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If you've already read it, thank you. If not, this story was first published 1½ ago, under the title “Running Boys”


by Chance

part 4

The Castle

Randy called it the castle but it was just a very big, dilapidated old house.  It rose up higher than the street and the enclosed yard was completely over-grown with brambles. 

I think boys are blessed with some sort of invisibility. When they trespass, go through yards or invade empty houses, like mice, boys leave damage but by the time it is discovered, they are long gone.

"No one's lived here for years."

He told me he thought some old lady used to owned it.

The paint on the old house had peeled away leaving it gloomy, gray and ominous. All the doors and windows on the ground floor had been boarded over.

His voice was hushed. "Trevor, this way."

I followed Randy around to a small enclosed back porch. Up a few steps there were columns that were on either side of the door. I was under Randy's influence and I followed him, no questions asked. He climbed up one onto the small porch roof and once secured, he reached down and pulled me up.  Beyond the porch roof was a window.  It slid open and the two of us climbed in. It was very quiet. The only sounds were from us. We stood in a large, mostly empty room.  Chunks of plaster had fallen from the high ceiling leaving debris and long settled dust covered everything.  Randy stopped and proceeded to pee in the middle of the room on what used to be a dark green carpet. There were windows all around that let in lots of light but the room still looked stark and haunted like a place where something tragic had once happened. A few scattered pieces of chest furniture with drawers pulled out and upturned, were here and there. 

"There's nothing good here like treasure or gold. It's all been stolen before I got here."

I kept close to Randy, almost touching him. I was doing my best to hide my fear.

There were two doors leading to a dark hallway that was in turn, surrounded with doors to other rooms. At the one end there was a large staircase that descended into the murky darkness of the boarded up ground floor.

At the top stair I immediately said "I'm not goin down there, you can go but not me!"

"We'll go next time.  We have to find a flashlight that works and remember to bring it with us."

Opening one of the bedroom doors revealed a massive, black, drippy, skull and cross bones on the wall. Sprayed painted, it hung there like a demonic alter in a video game. The image was crude and defiant in this strange forsaken bedroom.  On the floor, in the center of the room lay a pillow that had been slit open causing its stuffing to emerge like guts. 

Sensing that I was creeped-up,  he said, "Oh I forgot to tell you, the old lady that owned this place died here."

That sent a chill up my spine.

Randy continued.  "Oh, it gets worse. When they found her she was totally covered with flies and maggots.  It was so bad that the police left her here and she turned into a mummy.  She's still in one of the rooms.”

Grabbing Randy, I actually cried out with fear.  My voice rose up an entire octave.

I said, "Let's get out of here!"

He was almost laughing and getting pleasure out of my distress. "Don't worry, they took the body away, I was just kidding you.

I admitted it, "I don't care, I am really scared!" 

I had to exercise restraint to keep from peeing my pants.

He opened one door that was just a dark, narrow, stair case to the next floor up. Randy had to drag me by the hand.  He told me that this was where all the maids and butlers lived.  They had their own private stairway. The rooms on this floor were smaller and not as creepy as the floor below.  There was a white porcelain bathroom with a big tub and all the other rooms were small bedrooms and closets. In one room there was a collapsed bed frame and a small mattress on the floor.  Randy got behind me, slipped his hand down the back of my pants and was trying to finger my butt.  Then he reached around me to open my pants.

My anxiety level was still pretty high and I pushed him away.

No, I'm too scared!”

He yanked me back.  "I was tired of doing it in your bedroom all the time, I wanted to fuck you somewhere different, you know what I mean?  It was the whole reason I brought you here."

I said ok but I was still afraid.

"Oh, like afraid of what?"

"Suppose we get caught or captured or maybe kidnapped or what if her ghost is real and demons are real and that there are vampires or we might be murdered."

"Shut the fuck-up!"

Randy had his dick out and up and he was stroking it.

Trevor, take off all your clothes so's I can fuck you naked.”

No fuckin way!”

He pulled my pants down off of my ass and began preparing me.

