlike me he was circumcised, it was interesting to see, I grabbed a hold of his pole and let it go and heard it make a slap noise against his groin. I took hold of it again and pumped up and down on it. More precum oozed out and his hips began to writhe.

I laid down next to him and held onto his cock. I began pumping it again, and his hand found it's way around my cock as well. We began pumping each other in unison. My arm controlled the speed. I wanted this to last as well so I went slow. We kissed while jacking each other, Justin turned his head up and breathed in then bit his lower lip to stifle a moan. I started pounding harder on his cock and my hips began to buck. I started kissing him frantically as I felt my balls pull up I grunted into his mouth and I felt my load flood out and spill down on my chest, then stomach, then down Justin's hand into my pubes. It set Justin off and instead of grunting out he sucked in stealing some of my air while doing so. I felt his warm liquids cover my hand. They pooled a little at the base of my hand in his pubes. He had small spasms just as I did. I felt a smile get glued to my face. Justin cock slowly softened in my hand as we laid there catching our breath.

Justin leaned over and kissed me. He got on top and our cocks rubbed against each other. And our fluids mixed. He laid against me and made a bigger mess of our mess. We kissed for a little bit then I grabbed some new boxers out of my drawer for both of us, with our old ones we cleaned up the mess. We both fell asleep on the floor next to each other.

To be continued...

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