Naturist Holiday
Seymour Dixx

Setting: A rustic naturist camp, on a lake, somewhere in either Wisconsin, Minnesota, or upper Michigan

All characters are fictional

Consensual sex between minor males occurs in this story

At the lake:

    Ok, so you probably want to know a bit about me first, right? Well, My name's Paul, but everybody calls me Paulie. I'm 13 and I'm gay. My father's parents are immigrants from France, and my mother is Russian. As if that didn't make us unusual enough, we're naturists, too. That means we spend most of our vacations completely naked.

    A lot of people think that it's weird, but really, it's completely normal for me. I guess a lot of guys would get freaked by seeing their mother's tits, but believe me, it's not a big deal. Besides, tits don't do anything for me. Now, my dad told me once that naturists were different from nudists-we get naked and enjoy the sun, but we don't do things like skiing nude, building houses nude and other silly shit like that.

    Since you're reading this story here on Nifty, I guess you want to know what I look like? Well, I have brown hair, I'm a bit small for my age, and I'm in great shape-not an ounce of fat on my body. Since I run and ride my bike a lot, most of my muscle is on my thighs and butt (although I have a decent amount of it elsewhere, too). Because I'm so thin, you can see every muscle on my body, and I even have a bit of a 6-pack on my stomach. Not bad for 13, huh?

    I started going through puberty last year, so I have a decent amount of pubic hair on my dick. I'll bet you're wondering why I waited so long to get to that part, aren't you? Well, my dick is BIG. Not huge, but big. I'm 7" long soft, fairly wide around, and I have a foreskin that hangs even farther down. My dick is bigger than what most of the men here have, and that's no exaggeration, either.

    Back at home, I'm known for being a braniac. My story is just like Malcom on TV: I took a test, they found out that I have a genius IQ, and then they put me in an advanced school (and just when life was starting to go so well for me, too. Oh, well.....). At least around here, since everybody is nude, we're all pretty much the same. Nobody picks on me for being small, or for being smart, or even for having such a freakishly large penis. Here, I'm just plain old Paulie, the kid with the goofy grin.

    Today is our first day here for the summer, and I'm laying face-down on the raft anchored in the deep part of the swimming area on the lake. The sun is warming my body and I'm resting my head on my arms. "Hey, Paulie!!" I hear somebody say, just as the raft bobs from somebody climbing up the ladder.

     Opening my eyes, I glimpse a bit of short, bright red hair shining in the sun. "Hey, Eric", I say to him. "Nice to see you again". Eric is another boy my age that summers here and we've known each other for years. I look at his wet, shimmering body, then say "Hey, looks like you've finally started sprouting some pubes!"

    Eric is one of those guys who has such light skin that he always wears the strongest suntan lotion available. Even after an entire summer in the sun, he's still as white as a sheet. His skin has a profusion of freckles, especially on his shoulders, forearms, and nose. His dick is medium-long, thin, and circumcised (an unusual thing to see around here, btw). Because he's got such light skin that the red head of his dick really stands out, too. Now he has a bit of medium-dark red hair around it, but just around the base.

    "Yeah, I guess puberty had to happen eventually, Paulie" he says, sliding his fingers lightly over his penis. He sits down on the raft close to me, and continues, a bit more quietly: "I can shoot now, too-better than you could last year. Maybe we could do that again?"

    I notice that his penis is getting semi-erect. I smile, and say "Sure, I'd like to do that again. You know, I've thought about you since last summer, about a lot of things, actually. I'm really happy to see you again. Well, I guess we've got the whole summer ahead of us."

    "Oh, by the way-have you seen the new kid here yet? I think his name is Karl, spelled with a K", he informs me. "He's 15, I think, blond, nice legs, nice smile-he's pretty hot. I'm sure you'll like him."

    Eric's description catches my interest. "Hmm.....I wonder-do you think he might be........", I wonder aloud. Eric lays down next to me, and says "Well, I don't think he's too interested in my pasty Irish bod, but, well......, I get the feeling that he might be gay. He's very, very nice, regardless. You'll know him when you see him-his hair is very blond. In fact, he's so blond, you can hardly even see his pubes."

    Eric rolls over on his side, then he asks me "You know, I never asked-what do you think of my bod? Do you find it hot?" I look over his body, in a different way than I ever had before. Eric is thin, lean, and he has a nice smile, but otherwise, he was really a bit ordinary. I take a deep breath, and exhale slowly.

