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Neil and Rich

Chapter 1

Here's a brand new story for you all. Please meet Neil and Rich, two young teens trying to pull a life long friendship past their physical urges without loosing the friendship in the process. I think it's a story about confusion and first loves. I'd like to know what you think.

It had been another embarrassing day at school. Almost all the kids made fun of me back then. Those that didn't make fun of me were scared of me. It wasn't my fault! I guess I had some screwed up genes. I was one of the tallest boys in the whole school, bigger than most of the ninth graders and had only just started seventh grade! My voice had changed; hair was growing on my legs, under my arms, over my top lip and lots around my dick. One of my teachers called me Mr. Powell and half my classmates seemed to forget my first name is Neil. Even my best friend since grade school was treating me differently.

We had a pretty big disagreement and more than a week had passed since we last said a word to one another. It was stupid really. Rich came over after school that Friday and we were tossing a football around in the street. Each house lot was another ten-yard line and we made up a goofy game of one on one football the only purpose of which seemed to be grabbing at each other! I tackled him, pinning him to the ground. I was just goofing around but my best friend in the whole world was afraid of me for a moment or so there. Rich was only about three or four inches shorter than I but he's got a husky, more muscular build than my string bean frame.

I could see the fear in his eyes as I hovered above him. "What's the matter, man?" I asked.

"Please get off me Neil." Rich pleaded.

I was annoyed at myself for scaring him and angry with him for being scared. Disgusted, I rolled off him. Rich sat up and looked at me like he barely knew me. For six years we've known each other and the last three years we've been practically inseparable, spending summer vacations together, sleepovers, little league, you name it. We looked out for each other when we were scared the first day of junior high. Passing me in the school halls after that tackling scene he wouldn't even look at me. It was so frustrating! What was I supposed to do?

I couldn't take it anymore. Sitting alone watching the tube or playing video games against the computer was boring. Drawing was boring without him to show my cartoons to. Practicing playing guitar was no fun without him to crack jokes about my lack of ability or congratulate me when I finally get a song right. Trying to get together with other guys hadn't worked out. Shaun, another friend of mine came over one day for a few hours and that was cool but it wasn't the same. The other days were just like this, boring and lonely.

I had to talk with Rich but he wouldn't take my calls. My inner voice told me to go to his house. He would be home and just as bored as I was. If my folks came home from work and saw me growing roots in the house again I knew they're going to say something and probably find things to keep me busy.

Walking to his house I planned my apology. I wasn't sure what I was apologizing for but the loneliness had to end. Could I tell him I saw the fear in his eyes and apologize for that? No, I'd better not. He might get defensive and deny it then we'd have another fight. What the hell could I say?

I knocked on the front door and wait for him to answer the door taking a big breath. There was no answer so I rang the doorbell and knocked again.

Rich answered the door and looked shocked to see me. Man oh man I missed him. My heart beat faster and I managed to say "Hey, man."

"Hey," Rich said. His voice had changed too since school started. I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever hear him speak again.

"Umm... are you still mad at me?" I asked then look down at the concrete porch thinking, please Rich don't be angry, the last thing I ever wanted was to hurt your feelings.

Looking back up at him he appeared totally surprised. "I'm not mad at you man. I thought you were mad at me!" Rich said.

Totally confused I said, "well maybe we should talk about it. Can I come in?"

Rich looked at me, shuffling his feet for a moment and I could tell there was still something wrong. Why he was acting that way if he wasn't afraid of me made me worry that he might be afraid of something else happening here at his home? Maybe his parents were fighting or something else that they wanted hidden. Finally he stepped aside and let me in the house.

I thought it was odd that he led me into the living room since it was normal for us to go back to his bedroom and play video games, watch TV or listen to tunes there. Parking my buns on the sofa I watched him pace the floor twice then sit on the recliner and start flipping channels with the TV remote. He almost passed up the Cartoon Network and I spoke up telling him to go back to it.

We sat there uncomfortably silent for a long while, barely looking at each other or noticing how hilarious the cartoons were. Every time I started to pull together an idea it fell apart before reaching my mouth and I stayed quiet. All this from a play wrestling match, I thought, what a waste.

