My Little Angel


A Boy's Passion

Disclaimer: This piece is completely fictional. If any of the events pertain to a personal experience, they are an absolute coincidence. If you are under the age of 18, and/or do not enjoy or support fictions about sexual relations between young children, please leave now. Also, any donations to Nifty would be very grateful and kind. This is my first piece of work I have submitted to Nifty, so any feedback (complements or CONSTRUCTIVE criticism sent to would be great. Other than that, enjoy.

Copyright: A Boy's Passion 2013

-- Prologue --

It seems as if everything is more beautiful as a child. It is more crisp, uncharted and unexplored. People say that children can't experience such emotions as love, but they're all full of it. Where's their experience? Well, I have experience to back my side of the argument. I truly loved, only one time, and with only one person. I was a child. It is love between children that is the truest, untamed love.


"Breakfast is ready, boys!" Mom called from downstairs. My two brothers, Devin and Jack, threw their voices back to her, but I didn't bother. They took care if it for me. Siblings come in handy in that sort of way. My two brothers were pretty young though, Devin, 5, and Jack, 7. I struggled to get my shirt on, trying three unsuccessful times to locate the hole in my shirt where the head goes until I finally found it. Relieved I had gotten out of that situation, I turned towards the window. It was a beautiful summer morning; birds chirped their unique melodies, the leaves of the trees rustled in the wind, and the Sun shone its blinding, yet soothing radiance.

I was an interesting kid in my eyes. At the age of 10, most children didn't reflect on the beauty of life as I did. I always knew I was smart, with an IQ of 164, but it was my emotional intelligence that set me apart from the average ten year old. I forced on my sneakers without untying the laces and walked over to the floor-to-ceiling mirror next to my closet to admire myself. I was on the short side for my age, standing at four foot, five and a half inches. Around my friends I always tried to keep a straight posture so I could manually elevate myself another half inch. Though I was short, I was really good looking. I don't want to brag, but my dad was a famous actor in his younger years, and my mom a supermodel for Victoria's Secret. I guess I could say that I was a celebrity child.

From my father, I inherited dirty-brown hair that fell an inch or so below my ears in masses of lovable curls. From my mom, I got the cutest, near symmetrical face, less a birthmark on my right chin. Neither of my parents had blue eyes, but somehow I did. Still inspecting myself in the mirror, I eyed what I was wearing. I had to make sure I had a touch of swag, even though I'd be taking those clothes off anyway to swim. It may seem like I was entrenched in all of the newest fads and overly self confident, but my mom raised me well, and I was a very humble, innocent kid. Not realizing that I had been checking myself out for too long, I received the reminder from mom. "Drew Alexander Simmons, your whole family is waiting for you to come down here do we can start eating!"

"Okay, okay mom," I managed to reply, that time, no way around it.

"Now." She drew the word out, so I knew she meant business. I flew down the stairs and jumped to the ground level. My brothers giggled, but my mom wasn't too pleased. I slowly walked over to the table, and glided into my seat. I gave my mom a wide grin that showed my final lost tooth, the one adjacent to my left front one.

"Hey guys, ready to eat!" I said happily.

My mom couldn't stay mad for long. Chuckling, she covered her face with her hands.

"What am I going to do with you, Drew?" She asked.

"You're gonna do something with me?" I played along.

"Hey, ya little manipulator, I'm a veteran of withstanding your tricks." She knew that I was very good at getting people to side with me, and nobody could stay mad when I started to blab.

"Come on, eat boys," Mom instructed the three of us. "We have a fun day ahead of us."


After breakfast, we took the car to the beach club not far from the house, where I kept up the tan I had already worked to perfection by mid-July. As we pulled into our parking space, I readied myself to hop out. My younger brothers, too young to explore the club on their own, didn't rush because they knew they'd be heading wherever mom would go anyway. Little suckers, I thought to myself. I get to do whatever I want. The car pulled to a stop and I threw open the door and scrambled out.

"Be careful, Drew!" My mom offered, her standard parting words.

"Yep!" I turned to reply, then ran off to go have fun.

First, I decided to go to the pool. The pool was oddly shaped, for recreational purposes. There was a plastic mountain on one side of the pool that had a slide ranging from the crater of the volcano to its base, which was the pool. Eager to go down the slide, I hurried to the bathroom to change. The bathrooms were under a manmade waterfall, and once in the bathroom, the soft patter of the waterfall on the surface of the pool could be observed.

