Naughty or Nice

Here is a quick holiday inspired story for all who enjoy this sort of thing. It os soft and loving, not much for graphic sex, but of course includes diaper play, as do all my stories. It involves two young boys who love each other, so obviously if this is not the sort of story that you are after, then I suggest you leave. However, to those still here reading, I ask that you enjoy and email me with your comments. You can reach me at You can also view all my other stories at Feel free to join and I hope that you enjoy the stories.

Mitchel was a fairly average man in his early thirties. He didn't have a lot, but he liked what he had. He was nearly six feet tall, medium length, medium brown hair, blue green eyes, nice smile, and only a few close friends. He had been married at one time, but the only good thing to come of that relationship was the birth of his son. She had learned that her husband was just a little too weird, and as thus would not allow her husband to keep her son in the divorce settlement, even though he did ask. He did not fight it though, for if she were to get mad, there was no telling who she'd tell, and he wanted to keep his weirdness in private. His son got to spend the weekends with him though, which was probably for the best, considering that he worked during the week, so would not have been there much for his son during the week days. His son was never told about his fathers weirdness, and Mitchel swore that he had never exposed his son to any of it in any way shape or form.

What is this weirdness you may ask, well Mitchel was a gay baby. He had considered himself bisexual, but after only a couple years of marriage, he decided tht there was so little straight in him that it was hardly even worth it. He did not enjoy sex with his wife at all, to the point that after only a few years, he stopped putting out almost entirely. It was a couple years after that that his wife found out the reason why, and he moved out after signing the papers. He was happy to be free of her though, to be able to wander around the house in just a diaper, to keep his favorite toys in the bedside table to enjoy whenever he had a chance. He did however not do anything of that nature while his son was home, and his toys were always safely stashed where his son would have to seriously be snooping in order to find them.

Colton was only eight when his parents split up, and while he was saddened that his daddy was not going to be living with them any more, he understood, he had heard the fights, he had heard them getting louder and more frequent. He was however saddened that he was not allowed to go live with his cherished daddy, he would have preferred that so much more. He always found his mom too short with him, never listening to him, she would just yell instead of trying to reason with him. Sure, he loved his mom, but he loved his daddy far more. It's been four years since the split, and Colton had grown into a fine looking young man. Twelve years old, just entering the very beginning of puberty, he was tall and lanky, thin but toned, he has light brown hair and bright green eyes, braces on his teeth and dimples in his smile. When he was naked he sported a fine looking young boys penis, still that of a young boy, but just starting to grow into what would one day make someone very happy. He was very proud of the two or three hairs that he had, and when he was hard, he measured in at almost four whole inches. He couldn't cum yet, but he sure tried, and he enjoyed the feelings anyways.

Colton had been growing steadily more upset with his mother all the time, but he couldn't tell his daddy about it, because then his mom would tell him all about his secrets. She wasn't giving him any privacy at all, she would just barge into his bedroom at any time, search through his things, and all sorts of other things. Three months ago she had caught him and a young friend of his, a male, playing around, they were only just jacking each other off, but she blew it all out of proportion, saying that if he kept that up that he would end up gay. If she had have left him for half an hour, he figured, she would have known he was gay. His friend, although they would still talk to each other, was too scared to come to Colton's house any more, for fear that Colton's mom would tell his parents about his being gay. Colton was prohibited from visiting any of his friends as well, because his mom didn't want her son to play with other boys in that way.

Colton was also fantasizing a lot lately about wearing diapers, he had always known that he liked them, but now he wanted them all the time. He had wet the bed up until the age of ten, and when he stopped, foolishly he gave up the diapers without really paying any attention to it. When he realized his mistake, he started wetting the bed again on purpose, but his mom just started spanking him for it now instead of giving him his diapers. He tried to reason with her that he was wetting the bed by accident and that diapers again would be better, and that the spankings were not helping at all, but once again, she did not listen to him, she just yelled and spanked instead. At his dads house he got his diapers, and he was happiest there, but he knew he wasn't allowed to live there. He asked his dad every time that he was there why he couldn't just move in, but Mitchel had to explain again and again that his mother would not allow it, so they could not fight it.

Colton also had no idea about his dad, although Mitchel was more than certain about his son. Colton was getting very depressed though, and it was really starting to show. Mitchel had asked a number of times why he looked so sad all the time, but Colton just played it off that he was not happy at home and wanted to move in with his daddy. Mitchel of course was well aware of the reasons for all this, but there was nothing he could do about it. It was now mid December, Christmas was coming up quickly, and Colton was scheduled to be with his daddy for a whole four days, but then something changed.

“Mitchel, what have you told your son?” His ex bellowed into the phone the second he picked it up and said hello.

“Well, it's good to talk to you too.”

“Don't get all sarcastic with me you fuckig prick. Now, what did you tell him?”

“Don't go swearing and yelling at me. You no longer control me, and I don't have to put up with it. If it weren't for the fact that you refuse to allow Colton to come live with me, I would never talk to you again.”

“Yeah, well you know the reason for that, and I'll yell at you all I want.”

“No, you won't. Or I'll disconnect. Now, I have not told Colton anything lately that you would be upset with, I never speak badly about you in any way when he's around, I save that for my friends. He has his own opinions of you, he doesn't need mine as well. I never bad mouth you, I never swear about you, I never say anything. So what could you possibly be yelling at me this time for?”

“No, what have you told him about you?”

“Nothing, he knows nothing of what I'm into or what I like. Why?”

“Because I caught him a few months ago playing with another boy, and today I walked in on him fucking his ass with a brush handle and a bottle of hand lotion.”

“So, what of it. I've known he was gay since he was like seven or eight. I figured that you would have figured it out before now as well. He's never talked to me about it, never told me that he's gay or anything, so it was only a gut feeling.”

“Fuck, it figures, he's just like you. And I'm sure that he's wetting the bed again to get diapers, because he probably loves them just like you do.”

“I'm sorry, but how exactly is this my fault, and why are you still pretty much yelling at me, and I certainly hope that Colton is nowhere around where he can hear you?”

“I'm in the car calling from my cell.”

“Well, that's at least a good thing. Let me guess though, you jut barged in on him again, caught him in the act, and then started yelling at him and berating him again, didn't you?”

“Of course, I have to stop him from acting the way you are, it's the only way.”

“Are you really that dense to think that yelling at him, making him feel like shit, not letting him have any privacy or friends is really going to help any at all? Do you realy honestly believe that any of that is a choice that he or I made? Well I have news for you, it isn't. He probably hates himself right now as it is, and your piling all this shit on him that you have been for the past little while is only making it worse. I can only do so much without revealing anything about what I suspect about him, and about me, but you keep making it worse. Now you've left him probably bawling his eyes out in his bedroom, all alone, feeling like he's hated, and you've probably gone and caused him to be suicidal, and I swear, if you do anything to that boy that causes him to do such a thing, no law in the land will protect you, do you get me?” Mitchel said with a deadly edge to his voice, actually scaring his ex, because he had never spoken like that in his life, he was a very soft spoken man, never rose his voice, in fact, in all their fights, he had never once yelled.

“I can't deal with him any more, he's yours, I'm bringing him to you tonight.”

“So, you're pretty much throwing him away because he's gay and possibly likes diapers. Hmm, sounds familiar. Bring him by, but don't expect him to ever want to talk to you again.” Mitchel said, and then hung up before she could say another word.

Half an hour later, they walked in, she dropped a duffel bag and a box by the door and turned and left, without saying a word. Colton though was still crying, he would not look at his father at all, and just stood there crying fully.

“Hey there handsome, had a bit of a rough night I take it!” Mitchel asked as he grabbed his son and hugged him close to his body.

“Yeah. What did she tell you?”

“Nothing, just that she couldn't handle you any more and that you were mine. She did a lot of yelling though, and I imagine that what I heard was nothing compared to what you heard.”

“Really, she didn't tell you anyting at all, about why she's so mad?”

“No, she never does. Talking and reasoning were never her specialties after all, I think you'll agree with me on that.”

“That's for sure.”

“So, care to tell me all about what this is all about, why you've been so depressed lately, just talk to me like you used to do?”

“I can't. Can I just go to bed please?”

“Sure, but I want you to now, that no matter what you have to tell me that I would understand and I will still love you, no matter what. And I'll make a deal with you, that if you tell me all your secrets, that I'll tell you mine as well. I will only tell you though if you tell me yours, and I can guarantee that I have more than a few that you don't know a thing about, things that were maybe the reason your mother and I separated.”

“I don't know daddy, I'll think about it.”

“Okay, just promise me something okay.”


“That you come and talk to me if you ever feel so depressed that you just don't want to live any more. I just couldn't live without you. Oh, and something else, your mother may be pretty much throwing you away, but I'll always be here for you and I could never not love you.”

“Thanks daddy.” Colton whispered.

“Would you like me to help get you diapered for bed?”

“No thanks daddy, they're pullups, I think I can manage.”

“I know, and remember, the offer is always open, and never be worried about me seeing your equipment, I have a set of my own, and I'm certain that yours is growing just as mine did at your age.” Mitchel said, and Colton blushed.

“Thanks daddy. Love you.” Colton said, wiping a few more tears from his eyes and giving his daddy a nice hug. He hopped down and headed to his room.

Mitchel just went to the living room and sat down to think. When he checked on Colton an hour later, he was laying in his bed, still crying. Mitchel went and sat on the edge of the bed and started gently stroking his sons bare back, calming him down enough after half an hour for his baby to fall asleep. As soon as Colton was asleep, Mitchel also headed to bed.

Mitchel woke the next morning to the alarm as he normally did. As soon as he was up, he called work and told them that he was taking the next couple days off, and then called Colton's school and told them the same. Everyone was okay with it, so that was all good. Mitchel let Colton sleep in, figuring that after the emotional night that he had had, that he would certainly need the extra sleep. It was nearly nine when Colton appeared in a very soggy diaper and nothing else. He was very cute standing there, hair sticking up at every angle, wiping the sleep from his eyes, and a soggy pullup diaper nearly touching his knees.

“Good morning there baby, you're pretty full this morning, did you leak?”

“Morning daddy, yeah, I did. Sorry.”