I kept replaying the incident in my mind. I threw the ball and he came racing towards me, dodging back and forth. He shouted, "car," and scrambled for the sidewalk. I went after him, reaching and pulling us both down onto the grass. He started to roll over but using the top of my head in his belly I pushed him flat again then sat on his midsection holding his shoulders down. His eyes were smiling as wide as his mouth but in little more than five seconds the smiles faded and were replaced by what looked to me like terror.

How could he think I'd ever hurt him? It's only been about a year since I started growing out of control. Rich and I were within an inch of each other and about the same weight once, evenly matched in everything we did together. We're still about the same weight; I'm just towering half my head over him. All I would see is the top of his head until I glanced down. Every part of me seemed to have lengthened except the one part I'd like to see longer.

"Want some Kool-Aid man?" Rich said getting up from the chair and heading for the kitchen. I nodded my head and got up to follow him. "I can get it dude, stay." He said.

Even my following him seemed to worry him. "You must think I'm some kind of asshole." I said stopping in my tracks and feeling totally defeated, wishing I could find words to say to him without sounding like a total dork.

Guys don't say things to each other that reveals what they really feel, not without making some kind of joke about it. There was nothing remotely funny to me about any of this but I couldn't just say, "hey man, you're my best friend and I can't deal with us being apart like this." That would break the rules I had been taught to live by for fourteen years.

Rich looked at me and I couldn't read anything in his face. "No Neil," he said, "you're not an asshole." Turning to walk back to the kitchen again he said, "I think maybe I am."

"WHAT?" I shouted, "come on man. It was all my fault."

All he said was, "no it wasn't," and got two glasses from the cabinet. I let him pour the Kool-Aid wondering if I should not only break all the rules but burn the book. Deciding I would first see if we could play with the rules I backed up into the doorway blocking his path back to the living room. Handing me my glass he stood maybe two feet in front of me and asked, "are you gonna move it or what?"

I chuckled and said, "make me," then took a sip from my glass.

He smiled and backed up saying, "fine, we'll stay right here."

We finished our drinks giving each other playfully evil glances that said the stalemate had to be broken soon. The question was who would give in first? He took my empty glass and put it in the sink with his, running water to rinse them out. Turning around he leaned on the counter behind him and asked, "so are you gonna move?"

I giggled, "Heehee! Nope!"

He slid his buns down the counter edge into a corner and called me a bastard. I just laughed at him since we've called each other far worse names. His smile faded again and he started shifting his glances down to the floor.

Damn this shit, I shouted to myself. This silent treatment is going to stop today or I'm gonna give it up and let him try to pull our friendship back together. I'd try one last time. Clearing my throat I then asked softly, "what's the matter?"

Still looking at the floor Rich mumbled, "nothin'"

"Bull," I said trying with all my might to contain the frustration in my voice. "Look at yourself man. You've backed so far away from me the only way out is through the wall."

"Can't help it." He mumbled again.

Can't help what I wondered then said, "We've never hidden anything from each other before. If there's something I do that makes you feel weird just tell me and I'll stop doing it."

He looked up at me saying, "it makes me feel weird alright," then looked back down at the floor saying, "but I don't want to stop, couldn't stop if I tried and believe me, I've tried."

"What is it?" I said.

He shouted, "Nothing! Everything! It's you! It's me! Ah fuck man," and started crying.

I hate when he cries. It rips me apart inside whether it's a few tears shed or wailing like he did two summers earlier. Back then he was walking up on the logs that made a boundary for the elementary school play yard. I was just walking along beside him and he slipped, scraping his left leg against the bare unfinished wood. He was bleeding a little bit but had lots of big and small splinters in his leg. Man, did he cry! I'm sure I would've cried too. Every step I helped him take a step I could almost feel the wood digging into my leg. By the time we got back to his house we were both wrecked and crying like babies. I told him all about how I felt that day the next afternoon and we had a good laugh about it.

"Please Rich, don't cry. Just tell me okay." I said with a wavering voice. He knew I was gonna start crying too and looked up at me. There was so much sadness in his face I couldn't bear it. I wiped my eyes and waited while he sobbed quietly.

Finally he moved for the sink and splashed water on his face. After drying his face with the dishtowel he started talking but looking away from me, through the window above the sink. "Remember that summer Neil?" He asked then continued, "it was the greatest summer ever in so many ways."