I made my way through the bathroom, heading towards the back where the showers were. Once in the shower (I didn't care to close the curtain, but only turned towards the back wall), I took off my shirt, jeans, and finally my Fruit of the Loom boxers, exposing my cute little bubble butt and my one and a half inch soft, uncut penis. I never payed much a attention to the size of it yet; I frankly didn't see a need. So I pulled my black bathing suit with fire lining the bottom on, and gathered my other clothes. I hung my clothes on a hanger, and strode excitedly outside.

I made my way along the edge of the pool, until I was walking up the incline that led to the crater of the volcano. Delightfully, there was a long line to go down the slide. I was happy with the long wait because I had the opportunity to examine all the kids my age, specifically the boys. My searching eyes traveled up the line until they stopped abruptly on one kid. He was a blonde-haired, green-eyed wonder of a boy. Slightly shorter than me, he had such a perfect body I was astounded. But what put me into complete awe was that this sweet angel was keeping to himself! His head was down, and he didn't seem to be having fun like the other kids, who were virtually vibrating in anticipation of another ride down the slide. I was immediately hooked. Ignoring the scattered complaints I received for cutting, I walked purposefully up to the child and stuck my hand out for a handshake. Slowly, cautiously, he raised his sparkling green eyes to make contact with the oceans of my own. He bit his lower lip as I introduced myself.

"Hi, I'm Drew. I saw you standing here alone without your friends so I came over to keep you company. How old are you? Wanna be friends?" I was happy with my introduction, but for once I was nervous to be turned down, only because he was so divine.

Again, cautiously he lifted his arm to shake hands, and in a tender, childlike voice he replied, "Uhh, actually my friends aren't here, I'm turning 10 in August, and my mom is making me 'have fun' by going down this slide." Wait, he answered all my questions except one, I realized. I'd have to work to gain his friendship, and work even harder to gain his full trust.

"Hey, your too pessimistic." I repeated my question. "So, do you wanna be friends?"

"What's pets-amitsic?"

"You wanna be friends?"

A slight grin appeared on his face, which sent butterflies rushing throughout my body. I think I'm in love. I began envisioning what I could do with this boy, but he pulled me out of my thoughts.

"Sure, okay. My name's Douglass, but my friends call me Doug."

"Cool!" was my exclamation. "So Doug. Hey, you wanna come over my house today?"

"Umm, I guess... only if my mom lets me."

"Come on, it'll be so fun! We have a mini arcade and everything!"

"Woahh... That's pretty cool." He looked impressed. First mission accomplished. I reveled in my oral manipulation skills.

"Yea I know, so go talk to your mom!"

"Okay!" He was already speeding down the hill. When he was out of sight, I began to contemplate why I was drawn in so to this beautiful 9 year old boy. Was it his dirty blonde hair or his completely smooth facial complexion? Maybe his spring green eyes that rivaled the extravagance of mine, or his perfectly balanced body, not to thin and with the promise of a muscles in his future, that just drove me crazy?

"Hey, it's your turn dude." Some kid with goggles on tapped me on the shoulder.

"Oh yeah, thanks," I replied and took off down the slide.

After I had gone down the slide a good amount, I walked over to where Doug was sitting with his parents.

"Hi Doug! Hi Doug's parents!" I greeted them.

"Hey," said Doug, and "Hi!" Said both of his parents.

"Is this your new friend, Douglass?" Doug's mom asked him.

"Yeah, that's him," Doug answered.

"So can Doug stay over my house tonight, pleeease?" I entreated.

"Oh I thought it was just for a little while," Doug's father pointed out.

"Yeah me too," Doug added in.

"Why not? He's adorable!" The mom put in.

I giggled and rocked back on my feet, while Doug's eyes nearly popped out of his head, probably due to what his mom just suggested. He looked away, trying to hide it, too. But I noticed, and it made me wonder, which by the way my mom said was dangerous.

"Yeah common Doug! Doug's dad?"

"Call me Brian," Doug's dad said. "And yes, he can stay overnight."

"Wooo! Awesome! Right Doug?" I exclaimed.

"Yeah, okay, I'll stay over."

My reaction was a bit more jubilant, but it was all the same for me.


As the Sun began to make it's final descent into the horizon, my family, who quickly agreed Doug could stay, plus Doug and I loaded up into the mini van and headed back to my house. I knew the two of us would have loads of fun.