My First Love

Chapter 8
By: Goth
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It's been almost a month since we escaped to our paradise in the desert on Samhain. The night was perfect, we danced, sang, and honored the dead, then each other.

Amazingly we were not caught the day after. Everything has taken a calm enjoyable flow. Justin seems so content and happy and I know I am. However it's getting so hard hiding at school for the sake of everyone else. I wish I could just hold Justin's hand or give him a kiss between classes like everybody else. But fear holds me back and even more so Justin. I have been to his house only twice, he doesn't like it when I come over. I can tell by his body language.

Today will be the third time in fact. Unlike my house he never wants to hold my hand or kiss, his fear of his Dad finding out is amazing. I guess I can understand but Justin says his Dad hasn't been hurting him at all.

On the ride to his house my Mom kept looking at me in the mirror. I could see her smile and she spoke up, "You sure are dressed to impress."

"I just wanna look my best for Justin, jeez."

She just grinned again and went back to driving. Inwardly I smiled, I wanted to impress his Dad so he'd give us more room, he always seemed to hover and ask questions. Questions I didn't want to answer.

When my Mom pulled up she came with me to the door, Justin's Mom greeted us, and invited us in. Justin pulled me towards his room. His Dad was on the couch watching some old movie, he always seemed to be doing that. Obviously my Mom had made plans with Justin's Mom as they both walked off towards the kitchen talking busily.

I followed Justin obediently and he closed his door behind us. He smiled at me gave me a quick hug then sat on his bed. I liked Justin's room, it was somewhat bare but it seemed `Justin'. There was a variety of Posters on the wall, Otep, Godsmack, Marilyn Manson, Disturbed, even older bands like Guns n' Roses. He told me his Dad used to listen to older music and it grew on him when I asked. His room was clean for a teenager, his bed always seemed to be made and his floor was clean. No stash under the bed besides rollerblades.

He had a tv on one side of the room and a desk on the other. The most impressive thing was his collection of CD's. We listened to some as we chatted and just spent time together in his room. This distance was too much however, I had to close it and break it.

I leaned into him and felt a shiver go through him. My lips met his and he seemed to melt. His inhibitions finally came to an end and his arms wrapped around me without hesitation. Our kiss deepened and became more passionate. It ended all too abruptly by a loud knock at the door. Justin nearly jumped ten feet away from me and stood as the door knob twisted, he grabbed a cd and went to the stereo system right as the door opened.

His Dad walked in and Justin looked at him then his gaze wondered to the floor. I could literally see the shell enveloping him and hardening his emotions. I hated his Dad I knew that. His charms and good looks just didn't work for me. Whenever I saw Justin around his Dad my hatred burned hotter towards his Dad. I could see how much he affected Justin.

"Hi Billie, what's up?"

"Not much Sir, we're just listening to some music, is it too loud?"

"Heh-no not at all. I just thought I'd see how my sons' guest was doing."

"Good, and you sir?" I said, trying to throw in my own charms.

"Just good, so boy you got a girl?"

"No sir not as of now, though theres someone I am interested in."

"A pretty one?"

"The perfect one," I said smiling as Justin squirmed a little, I loved seeing it knowing I was playing with fire.

"Maybe you could help Justin here score some?"

"Oh I bet I could, he's just so shy though." I smiled loving this little game I was so coyly playing.

"Well I'll hold you to it, we need to man him up." He struck a nerve in me, I so badly wanted to throw his candyass down some stairs, but I swallowed the bile down.

"Maybe or maybe he just doesn't like the garbage in our school, pickins' are slim."

"Haha boy I like your style, when I see an ugly one and im with the buds i'll say, put a bag over her and fuck her for revenge."

My jaw almost fell, I stumbled for a minute he threw me off, I played it cool and laughed, Justin rolled his eyes and looked the other way.

"Well I'll let you boys do what you were." and with that he left, I was happy. The door closing was like heaven's door opening to my ears.