"Yeah," I said remembering how it only seemed to rain at night and then the next day would be sunny so we could go out and do stuff. That's probably how he slipped. The wooden log must've had a wet slippery spot that sent him flying. He's lucky he tumbled sideways off the log and not right down the middle knocking his nads into his throat!

"And that one day at the pond?" he asked.

I giggled, "oh yeah. Lookin' for pollywogs and fuckin' around with the ducks."

Turning around to face me he said, "and on the way home," then I jumped in and said with him, "A-go-ny!" Halfway home we had to pee so bad that riding our bikes was deathly painful. Getting off our bikes we walked funny the last part of the way back to my house. When we got there we were bent over in obvious pain but giggling and goofing on each other as we hobbled together into the bathroom.

"Then that night?" he asked.

I blushed and said, "yeah, that was fun too."

"Yeah it was. And that's the problem. I liked it too much."

"So," I said, "I did too. That's why we did it again."

"Don't you feel ashamed about it?" He asked.

It took only a moment's thought before I said, "nope, it's just our secret." He nodded his agreement as if I didn't already know he was keeping mum. "We're fourteen bud! I think we're supposed to do that stuff." I said.

Nodding his head and pausing for a moment he then said, "girls at school really like you," making me turn fire engine red.

"You seem to attract your own following." I countered.

"Not interested," he said softly and in a moment asked, "how about you?"

"Still kinda scared I guess. But you, you talk up a storm with them. Even got detention for talking in class."

"Talk is one thing." He said and sighed loudly.

Understanding exactly what he was saying took some doing. My mind was racing. We jacked off in front of each other at 12 and jacked each other off at 13. Nothing else happened then or since. Rich didn't kiss me those times. Did he want to kiss me? Still separated by the whole room I asked him that. He said yes.

I began to shake while thinking, oh man, my best friend wants to kiss me, what do I do? Maybe I would like sex with a girl but I hadn't had that experience and at the rate I was going I wouldn't find out any time soon. My two experiences with Rich were comfortable, easy and fun for both of us. There was no doubt that I loved him but was I in love with him? Would he want to put his mouth on my dick? More importantly would I be able to do the same for him? Would he want to pork my bunghole? I had tickled and poked around down there while whacking off and it felt kind of wild. His cock was a hell of a lot bigger than a finger though. It took all our lives together to get this far. Only recently had I accepted that I was fantasizing about both girls and guys while I beat my meat. But it wasn't guys in general I dreamt of. It was Rich. I would relive my times with him over and over, changing the scene slightly, changing the talk, changing the circumstances that brought us together and made it so cool.

I was excited in other than sexual terms. Rich was telling me he was gay and that he loved me. Finding myself looking at imaginary spots on the floor I looked up him then my legs started moving and I walked towards him. It was dawning on me that I could love him back. This was one of those circumstances I fantasized about.

Why he loves me I'll never know. The reasons I love him are easy. As easy as he is to be with. As easy as getting into a shoving argument one day then getting back together again the next day as if it never happened. He had been a companion and my best friend for so long. So what if he's gay! So what if he loves me! Obviously I love him too or I wouldn't have come here in the first place. It took a little more than a week alone and the whole afternoon for me to realize that. Pretty dense, huh?

About a yard away from him I could see him shaking and hear it with his every breath. With a wavering voice he said, "I'm sorry Neil."

"Don't be," I said hearing the quiver in my own voice. Lifting his face I smiled down at him. He hugged me like I had given him permission to take his next breath and the breath he took away was mine. Hugging him felt really good with his forehead on my shoulder.

"Thought you'd be mad." He said. I could feel his shaking over my own.

"Nope." I said then asked, "this is why you left the other day?"

"Uh-huh, was poppin' a bone dude."

I started to chuckle and said, "no big deal." That's the same thing I said after he thanked me for getting him off last time.

Rich looked up at me blushing. He could be so incredibly cute sometimes. It felt so right holding him and comforting him. Being held in his strong arms felt really awesome too. Self-control escaped me. I leaned down and tilted my head. Rich tilted his head the other way. Our lips brushed softly. I could smell the strawberry Kool-Aid on his breath and feel his heart pounding into my chest. Sighing as I pulled back Rich then asked if he could try. I giggled and said, "sure," then leaned down again. This time when our lips met he sighed then I could feel his tongue gliding over my lips. My tongue met his for the first time and only for a brief moment. It was a revolutionary sensation. Nothing and no one else that ever touched my lips made me feel that way.

