My First Love

Chapter 3
By: Goth
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Chapter Three


I woke up to a knocking. At first I was a little dazed, but then it flooded back. As reality became real and not just a dreamy state I noticed the warmth flowing from Billie into me. Our bodies were tangled together, in a mess of flesh, boxers, boners and the sheet we had been laying on. His morning wood was pressing into my thigh and made my hard on more painful. I jerked a little and looked at the door when all my senses came to me.

Billie laughed at me. "My Mom quit coming in my room when I started getting morning boners."

"Your lucky, butthead." I leaned into him and kissed him on his lips, then said, "Not as lucky as me however." I bit my lower lip automatically. I hated when I did that but it always happens when I'm nervous.

"We should get dressed. I'll use the downstairs bathroom you can use the one across the hall. There's shampoo in there as well."

"Ok." I said and grabbed my clothes. Billie opened the door and walked out. I wasn't nearly as brazen as I peeked around each way then ran to the bathroom a crossed the hall. I always felt strange taking showers elsewhere than home, but I managed. I cleaned the rest of whatever was left from last night, washed my hair and used some mouthwash I found. I got dressed and went back to Billie's bedroom to put my dirty clothes away.

I found my way downstairs and Angie told me he was still taking his shower. I sat at the couch and waited for him. Billie's Dad sat on a recliner and read the paper. I said hi as he sat down and he said hi back. For being older Billie's Dad was pretty hot. He looked like an older version of Billie, but Billie had his Mom's eyes. I on the other hand looked very mixed. My hands were like my dads, short and kind of stubby. But I had my Mom's long arms and legs. My Dad's eyes and my Mom's cheeks. Then my red hair was an anomaly they both had black hair, but mine was red. I was told I got it from my Father's Father.

I was getting antsy when the door finally opened and Billie came out. He gave me a smile that weakened me inside. Around him I feel so vulnerable as if he could pick me to pieces just by looking at me. It gave me comfort as well.

Angie called all of us into the kitchen for breakfast. She had made pancakes, eggs and bacon. Billie and I scarfed it down like the wild animals we were. Angie was pleased that we enjoyed her cooking. We rinsed our dishes then went to Billie's room. We were in the middle of playing Splinter Cell when Billie's Mom knocked at the door. She opened up the door and told me my Mom was on the phone. She handed me the phone.


"Hi honey. Did you enjoy staying the night with your friend?"

"Yes, it has been fun."

"Well good. Angie told me they were planning a trip to the lake and asked if it would be alright for you to go with them. I said ok as long as you want to."

"Yes that would be so cool! Thanks Mom!"

"Your welcome honey. I'll be over in a little bit to bring you some swim trunks and a change of clothes."

"Ok, see ya then mom!" I said, then hung up. "Thanks Angie!"

"Your welcome." She said and smiled at us. She left and Billie asked what that was all about and then I told him. "I swear your Mom must be psychic."

"Heh, she's a Mom, they all have a sixth sense!"

A few hours after lunch everything was packed we were headed to Lake Pleasant. It was a fun yet boring ride. It takes about half an hour to get there but the whole landscape is desert. Nothing but Saguaros and other cacti.

When we finally got there, we paid at the entrance for a camp spot then went and found one we liked. We got one close to the shore. After all of us finished unloading the car and set up the tents we went and changed in the bathrooms. We hiked down the trail and to the water. Billie and I spent most of our day in the water. His parent's weren't too interested as the water was freezing. Once we were cold enough we got out and we all hiked back up the trail. Billie's Dad threw some burgers on the grill. As usual when the food was done Billie and I inhaled it.

After dinner we all hung around the bench and talked. It was fun being with them. Angie and Billie's Dad were nice. I could see where Billie got it from. I bet half the kids at school have rude and mean parents. Everyone is so preoccupied with popularity, money, and power. I think the most profound people are the ones who do everything for the greater good and ask nothing in return. A true good person like Billie and his family. If only everyone was so pleasant.