“Why would you say sorry, it's not a big deal, it never has been before, so why would you feel bad about it now?”

“Because mom always gets mad at me when I wet the bed.”

“Yes, but you're not at your moms anymore remember. She also wouldn't let you have the diapers that you need, so it was her fault that you woke up in a wet bed, even though she thought you were doing it on purpose.”

“Thanks daddy.”

“No prob baby. Why not go get out of that soggy diaper and throw it away, throw your bedding in the laundry room and go hop in the shower. I'll make some breakfast now that you're up, and then we can eat. Oh, and no school or work until Monday now, we both have the next five days off.”

“Okay daddy, that sounds good.” Colton said, and turned and walked out of the room to go do as he was told.

As soon as Colton left the room, Mitchel went to his own room and removed his also very soggy diaper, put on a dry one, got dressed, and then headed to the kitchen to get breakfast ready. He made them a nice filling breakfast, one of Colton's favorites, chocolate chip and banana pancakes, Italian sausages, and eggs. Colton came into the kitchen just as the last of the dishes was being set on the table, and he smiled. He sat down without a word and started digging in. Mitchel had to chuckle.

“Good grief boy, didn't you eat anything yesterday?”

“Well, not really. The bullies at school took my lunch again, so I only got an apple, I only had a couple pieces of toast for breakfast, and I didn't have dinner at all, so I'm pretty hungry this morning.”

“Why on Earth didn't you have dinner?”

“Because mom caught me doing something I shouldn't have been doing, and she yelled at me for more than an hour, and then locked me in my room until she brought me to you.” Colton said quietly, looking down at his plate.

“I'm so sorry baby, I had no idea that you had not had dinner. If I had have known that, I would have made sure to feed you last night, but you never said anything.”

“It's okay. I wasn't really in the mood for eating anyways.”

“So, care to tell me yet what it was that your mother caught you doing?”

“I'd really rather not.”

“Okay, but I would really like it if you would just trust me baby. I'm not anything like your mother, I'm very understanding, I never yell or scream, and I can probably help you out a lot in what you're going through if you'd just tell me.”

“Thanks daddy, but I can't, at least not yet.”

“Okay, but try and work up the courage to do it soon.” Mitchel smiled warmly to his son.

“What are we gonna do today daddy?”

“What would you like to do?”

“I don't know, that's why I was asking you.” Colton grinned mischievously.

“Well, why don't we hit the mall and you can show me a few things that you'd like to have for Christmas. You still haven't shown me anything at all. By the way, have you been naughty or nice this year?”

“Nice, of course.”

“Your mother would probably say differently, but then she doesn't seem to care too much for either of us right now.”

“Yeah, well there's not much we can do about her. We don't have to go to the mall though, I don't really want or need anything at all.”

“No, there isn't I suppose. We're still going to go though, because I do need a few ideas.”

“There really isn't anything that you'd buy me. We can go and get a tree though so that we can decorate it today if you want.”

“You'd be surprised at what I'd buy for you, if only you'd trust me enough to ask for it.”

“I doubt that.” Colton said under his breath, but Mitchel caught it anyways, yet he chose to leave it alone for now.

“We can go get the tree and a few new decorations though I suppose, I think we're going to buy a fake tree this year though, I'm sick of the mess, and the new fake trees look just as good if you ask me. We're still going to look around for you though.”


“Good. Let's get this mess all cleaned up, and then we can go.”

They cleaned up the mess together and headed to the mall. There they had a lot of fun looking around at all the neat things that the large place had for Christmas. Colton did see a number of things that he liked, and Mitchel took note of them, making a mental list as they went. He even gave Colton a few ideas for things that he could buy as well, if he were so inclined to do so.

“Well, we spent three hours in the mall, I got a few ideas for you, and you seemed to have a good time. I'm glad. I haven't seen you smile a whole lot lately, and you really should, you really do have a beautiful smile.”

“Yeah right, a tin grin.” Colton muttered.

“Hey, I was a full blown metal mouth as well when I was your age, but I never let it get me down, and lots of people said that I was really good looking with braces, and I think they look good on you. But your smile is more than just showing off your teeth. When you smile, your eyes light up so nicely, and you have some of the nicest dimples anywhere. When you smile, it causes others to smile just from seeing you smile. And by the way, I'm not just saying that as your dad, because that's an exact quote from a co-worker of mine who has met you a few times, but she will remain nameless at this time.” Mitchel smiled warmly to Colton, who of course blushed.

“Thanks.” Colton whispered.

Although Colton was always given positive feedback from his father, the opposite could not be said from his mother, since she never seemed to have anything good to say, especially the past few months, and the shit that she had piled on him, was far more than the good stuff that Mitchel was able to give to his son, so Colton was becoming unsure of praise. That was something that Mitchel was going to have to work on.

“Well baby, let's say we head home and put up this new tree and all the decorations.”

“Okay.” Colton said happily.

That was almost two weeks ago. The two of them were working well together at home, but still Colton had yet to break down and tell his daddy all about why he was so depressed. Almost every night Mitchel had to stroke Colton's back gently to get him to stop crying and to go to sleep. Mitchel had decided that since Colton was not going to do it, that he was going to have to take the bull by the horns and help him out. With that being said, Mitchel had gone shopping a couple nights before for a few very special Christmas presents. So this morning was now Christmas morning, and Mitchel was awake before Colton was. He called his son out, and they sat by the tree.

“Here's your stocking baby.” Mitchel said, passing over the stocking.

“Shouldn't I go get out of this diaper daddy?”

“Nah, it's Christmas, you don't have to, I know you want to open gifts instead.” Mitchel smiled warmly.

“Cool.” Colton said, and then upended the stocking and dumped the contents out to see what all was in there.

“Wicked, thanks daddy.”

“Wasn't from me baby, that's from Santa.” Mitchel grinned.

“Oh please, I haven't believed in Santa since I was like eight.” Colton grinned.

“You're never too old for Santa. Now, here's your first gift from me baby. Now, this is a very special gift, and I think that you'll love them just as much as I do.” Michel said, passing over a large wrapped package.

Colton attacked the wrapping paper with a vengeance, and as soon as the contents were showed, he stopped and stared at it. He could not seem to formulate a thought. He kept going over in his mind what his daddy had said. I think that you'll love them just as much as I do. He knew that he loved them, he just wasn't certain if his daddy had meant that he loved diapers as well, because the gift was a large bag of youth sized ultra absorbency diapers. They felt hugely thick and soft just from the package.

“Daddy, does this mean what I think it means?” Colton finally asked a few minutes later.

“Does this answer your question baby?” Mitchel asked as he parted his robe, to show that he too was wearing a soggy diaper.

“How, why?”

“How, why? How did I know, or why am I wearing diapers, is that what you're asking?”


“I know a lot more about you than you can imagine baby. You and I are a lot alike. I bought those for you, because I have a sneaking suspicion that not getting to wear diaper, real diapers has been part of your problem, but you've been too afraid to ask for what it was that you wanted. I've been a diaper lover since I was about eight years old myself, but no one ever knew about it. Your mom found out quite by accident, and well the fights pretty much started right away.”

“Wow. I don't think that we're quite alike though, even though we both like diapers.”

“You might not think so after you open my next gift. Once again, I think that you'll enjoy these just as much as I enjoy mine.” Mitchel said, handing over a box.

Colton tore open the packaging and opened up the box to find an assortment of things hidden inside. Once again he just stared at the contents of the box, not really knowing what to think or what to say. For what he found when he opened the box was two dildos of different sizes, one butt plug that was pretty big Colton thought, a set of anal beads, a vibrating cock ring, and three different types of lube, all in the largest size available. Tears were leaking down his cheeks as Colton looked up to meet his daddy's eyes.

“Yes baby, I'm gay as well, the other reason your mom kicked me out.”

“Why didn't you tell me if you knew all this about me?”

“Because I couldn't. I would have never said anything to influence your decisions in your life. You had to live your life, make your own choices, or you never would have been happy.”

“So why now?”

“Because you've already made your choices, you're already starting to live your life, but you weren't happy with it. You were terribly depressed because you thought you were a freak. You and I are so much alike that it's almost scary. I bought you these things and told you about me, because I don't want you to feel that you're alone any more. Although I'm certain that with as good as you are with computers that you've already found a great many others like you.”

“Yeah, I did.”

“That's good. At least you had some way to find out that you weren't alone. I had nothing like that. I was in my twenties before I realized I wasn't completely a freak in what I liked. It was then that I found out just how many others like me that there are. I also know how I was at your age. I was super horny all the time, I wanted something, anything buried deep inside me as often as I could. I don't want you to go out and do anything dangerous like I did, hence the reason for the toys.”

“What did you do daddy?”

“Well, when I was thirteen, I visited an area that was rumored to be frequented by gay men hoping to hook up with others. I went there a number of times and had sex with many different men. I'm very lucky that I wasn't killed or got some horrible disease from that. Had I have had these toys, I probably wouldn't have gone and done that. I don't want that for you, I want you to grow up and find a boy that you can love for life.”

“Thanks daddy. How did you end up married if you did stuff like that then?”

“Because my parents had no idea what I was, and I tried to convince myself that I was at least bi, so I did what was expected of me and got married. There is only one good thing that came of that, and you're sitting right here in front of me.” Mitchel smiled warmly.

“Thanks daddy. I don't know how you would have done it though if you feel anything about girls like I do though. The thought of seeing one naked makes me feel ill.”

“Yeah, that's pretty much how I feel now, but then I pushed it down, so that I could live the straight life.”

“Well, I for one thank you at least.” Colton grinned.

“I'm sure you would. Now, would you like for me to change you out of that soggy fake diaper and put you into a real one for the first time in a long time?”

“Um, you can't.” Colton blushed.

“Ah, a little hard are you? The toys making you feel like you need ot go to your bedroom for a little while maybe?” Mitchel grinned.

“Yeah.” Colton whispered, but his blushed increased by nearly twice as much.

“And do you think I've never seen a boner before, yours included?”

“Well, yeah, I guess yo have, but I can't show you mine.”

