My so called Perfect Life

by Roberto Quezada

Chapter 5

The regular warnings apply to this story. Also if you are under 18 be a good boy and avoid reading this, please.

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This story is about me personally and about my real life so please don't judge the story I am being very sincere with this one.

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Chapter 5

After that long and sweet night I spent with my angel I was tired. Lucky for me I hadn't had any more nightmares, but even if I had them, I knew that my secret angel was standing there beside me, taking care of me.

After I woke up I just waited for Jonathan to wake up. I mean after all that happened last night he would be sleeping at least an hour more, not to mention the fatigue he would be feeling all day. I just rested beside him in bed reading Nifty stories, watching videos on Youtube and even taking photos of my angel. God was I in love.

Suddenly, without me knowing, he woke up, opening his small but beautiful god-like blue eyes, his hair all messed up but cute in its own way, and yawning like a small kid with pure innocence .

"Jamie what happened last night?" he asked sounding confused.

Well, I'm sure he was. I mean he fainted after finishing our lustful and passionate night.

"Oh nothing. Remember how you came so much in me and then fell asleep."

"Oh shit, I'm sorry. It just felt amazing, it was the best orgasm in my entire life. I still feel the orgasm in my body, that's how amazing it felt."

"Well we need to go get breakfast; and besides we were going to the arcade, bowling, and to the laser tag. I really want to go together. Come on. This is gonna be better than my birthday, but we can continue our little adventure in the bathroom while we clean ourselves especially `down there'."

"Of course. Besides, I didn't do you yesterday. I miss your sweet milk already."

"Well let's get ready for bathing ourselves."

We were wishing our tools were in our mouths, to taste our milks, to savour them, but shit my luck was in the ground today. We were going to enter the bathroom when suddenly my mom saw us. She was shocked I mean we were entering the bathroom together and, well, for us boys to enter the bathroom together it only meant one thing. 

We were having sex. 

I mean we were already teenagers, discovering our bodies in new ways we couldn't have imagined. God, why, why? I mean it was nice, my mother accepting the fact that her son was gay, but now telling her that I was having sex, I needed to think fast, really fast. I mean, I wouldn't imagine myself in another long talk with her about this topic, and forget about that ... all teenagers know that having that talk with your parents is awkward as hell.

"It's not what you think mom it's just that I feel dizzy again and I prefer Jonathan taking care of me while I bathe."

"It's okay. son. Don't worry. I understand," she said, sounding a little shocked or nervous.

Me, I was relieved a lot because in a way she understood me, but in another way she got nervous, so she definitely suspected something was going on. 

Once we were in the bath all alone together we started, for some unknown reason, laughing. I mean we almost got caught but luck was with us today.

"Jonathan we were lucky right there. I mean my mom really thought we were going to have sex."

"Yeah I know. Anyway, do you still want to do it?"

"Why not? I mean, I need my daily amount of your beautiful balls, your scent, and I need my daily amount of your tongue making out with mine."

Suddenly I grabbed him and pulled him to where my lips were already waiting. We kissed, tasting each other's breath, tasting how our saliva joined together between our mouth and tongues. We were moaning. We needed to breathe, but we were enjoying this moment, reaching new limits. Both he and I loved to explore more and more of our bodies everyday. We loved pleasuring each other, making our brains fill with pleasure. 

Personally I loved smelling him being all sweaty, smelling his feet, chest, armpits. Everything about his scent made me crazy. He was literally becoming my drug.

My hands started moving on their own, touching his back, reaching down to his butt cheeks. I started feeling them, spreading them apart, reaching with my fingers to touch his anus. He was shaking while he moaned into my ear.

"More, love. More!"

I could feel his hands reaching down to my dick, while I touched and massaged his beautiful glory hole. He was palming my glans, caressing my ball sack, while I whispered into his ear, "God you really know how to please me, Sasha."

I couldn't wait anymore. I pushed him to the wall in the bathroom and started kissing him all around his body, starting with his lips, going down to his neck, biting softly his ear, then going down to his pink nipples which I sucked in a lustful way. I reached his abdomen and started licking all around it and his bellybutton. He was shaking like crazy, real crazy, moaning, almost shouting.

"Please Sasha, you already tortured me a lot yesterday, so please lick my dick."

He was right. Now it was my turn to please my angel any way he wanted. I started licking his head like a lollypop, savoring it. His boyhood tasted like nothing else for me. It was the best dessert in the entire world. He started moaning loudly, shouting, but I didn't care. For the first time I was so concentrated I would not spoil all the fun we were both having.

"Ahhhhh, AHHHHHH, ahhhhhhhhhh!" were all the sounds you could hear coming from Jonathan's beautiful angelic voice.