I sat as close to Justin as I could, his body pressed back to mine, I wanted to become one with him, it felt as if my soul was reaching for his and vise versa. We just sat there for a bit, then Justin hugged me. "Thanks, and I'm also holding you to it as well, since I'm just so shy, I might need a spank or two baby." He said batting his eyes.

"I bet you do, you dirty boy." I said with the best lisp I could do.

It set him off and he started laughing, which unleashed mine as well, and as if to make his point more clear he leaned in and kissed me. His hot velvet tongue sent chills down my spine and it felt as if an electric current ran from his body to mine. I felt my hands roaming, one found its way to his hip and the other found his hardening cock. I wrapped my fingers around it as best as i could and slowly rubbed it up and down squeezing it, making him whimper and moan. It turned me on so much I felt myself stiffening, our tongues danced both trying to dominate the other. Suddenly he ripped his lips from mine and smiled wickedly at me, leaving me stunned and confused.

"GOD! I'm soooo shy...." He said winking at me. Then he slowly chewed on his lower lip, making me throb in excitement. I knew that look and it was the one that spoke volumes. If only we could find a truely private place...

"I know sometimes I can't take how shy you are, I swear its not like we are in second grade!" I wanted to keep him going, I'd say anything at this point just to have him slip his hand down my shorts just so i could feel his hot palm squeezing around my throbbing mess. It seemed to work as I swear I could literally see his horns growing. His devious grin turnned to a fully fledged demonic smile laced with lust.

I heard a rumble rising in him as he let out a growl that sent shivers through me. I just wanted to have him rip the clothes from me and ravage me mind soul and body. And here I thought I was the one in control of this little game.

"We need to leave, like now I want you so bad but we can't do anything here!" Justin said sending shivers down my spine.

"Where can we go? We don't have many options."

"I know where we can go, the trick is leaving."

"Well where? Don't leave me hanging I can barely breathe, what you do to me oh my fucking god you don't even know!"

"Yes I do, you do it to me as well! You know that park with the tunnels? Well a few blocks away from it are the water tunnels for flooding and as it's been bone dry forever...."

"Let's do it!" I exclaimed.

It took some convincing of the parental units but we pulled it off, saying we were going to a movie. We began our walk, the soft breeze felt good as the sun beat down on us. For some reason it made me think of a story I heard in second grade, about the sun and wind competing. I liked it the cool air and the hot sun. I felt jitters in my stomach, the thoughts that plagued me right now... I could just eat him up right here where everyone could see. I felt the annoying pressure against my hardening self the damn zipper and denim rubbing against it as we walked.

Justin turned and started walking backwards infront of me. I watched his eyes look me up and down, and I swear I could see horns growing from his forehead! His stare made my jitters turn into huge flapping butterflies. I felt myself grow harder under his intense stare that spoke delights to me. As if we were in each others heads sending mental messages of just what we would do to each other once alone.

"Sooo...?" He whined at me in his cute voice, then winked. He then turned around and walked a little more then stopped abruptly. I didn't have time to stop and my body pressed into his back, my hardness pressed against his ass. "Ohhh yeah!" He cooed then continued, "Let's race!" He said suddenly running. I could see why the park was a block away which meant we were almost to our destination.

"Cheater!" I yelled then booked after him, trying to close the space. The running was so uncomfortable against it, but I didn't care. I was gaining on him, he looked back then quickened his pace.

I could see the tunnel up ahead under the overpass, Justin entered the darkness It was only a second before I made it into it as well. It was instantly blinding the transition from bright to dark threw me off, but I could hear him. His hard breathing from the run, slowly he began breathing normal and he spoke.

"Billlllllieee.... I can see youuuu. Can you see me?"

"Just your outline, Justy."

"Good, come here." He said, and as I took a step forward he took one back. "Come on..."

Again the dance continued, him enticing me further in step by step, then finally I couldn't see his outline anymore, I panicke for a second till I head his voice, "Billie, this way sexy, just around the corner..."