“Nonsense, I'm your daddy, and there's nothing about you that I don't know or have never seen before. Granted you'll be a little bigger than the last time I changed one of your diapers, but probably not much so, since that was only a few months ago. And you got hard then as well by the way.”


“Oh, have you got hairs down there now as well?”

“Yeah.” Colton whispered again.

“My baby is growing up so fast. So, when you cum, is it wet yet?”

“Not yet.” Colton whispered. His dad had been very good about teaching him all the facts of puberty, so he at least knew what was being asked.

“It'll be very soon I bet. Let me see what you're packing down there and I'll get you nice ad thickly diapered as well baby.”

“Fine, but I'm not very big.”

“Of course you're not yet baby, you've only just turned twelve a few months ago, you'll still be fairly small in comparison to an adult, but I bet that you're plenty big enough.” Mitchel said softly.

He grabbed the wipes and the diaper cream that he had hidden the night before, grabbed the package of diapers and opened it, and then pulled one out. Colton was watching everything with rapt attention, is blush still there, bt a grin creeping steadily onto his face. Mitchel tore the sides of the pullup open, pulled the front down, thus exposing his son to his gaze. He was happy to see that his son seemed to be developing just fine. He had a good sized erection, it was good and plump, nice and hard, and he could just barely detect the three hairs that Colton had recently sprouted, his balls had also started to drop, and Mitchel figured that it would be days to weeks before his young son was erupting his first ever load of cum. Gently Mitchel wiped all over Coltn's diaper area, getting the crack of his bum, his balls and his penis stalk, but when he pulled back Colton's foreskin to clean the head, Colton gasped and panted, and exploded in an orgasm to rival the best of his previous ones. Nothing burst forth though when he came, but Colton didn't seem to care. Mitchel just worked away, ignoring the fact that he had accidentally caused his overheated son to have a massive orgasm. He finished cleaning him, pulled te diaper oput and slipped a new one underneath, applied a generous coating of the thick paste, and then taped Colton back up into an even better diaper than he had ever had the pleasure of wearing before.

“Wow.” Colton gasped out a few minutes after Mitchel had finished.

“Sorry about that. I didn't realize that you were that close, or I would have told you to go jack off first. Don't expect me to do that again though.”

“Okay.” Colton gasped.

“Here's your next gift.” Mitchel said, handing over another wrapped box.

“Wow, one piece footed jammies. Where did you find these, you can't get these in my size, and I've looked?” Colton asked as soon as he opened the box to find four pairs inside.

“You just haven't been looking in the right stores baby. There's a store in town that caters only to gays, and they carry these in an assortment of sizes and styles. I have a couple pairs myself for cooler nights, they're pretty comfortable.”

“Wicked, thanks daddy. There's only one thing that would make this day better.”

“And what would that be baby, maybe I can make this the best day of your life.”

“I can't ask you.”

“I would think that after the first couple gifts that I've given to you, as well as what I've told you about me, that you would feel comfortable enough to at least ask me anything. I can't promise anything, but what's the worst that could happen, because nothing you can ask could make me not love you?”

“Okay, I'll ask. Can you take me to bed and fuck me please?”

“Nope, look to present number two and go fuck yourself baby.” Mitchel grinned.

“How rude, telling your son to go fuck himself, but how come?”

“Because I'm your daddy, so that would be wrong, because I'm almost three times your age, so that would be wrong, and I'm not into young boys like you, although the occasional sixteen year old can be a lot of fun. I like my boys at least eighteen and up. Sorry baby. You'll have to find yourself your own boyfriend.” Mitchel grinned.

“Oh. I had a friend I had hoped would be my boyfriend, but we hardly even talk any more after what mom said to him.”

“Oh no, what happened?”

“She caught us jacking each other off. Good thing that she didn't come in half an hour later, or she would have caught me losing my virginity I'm sure. Anyways, she started yelling at us, telling us how filthy we were and all sorts of things like that. We were both crying. He got dressed and left, and we couldn't even get up the nerve to talk to each other for almost a week. When we did, I apologized to him for the way mom treated us, and we're still friends, but we can't see each other any more. Mom won't let me go anywhere, and no one's allowed to come over.”

“Good thing you don't live with her anymore, huh? If you want to invite him here at any time, you be sure and do so, and I promise that if your bedroom door is closed that I will not enter unless you tell me I can.”

“Yeah, I guess I don't anymore, and I'd like that. I wouldn't mind if you walked in though.” Colton grinned.

“Keep your door closed, brat.”


“Why don't you open a couple of the gifts I got for you daddy? I'm sorry that I didn't get you anything quite as cool as what you got me though.”

“I'm sure that anything that you got me will be just fine. I don't imagine that you had any real idea about me, although you may have held your suspicions.”

“Yeah, I've sorta always known you were gay too, but I was too afraid to ask I guess. I had no idea that you were a diaper lover as well though.” Colton said, handing over the first of a few small gifts.

“Thanks baby.” Mitchel said of the first gift that he received. He then handed Colton another package.

“You're welcome daddy. I know, it's not much.”

“No, it's just perfect baby, really. Now go ahead and open this one, I think you'll appreciate this one almost as much as the others.”

Colton opened the gift and his smile widened even more. “How did you know that I wanted bottles and soothers and things like that?” Colton asked happily.

“Well, remember when we were at the mall a couple weeks ago, I was taking you around to all the stores and whatnot. I purposely took you down the baby aisle to see what you looked at. You slowed down quite a bit and looked at all the baby items there, so I was pretty sure. I would have bought you the Pampers that you looked at, but you're just a bit too big to fit into them I'm afraid, so that's why I bought you the ones I did. They're probably better to tell you the truth.”

“Wow. Thanks daddy. This is so awesome, I never imagined getting all this.”

“I know baby, that's why I got it for you, I knew you needed it. So tell me, does the boy that you want to be your boyfriend know anything about your liking diapers or anything like that?”

“Well sorta yes and sorta no. I found out that he was a bed wetter, and I was pretty sure that he was gay, so that's why I invited him home, I wanted to work up to getting him to sleep over. I told him that I knew that he wet the bed, but told him that I did too. He didn't end up sleeping over any at all, but he came over a lot after that. We got to know each other really well, and one day I just kissed him. At first he was pretty shocked and asked me if I thought he was gay. I told him I was pretty sure of it, but that it was his decision. In response he kissed me back. For the next week we kissed a lot and pet each other over our clothes, but we never jacked each other off or anything. I told him that I didn't want to just wear diapers to bed, he knew that mom wouldn't give me diapers for bed, but that you did, and he knew that I wanted to wear them there as well, so he knew that I wanted to wear them. So I just admitted that I wanted to wear them all the time whenever I could. He said that he often did when he was at home by his self, which happens a lot because his parents are divorced as well, and his mom works a lot of overtime. We were going to arrange a sleepover, but then we just got so horny that we finally stripped each other and had just started to jack each other off, when you know who just barged in. We didn't even get a chance to blow.”

“That sucks. You should call him tomorrow morning and invite him over, maybe ask him if he wants to spend the night. I promise not to barge in on you.”

“Yeah it did, and maybe I will, since you won't help me out.” Colton grinned.

“You see, it's not so bad talking about all this with me. You've always known I was very open and you could talk to me about anything at all, so I have no idea why you didn't come to me as soon as you started having problems. Why didn't you ask to have your friend spend the night here one weekend when you were here though, you know I would have allowed it, and we didn't live far apart or anything like that?”

“I just never wanted you to know that I was gay or anything, and our weekends were for us. I always have so much fun with you, even if all we do is cuddle up on the couch and watch movies. I really like my friend, but I love you, and wanted to spend all my time with you.”

“And I love you too baby, but you have to spend time with others your own age as well sometimes, be free to do what you want to do in peace and quiet, something you obviously never had at your moms, but would have had here if you wanted it.”

“I know, but I just wanted it to be just us you know.”

“Well, now that you're living here with me, I'm going to have to insist that you have friends, bring them home with you, have sleepovers, have fun, be a kid. And I don't necessarily mean just to have sex either, even though I know that you probably will, at least with your friend. You should have other friends as well too though, just because you need more friends. What's this boys name anyways, because until quite recently, I had never heard of him, and you've never told me his name?”


“I like that, it sounds cute.”

“He is. Here's another gift for you daddy.”

“Thanks baby, here's another for you.” Mitchel said. He was now onto the more normal gifts that would be expected to be received on Christmas. After receiving all the other things, getting a new PSP and a few games for it almost seemed boring, although he did appreciate them, he just loved his other gifts more, because they meant his complete and total freedom. They passed each other the rest of their gifts, both liking the rest of them just as much, and thanking each other for them as well. There were no gifts from Colton's mother, nor would she send any either, and Colton did not expect to get any for that matter. He was perfectly happy to get only great gifts from his daddy. They cleaned up the mess, then headed to the kitchen to get a good breakfast going. As they sat down to eat, they talked.

“Now baby, I need to tell you a few important things about the gifts that I gave to you this morning. First thing is, none of the electronics are to go to school with you, because you don't want them to get stolen, not to mention, they're not actually allowed to be there anyways. The cell phone has a cap on it, no long distance, no 900 numbers, and only a hundred and fifty minutes a month, except for home, this number you can call as often as you want, and I can call you as well. So make sure not to be using it all the tie, or you'll run out of minutes. You may keep the phone tucked in the bottom of your backpack, but keep it turned off while at school, that way you have it in case of emergency or anything like that.”

“Okay daddy, that makes sense, thanks.”

“Now, for the other gifts, the first ones I gave to you. They come with rules. The diapers you may feel free to wear at any time you wish, as long as it's not while at school. If you wish to wear them out of the house, I will not stop you, however I would not really suggest it, unless we are going on a long trip, or to certain places where wearing a diaper would be preferable, such as the theatre. I will never suggest that you wear diapers wherever you go, and I will never tell you to either, it has to be your decision and yours alone. With that being said however, I wear my diapers almost anywhere I go, except to work, although some days I think I should there as well, but I don't.”

“Okay daddy. That makes sense as well, and I wouldn't wear them to school, because I wouldn't care to explain that one during gym class when we have to strip.” Colton grinned.