I looked down to his balls and god they looked delicious. They were perfect for breakfast. I licked around his shaft and went down to his balls. My tongue covered them.

`Fuck it, I want my nectar now,' I thought to myself.

When I was starting to suck them he stopped me, giving me the entrance I was looking for.

"Stop. I want to come with you fucking my hole with your awesome and magnificent self."

To be honest I almost laughed, but I wanted to fuck him so much that I just controlled myself for one moment. I grabbed the soap and started lubing his anus, massaging his prostate slowly, first one finger, then the second, and I would have added a third finger but my angel's pleadings were getting too strong for me to refuse.

"Please, Bobby, ple-e-ease, do-o-on't tease me any more. Fuck me, please fuck me. I neeeeeed ... ahhhhhh ... you inside me now."

I couldn't wait any more . I lubed my dick with soap and started caressing his anus with my dick until with one thrust I entered my little boyfriend's hole. My god, he was so tight. I could have come with just another thrust, but I tried my best to pleasure my little horny angel. 

I started moving slowly, first really enjoying how I was feeling. He was so tight and hot around my dick, and I was even more turned on hearing Jonathan moan my name louder and louder.

"Bobby, Bo-o-o-obby AHHHH Fuck me harder please."

After I heard this I started making love to him like crazy. I have never sweated more in my entire life but I just couldn't stop. The thought and the pleasure of me stimulating Jonathan's prostate was amazing. I wished I could have stayed there fucking him all day. However, that was impossible. We were both reaching one of the best orgasms in our entire lives.

"Bob please don't stop PLEASE I'M-M-M GOING TO C-C- AHHHHHHHHH!"


We came at the same time, me filling his insides with my hot and delicious semen, and him splashing all the bathroom walls with his delicious nectar.

In the same instant we both yelled like little kids, "THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!"

We were too amazed by our recent orgasms to even react properly. In fact we had forgotten about the time and just washed ourselves properly, with our last lustful act being me rimming Jonathan's ass to take all my cum from his hot anus.

We finished bathing ourselves. After a passionate session of kissing and touching ourselves in the bathroom, we dried ourselves and went to my bedroom where we dressed.

Everything was so perfect until I noticed the time. Shit fuck, god please take me. According to the clock we had "bathed" for 2 hours straight! My god, now I was doomed since my mother saw us enter the bathroom together. Now I was dead. I needed a miracle, a good miracle on us.

There we were, going out of my room all scared and shocked, waiting our divine punishment to come in the form of a talk about the bees and the birds, when a miracle did happen. My mother was taking a nap and my aunt and cousin were just waking up. No one noticed how long we were in the bathroom together. After we saw this, we just laughed. I mean we thought for a moment back there we were doomed.

It was already 12 and we were still waiting to eat breakfast. I was almost dying of hunger. Same with my mother and cousin. We could go out to eat something but it was already 12. We needed to eat something right now or we would die!

Did I ever mention how great a cook Jonathan is? Well, he is great, the best. All the times I was at his house for a sleepover he would cook me like real fancy, pasta, meat, anything really. He was a natural when it came to cooking. Well now, he really showed off in front of my family.

He calmly said, "Don't worry I can handle it."

He grabbed a lot of ingredients and started cooking eggs, waffles, hotcakes, everything you could imagine. The best part of all is that it was delicious. If I could describe it, I think I had an orgasm within my mouth just from eating all his delicious food. Same for my family. They were really enjoying all the food he prepared.

After having breakfast they just threw a lot of questions at him. He was really blushing which was really really cute to see.

Praise could be heard among my family saying it was the best breakfast they had eaten in their entire life. I mean I knew it was true, Jonathan was literally the best. If you could only eat his pesto pasta ... my god, it was so delicious.

After a while me and Jonathan left for the arcade, while my aunt, cousin, and mother left for the mall. They were always shopping. That's the reason I sometimes hated these trips. I mean one day of shopping is fine but everyday was boring as hell.

When my family left us at the arcade center we paid and started bowling. I was having so much fun with Jonathan. Even if I was winning, he just looked at me with love. How he laughed every time he missed a shot and how he looked at me giving me his famous `I love you' smile. I won but still he wasn't jealous or anything. He just stood there giving me a small hug saying, "I really love you and I thank life everyday for giving me the best boyfriend in the entire world. You are my best and only friend and I thank life for having you."