"Doesn't being here and being scared and worried about being caught get you more excited about being fucked up your ass? It makes me want to do it even more."

His dick must be getting bigger since I met him.  I felt it going up my butt and start to fuck me like a back-yard dog.

He was up against me doing it. "I hope you like it because I really love doing it to you."

The whole thing was making my heart pound.  It was the first time that I was completely stiff while he was fucking me. I had learned how to position myself so that he could get as deep into me as possible.

He pulled it out and wanted me to suck his dick just to get more spit on it. 

"You just fucked me with it."

Randy laughed, “So what? We're the dirty boys, remember?"

The afternoon had turned late and we could see that the sun was going down and we were up on the third floor of an abandon house.

"Randy, we better get out of here while it is still light."

"Why don't we stay here all night?"

"No way, you're crazy!"

"Trevor, it'll be fun."

It was getting dark. "I should have brought candles or a flashlight but a flashlight would never last all night."

"I can't believe it, you're fuckin serious. Randy, let's get out of here!"

 "Oh yeah, like you want to go home to your mom and put up with that drunk asshole Warren?"

"No, I just don't want to stay here."

There was a noise. Randy hushed me up."

We heard it again and it was coming from downstairs. My entire back stiffened with fear. I quickly pulled up my pants. Every horror movie I had ever seen was creeping through my mind. The window was just a dim amber and the open door to the hall was black hole. Not a word was said but we knew we had to get out of there fast.  We were trying not to make the slightest noise.  Along the hall to the back stairway was bringing us closer to where we heard the sound.  It opened to the main second floor hall that led to the room where we came in.  We ran and once in the room, slid open the window, jumped onto the roof and both of us jumped down to the ground and ran as fast as we could.  When we got far enough away, hot, sticky and out of breath, we laughed about our exciting adventure. 

Beer Drinking Asshole

It happened gradually at first but little by little, Warren moved in on my mother. During the day he was kept lit with beer and a loud piss in the bathroom every 40 minutes.  When it got dark, they both moved onto the harder stuff. Things became insecure and unsettling. I began to know what it was like to be Randy. My mom pretended like everything was alright but it wasn't. Both Randy and me hated Warren so much.  Just thinking about him made me see blood.  Why did mom like him, what did she see in him?  By the time half the case of beer was gone, he decided that it was time to make Randy and me into men. I was thinkin, with him downstairs, it's going to be a long night.

"Trevor, he's just another fuckin asshole like my dad."

I had to agree with him but what are we supposed to do? The door to my bedroom flew open, Warren was drunk as usual. My mom was behind trying to drag him out of our room.

He yelled, "Which one of you little fuckers was goin through my stuff!"

I blurted out, "You don't live here.  You just come here to fuck my mother!"

I wasn't immune but it was safer for him to go after Randy.  There was a crash and chaos in the small bedroom.  All of us tearing into each other.  Randy went out the window and ran and I followed.

Blood Brothers

A thick fog had quietly settle in obscuring a full moon. We were two ragged boys without destination or reason. Like Randy, I felt homeless.

Randy put his arm around my neck in his awkward but chummy way. He pulled me along and said something strange to me. "Trevor, you and me are going to stay friends forever. Your mom's asshole boyfriend doesn't scare me."

The only thing visible was the patch of ground we stood on and ourselves. He faced me and inches away, he said,

"If something bad ever happens to you, I would do anything to save your life. I wouldn't even care if I could get killed."

What he said stunned me because it wasn't like him. It also did something strange to me. Randy was always more boy than me and when he said this, It set my own feelings free. I recalled the first day we met, running wild in the middle of the night or being naked in the old wrecked car. These were the things that forged the bond between us. What he said to me and the way he said it was all connected to something we could barely understand. Boys can't let themselves express emotion, they can't say the word that girls say so easily. Years later my mind would wander back to this moment again and again.


Together we ambled through other people's backyards and looked at their different houses and different cars. Some yards had swing sets and others above-ground pools or gardener's sheds. It was late enough that most of the lights were off and we traveled as if we were invisible phantoms.  Randy motioned to me to be quiet as he crept up close to the back of a plain white, suburban house. We saw movement below a partly drawn shade. We crept in closer.