“No, I'm sure you wouldn't. Your baby accessories, again may be used at any time that you desire, such as you are using your baby bottle during breakfast. I would however request that you only keep them in the house. No one else would want to see a twelve year old sucking a bottle in public. Most just don't understand.”

“I wouldn't anyways daddy.”

“Good. Lastly are your sexual toys. Most parents would not buy their children such items, for fear that they would hurt themselves. I am of a different thought though. Now, when you came here I told you a bit of a white lie to help you heal. I knew what you were up to the night that your mother brought you here, but I also suspected that you had been doing things of that nature anyways, that only confirmed it. I didn't tell you that I knew, because I didn't want you to close up any more than you already were, you needed the time to heal a bit and come to talk to me about it in your own time. You weren't doing it, so I had to do it myself, I think it's for the best. So I knew that you wanted something to play with, so I bought you the proper things to do so, things that if used properly will not hurt you. Using other things from around the house may not necessarily hurt you, but if you use the wrong thing, you could do damage. I also got you the lube, so that you could be properly prepared. Always make sure to prepare yourself well before just sticking one of those toys inside yourself. Do you have any questions about anything that I bought for you?”

“I sorta thought you had to know, I mean mom would have had to have told you why she was so mad, but I knew that you would not lie to me. I guess you did it for a good reason though, so I'm not mad. Thanks for giving me the time though, because I think I needed it. As for the toys, I think I have a pretty good understanding about how to use them, I've read a lot of stories lately that talk about that sort of thing, in great detail. It's a good thing that mom has no clue about computers and I'm good at hiding things.” Colton grinned.

“Yeah, I guess it was. Your mom rarely told me anything about you though, I always had to pry anything out of her as to why you were so miserable all the time. I knew you always had fun here on the weekends, but I knew the weeks were hard on you. I tried to get her to stop abusing you like she was, but there was nothing I could really do.”

“Yeah, why is that anyways. Why didn't you fight to get me?”

“I did all I could do there for you baby, know that I tried my hardest, but your mother was pretty vindictive with me. She told me no, and told me that if I pushed her, that if I fought her, that she would spread around the fact that I was a gay adult baby all over, including at work. Most people at work know I'm gay already anyways, have known for years, but very few people know of my other desires. You know just as well as I do that she would have done it too, so I did for you all that I could do. I knew though that if she got too bad on you, that I would have risked it, and had she not have told me that she was bringing you here, after I had found out what she had done to you, I would have done it too.”

“Oh, I'm sorry then. If I had have known all that, I never would have kept asking you then. I know she would have done it as well, because she threatened me all the time to tell everyone at school that I was a baby and wet my bed at night if I didn't behave.”

“Oh, was she still threatening you with that? I had no idea. I rarely got mad at her for anything, I don't often get mad at anyone, but the first time I caught her telling you something like that, that was when you were six, I told her that that was inexcusable, and that it would be considered abuse of the highest nature, and that I would not stand for it. I warned her that if she ever did it again, that I would leave with you. You never told me anything like that, and I had never heard her say it to you again, so I wasn't aware of it, sorry.”

“It wasn't your fault daddy. It was hers and no one else's.” Colton smiled warmly to his loving daddy.

“No, it was her fault, but I should have tried to glean more information from you about how she was treating you. Then again, when I did ask, you clammed up. I imagine that she threatened you somehow about that as well though, I should have seen that too.”

“Yes, she said that if I told you about how I was punished, that I would be put into foster care, because she would never allow for me to live with you.”

“She didn't!” Mitchel gasped.

“She did. All the time.”

“Oh baby. She wouldn't have ever been able to do that to you without my permission, and had she even have tried, I would have told them that you were welcome here.”

“I didn't know that. Because I didn't live here, she said that I or you had no say in what she did.”

“Well, I'm glad to hear that her lying ability has not diminished. I'm sorry, once again I had no idea, but I guess I really had no way of knowing. I'd press charges, but then that would probably just make it worse in the long run.”

“Yeah, it would, and we don't need to daddy.”

“No, we don't. Well, why don't you go take all your things to your bedroom baby and put them all away while I get this all cleaned up in here. If you need to spend extra time to try out some of your toys, be sure and take all the time you need, but if you do, make sure and close your door.”

“Okay daddy, thanks.” Colton said, and then hopped up from the table and bolted to the living room to take all his new things to his bedroom.

Mitchel started cleaning up the kitchen, and then went to the living room and cleaned it up as well. He then took his gifts and put them away as well. As he passed by Colton's bedroom, he very clearly heard his young son grunting and panting, clearly having a good time. He went to his own bedroom, grabbed his own toys, and got down to giving himself a little loving attention as well. Half an hour later, he was done, he put one of his butt plugs in, put on a new diaper, and then headed to the kitchen to get started on making dinner

Colton had grabbed everything of his from the living room, took it all to his room in two trips, and started putting it all away. His diapers he put on one of the shelves in his closet, all the baby accessories ended up on the shelf above that. His new pajamas were put into the drawer with the rest of his pajamas, of which he rarely wore anyways, opting to just sleep in his diaper. The diaper cream, wipes, and lotion were put on his dresser. All his sex play toys were put into the end table by his bed. His electronics were put onto his desk. Once he was done putting everything away, he realized that he was painfully hard, and playing with one or two, or all of his toys really did sound like a good idea.

Colton lay down on his bed and started rubbing his very hard little boy dick through his already soggy diaper, giving himself untold amounts of pleasure. He was moaning and groaning lowly from the attention. Loving the freedom to really and truly play and enjoy. At his moms house, he had to fight to stay very quiet while he jacked off, and he had never been able to do it in a diaper, so he was really enjoying it now. It took only minutes before Colton exploded in the first orgasm of the morning.

“Wow, that felt so good.” He gasped to himself.

He then pulled the tapes on the sides of his diaper open and pulled it down. He left it underneath him though, turned and grabbed a couple things from the drawer, and set them on the bed. He didn't even look to see what he had grabbed, just reached in and grabbed the first things he felt. He ended up with the larger of the two butt plugs, the smaller of the two dildos, the string of anal beads, and then he went back for a lube. He grabbed one and popped the top, smeared his fingers with it, and then started fingering himself. He moaned even more from this, it just felt so good, and the lube really did make it easier than the hand lotion did. For only a few minutes Colton fingered his cute little ass before he grabbed up the beads. He positioned the largest of the beads at his entrance and pushed it in. He grunted as it went in, but it turned him on to no end, it felt so good inside him. The second and third beads went in easier, given that they were smaller, but he still grunted in pleasure. Third, fourth and fifth beads all went in at the same time, and Colton nearly came again from that.

He now only had the smallest bead sticking out, so he added some lube to his hand, grasped his erection, and started stroking himself as he started playing with the beads in his ass. He would pull the string a little, just enough to pull the first bead so that it almost popped out, and then he would let go and let his ass suck it back in. He did this for a few minutes, and then pulled the first bead out. That nearly caused him to cum.

He did the same thing all over again with the next bead, really having a great time, and he did cum when the second bead came out, but he didn't stop. He did the same thing over and over again for the remaining beads, but when the last bead came out, he screamed out a little in his fantastic orgasm. It had been the single most pleasurable orgasm that he had ever had, it topped many of them put together in fact.

Even after already cumming five times that morning, Colton was still not ready to stop. He was still pretty horny. He had not really played with himself all that often since coming to live with his daddy, because he didn't want his dad to catch him doing it, even though he knew his daddy knew he did it. Thinking back on it though, Colton smacked himself, thinking that it was foolish, but it certainly made it better this morning.

With the last of the beads now out of his bum, Colton grabbed the dildo, the lube, and applied more of the slippery substance to his ass, and then slipped the dildo all the way inside himself. He moaned lowly as it slid all the way inside him, and he loved every second of it. It was not a huge dildo by any stretch of the imagination, or the asshole for that matter, nor was it terribly long. It was just perfect for Colton, and he loved it. Colton pulled his legs back and wrapped his feet behind his head, at least the gymnastics that he did helped in this matter, a great deal in fact. He started long dicking himself with the dildo, going all the way in before pulling it all the way out, and then slipping it all the way back inside again. Given that he was no longer playing with his dick at all, Colton was sure that his final orgasm of the morning would be a much longer one in cumming, and he was more than happy with that arrangement. For the next half an hour Colton fucked himself slowly in that matter. He never changed his pace or rhythm, he just kept going, building up to another fantastic orgasm.

When it finally did hit him though, he was thoroughly unprepared for the sheer size of it. His entire body quaked, he was convulsing all over the place, his legs shot out and he shot his very first ever little shot of boy cream. It was clear, it was watery, it was a boys very first eruption, and it was the ultimate in pleasure. The power of it though caused Colton to pass out, but only for a few minutes, and when he came to, he realized what he had done. He scooped up the very meager offering and sucked it into his mouth off his finger, and he sighed deeply, enjoying the flavor more than he ever thought he would.

It was now that Colton realized the mess he now had on his bed, his sheets were torn off almost all over the place, there was a puddle of lube and ass juices leaking onto his sheet underneath him, because he was certainly nowhere near the diaper anymore, and the entire bed was nearly soaked with sweat. Even still, Colton grabbed the butt plug, lubed himself even more, and slipped the entire thing in, in one swift shove. He grunted loudly from it, it did actually hurt a fair bit more than he had bargained, but it now felt really good too. Then on shaky legs, Colton got up from the bed and grabbed a fresh diaper from the closet, grabbed the wipes and the cream, and got down to cleaning himself up a bit and diapering himself. He had never taped a diaper onto himself, but he got the hang of it pretty easily, but he did have to adjust it a couple times for it to fit perfectly.

He gathered up all the soiled bedding and the waterproof mattress protector, and took it all to the laundry room. He threw it in the washer and turned it on, and then turned from there to find his daddy.

“Hey there baby, you were gone a long time. Did you have fun?”

“Hi daddy, yeah, I had a great time, thanks for all the cool toys, and guess what, I shot.”

“Really baby, that's great.” Mitchel said excitedly for his son.

“Yeah, the last time I came I shot just one little shot, and it tasted so good too. I had had like five orgasms already, so I didn't think that I would.”