A little after 9 Billie's parent's got in their tent and went to bed, before going Billie told them we were going to go to the showers so we didn`t smell like fish. I had cigarettes in my backpack and pulled out two. It had been too long. Billie and I went to the showers soon after his parent's rhythmic breathing told us they were asleep.

We stood outside the showers and smoked our cigarettes then put them out with some water from the fountain. Even if it was cool we didn't need to start a wildfire. The shower rooms have two stalls instead of using different ones we both go in the same one. It was strange taking a shower with someone else. The last time I had done this was when I was 4 and my brother lived with us. This was different than that as well. Billie rubbed the soap over my belly from behind me. His penis rubbed against my butt and sent chills down my spine. This contact was so new, and felt so good. I never wanted it to stop. He worked his way lower down into the beginnings of a happy trail, then inched lower again. He was rubbing soap right into my pubes, his fingers daringly explored lower to the base of my cock. Which was now hard and twitching. His lips found the back of my neck, his lips sent shivers through me. And the contact made my skin tingle.

I turned to face him. His hair was wet and mopped around steam was rising all around us and he looked so beautiful, like a heavenly vision. I wanted to worship him, ravage him, seduce his senses, and be one with him. I would give him my heart on a platter, my soul, body, and life if it came to it. His lips found mine and took away my breath. He pulled away and looked deep into my eyes. I became lost in the emotions in his eyes. I pressed my body against his and soaped up his back and butt while we kissed. I spread his cheeks apart and lightly ran my fingers down across his hole and back up. His hips ground into mine. We turned and his back was now facing the faucet. I rubbed the soap from his back, then he applied soap to my back.

The ritual continued, as we tenderly cleaned each other. The stimulation was so intense, and the feelings shook my world. I had seen it in videos before, and I knew I wanted to try it on him. I pulled back and smiled at him. He smiled back, and I guided his back to the wall. He leaned against it, and my mouth devoured his body, starting from his lips down. My next target was his jaw line, then lower to his neck. His breathing become more rapid as my lips covered his left nipple. It stiffened and I lightly pulled on the nub with my teeth. He grunted and grabbed a hold of my ass. I licked my way down to the middle of his stomach, it became a game, licking at his stomach and watching his muscles spasm from the contact. I moved on lower down to his navel, then licking lightly down his happy trail. My knees finally rested against the floor. He looked down at me, not knowing what my next move was, but I knew. My tongue crept out and reached the head of his cock.

He quivered and watched. I dove in more and buried my face next to his package. My tongue teased his scrotum then worked its way up his shaft. When I got back to his head I opened my mouth and took the head of his cock into my mouth. He shuddered and bucked, his hands clutched my shoulders as I took more into my mouth. I pulled back and sucked on him. His foreskin was strange to me, there was a lot and it was a strange feeling. But I decided I didn't mind it. As I pulled almost off his foreskin followed, at the same time he quivered again, and his hips bucked. I did the motion again and got the same result. I smiled as much as I could with a cock in my mouth and played with that button awhile longer.

When I could tell he was close I focused my attention to taking more and pumping the rest with my hand. He started to grunt and moan, his hips bucked more often, I gagged a couple of times but got better at judging when to pull back more. His voice was so ragged when he told me he was about to cum. I kept up at it however, my hand reached for his balls. I lightly tugged and rolled them in my fingers, then with a hot noise his fluids flooded my mouth. Some dribbled out, some went down, and the rest got spit to the drain. I came up and kissed him and licked some of his cum from my chin. I was surprised when he did it, but somewhat turned on by it too.

"Wow Justin! That was... amazing!"

I blushed at his enthusiasm and giggled. "I'm glad you liked it." I smiled at him and the most wicked of smiles grew on his face.

"Your turn!"

To be continued...

I know, what happened to them being caught, and everything being perfect? From this point on I am basically re-writing the whole story, so if you have suggestions you want to see put in let me know. I am quite versatile ;-). Stay tuned for the next Extended and revised chapter of My First Love.

"I need your sins all over me, I need to taste your blasphemy."

-Otep Shamaya, From the Band "Otep" from the song "Special Pets"