    "Eric, I've known you since we were 5, 6, something like that. I never really thought of you that way, you know? I mean, I'm glad that we're both gay, and that we can have some together,'s not like I've longed for us to be together for eternity, you know?  I mean, yeah, you're nice, and you're interesting,'re my friend. Somebody finds you hot I'm sure, but I can't really think of you that way."

    Eric props himself up with one arm. "Yeah, I guess that's what I was expecting. I mean, last summer, I really had a thing for you, but I guess it was more because we found out that we had more in common than we'd known before. Anyway, I met a boy back home, and, well, we might be boyfriends now. We've already got as far as having oral together, and he really likes me, too. He's really cute."

    I notice Eric's stiffening penis, and say to him "Dude, you're getting a boner. He really must be hot." Eric chuckles, then rolls onto his chest. "Paulie, you know that I'm always sporting wood. Damn, you'd think after all the dicks I've seen, I'd be used to it by now. Well, at least when I'm with you, nobody's looking at my dick."

    Being an only child, I guess Eric is almost like a brother to me. We play together, sometimes we fight, but we never stay mad at one another. Even though we've jerked off together, it was never Eric that I was thinking about. Not even when it was his hand on my penis. "By the way, Eric, you DO have a nice ass", I whisper to him. "Oh, bite me", he responds.

Later, On The Raft:

    A little while later, Eric and I are still laying on the raft, sunning our nude bodies, when I see a very blond head in the water nearby. I'm pretending to be asleep, looking through my nearly closed eyes. I notice that this guy is checking me out! He lingers on one side where he can look up between my legs, swimming so quietly that he can't be heard. Finally, he quietly swims away, then swims over towards us more noticeably. "Hey, Eric" he says, in a melodious voice, containing just a hint of a German accent.

    Eric wakes up. "Oh, hi Karl. Have you met Paulie yet?" he asks. "No, not yet", Karl responds, swimming over to the ladder. He climbs up, out of the water, and stands in front of me on the raft. Wow, what a hunk! "Hi, my name is Karl", he says, holding his hand outward to me. I take his hand in mine and shake it. I can feel his strength through his hand.

    Karl is about average height for 15, and he's lean and muscular. Not big muscles, but more like an athlete; really buff. His face is round, his hair is very light blond, and he has a decent tan already, everywhere except around his waist, where he obviously spent a lot of time in the sun wearing a speedo. His thighs are like tree trunks, covered with light blond hair, and his! His penis is only average length, wider than average, uncut, and there is a good bit of light blond pubic hair. He also has nice, big, round balls.

     The 3 of us talk for a few minutes, but I can't really remember what it was we talked about. I keep looking over at Karl's hot body, and I'm sure he's noticed me doing it, too. In fact, once I sit up and give him a good look at my dick, I noticed that he can't keep the head of his dick inside his foreskin. This really hot guy is actually getting a boner from looking at me! Eventually, Eric gets up and stretches, vainly trying to put on a show for Karl's benefit. He even scratches at his pubescent penis, to no avail. "Well, boys, I gotta get going. I promised my mother that I'd watch my sister for a while. You 2 have fun" he says, just before he dives back into the water.

    I learn a lot about Karl in the next few minutes, finding out that he was born in Germany, but has lived here since he was 2, and that his father is half Russian, too. We seem to have lots of common interests, and he seems to like me, too. Finally, he asked the dreaded question: "So, do you have a girlfriend?" I pause for a second, build up my courage, then look Karl in the eye, and tell him "No, I don't, Karl. I'm gay."

    Karl smiles. "I thought so." He pauses a second, and asks "Well, do you have a boyfriend, then?" I chuckle, then say ", but I think Eric might."

    "Eric? He has a boyfriend? The way he kept showing off his body to me, I figured he'd never even messed around before." Karl looks down at the water, then up at me. I say to him "Would you like to come over to our cabin? I'm sure my folks aren't going to be there for a while."  Karl looks at me, then says "Yeah, that sounds like a good idea."

 In Paulie's Room:

    We enter my bedroom and drop our towels and sandals in the corner. I sit down on the bed and Karl stands in front of me, his penis now almost fully erect, as is my own. I run my hands over his rock-hard buttocks, then down his firm, muscular thighs. Karl puts one knee on one side of me, his other knee on the other side, then lowers his body down, until out penises are touching. He looks down, retracts his foreskin, then grips my penis with 2 fingers and slowly slides my sheath back. Looking up, he asks me "Is this OK? I.....I don't want to make you do anything you don't want to do."