“I bet it tasted great. I still remember the taste of my first shot, there's nothing sweeter I swear. So, you had six orgasms in a little over an hour, not bad. I knew you hadn't jacked off much recently, and of course you're still young enough to enjoy multiple orgasms, but that's a lot in such a short time.”

“Yeah, and it was fun. I really like the beads, they're awesome. But I can't figure out how you walk with a butt plug in you. It feels like I'm waddling with it in me.”

“You get used to it baby, you can't even tell that I'm wearing one now. I've almost always got one in me, they just feel too good not to wear.”

“Oh, cool.”

“Yeah. So tell me baby, were you naughty or nice?”

“Oh, definitely naughty daddy, but it was so nice too.”

“I know how you feel baby. I heard you going at it and thought that it sounded like a good idea, so went and fired off a couple rounds myself, but you still managed to out do me in time, enough for me to get a good start on dinner. I also heard you start the washer, so you made a bit of a mess of the sheets I take it.”

“Yeah, I did.” Colton blushed cutely.

“May I suggest a towel the next time then, it helps reduce some of the mess.”

“I don't think it would have helped all that much daddy. I had had my diaper under me, but by the time I finished, it was nowhere to be seen, and the sheets were almost completely torn off the bed.” Colton blushed even more.

“Ah, I see. Well, it happens, and gay sex especially can be a messy affair, so get used to it. I suggest though that you always keep yourself good and clean though, because should you have sex with someone, the last thing that they're going to want is to get messy. You won't want the same I'm sure, so keep nice and clean. If you really want to clean yourself out for a special night, there's an enema in the bathroom cupboard, and I can show you how it works a well if you'd like.”

“Cool, thanks daddy, but I already know, and I think I can manage on my own with the enema as well, but if I need help, I'll ask.”


“Can I call Cayden please?”

“Of course you can baby. Always feel free to call your friends.” Mitchel smiled warmly.

“Cool, thanks daddy.” Colton said, and then went to his room to call his friend.

“Hi, is Cayden there please?” Colton asked Cayden's mom when she answered.

“Sure, just a minute, he just finished breakfast and is now taking his stuff to his room to put away. I'll take the phone to him and he can talk to you as he puts his things away.”


A few moments later the phone was handed to Cayden. “Hi” He answered.

“Hi Cayden, it's Colton.”

“Oh, hi Colt. How's it goin? I haven't talked to you in like three weeks, and I'm surprised that your mom is allowing you to call me.”

“Pretty good actually, but I was going to spend Christmas with my daddy this year. But guess what happened.”

“Oh right, I remember you telling me that. What happened?”

“Well, a couple weeks ago, I really needed to feel something inside me, you know, in my bum, like we had talked about. So I got the hand lotion I used for jacking off, and I stuck a brush handle inside me and was fucking myself when my mom walked in and caught me. She yelled at me even more than she did the day she caught us, and then she packed me off to my dads house and I have to live with him now. It's so cool. My dad's gay as well, isn't that like so cool, but he won't have sex with me.”

“Wow, that sucks, no, I guess that's good. I used the handle to the plunger in the bathroom last week, it felt really good too. So you get to live with your dad now, that's pretty cool, and he's gay too? You actually asked him to have sex with you though, that was pretty brave?”

“Well, after the morning that we had, you'd understand. He told me to go fuck myself though, that he wasn't into young boys or fucking his son. Like how rude is that huh? But at least one of the gifts that he gave me makes fucking myself really easy.” Colton grinned.


“He bought me an assortment of sex toys, you know, dildos, beads and butt plugs, and a lot of lube too.”

“Really, your dad bought you all that?” Cayden asked in surprise.

“Yeah, and more, but the rest I think I'll show you, that is if you want to come over tomorrow and spend the night.”

“Sure, I think my mom will let me.”

“That would be so awesome. Go ask now.”


Cayden set the phone down and went to talk to his mom and was back about two minutes later.

“She said yes. She asked me about wetting the bed though, and I told her that you wet as well, so were okay with the fact that I wore diapers, because you did too.”

“Cool. We'll come pick you up tomorrow morning then. What time should we be there?”

“We're usually up by six, so eight would be great.”

“Same, so we'll be there. I'll let you get back to putting your things away, and we can tell each other all that we got tomorrow.”

“Okay, cool. See you tomorrow morning then.”

“Okay, bye.”

“Bye.” Cayden said and they hung up.

“Daddy, he can spend the night tomorrow, and I said that we would pick him up at about eight, is that okay?”

“In the morning?”


“That's fine with me baby. Let's go curl up on the couch and watch a couple movies shall we.”

“Okay daddy, I'd like that.” Colton smiled warmly, and they headed ot the living room.

For the rest of the day, the two of them cuddled on the couch watching movies. They would get up every so often to check on dinner or prepare something else, but for the most part, they stayed in the living room. At just before dinner time, they both went for a much needed diaper change, because they were both getting very full, and then went and had a great dinner. By the time they were finished, they were both stuffed near to the max, but they enjoyed every morsel that they could shove down their throats. The mess was deemed fine until later, and the two of them went and curled up and watched another movie. They went to bed early that night with hugs and kisses and both had a great sleep.

“Morning baby, how do you feel this morning?”

“Like the most loved baby on the planet. These sleepers you bought are great, they're so comfortable and warm.”

“I knew that you'd like them, and they're cute on you as well.” Mitchel smiled warmly.

“Yeah, I love them. How did you sleep daddy?”

“I slept great as well, and I love my sleepers too.”

“And you look cute in them too daddy.” Colton smiled warmly.

“Thanks. Should we go get breakfast before getting ready for the day and picking up your friend?”

“Okay daddy. I could use a nice long hot bath this morning I think.”

“I could go for the same thing myself, so that sounds like a plan.”

“Can we have a bath together?” Colton asked hopefully.

“Sorry, no. Not only could we not both fit in either tub, but it wouldn't be appropriate.”

“No, I guess we wouldn't fit would we, but if we could, it wouldn't be bad, because I'd promise not to rape you. It would be no different than when we had baths when I was younger.”

“It would be different though, because you can't help being sexual, and your resolve to not rape me would fade the second you got a boner, and you know it.”

“Yeah, you're probably right.” Colton said sheepishly.

“Remember, I too was young once and I still remember all the hormones running through my body, making me do crazy and fun things. If I can help it, I won't let you make the same mistakes I made.”

“Thanks daddy.”

“You're welcome. Now come on, let's go eat.”

“Okay.” Colton said brightly.

They went to the kitchen and both worked together to make breakfast, and then they sat down to eat it. They then had the nasty chore of cleaning up from that, as well as dinner dishes from the night before, because it never did get done. Thankfully it did all fit in the dishwasher though, and it was turned on. They then headed to two different bathrooms and got started on getting all nice and clean.

Colton removed his very soggy diaper, and then with a grunt pulled out his butt plug as well. He took it to the sink and washed it thoroughly with soap and water, and then rinsed it off. He then sat on the toilet and evacuated his bowels. Thinking that he may wish to have a little more fun later with Cayden, and not wishing for their first time to be messy at all, he grabbed the enema from the cabinet and cleaned himself out fully inside. Colton had never had an enema before, and while he didn't hate it, he didn't think he cared for it all that much. He did admit that it was great for cleaning himself out real good though, because by the third filling, it came out completely clear. He then ran his bath, as hot as he could stand it, and then threw in some of the bath salts that he liked, his daddy always had some for him. He slipped into the hot water, and laid back and relaxed in the hot soothing water with a deep sigh.

For almost half an hour Colton just laid there relaxing, not even moving hardly any at all. At his moms house he rarely had the pleasure of just getting to lay back and relax, and for some reason he just rarely did it at his daddy's house, even though he knew it would have been fine. He figured that he just wanted to spend as much time with daddy as possible, so no point wasting it in the bath when they had precious few hours together. Once he was ready to, Colton got down to scrubbing himself good and clean with a loofa sponge and his favorite body wash, only his daddy bought it for him, it was the Johnsons baby wash. He preferred it, because it didn't make him itchy afterwards, and it made him feel young too. He shampooed and conditioned his hair well, and then drained the bath as he showered off to rinse fully.

Colton hopped out of the tub, and went to grab a towel, but then had an idea. He looked in the cabinet to see if the baby oil was still in there, and it was, so he grabbed it and started applying it to his still wet body, really rubbing it in. He remembered that his daddy used to do this for him all the time, straight from the bath, rub in the oil before the skin dried, to help keep his skin soft and smooth. He loved the feeling, and thought that he should ask for more baby oil, because there was not a lot left. Once the oil was well worked in, ht used the towel to dry his hair well, and then patted his body to remove any of the excess moisture and oil. He threw his towel in the hamper, and then naked he walked to his bedroom. There he decided to put on another diaper, one of the diaper shirts he got the day before, a new pair of jeans and a shirt that he had also received the day before. The funny thing though that Colton figured, was that the jeans were big enough to hide the diaper easily, not even he could tell that he was wearing one when he looked in the mirror, and these diapers were pretty thick.

“Hey there baby, you finally finished. Hey, those look good on you. They're not too big are they?”

“Yeah, I just finished and was just checking to make sure my diaper didn't show. You can't even tell I'm wearing one. The jeans are perfect, because they're not too big, but they're big enough to hide the diaper, and the diaper shirt is awesome.”

“That's good baby. I bought your clothes a bit big for you, so that you would grow into them, since you're going to start growing a lot in the near future, and I don't really want to be buying you new clothes every month.”

“Are you wearing a diaper as well?”

“Yep, I usually am.”

“Cool, you can't tell.”

“You've never noticed before, so why would you now. I've always worn them around you, you just didn't realize it.” Mitchel grinned.

“Oh. I thought I had noticed it a few times, but just passed it off as bulky pants or something.”

“Nope, that was usually a diaper.”

“Cool. Can you buy more baby oil the next time you go shopping please, because there's not much left in there, and I am going to start using it again, like you used to do for me, it feels really nice.”

“Of course baby. Any time there's anything you want or need, you just ask, and I'll try and get it for you. Do you need condoms?”

“Um, I suppose I probably should have some, just in case.” Colton blushed.