Our kiss broke and he said, "I know you like girls Neil. Is this really what you want?"

"I really don't know what I want Rich. I guess what I want right now is to be able to do stuff with you, spend our afternoons together just like always. If it means us holding each other like now or making a mess once in a while I can deal with that real easy."

He lowered his face and laughed into my shoulder. Without lifting his head he said, "I care about you."

He broke a rule telling me that and I squeezed him tighter saying, "Same here man.

Squeezing me back he said, "I don't want to ever loose you."

"I'm not going anywhere bud. You'd have to change completely and push me away."

"What about girls? What if you meet someone?"

"When or if that happens we'll deal with it. Any girlfriend of mine is going to have to like my best friend and your gonna have to like her."

"I hate myself for asking but I gotta, why Neil?"

"Because you mean that much and because..."

He waited for me to finish then looked up and those big brown eyes pierced me. I felt so close to him but different. The difference is what bothered me. It was as if he was telling me he wanted me and only me long term but I couldn't say the same thing. "Because I want to be with you too." I finally said.

Rich was so happy he was giggling. "Man, I really thought I should just stay away from you," he said, "If I saw you in the halls it would tear me half. When you called I just said to myself no; if I talk with you I'm gonna love you even more and you wouldn't want to return it. "

Smiling and shaking my head no I said, "Like your video games at my house."

He chucked and said, "or your CD's here?"

"So what do you want to do? I asked releasing my hold on him.

"What we've been doing is just fine." Rich said holding my hand and swinging our arms back and forth. He was definitely chilling out and as happy as I've ever seen him.

"We could do that in your room listening to my CD's." I said and started to pull him with me back down the hall.

Rich was half walking and half-hesitating. He asked, "you really want to be alone with me?" We could both be a little thick sometimes.

"We've been alone hundreds of times, this is no different." I said. To me it really wasn't different. In six years we've done every thing two boys could do together and seen each other naked lots of times. He'd seen my twelve-year-old hairless hard-on and I saw his little bone. A year later those stiffies weren't so little and I had the beginnings of a bush while he had only a few hairs around his dick. Everything was perfect then and it was still perfect to me.

Hesitating at his bedroom door Rich said, "yeah it is. What are we gonna do?"

I had no idea what we would do together. He was feeling better about things but I could tell he was still scared. His family is very religious and I knew that's what was getting at him. Stepping in his room and half pulling him in with me I answered saying, "I don't know, man. We'll listen to CD's and take it from there," then closed the door behind us.

Every part of his room was as familiar to me as my own room was. I knew where his socks and underwear were. I knew where everything was in his desk and in his closet. I even knew where he was likely to hide stuff. Rich turned on his mini stereo and sat down backwards on his desk chair. I sat down on the edge of his bed, reminding him that Memorial Day was next week and that soon it would be summer vacation. Smiling he said, "I can't wait to see you in shorts with your shirt off."

I blushed and smiled back at him saying, "That's not what I meant!" Being so tall I stand out like a sore thumb in school. I really wish I had some more meat and muscle on me too, like Rich had. We just looked at each other for a while, sometimes smiling, most times not. Comparing our features in my mind I noticed lots of things about him that I hadn't noticed before, like his nose. What the hell I was doing admiring the way his nose was sculpted and fit perfectly between his eyes I'll never know. Resting my arms on my knees I leaned forward a little. There were six small freckles on each of his cheeks. I counted them. I wasn't sure at first but getting really close allowed me to see that he had hair over his top lip too, it just hadn't darkened like my own.

"Whatchya doin'?" he asked.

Still carrying my little rulebook in my brain I answered, "just lookin' dude."

"Cool," he said leaning forward closer to me. There was about a foot maybe eighteen inches between our faces now. "I've always looked at you but you weren't paying attention." He admitted. Nodding my head while I gazed at his lips I recalled that on a few occasions I had seen him checking me out and just teased him about it.

Until that day I felt bad including him in my bedtime fantasies. It was like having two Rich's, the one I spent my days with and the special one I dreamt about from time to time. For the first time I felt freer to give him a good once over. The two Rich's were melting into one slowly in my mind.