As I turned the corner he grabbed me and pushed me into the wall a little hard, my head hit the tunnel wall a little more harder than I would have liked. But the fingertips sneaking into my pants and the tongue pressing against my lips, licking at my teeth made it all dissappear. I moaned out as I opened my mouth for his tongue to invade. His tongue covered mine, and mine battled for more of his taste. They swirled each other, making me drip in excitement. His hand finally made it fully into my pants I was happy I chose my loose pants and left my belt at home. His finger tips brushed first down my pubes, then down to the base. They slowly started to curl around it, squeezing harder he gave it a small stroke then opened his hand.

I could feel his palm pressing against it he rubbed up and down. I could feel myself drip even more, and as if he read my mind his finger tips made it to the head. I could feel him playing with my juices, he used his finger to rub it around on my head. His mouth left mine and he moaned out so erotically there was a low growl in his moan and it made me squirm. He pulled his hand out and I could hear him licking his fingers.

"Mmmm! Good boy! I like..." He said while grabbing onto my sides.

I felt his sweet breath on my neck right before I felt his tongue dart out to lick at it. His tongue was so hot and velvety soft against my skin, I could feel his breath on the wetness and it sent chills through me. "Oh my fucking GOD Justin! Your making me so... oh my God!" I couldn't finish, as his playful licking turned into a bite on my collarbone. The mix of pain with the pleasure was exquisite.

His left hand left my right side and found it'a way under my shirt. I felt his hand slide up my middle, then found my right nipple. He rubbed it first going in circles around it, until finally he rubbed right on the nub. I moaned out my excitement, then he pinched it. It made me throb and expand further. His mouth attacked my neck again, licking, nibbling, kissing, driving me insane! His right hand slid from my left side then down and under my shirt like the other.

As he worked on both of my nipples and nibbled at me I realized my own hands had gone into play at some point. I didn't realize when even, but one was pulling his head in closer wishing he'd bite me again! I realized with my other hand I was digging my fingertips into his back. Suddenly he pushed me back against the wall again, making my back conture to the curve of the cement tunnel. He removed his mouth from my neck and placed his soft lips against mine. So lightly he let them brush against mine. Making me quiver, I'd lean my head forward trying to feel them fully on my lips but he wouldn't let me. He'd pull back, I could feel his breathing on my moistened lips. I licked them feverishly waiting... dying, just to feel them!

He licked them, then as he started moving away I stuck my tongue out to make contact, but he had different plans, he opened his mouth and let my tongue dart inside. He pinched hard on my left nipple making me moan into his mouth. He pulled away long enough to say "I love you Billie!" It set my heart ablaze and it seemed as if it made all the atoms in my body explode.

Then he held my shirt up exposing my chest and stomach. The cool damp air against my fiery skin made goosebumps. Or maybe it was his mouth that burned a trail across my chest. Finally after what felt like a millenium his lips encircled my left nipple, he opened his mouth then bit down on a chunk of my chest. Then his tongue flicked and slowly licked my nipple over and over, making my knees go weak. He grabbed around me and held onto my ass as his tongue and mouth attacked my nipples one after the other, while sliding his tongue over the skin between. He licked and kissed his way to the middle of my chest, then let the underside slide down my middle.

When he got to my belly button he let it flick inside then down. He stepped back for a second, long enough to take off his shirt and stuff it in his pocket. He pushed me back against the wall again as his lips covered mine. He kissed his way down my body, how I wished my shirt was off, so his lips could touch my skin. He dropped to his knees, then grabbed my hip, with the other he lifted my shirt. He started right below my belly button, licking the space between my bellybutton and pants. His tongue darted under my loose pants and onto my boxers. I panted out my eagerness. His fingers curled under the bands of clothing and he pulled them down lower, just to the base. His hot breath vented through my hairs and then his tongue went back to work, my cock twitched and my pants slipped down to my ankles.

"Oh God Justy YESS!!" I nearly screamed it out.