“Yes, you should. I didn't have them when I was your age, and none of the men I was with used them either, and thinking back on it now, I'm very lucky that I'm here today and completely disease free. I just bought a few new boxes, so I'll give you one of them. Do you know how to put one on though?”

“You showed me when you gave me the talk, and I still remember how funny a banana looks with a condom on it.” Colton giggled.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that.” Mitchel chuckled.

“I don't know how you could forget that, I laughed so hard I almost peed myself.”

“Actually, your damp undies says that you did a bit, but that was okay. That was a couple years ago now though, and I know I told you a lot, I just couldn't remember if I did show you that or not, but now I remember that I did. Let me go grab you the box of condoms and you can put them with the rest of your toys.”

“Thanks.” Colton said and Mitchel went and grabbed the box of condoms.

“Here you go baby, I just hope that they'll fit you without slipping right off. You're getting bigger, but you're still not nearly so large as an adult would be, so they might. Why not go try one on really quick and see how they fit. If needed we can go and buy smaller ones for you.”

“Okay daddy.” Colton said.

He grabbed the offered box and went to his room. He would have no need to try and make himself hard, because he already was. He pulled his pants down,, lifted his shuirt up, unsnapped his diaper shirt, and pulled his diaper down in the front. His pulsing erection popped out, and he tore open one of the packages. He slipped the condom on like he was told to by his daddy a couple years before, and as he feared, it was too large. It looked like a baggy on his dick, not tight like it should have been. He did himself back up, and grabbed the box and headed back out to the living room, handing the box back.

“No go huh!”

“No, I'm just not big enough yet I guess.” Colton said somewhat sadly.

“Hey, don't worry about it. You're actually about the same size I was at the age of fourteen, but then I didn't start puberty until then either. You're a full two years ahead of me in that respect. We can stop at a pharmacy on our way to pick up Cayden, and I'll go in and buy you some that should fit just fine.”

“Thanks daddy, you're the best.” Colton smiled.

“You're welcome. I know full well what it is that you want to do with Cayden tonight, and I'm happy for you, I just want for you two to be as safe as you can be. I don't expect that either of you has ever been with anyone, and you should both be disease free, but you never know, so it's best to be safe.”

“I know daddy, I remember all that you told me well, and I will too.”

“Good, I'm glad. Come on, we can head out now, it's almost time to pick up Cayden. You do know where his house is right?”

“Cool, of course though, it's only a few blocks from moms. He lives just this side of the school.”

“Okay, that makes it easier, because there's a pharmacy on the way.”


They headed out, and Mitchel stopped at the pharmacy and went in. Colton stayed in the car as his dad went in and bought the condoms. When he came out, he handed the bag to Colton, who peered inside and found a three pack of assrted condoms. Each box held twelve condoms, and they said size small on them, and he figured that thoise would fit, since his dads were size large. He smiled upon seeing this, and closed the bag back up as they continued on their way to Cayden's house. Colton of course had to guide Mitchel where to go, but they found the house easily enough. Cayden was clearly watching and waiting for them, because he was outside no sooner than the car had stopped.

“Hi guys, how's it goin?” He asked.

“Good, and you Cayden?”

“Good. I'm ready to go.” He said excitedly, holding up a duffel bag to show them. His mom was at the door shaking her head, she just waved and went inside.

“Cool, let's go then. By the way Cayden, this is my dad, Mitchel. Daddy, thisis Cayden.”

“It's really good to finally meet you Cayden. Colton has told me all about you.” Mitchel said, and Cayden blushed.

“Not everything I hope.” He choked out.

“More than likely yes, or at least everything that he knows anyways. Have no fear though, I'm more than a little understanding, as you will find out once we get back home.” Mitchel smiled warmly.

“Oh. Well, it's good to meet you too Sir.”

“Please, none of this Sir stuff, just call me Mitchel or Mitch, or hey you asshole, I pretty much answer to anything, except Sir.” Mitchel grinned.

“I think I'll stick to Mitchel.” Cayden smiled.

“Good choice.” Colton giggled.

“No kidding.” Mitchel said as they all climbed back into the car. The boys hopped in the back seat. As soon as they were in, Mitchel took off and headed back towards home.

“Now, Cayden, now that you're here, I think you need to know something. Colton and I are diaper lovers, and from what I hear, so are you. We will be stripping out of our clothes to just our diapers, you may feel free to do so as well if you'd like.”

“Wicked, really. He told me that you were gay as well, but not that. That's like so cool.” Cayden said, watching as the other two stripped.

“Are you wearing a diaper yet Cayden?” Colton asked.

“No, not yet. I don't wear them when my mom's around, just in case she notices.”

“Then come to my bedroom and I'll get you diapered as well. Would you like one of mine, or do you want one of your pullup ones?”

“I'd love to try yours, they look way more comfortable than mine do.”

“They are, trust me. Come on.” Colton said, and then grabbed Cayden's hand and pulled him to his room.

Mitchel just smiled at the antics of the two boys, thinking that they would make a very cute little couple. He could also very clearly tell that Cayden was as gay as they came, and that he was head over heals in love with Colton. The feeling though was mutual as Mitchel had pretty much already known, but seeing the boys together did confirm that far more than Colton's words could do.

“Can I undress you?” Colton asked softly.

“I'd like that, but I'm really hard.”

“I'd really like to see that again. Maybe this time we can jack each other off and not have to worry, or more.” Colton grinned shyly.

“What about your dad?”

“If my door is closed, he won't ocme in, he told me so, he told me that if I ever wanted to have sex, that I could, but that I had to close the door. He doesn't want to see it. Here, let me show you some of what he gave me for Christmas.” Colton siad and then opened up his bedside table drawer.

“Holy shit, your dad bought you sex toys. How wicked is that.”

“Tell me about it. I always knew that he was the coolest father around, but I had no idea. I sorta always had the feeling that he was gay, and he says he's known about me for a long time too, but I never thought he'd buy me this sort of thing. He said he knew I needed it, said I was so much like him, and he wanted me to have this instead of going and looking for it elsewhere. I'll tell you more about that later, if my daddy lets me.”

“Wow, I'd never even fathom my parents buying me this sort of thing, and my mom's pretty cool.”

“Yeah, that's pretty much what I thought too.”

“So, why did your dad buy you all this then?”

“Because I was depressed living with my mom, and I wouldn't talk to him about it all. He didn't actually know anything of what was happening, because my mom never told him anything. He knew though, and figured that this would help break me a bit. I think it worked, because now daddy and I talk about anything. Like yesterday he told me to come to my room and pretty much have some fun, and when I was finished, I went out and told him that I came like six times and had my first wet cum.”

“Wow, that's cool. I'd never tell my parents that, but you actually came, that's so awesome. I'd love to taste that. I still can't cum though.”

“And I'd love for you to taste it too.” Colton smiled.

With that being said, Colton started undressing his friend. Starting with his shirt first, and then pants, socks, and finally his seriously tented briefs that he was wearing. Cayden was nearly to inches shorter than Colton in overall height, he was a little more built though, he was already pretty muscular for a twelve year old, he had fine features, and with his longer hair, he was often mistaken for a girl, something that had bothered him a lot when he was younger. It didn't bother him now though, considering how he knew his orientation, and was certain of it. Cayden's young erection was only just slightly shorter than Colton's, but it was also just slightly bigger around, so over all, they were about the same. Cayden's young balls had yet to drop fully as Colton's had though, they were however in the process, and would finish soon enough. As soon as Colton removed Cayden's underwear, he sighed, seeing the boy he hoped would be his boyfriend totally naked made him so much harder than he normally was.

“Wow, you're beautiful, you know that right.” Colton whispered huskily.

“Not nearly so much as you are.” Cayden whispered back, but he had a bit of a blush on his cheeks. He wasn't really used to anyone calling him beautiful, pretty yes, cute certainly, and he had even had a couple people call him sweet looking.

“Thanks. Go ahead and lay down on the bed while I get what I need.”

“Okay.” Cayden said quietly.

Cayden laid down on the bed and Colton went to his closet and grabbed a diaper, the wipes, and the cream. When he exited the closet, he saw the boy he was falling for laying there, wide smile plastering his face, and a very proud young erection pulsing rapidly with his heart beat. Colton decided then and there that there was nothing that he wouldn't do to suck Cayden just once. He did figure however that it was certain to not just be a one time thing, and he hoped that it would last for a long time to come. He walked back to the bed with the items in his hands and set them down.

“I want to suck you Cayden so bad it hurts. Would you allow me to do that?”

“Oh yes, I'd love that, but I want to do the same for you as well.”

“And I'd love it as well. As I suck you, can I finger your bum, I promise not to hurt you if I can help it?”

“Oh yes please, I like sticking things in my bum.”

“Good, then I think you'll love this then.” Colton smiled tenderly, and then knelt down in between Cayden's legs and bent down to suck his friend.

Colton just very tenderly licked Cayden first, from balls to penis tip, licking every square inch that he possibly could, before opening his mouth and sucking Cayden to the root.

Cayden was loving every second of the pleasure that Colton was giving to him. He was moaning and sighing, and when Colton sucked him all the way down, he gasped. He was just to primed though, he was so horny it hurt. Ever since the day before when Colton had called and asked him to come spend the night, he had been hard, and he did not even jack off, because he knew what was going to happen, both boys did, and furthermore they both wanted and needed it just as much. So not even two minutes after starting, Colton felt the very first orgasm that he caused in who was to be his boyfriend.

Colton had hardly even started fingering Cayden, he had only had the very tip of one finger inside when Cayden went off. Instead of pulling out though, Colton just kept moving his finger in and out, slowly fingering Cayden, going just a little further in each time he went. As Cayden was coming down from his massive cum, he realized that he was still being pleasured, and his moaning started again. Colton started sucking Cayden once again, while fingering him as well. This time Cayden was not so hot, so he got to enjoy all the sensations even more, and enjoy he certainly was doing. Only two minutes after starting, Colton felt that Cayden was ready for the second finger, so he added a little more lube and slipped his next finger in as well. Cayden felt the extra added pressure, but instead of resisting, he opened up even more, offering himself wholly to the boy he wanted to be boyfriends with more than anything in the world. For about five more minutes Colton toyed with Cayden in this way, really enjoying himself. He was even able to slip a third finger in, but that was right near the end, and seconds after the third finger plunged all the way inside, Cayden exploded again.