    I smile at him, place my hand under his fuzzy balls, and stroke the bottom of them. Then I lean over and kiss Karl on the lips. Karl reaches around by back and holds me as we lose ourselves in passion and lust. Eventually, we break off our kiss, and Karl lays me down, then starts to suckle on my nipples. Slowly, he works his way down my chest and abdomen, kissing and licking as he goes, until he comes to my balls. He circles my nuts with his tongue, then slides it up, from my crotch, along the underside of my penis.

    "My god, what a beautiful penis" he says, as he runs his tongue all over it. Carefully, he grips it in his fist and slowly works my foreskin up and down. He straddles my body with his knees, and slowly pumps his own tool, too. We do this for a few minutes, until I inform him "Uh..Karl-I'm just about to cum" Karl looks at me with a slightly glazed expression, and says "Yeah, I'm just about to also. Maybe we can cum together, no?"

    He slides his body up closer, so that out hard dicks are together, then he tries to wrap his fist around both penises. Realizing that the 2 of our dicks together was too much for one hand, he adds his other hand, too. "Wow, that is a big dick you have", he comments. Sliding our skins up and down together in unison, Karl is the first to climax, oozing a fairly large amount of his thick, white cream all over my abdomen, and lubricating my penis even more than my sweat had been doing. Finally, my penis can't hold out any longer, and I say  "uuhhn!", as I shoot 1,2,3,4, 5 shots of semen all over my chest, shoulder, and even my chin. "Mein gott!!", Karl exclaims, surprised at the amount of cum I had produced. I grab his shoulders, pull him toward be, and kiss him forcefully on his lips, holding him in a bear hug as my balls finish emptying their load on my chest.

    We held each other tightly for what seemed like an eternity, neither of us wanting to let go. Eventually, though, we had to break our embrace. It was now about 4:30, and we both had to clean up before dinner. Karl and I decide to shower off together, partly to save time, but also to enjoy each other's bodies a bit more, still. Karl spends a lot of time washing my penis, getting  my foreskin completely clean, as well as my testicles. I spend a lot of time soaping his firm butt checks, running my fingers in between the muscular mounds. "You can slide your finger in my ass, if you'd like. In fact, I'd love to have that big penis of yours in there some time, too." The thought of sliding my dick in between those beautiful buttcheeks gives me another erection. I slide my finger slowly into Karl's anus, and he moans lightly in delight. It feels hot, tight, strong.

    After a couple of minutes, I pull my finger out of Karl's hole and wash it off. "Not today, my dear, but soon. Very soon", I tell him. "Yes", he says, "very soon."

Next Morning, In Paulie's Room:

    "So, whaddya think? Is he gay?" Eric asks me, as he leafs through my recent copy of Scientific American. "I'm pretty sure he is". I'm laying on my back, on the bed, and I respond "Oh, he's gay, that's one thing I'm sure of. We fooled around yesterday, right here on my bed. You were right, I do like him."

    Eric drops the magazine. "No way, dude! You 2 already messed around? Whadya do together?" He slides up the bed and lays down next to me. "Anything serious?"

    "Well", I tell him, " he started by sliding my skin up and down, then he kissed me, even gave me the tongue. He's a great kisser."

    By this time, Eric's dick is hard, and he's stroking it with his left hand. "Well, what else did you do?", he pleads. I continue, saying "Then, he had me lay down, and he started to nibble on my nipples. He kissed my stomach, and all the way down my abdomen. Then he licked my balls."

    "No shit?? Wow, dude, that's hot!", Eric responds, still stroking his now extremely rigid penis. I look into Eric's eyes, and ask "You want a hand with that?" Eric shakes his head, and says "Yeah, if you don't mind. Got any baby oil?"

    I reach into the drawer next to my bed and pull out a small bottle of baby oil. I squeeze a bit into the palm of my right hand, then coat it all up and down Eric's erect dick. I wrap my right fist around his solid pole and slowly slide it up and down.

    "Anyways", I continue, " Then he runs his tongue up and down the bottom of my dick, tickling the head as he stops there. Then, he slides up, with his dick on top of mine, and jerks us both off, together."

    I feel Eric's dick start to twitch, he grunts, and then he shoots 2 fairly decent shots of semen onto his stomach. Eric lays there with a glazed expression, staring at the ceiling. "Wow, that was hot. Damn, you got all the luck, Paulie." I pass Eric a towel to clean up with. "You know", I tell him, "Your dick is pretty nice, too, now that I notice..."

    Eric finishes wiping the cum off his body, then he rolls onto his side. My dick is pretty stiff now, too, and Eric wraps his fingers around it. "Not as nice as yours, stud", he replies, retracting my foreskin. "Damn, I wish I had a hood, too. Your foreskin is soooo damn hot!"