I could feel my wetness, his chin pushed on it keeping it aimed somewhat down. Then he let his warm lips wrap around it I wanted to rip off my boxers to feel his lips against it fully, but I refrained from doing it. He let his lips move up and down his tongue wetting my boxers just slightly. He finally grabbed it and squeezed it, his grip feeling like a vice. Then he sat on his legs and pulled it through the hole. He pulled it down and let it slap at my belly, I could feel my wetness below my belly button, It caused more to ooze out of me. He then let his tongue lick at the base underneath, then down onto my balls. He grabbed them as well and pulled them out.

His lips kissed the space between then he went back to licking my balls, he slowly sucked one into his mouth, rolling it around driving me to insanity. Then the other got the same treatment, when I didnt think it could get any better he took both in sucking on them and flicking them with his tongue. He moaned sending me higher. He let them slide out then let his lips wrap around my shaft again, the full contact made me buck. I could feel my leakage drip onto his cheek and he made this noise that made me mad!

Finally his lips rested right below my head, just barely touching it, it caused me to buck again and as I did I could feel my head sliding between his lips coating them with my excitement. He moaned out then made a smacking noise. His tongue flicked the head back and forth making it rub into my belly, then he licked my belly clean. My head rested on his tongue now and then as he licked up my juices.

Finally the moment I had been waiting for finally came, and he took the tip into his mouth, past his plump lips, that rested right below the head. His tongue circled around the head and flicked at the hole. He moaned out what sounded like MMMMM, and it sent vibrations through me, they seemed to travel all the way down my base and into my body. I sucked in a ragged breath as he worked more of it into his mouth.

He took it all into his mouth pushing his nose into my few exposed pubes. He pulled off, making a pop noise, and it slapped into my belly making me whimper. He grabbed my waistband and pulled it down. My balls and cock gave resistance, but a good little tug freed them from the hole and again my hardness slapped into me. He licked from under my balls almost touching the hole, then up the crevice by my thigh, up then over to the side of my cock, up past the head. Teasing me then finally taking it back into his mouth. I heared my voice echoing in the tunnels and it was then I realized how loud I was being but I couldn't help it.

When he'd pull back his hand would cover what was exposed and he'd flick at the tip with his tongue. His teeth slightly played with the tip, then he let them slide down the base. I couldnt see him perfectly but I saw the whites of his eyes peering up at me, and I swear I could see a delighted grin on his face. He went back to work rotating, sucking, and licking, all the time going faster. At some point his hand found his way to my balls, he slightly tugged at them and rolled them around driving me crazy! I grabbed onto his head and thrusted now and then feeling myself slipping deeper in. The noises he was making were pushing me to the brink quickly, while sending vibrations through me.

I couldn't last any longer I moaned out letting him know, and he sucked harded and worked faster, My hips began bucking in sync with him. I could hear and feel my balls slapping at his chin, and finally I could take no more. I felt myself expand, I felt the tingling inside rising, and then I felt it shoot out into his mouth. He pushed his motuh all the way down and I could feel his swallowing all I had to offer, it made me even hotter and I felt more bubbling up. I felt myself twitching in his mouth, as the last few drops came out. Still he sucked on my licking it keeping it hard. Making my hips jerk and legs twitch from the stimulation.

He pulled off but didn't stop he kept licking at it and kissing the head. He licked up my body dragging my shirt up with his tongue then he kissed me hard. His hand wrapped around my half soft dick and he fondled it as he kissed me. I bit onto his bottom lip and tugged on it making him moan.

"Oh my fucking GOD Justin!! I love you so much. That was... wow! What you did, no what you do to me! Fuck!!"

"Good! I was hoping you'd like that, since I'm soooo shy and all... tee hee!"

"Oh you didn't!"

"Yes I did so whatcha gonna do about it big boy? You got me all alone in this dark tunnel, away from people... oh boy what is a shy boy to do in a situation like this?"

"Mm I'm so going to make you beg for mercy!" I said while slapping his ass. He moaned out excitedly then backed away waving with a finger.

"Oh no you don't!" I said pushing him into the wall.

To be continued.... ;)