Colton smiled brightly for causing Cayden so much joy. The poor boy was still gasping and panting in the pure rapture that is love making, in fact he looked as if he had run a marathon. Colton reached into the bedside table drawer and grabbed his other butt plug, figuring that Cayden would enjoy it as well. He gave it a little more lube, and then slipped it into place. Cayden gave a tiny grunt as the widest portion of it slid inside him, but then he sighed deeply as it seated in place.

“Wow, what was that?” Cayden gasped a moment later as Colton was busy diapering him.

“That baby was a great blowjob, or at least I hope it was. You certainly seemed to like it anyways.” Colton smiled brightly.

“That it certainly was, but I meant what you put in my bum.”

“Oh, my other butt plug. I thought you might like it, and you certainly opened wide enough to be able to take it with ease. I'm wearing one as well, it's just a little bit bigger all around. They feel awesome, but at first it's a nit awkward to walk with it in you.”

“I bet. These diapers are really soft and thick, I like it.”

“I know, they're way better than those pullups our moms bought for us. I'll give you the name of the diapers and maybe you can ask your mom to buy you these instead. I'll ask daddy where he buys them, so that you can tell her that as well.” Colton smiled warmly.

“Wicked, thanks. Can I suck your dick now please?”

“Oh god yes. I'm so hard that it hurts, and I almost came that last time you did, so I probably won't last very long. If you want to play with my bum, you can, but I have a plug in me already, so just play around with that a bit, it'll feel really good I think.”

“Okay.” Cayden said brightly. “I'll just pull the front of your diaper down then instead of taking it all the way off.”

“Okay.” Colton said happily and laid down for his turn.

Cayden moved into position almost as quickly and pulled the front of Colton's diaper down. He found his soon to be boyfriends penis at full mast, and his mouth started watering from the sight. He bent down and gave Colton a licking similar to what he had received earlier, and then he too sucked Colton to the root. Colton was of course moaning and sighing in pleasure as Cayden had been before him, and it turned Cayden on even more hearing it. He reached in the leg hole of Colton's diaper and felt for the butt plug, and when he found it, he gave it a little bit of a tug, and then twisted it around some. Because these were good butt plugs, they had ridges and nubs on them, so when Cayden did this, he caused a jolt of pleasure to shoot through Colton's entire body. With that and the supreme sensations on his dick it became too much and he exploded.

Cayden was happy to taste just one tiny little drop of Colton seep out the end on the very last pulse, some twelve pulses later, and he thought it was the best tasting thing he had ever tried in his life. Cayden tried to continue playing, but Colton pushed him off.

“No, no more please, it's too much. I've had so much great feelings lately that it feels like I'm going to explode if you keep going.” Colton gasped.

“Okay baby.” Cayden whispered.

He got Colton tucked back into his diaper properly and repositioned the tapes to make the diaper nice and snug again, and then he laid down next to Colton. There they just cuddled for a few minutes.

“Cayden, can I ask you a question?” Colton turned and whispered.


“Would you be my boyfriend?”

“Oh yes, as long as you'll be mine too.” Cayden said with a giant smile.

“I'd really love that too.” Colton said, and then reached in for a gentle kiss. For the next five minutes they kissed tenderly.

“Wow, I love you, you know that right?” Cayden asked softly when they parted.

“And I love you too. I think I always have, since the first time we met two years ago, I always felt a strong feeling for you.”

“Same here. I wasn't certain if I was gay or not until I met you, and then I knew I was.”

“I think I sorta already knew it by then, but when you came along, I knew right away too.” Colton smiled again.

“We should probably get up and go do something before your dad comes in asking what's keeping us so long.”

“He wouldn't do that, but I have a nasty feeling that when we walk out there that he's going to take one look at us and try in some way to tease us. He's just like that.”

“Well, better that than what your mom did to us I guess. We'll survive.” Cayden shrugged.

“Too true, come on baby.”

They got up from the bed, clasped hands together, and walked out of the bedroom hand in hand. They headed to the living room first, figuring that that was where Mitch was. As soon as they walked in, Mitch saw them, saw the bright glow that surrounded the boys, and knew that the moans and sighs that he had been hearing had been love in the highest degree, and he was happy for the boys.

“Good of you two lovebirds to finally come out. You've been in there for hours consummating your love for each other, but you really do make a beautiful couple.” Mitchel smiled brightly to the boys, and they both blushed of course.

“You really need to find yourself a boyfriend so that you won't harass us.” Colton said with a grin.

“Who says I don't have ne already brat!” Mitchel stated.

“Do you?”

“Not a steady boyfriend, but I am seeing a hot eighteen year old at the moment. He's not ready for a full relationship yet, and he's still pretty young, so he might end up finding someone his own age, but until then, we go great together. Now Cayden, I noticed that you're walking a little differently than you were when you arrived, so how does the butt plug feel?”


“Yeah, you get used to it. Come on you two, come cuddle up to me and we can talk.”

“Okay.” They both said.

Mitchel guided the boys so that one was on either side of him, and he hugged them both to his side as they sat down. For quite a while they just sat there and cuddled, it just felt nice. Cayden knew right then and there where Colton got his great cuddling skills from. He did not get a lot of cuddles and hugs anymore, and none from any sort of male at all. His dad lived clear across the country, so they rarely saw each other.

“Well boys, are you boyfriends now, or are you holding off on that for the time being?”

“We're boyfriends daddy.”

“Good, you two deserve to have each other, and like I said before, you make a beautiful couple. I must however impress upon you the dangers of your relationship. I know that you are both probably more than smart enough to realize most of what I'm about to tell you, but I have to tell you anyways. First and foremost is to be careful outside of this house. There are still those that do not care at all for gays, so open affection is obviously not a good idea outside of here. Cayden, does your mom know about you yet?”

“As far as I know, no, however, she has hinted things, so probably yes.”

“Many parents, if observant and the ones who love their children and who accept them for who they will become, often know well before their children really truly know, and certainly before they admit it to themselves. I knew about Colton by the time he was eight for certain, but his mom probably had no clue.”

“I know that my mom's pretty open, and I know she's okay with gays, because one of her best friends is gay. He's a really nice guy too, he takes me shopping anytime I need clothes.”

“If your mom has a gay friend that takes you shopping, I can almost guarantee that she knows about you then. Also, let's face it, you're very pretty for a boy, and I'm betting that she does not force you to change how you act or dress, or even style your hair right?”

“No, she doesn't.”

“Yep, she knows, she's just letting you tell her in your own time.” Mitchel nodded.

“Cool, maybe I will tomorrow then.”

“It's up to you. Okay, now sex, you two can't just be shagging like bunnies at all times, you do have to have a life outside the bedroom. You also have to concentrate on school work and family, so that means that you also need your rest. I also want you to practice in safe sex. I bought you boys condoms already, although Cayden you probably haven't been told that yet. They are small enough to hopefully fit you boys. If however you both trust each other enough, and are certain that you're both clean, you can forgo those if you so desire, it is your choice. Only know this, I do very strongly suggest them.”

“Okay.” Both boys said.

“Sex with others. I cannot, nor would I ever tell you not to do so, however, if you do, you must always always always wear protection. The problem with having sex with others, is that it weakens the relationship, so make sure and talk to each other before you ever do anything of that nature. Sure, having a three way, or even an orgy can be a lot of fun, but making love with your partner is far better in my opinion.”

“I don't really want anyone else really, if I can't have you that is.” Colton said.

“Me neither.” Cayden added.

“That's good. Now diapers. As I told you earlier Colton, you may feel free to wear diapers at any time that you feel like it, as long as it's not at school. Cayden, I trust you're smart enough to understand why that is.”

“Yes, I think I can understand why that would be. I just wish that I could wear diapers at home as well.” Cayden said.

“You're welcome to come here as often as you're allowed and wear while you're here. Unless you want to tell your mom, then that will have to be all that you can do that is.”

“Oh, I don't know if I could tell my mom that.”

“You never know. Has she ever said anything about the fact that you seem to go through too many of your night diapers?”

“No, come to think of it, she never has, she just always has a new pack for me when the one I'm on starts getting low.” Cayden said with a thoughtful look on his face.

“There you have it then, there's a good chance that she already knows about that as well.”

“You think so?”

“Hard to say for sure, but if you go through more than one a day, then I'm betting that she will have noticed and added two plus two and come up with four. Again, that's if she's observant and knows you.”

“Oh, I go through a twenty four pack in only two weeks, so she had to have noticed that.”

“Yes, I imagine that she would have noticed that by now at least.” Mitchel grinned.

“Was there anything else daddy?”

“No, nothing that I can think of. Did you boys have any questions?”

“No.” They both said at the same time.

“Good. Just make sure and come ask me if you have any questions at all, o mater how embarrassing you may think it is, I assure you that you can ask. If I don't know, then we will ind out together, okay.”

“Okay.” The boys said again.

“What should we do now then?”

“I don't know.” They both said again, both starting to giggle.

“You sound like an old married couple already.” Mitchel grinned and chuckled.

“What do you want to do?” Colton asked, ignoring the comment entirely.

“Don't know. Want to go to the theatre and see what's playing?”

“Okay.” They both said.

“Sounds good to me as well. Now, Cayden, the choice is yours as to whether or not you wear a diaper, I will be wearing one, and Colton will be allowed to wear one as well if he wants to. The choice is yours, and yours alone.”

“If you guys both wear one, then I will as well.”

“I'm wearing one for sure. I don't want to miss any of the movie. I'll lend you one of my diaper shirts as well to help hide your diaper even more if you choose to wear one.”

“Cool, thanks. I'd like that.” Cayden smiled brightly.

They headed to their bedrooms right away and got dressed. Cayden just put on the same clothes that he had been wearing when he came, plus the diaper shirt of course, and Colton put on the clothes that he had put on that morning to pick p Cayden. Mitchel did the same. They all met in the living room a few seconds apart from each other, smiled, and headed out.

“So, what movie should we watch boys?”