    Eric works my penis like a pro. He's obviously more experienced with jerking other guys off than he was last summer, when we both experimented with each other for the first time. Back then, I was just able to ejaculate, but all he could manage was to ooze a little clear liquid. I guess that wasn't too bad for a guy that only had 3 or 4 hairs on his balls at the time.

    My dick is now at it's full 9" length, and rock-hard, too. Eric stops for a second, checking to see how far my foreskin will cover on my erect penis. It nearly covers the tip. Then, he continues jacking me, a bit faster than before. I can now feel myself at the verge of orgasm. "Unh, Eric, I'm gonna shoot!'

    Eric holds my big dick pointing straight upright, and says "I can feel it coming." suddenly, I spurt my first volley into the air, landing on Eric's shoulder. "Shit!!", he says, as I shoot the next load, landing on Eric's abdomen. The next 3 shots land on my chest and abdomen, and yet more runs down my shaft, covering Eric's hand.

    Eric looks me in the eye. "Damn! I didn't think anybody could shoot that much! Is this how much you usually cum?" I nod my head, then say "Yeah, unless I jerk off more than twice a day." Eric's jaw drops in awe. "Paulie, even guys in porno films don't shoot that much. Or, if they do, they don't shoot that far! Man, you really are lucky!!"

    I smile. "Thanks , Eric. I guess I am kinda lucky. Lucky to have a good friend like you."

2 Days Later, in Paulie's Room:

    It seemed like I'd never get alone with Karl again, considering the way things have gone in the last 2 days. First, Karl had things to do with his family, then I had things to do, then yesterday, Karl had to baby-sit his bratty little brother. I was able to talk and be with him, but we couldn't fool around. In fact, if it weren't for Eric and me jerking off together, I'd probably be going crazy by now.

    Finally, though, we got some time to be together, alone. As soon as we shut the door to my bedroom, I was all over Karl, kissing him, squeezing his solid, smooth body against mine, feeling his erection against my abdomen. We lay on the bed, our legs intertwined, sharing our mutual passion. I speak softly into his ear, saying "Karl, I want to do something very special for you, and I want you to know that you can do anything with me you want."

    Karl looks me in the eye, and asks "Are you really sure? I mean, I know you want to do things, but are you sure that you won't regret it later? My first time, I wanted to do everything, and we did. Then, the guy never spoke to me again, and that was very hard to take. I.....I don't think I was ready. You're still 13-are you really, really sure you're ready?"

    I sit up on the bed, and so does Karl. "OK, yeah, I'm only 13, but I know that I like you, like you a lot. I can't stop thinking about you, and I dream about you, too. In fact, for the last few days, every time I jerk off, I've been thinking of you. I'm always certain about what I want, and right now, I really want you. Even if you never, ever spoke to me again, I wouldn't regret a thing we ever did together. Karl-I'm not sure, but........I may be falling in love with you."

    Karl stands up, and starts to pace around the room. "What's the matter?", I ask him, standing up myself. I come over to him, face him, and put both my hands on his shoulders. "I'm not joking, Karl. I really think I'm falling in love with you. Is that the problem?" Karl looks at me, then replies "No, I.....I don't have a's just that......I'm feeling the same way, but we're only going to be here for 3 weeks. I mean, we don't live a long way apart, but still, after we leave here, I won't get to see you very often."

    I hug him, and say "Well, I guess we'll just have to make the most of the time we have right now." I kiss him on the lips, then I sink to my knees. I kiss his blond, fuzzy balls next, then run my tongue along the ridge up the center, up the bottom of his penis, then stop, my tongue pushing his dick upward. Wrapping my lips around his thick member, I slide down all the way to his blond pubic bush, until my nose is resting in his hairs. I grab a firm muscular buttcheek in each hand, then slide out again. With just the tip of his penis in my mouth, I let my tongue slide under his foreskin, all the way around the head. Pulling away from his dick, I then wrap my lips around his testicles, and suck one inside my mouth.

    By this time, Karl is moaning in ecstasy, running his fingers through my hair, and gyrating his hips slightly. I turn my attention back to his penis again and this time really try to suck on it good. Karl thrusts his hips forward and back, getting a good rhythm going. In a minute, he moans "Ohh, Paulie .... ohhh .... I'm just about to come." I continue suckling his stout, rigid pole, and feel him start to pulsate. "ooOOOhhh", he moans, as he shoots his load down my throat. I bury my nose in his light blond forest, inhaling his delicious scent, and squeeze his buttocks until he stops ejaculating.