He was crying while he hugged me, harder and harder. I just grabbed him and told him with my voice breaking down, as I myself started to cry: "Jonathan, I also thank life. I mean you are the only person who has stayed by my side even in the darkest times. All my friends just go away or leave me alone, but you were the first one to stay with me, and you are the only person that has taken care of me like you do. I mean, Jonathan, you stayed up all night taking care of me, you cook what I want when I'm hungry. I love you, and I'm sorry for not becoming your boyfriend since the very beginning."

I grabbed his head and without thinking I kissed him, all our emotions being shared within this moment we were both enjoying. I knew one day I would marry him no matter what.

"Come on silly I want to go play some arcade games before we go into the laser tag," he said, while tears fell down his face; but he was right. This was our special moment and I wanted to enjoy it to the very best.

"Yeah me too; but let me kiss you one more time."

I kissed him one more time, his lips felt so good against mine, my arms fit perfectly around him, his soft arms were hugging me.

People were looking at us but I didn't care, as I showed my love for my little angel next to me.

"Where should we start sweetheart?"

"I don't know, Bob, but why don't we shoot some hoops while we decide."


We then raced to the basketball arcade machine, and again I won. Even though Jonathan and I played basketball together well, we had different styles when it came to basketball. I was the captain and, well, the ace of the team, while Jonathan was my shadow behind me. He is awful when it comes to shooting and dribbling but when it comes to passes my god he was a magician. His passes were perfect, and literally they disappeared from the field from time to time. My god, he is my duo even when it came to playing basketball. As our coach said we were the true lights when it came to playing basketball.

"So what's next? I mean I can beat you again 30 to 2 if you want?"

"Shut up ... I know, why don't we play Pump it Up."

Pump it Up is a rhythm based game where you need to dance to the music pressing the arrows on the dance floor. To be honest it was a hard game and I was good myself but playing it is really tiring. It's good exercise, every now and then.

After dancing our way through 3 songs in normal difficulty we were tired. I was sweating and feeling in need of water, so I suggested, "Why don't we get a drink in the cafeteria. Come on, my treat."

"Bobby, no, come on, let me pay."

"Well, come on, we will worry about that when the check comes."

To be honest, I was used to paying for everything. When I hung out with Pablo and Alejandro, I paid for everything, literally everything, and with Jonathan, well, most of the time I would pay but every now and then he would invite me for a sundae or an ice cream. But now that he was my boyfriend he literally wanted to invite me for everything, and, well, we always fought when it came to that. However, we finally agreed to pay for each other's food, which in a way it was romantic.

We had fries along with vanilla shakes. After all the bowling, shooting and dancing we were tired but, with all this we were full of energy waiting for the laser tag to start.

"Jamie can I ask you a favor?"

"Sure Sasha anything for you."

"Can you kiss me one more time? I want to taste you after a vanilla shake."

"As you say blue eyes."

And again we were kissing. One more time, in front of everyone, we were kissing. Not that we cared. 

Let me tell you something: kissing with someone after a milkshake is the best thing you can possibly do. It's amazing, combining the pleasure from kissing the person you love the most, while you taste the last of their milkshake. This was a great idea from Jonathan, kissing after milkshakes. Now it makes me wonder ... we definitely need to try kissing after eating or drinking sweet things.

"Wow Sasha that was amazing."

"I know. It was crazy! Anyway look at the time."

"Shit you are right. It's time for the laser tag and I definitely don't want to miss it."

After arriving for the laser tag, well, you know, they explained the rules of the game, security measures, and assigned us our laser guns. We took our places and started an all-battle-royale in there. It was great, and after the game we each checked our scores, and, well, I don't know how, but I was first, followed by Jonathan in 3rd place.

After the laser tag we were tired as hell. We were hungry, and eating sandwiches and fries was not enough. We wanted more.

I called my mom asking her how much more shopping she had. Her answer, well, it was no surprise.

"I don't know son I still need to buy blah blah blah ..."

Literally she gave me a whole list of things she needed to buy. My god. I knew that if we wanted to eat something we would just need to order an Uber but where to? I mean, money was not a problem, but where would we go.

After thinking for a minute I realized that my favorite restaurant in the whole world was here in Woodlands. I needed to take my boyfriend there.

"I know, Jonathan. My favorite restaurant is here in Woodlands, it's a kind of fancy restaurant bistro, with all kinds of food, and, well, I want to go there with you."

"Really? Well, it would be an honor going to your favorite restaurant. But first we need to take an Uber there."

"Well let's do it."

We ordered the Uber and waited for it to arrive. After that we left for the restaurant called Hubbell and Hudson located in a place called the "Market Street" with the best stores and the best restaurants in Woodlands. I almost never went there, but this time, well, it was a special occasion. I was going to eat at my favorite restaurant with an angel next to me.