“Don't even know what's playing, so no idea.” Colton said.

“Me neither.” Cayden added.

“Me neither, so I guess we just wait until we get there and choose something that looks good I guess.”

“Sounds good to me.” Colton said.

They made it to the theatre a few minutes later and went to look at the movies that were playing. They were just in time for the start of the matinées, so that was good. They looked at the ads for a few minutes, and between the three of them decided on a funny looking comedy. They went in and got their tickets, grabbed more than enough popcorn, pop, and candy to feed twice their numbers, and then went and found a few good seats near the back. They started eating and drinking right away, and the movie started only a few minutes later, but the food did not last of course. They were all full, and their diapers were getting very full, but they were nowhere near to leaking yet. They had also enjoyed the movie a great deal, all laughing themselves silly, in fact, they peed themselves laughing, many times.

“Sounds like you boys enjoyed the movie as well, I'm glad. Are you near to leaking yet?”

“I loved it, and no, I'm still good I think.” Colton said after giving himself the squeeze test. They had just climbed in the car.

“Same here.” Cayden said, after doing the same squeeze test, the problem was that he squeezed diaper, not his own. Colton giggled and squeezed Cayden's diaper back.

“Good, now settle down back there before I have to go find a cheap motel somewhere close by for you two.” Mitchel laughed.

“Ooh, can you?” Colton asked brightly.

“No, you brat, now sit back, buckled up, and quit playing around. We're gonna head for lunch, how does the all you can eat buffet sound to you boys?”

“Like not enough food.” Cayden laughed.

“No, it probably won't be.” Mitchel laughed as well.

They took off right away, and they arrived at the restaurant a few minutes later. They went in, paid, and went to their seats. As soon as they were told they could, they hit the tables with a vengeance, and the boys each loaded up the largest plates they could find well past decent. Mitchel was actually surprised when both boys finished all the food on their first plates, and then went back for seconds. After that brutal assault, they then attacked the dessert table with no mercy and loaded up a full plate full of treats, and then a full bowl of ice cream as well. Mitchel had not managed anywhere near to what the boys were able to pack away, even though he ate very well as well.

“Wow boys, you sure did eat an awful lot. Are you sure you'll even be able to move after all that?”

“Just get me on the floor, give me a shove, and I can roll to the car.” Cayden grinned.

“Damn near could I'm sure.” Mitchel laughed.

“No kidding.” Colton added.

“Come on boys, home we go, I'm sure we could all use a change.”

“For sure, I'm gonna leak soon if we don't.” Colton whispered, because they were still inside the restaurant.

“Um, too late baby.” Cayden pointed out.

“Crap. Oh well, heads high, pay no attention, and no one will notice either.” Colton shrugged.

“Exactly. Come on boys.” Mitchel said.

Colton had been the only one to start leaking, at the restaurant, by the time they got home, the other two had had to pee, so they too started to leak. As soon as they made it inside, they all stripped out of their clothes and took them to the laundry room, and then went to their rooms to get changed. Mitchel of course changed himself, but the boys changed each other. Mitchel was not at all surprised that said diaper change took well over half an hour though.

As soon as they made it to the bedroom, both boys stripped each other of their very wet diapers, both of them sporting very hard boners. Without actually saying anything, they fell onto the bed, attached themselves at the lips, and grasped the others erection with a warm hand, and they stroked each other to two very satisfying orgasms. Colton was once again dry, having not yet been able to create more boy juice.

“Wow, thank you so much, I needed that.' Colton gasped a few minutes after their last orgasm.

“Every bit as much as I did I bet. I love you.”

“I love you too baby. Should we get ourselves all nice and diapered up, and then get one of my other presents and really treat ourselves?”

“What else did you get?”

“Let me show you. Come with me to my closet.” Colton said, and led Cayden into his closet. There he showed his boyfriend all his baby accessories.

“Wicked, bottles and soothers, I'd love to try them.” Cayden said brightly.

“Then we can. Come on, let's get diapered then, and then we can go get some juice.”


They laid each other on the bed and diapered their boyfriend lovingly. Once they were done, they each grabbed the bottle and the soother that they wanted, and headed to the kitchen to fill their bottles.

“You boys look a little more drained, that's good, but it didn't take you all that long.” Mitchel commented as they came into the kitchen.

“Yeah, we only gave each other a hand, at the same time, twice.” Colton said dreamily.

“Sounds fun. You two keep it up and you're gonna make me so horny I'll have to call my boyfriend to have him spend the night.” Mitchel grinned.

“Why don't you?” Colton asked.

“because I have no idea how comfortable he'd be with knowing you two were in the house, and more than likely playing around as well.”

“I'm sure that he'd be just fine. Go ahead and call him, what's the worst that could happen.” Cayden offered.

“He won't be home from work until at least eight tonight, possibly later, so there's no point in calling him yet.”

“Where does he work?” Colton asked.

“He's a cook at the restaurant in the hotel down the road. He's pretty good, but he had to work tonight, but he said he should be off by about eight, as long as everything goes well.”

“That's cool. So what should we do now daddy?”

“No idea. Let's hook up the Nintendo and I can kick you boys' asses in a few games.”

“Bring it on old man.” Colton lit right up at the challenge.

“Who you calling old?” Mitchel said in a snarl, pretending to get his back up.

“Oh, only the oldest person in the room at the moment. In fact, you're still older than both of us put together.”

“Be that as it may, I've been a gamer since I was younger than you boys, and I've played all these games dozens of times, whereas you probably have not, so I'm pretty good.” Mitchel grinned.

For the next several hours the three of them played the games, all of them having a blast. When they deemed it near enough to dinner time, they all headed to the kitchen to make dinner, and then they sat down to eat. After that, they all cleaned up the mess, and then went and sat and watched TV for a couple hours. When Mitchel called his current boy toy, he was saddened to hear that he had already had other arrangements, so was going to be unable to come spend the night, they made a date for the following night though.

“Well boys, I think that it's bedtime now, and don't stay up too late.”

“We won't daddy. Love you, goodnight.” Colton said, giving his loving daddy a hug and a kiss goodnight.

“Have a good night Mitchel.”

“You too Cayden.” Mitchel smiled warmly.

The boys walked to the bedroom hand in hand once again, and it was so sweet looking that it caused Mitchel to smile.

As soon as they arrived, Colton spun Cayden around and laid on him a kiss to rival all kisses. The heat generated during the kiss was enough to melt the average iceberg. They kissed long and tender for at the very least twenty minutes, almost dancing where they stood.

“Can you make love to me?” Colton broke the kiss and asked tenderly.

“Yes, if you make love to me as well.” Cayden whispered.

“I'd love nothing more. Unfortunately we'll have to take our diapers off to do it though, but as soon as we're both big enough, I so want to make love to each other through our soggy diapers.”

“Oh, me too.”

They stripped each other of their soggy diapers, exposing their very stiff young boners. They both smiled brightly to see each other exposed once again. Colton went and laid on the bed, pulled his legs up and out, and gave his boyfriend a come and get it look.

Cayden went and got it alright too. He climbed onto the bed, grabbed the lube and the condoms from the drawer, where Colton had showed him they were, and crawled into position. Gently he grasped the butt plug that was still lodged firmly inside of Colton, and slowly pulled it out. He then grabbed one of the condoms and opened one and slipped it on. He slathered a small amount of lube onto his sheathed dick, and then moved into place.

“Are you sure you want this baby?” Cayden asked one last time, just before he slipped in, just to be sure.

“Oh yes, just put it in me.” Colton sighed.

Cayden did not wait any longer, he aligned himself with his one hand, while supporting himself with is other, and then slipped inside the warmest, tightest, most incredible place he had ever known. They both moaned deeply as Cayden sunk inside, and they moaned even deeper as he hit bottom.

“Oh god, this is so good.” Cayden panted.

“Oh yeah.” Colton said in total agreement.

After taking a moment to get used to the feelings, Cayden started thrusting slowly making slow passionate love to his boyfriend. As they made love, they both moaned lowly, but then they started kissing aswell, and their moans went even lower still. They were only able to last maybe five minutes before they both exploded in an incredible cum. Colton went off first, and Cayden followed suit within a second. As soon as they were both done, they collapsed.

“Wow, that was the best feeling ever.” Colton said.

“Yeah.” Cayden said in agreement.

“Can I make you feel as good now baby?” Colton asked softly.

“Yes please.”

They traded places, and Colton gently pulled out the butt plug that was firmly seated inside of Cayden. Cayden grunted as the plug exited his ass, and then sighed, because Colton had already put a condom on, and was already lining up. Just before he slipped in though, he stopped.

“Are you sure you want me to continue?” He whispered softly.

“Oh yes please.” Cayden sighed out, and then Colton slipped inside.

For the next fifteen minutes they made love to each other again, this time they started kissing right away. They tried their best to hold on for as long as they possibly could, but after so long, they just could not hold it any more, and they both exploded at the same time.

“Wow, that was the best ever.” Cayden sighed out once they were both down from their Earth shattering orgasms.

“For sure. Well baby, should we diaper each other and then go to sleep, because I'm pretty tired?”

“Yeah, we probably should baby.” Cayden whispered.

They both got up, and as one got the diapers, the other fixed the sheets on the bed and cleaned up their mess of diapers and condoms on the floor. They creamed and diapered each other tenderly, kissed each other for a few minutes, and then fell fast asleep.

The boys stayed together for a long time after that, both enjoying and growing in their love for each other. They continued to love their diapers and to play baby with each other for as long as they were able to. The very next afternoon when Cayden went home, he told his mom everything, and she just looked at him and said I know. Mitchel went through a few more boyfriends before he found one that he really fell in love with, and the feeling was mutual. He too was a diaper lover, tnd the two of them babied each other as often as they could as well. Colton and Cayden ended up also buying the house right next door to Mitchel, so that they neded up living right next door to each other forever, and they were all very happy with that, because they were at each others houses nearly as often as they were at their own. The boys also adopted a baby brother and sister in their mid twenties, and they raised them the best they knew how, with the help of a very proud grandpa of course. Colton never did talk to his mother again, in fact he had never seen or heard anything about her after that fateful night.

The end.