    I pull my mouth away from Karl's now deflating dick, and stand up. He kisses me, then says "Paulie, that was soooo good. I've never felt like this before. Was that your first time?" I shake my head yes, and Karl continues "Oh, Paulie, you are so good at it. Thank you so much." He reaches down and wraps his fingers around my still hard penis. "Now it's my turn to make you feel good. Would  you like to fuck me? I really want to feel your big dick way up inside me."

    Man, this is just too much! I'd been wondering what it would feel like to have my penis up between those white, muscular cheeks, and now he's offering them to me. "Umm, Karl, I'm .... not sure if it will fit. I mean, I've never actually done this before. Am I too big to fit inside you?" Karl smiles, and says "Yeah, you are big, but I've had one that big in me before. It wasn't easy, but I managed." Karl leads me over to the bed, and tells me to lay down. I reach over to the drawer in the night stand, and pull out the large box of condoms my dad bought for me, and a big tube of KY. Karl looks at me quizzically, then I say "My dad bought them for me. He wanted to be sure I had them when I needed them."  Karl smiles, and takes one of the foil packets, then rips it open. "Looks like you need them now", he says, smiling.

    He pulls my foreskin back, then unrolls the condom over my penis. He then takes the tube of KY, and  puts a bit on my latex-covered pole. Next, he puts a good bit on a finger, then reaches around to lubricate his asshole. After sliding it in and out a few times, he pulls it out, then wipes his finger off with his towel. Next, he straddles my body, moving forward, to put his anus over my penis. "Hold you penis up, and I'll lower myself onto it", he tells me.

    I hold my dick in my right hand, and Karl lowers his body, until his asshole touches. I feel him adding pressure, then I feel his sphincter open up around my penis. Wow, it feels so tight! Karl winces a bit, then slowly lowers himself down, until all 9" of my penis are inside him. The feeling is incredible-tight and hot. I feel connected to him now, with so much of me inside him. Karl breathes slowly, and says "Uhn, you are bigger than I thought. Give me a minute to loosen up." I notice that his erection is starting to return, so I playfully slide his foreskin forward and back a few times.

    After a minute, now used to the size of my penis inside him, Karl slowly lifts and lowers himself on my pole a few time. The sensation is unlike anything I've ever felt before. After maybe a dozen slides, he asks if I'd like to change positions. I say that yes, I would, so we disconnect, and Karl gets on all fours, with his knees spread apart. I come up from behind, aim my dick at his hole, then push firmly in. Karl gasps a bit, then lowers his butt downward. "OK, that's good. Now, go ahead and fuck me, Paulie. Use that big tool."

    I slide in and out of his tight but willing hole. He moans in appreciation. I decide to try something different; I lean over his back, wrap my hands around his chest, then move only my hips to fuck him. With my right hand, I jerk his dick off. We keep this going for at least 3 or 4 minutes. Finally, Karl moans a bit , and I feel him shoot a load into my hand. The sensation of his prostate pumping up against my deeply buried penis is just too much, and I shoot my load deep inside Karl's bowels. I must shoot 7 volleys before I'm finished.

    Exhausted, we collapse on the bed, together like 2 spoons. I hold Karl's limp, spunk-covered penis in my right hand, and leave my deflating penis buried deep inside Karl's rectum. "Paulie, I know this was your first time, but I gotta tell you-that was the best fuck I've ever had. You handled me like a pro." "Thanks", I tell him, "It was more than even I could imagine. I really loved the way it felt, me way up inside you like that. I'd love to do it again, but I'd also like to have you inside me sometime, too."

    "Well, Paulie, I've never actually done that before. Most guys I meet just want to fuck me. You know, Paulie, you're the first guy I've met that I have any interest in fucking myself. You're just so damn hot, you know?" I probably blushed, then responded by saying "Who, me? Hot????" Karl rolls over and faces me.

    "Paulie, you are so beautiful, and it's not because you have such a big dick. You have a nice smile,  a great personality, and a really, really hot body. I can tell you're really intelligent, too-you don't act like you're 13, so it's not like I'm taking advantage of some young kid. "  He runs his fingers through my hair, and continues, "Paulie, I love you, I'm sure of that. If I ever do anything that you're not ready for, just tell me. I'll stop. I won't ever hurt you."

    When he tells me this, I sense that he's been through a lot of pain. Somebody's hurt him before, and I'm not sure if or when I should ask him about it. So, I just kiss him on the lips, hold him close, and tell him, "I love you too, Karl. I know you won't hurt me, and I promise that I won't hurt you, either."

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