After we arrived and sat, we were receiving a lot of looks, definitely a lot, even the waitress attending us was looking down at us with a weird look. For a moment I thought of just leaving a bill and going, but Jonathan, well, he was calm. He grabbed my hand and whispered: "They are such jerks. Anyway, don't worry, we are here for a good time, only you and me, Jamie."

He was right, I was there because I wanted to enjoy myself with him. If other people think we are weird, well, they can suck my middle finger nice and clean.

We had one of the best experiences in our lives, despite the fact, of course, that we had some weird looks. 

Personally I think that having sex is amazing with Jonathan, smelling, sucking him and, well, fucking him, but there was something to having fun together playing video games, or going to fancy restaurants, that my heart will always treasure forever. For example I will always treasure the moment I met him. I remember every moment of it seeing him sweating, playing basketball while Marcos our coach introduced me to him, he introduced himself with a small laugh saying, "Hiiii I am Jonathan des Bobby Kun."

In that moment I knew he was an otaku. My first impressions of him were kind of odd, but at the same time great. Let me be honest with you. The moment I saw him, I thought he was handsome. I mean, those blue eyes really are amazing to see.

Our first sleepover, my god, it was amazing. I mean, both of us watching anime and, well, him cooking for me.

Of course, things have changed a lot since then. Back then we were both really shy with each other but now we don't care. We smell each other toes, we fart in front of each other and, well, of course, have sex in all forms possible.

"Jamie, Jamie, Jamie."

Jonathan was calling me. I must have zoned out, remembering this memory I will always treasure inside me.

"Sorry, Sasha, I was just thinking about us, you know."

"You are not planning on breaking up with me, right?"

His voice started breaking down, he was almost crying. However, I stopped this from happening just in time.

"No silly. Like I told you, I love you with all my heart, with all my being, and I will always love you. In fact I was thinking how stupid I was. I mean, you are very handsome, and since that night I really wanted to ask you out, but my fear stopped me. But now we are together and that's what's important. I love you, Sasha!"

"Awwww. Believe me when I say, me too, Jamie."

I know that he loved me with all his being also, we were still kids in a way, but we acted a lot like grown ups, but that in a way was kind of cute.

After our fantastic and romantic meal, I suggested, "Why don't we go outside to walk around the stores."

"Yeah, why not."

We left the restaurant and started walking around the park and the stores that were inside the market street. Our hands met and as the sky and stars shined on us we walked around the park. For once I thought they were shining because of us and in a way it was kind of romantic and cute.

"Do you remember our first sleepover, Sasha?"

"Yeah, we were really shy, but you never ceased to surprise me that day. The way you looked or how we ended up liking the same video games and animes, it was amazing. You know, since that night I felt something for you. I knew you were perfect for me. For ages I have been wanting a boyfriend who would love me and appreciate me for who I am. Hell not a boyfriend, I just wanted a friend, but you, you, Bobby, you came to my life making my heart melt for you and even when I almost violate you, you accepted me. The first person who didn't bully me or anything for being gay, hell you even defended me, and, well, I'm glad I became your boyfriend. I really am. All this for me is like a dream come true."

"Well for me it was kind of the same. I was always alone at my school. I ate alone listening to music while I ate my lunch everyday. When a friend arrived, well, they always left when they saw someone more exciting. Sincerely, I always felt alone. Hell, even with Pablo and Alejandro, I knew from the very beginning they would leave me. But you, Jonathan, you found me, and I thank everyday that you showed me what a true friend really means and for that I thank you. You were the first person to really love me and I th-h-h-ank you for that."

Tears were falling down my face. I started crying, sitting down on a small bench in front of all the stores. I couldn't control myself any more. A rush of emotions just came to me: sadness, happiness, joy, pleasure. I was trapped in a sea of darkness, when at the small touch of Jonathan's hand with mine I found light, light to guide me on my way, true light.

"I l-l-lo-ove you Jamie," he said, crying.

I could feel his tears drench my shirt as he hugged me harder and harder.

"Me too, Sasha, me too."

I grabbed his head and kissed him without thinking. It was by far the most romantic moment we have ever had together, us kissing among a sea of stars shining on us. Stars were falling in my mind as I was drifting with him to a world made of pure love where no one would be able to judge us.

I have the picture we took that day as a wallpaper for my phone so every time I see it I drift away to this world we created while we kissed each other in this sea of stars.

Everything was so perfect, and I would have stayed there resting with my little angel, if it weren't for the fact that my phone rang. It was my family coming to picking us up there.

After arriving at our house we just changed to our clothes and slept together, cuddling with each other more and more, until we were no more, waiting for the next day to come in our perfect lives.

And so the next chapter begins ...