Our view opened up into someone's private world. A bleary porno movie was playing on the TV and a slightly overweight woman with black hair, wearing glasses and dressed in a see-through black nightie, was fussing over the pillows. She was trying to get them to lay properly when a naked man suddenly appeared carrying two ice filled drinks.

The window was partly open and we could hear them.

"Here you go Kitten." He handed her a glass.

They paused to take several gulps. Randy covered his mouth trying to hold in a laugh. Our view was along the side of their bed with the TV on the opposing wall.

We were the Dirty Boys staring at a man and woman who were getting ready to fuck. Randy looked at me and made the silliest face.  He stuck out his tongue between his two fingers and he crossed his eyes. I almost laughed out loud.

The man was plain with perfectly cut hair.  He looked like the kind of man that might wear a suit and work in an office during the day.  He had a big circumcised penis and he kept tugging at it causing it to swing back and forth.  Randy gave me another silly look.

They up-ended their drinks and he took her glass away. "I'll be right back so don't go anywhere."

The woman laughed at his stupid joke. Her tits were big she kept pressed them together in an act of self enjoyment. The man quickly returned with the drinks. She put hers aside and began to blow the man who waited patiently until his cock got to full size. He kept looking at the porno movie.  When he was stiff and up-right the woman lay out so that he could climb on her to fuck her mouth. He turned her around so that he could continue to watch the flickering porno.

Trevor whispered into my ear, "That's your mother."

I punched him almost giving ourselves away. The man moved down and she elevated her legs so that he could fuck her.  Her cunt was still a mystery to both of us.  It was a wet hairy, tangled, black triangle, concealing something much more cavernous than any boy's butt hole.  It started slow. She was constantly looking up at him and the man's head was constantly turned towards the porno movie. When the movie ended, he got up to reset it and then returned to fucking the woman. This time it became chaotic and boisterous, shaking the bed and causing the remote control to go flying. At one point, I wanted to look away but I didn't. When it was completed, the man and the woman both lit cigarettes and then lay quietly like beached whales. Randy was thrilled by the sight and couldn't seem to get rid of his stupid smile.

The Fugitives

We continue to prowl around but that was all the luck we were going to get on that night.

"I don't want to go home with asshole, Warren there."

Randy agreed.

"Where can we go?"

Randy was confident. "Billy told me when he gets his own place I could come live with him and I know he'd let you come but I don't think that he'll ever move out of that trailer with his mother because she pays all the rent."

We went over to Billy's beat-up old trailer to see if he was still up but it was black.  He and his mom were asleep.  We forgot how late it was.

Randy opened the door to the old car and it made a loud rusty crack.  Crawling on to the front seat and laying together as close as we would be at home in my bed.  He pulled my pants and underpants down and then let his drop. He spit and fingered me and then pushed his cock up into me and began to move. 


He grunted, "What?"

I always wanted to say something but I was unsure so I didn't.



"Randy, I like you so much. You can do anything you want to me. "

He already knew that.

Holding me tight, he grunted again.



"I feel the same."

Randy became still. "The same about what?"

"You know, when you said that you'd risk your life even if you got killed. I would do that for you.."

Holding me tight, he picked up where he had left off.

Broken Glass

It was still early and the sun was just coming up when we started home.  The first thing I noticed was that there was broken glass in the yard.  Then we saw that the front was busted in. My mom was sitting in the kitchen, crying.

She wiped her eyes. "Trevor help me with this."

The Kitchen table had been turned over and Randy and I put it back.

"What happened?"

My mother looked pretty bad. "The cops just left and they took Warren with them."

She looked at me and started to cry. "I'm sorry, Trevor, I'm really sorry."

We hugged. The hug included Randy.

"What if he comes back?"

"Don't worry, he can't.  I signed a restraining order.  If you see him, just call the cops."

Among other things, we were also the lazy boys. But this time to make Mom feel better we cleaned up the mess of empty beer cans and broken glass. We even made her macaroni and cheese.

Randy and I set up together in my room. I felt good... but more than that, I was glad that asshole Warren was gone. Mom looked better. By mid morning she had dressed for work and was recovering from being so beat down. 

"Hey, I'm sorry, I'll try to make it up to you boys, I was just stupid for getting involved with that maniac."

"Don't worry about it mom, it's ok."

She had only been gone a few minutes when Randy said, "You wanna go and see what Billy is up to?"

It seemed like a good idea. We could have gone out the front door but we didn't. We went out through my window, jumping down to the ground and running off like the wind.

The Fuck

I think he must have still been asleep because it was a long time before we heard anything inside.

The door to the run-down old trailer opened. "What?" 

Randy looked up at Billy. "Is your mom around?"

"Naw, she's workin over at Quiki-mart." Billy let us both in.

The air in the small trailer was close and warm. It smelled like Billy's sweat but I didn't think of it as smelling bad, instead, it was intoxicating and just being in there was giving me a boner. He was almost naked except for a pair of loosely fitting old underwear. I remember looking at Billy's Adam's apple, at the tufts of dark hair under his arms, his bony ribs and the lumpy crotch of his underwear. From where I sat, I could see his balls. There was no mystery about what was going to happen.  Randy pulled down the front of Billy's underwear and tugged at his cock. I moved in to share the experience. His balls were big and his cock seem to stand up between us.  We competed with each other to hold it.  Randy pulled the foreskin of Billy's cock up and down revealing a moist and shiny head. He put it into his mouth. Billy gave a giddy laugh and fell back onto the couch and we followed him down.  I pulled his underwear to his knees and then entirely off leaving a naked Billy before us.  I was thinking that we were the delinquents, not him. Billy kept smiling at us, letting us have our way.  I held his very hard cock. I was fascinated.  Randy was just behind me taking off all of his clothes.  I pulled his cock forward and put it into my mouth.  I had never held anything more  amazing than Billy's cock. Randy licked his balls and got under him to lick his ass. Randy must have known it was there because he reached under the couch and pulled out a plastic bottle of some kind of clear lotion. Billy held his cock upright and Randy squirted the clear liquid all over it.  He stroked Billy's cock up and down making it slick and slippery.  It was when I saw Randy squeezing the liquid up his butt that I realized that he was going to let Billy fuck him.  Randy had described it to me once but I didn't really think it was possible.  He climbed up on Billy and cautiously sat down on his cock. I watch it slowly disappear.  He rode up and down on it.  When he got off of it Billy's cock was slick and harder than ever. Randy squirted more lotion on it. After first penetrating him from behind, Randy laid on the couch opposing Billy and pulled his legs all the way back, granting Billy complete access to his hole. Billy probed it with two and three fingers pushing them in and out. Holding Randy by his ankles, he began to push his cock into him little by little, each time, a little deeper. Randy stared up at him with an expression that looked like he was in pain or about to cry but he kept pulling Billy forward and even deeper into him. I was too stunned to do anything but watch. Randy was over him going in and out in a smooth repeating rhythm of increasing speed.

He was smiling down at Randy. "You like it?" Randy quickly nodded yes.

Billy started going harder and faster.   He was groaning and gasping and it seemed to go on and on.  It got to a point when I was sure that Billy was letting it go.  Just watching his lean body move, I felt like I almost could see his juice squirting and flowing up Randy's hole.  Randy reached up had held on tight as if he'd never let go.  They settled down and became quiet.  I looked at them and imagined that it was me that had just been fucked. The three of us dressed and re-organized ourselves. Billy offered us the remains of a liter of flat Coke.  It became obvious that he was over us and was impatient for us to leave.

We were only a block from home when Randy stopped dead in his tracks. "Uh oh.."

His face crunched up into a strange frown. 

I looked at him and said, "What?"

"I think I soaked my underwear."   

I wasn't sure what he meant.

He had a strange icky look on his face. "I think Billy's cum came out all at once.. It's running down my legs."

To be Continued

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