Rich stood up, swung his leg over the chair and sat next to me on the edge of the bed. That gave me a big tingling rush all over my body. We'd sat on the twin-sized bed many times before but never slept together in it, always choosing the floor instead. His hand was lightly rubbing my back and I swear my brain spun wildly from the additional sensation.

It was technically springtime already but in the sleepy northern New Jersey town we live in it was still very chilly. Rich and I were both wearing T-shirts under our sport shirts. His back rub made me woozy and I wanted to loose the shirts I was wearing to feel his hand against my bare skin so I started unbuttoning. Rich reached over and with one hand started to help. With his left hand lightly caressing my back and his right hand effortlessly unbuttoning I sighed loudly it felt so good; like two electrical conductors his light touch sent shock waves through my upper body.

Rich said softly, "I like it too."

I'd never fantasized about undressing him; we were always already naked. When we got to the last button I stood to pull my shirt out of my jeans. To my surprise Rich stood too, pushed my hands down to my sides and did the task for me. His eyes were different looking up at me, softer somehow, like I had just given him his birthday present a month early. "I've been wanting to do that for a while," he said helping me take my top shirt off. I felt a chill like I was already naked in front of him and for the first time since we were eight I could feel myself blush severely about it! The blood rushed out of my face and straight to my dick.

Rich saw my blush and asked, "too fast?"

I shook my head no and said, "too cool!" Laughing at me he asked if I'd ever thought about it and I told him, "We always undressed ourselves before. Sure was better when you did it though." Rich laughed harder and I started laughing too. The rulebook was literally crumpling in my brain. Sitting back down on the bed I pulled Rich to me and buried my face in his stomach laughing like crazy.

"You thought of undressing me you louse!" I said smiling up at him.

Rich nodded his head laughing and said, "you just had me magically appearing naked in bed with you!"

I pulled his shirt up out of his jeans and started unbuttoning it from the bottom up while he undid the top buttons. He removed his shirt and tossed it on the floor with mine while I tugged at his undershirt. When I had his shirt pulled out he started tugging on my T-shirt then we removed them.

Man oh man, he's got some nice shoulders, nice pecs and a smooth, flat belly too. His proportions were all perfect, not like mine.

"Stand up dude," he said stepping towards me. I did as he asked but really liked the view better sitting down. Rich reached for my belt buckle saying, "your pretty tall dude, I like that, can't wait till I catch up."

"Glad ya like it, I hate it."

"Don't stress it Neil. I'll catch up." Rich paused for a minute and said, "shit! You're hard already!" He looked up at me smiling and asked, "Did this thing get bigger too?"

I laughed and said, "not as much as I'd like!"

He un-wrapped my package, swiftly unbuttoning, unzipping and pulling the top down a few inches. Stopping he just looked at my cock then up at me. I could tell he liked what he saw. Damn I was so self-conscious about my dick. It was just as out of proportion as the rest of me as far as I was concerned. A measly six and a half inches but thankfully it had some thickness to it. Looking back down he pushed my jeans and underwear all the way to the floor. On the way I could feel his hot breath on my crotch. I kicked my sneakers off and lifted each leg for him as he pulled my pants off.

As soon as he was upright again I reached for his pants and started undressing him. I sat back down on the edge of the bed to see what I was doing. His hands were on my shoulders while he kicked off his sneakers and I could feel him tremble as I worked, finally pulling down his boxers and jeans at once. What stood proudly out before my eyes was not the same cock I saw the previous summer. It had grown only a little bit longer but much, much fatter. A pointy, circumcised head on a really fat shaft. I could smell his clean musk boy scent and it drove me wild. Amazed I said softy, "fuckin' A dude."

Rich cracked up and I thought about what I had said then blushed really hard and cracked up too. If that thing was gonna be fuckiní my A I'd be walking funny for at least two days! I'm going to have to watch what I say and how I say it from now on!

I stood up and hugged him tight. My heart raced with his; they pounded relentlessly against our chests. I sighed and tossed the rulebook in the fire whispering, "I love you Rich," and giving him a bear hug.

Squeezing me back just as hard Rich said in a quivering voice, "I love you too. Have for a real long time."

There was nothing I could say. It was a time for bear hugs and feelings. Feeling the warmth of his body and the strength of his arms around me. It felt right, nothing in the whole world could be better than holding my best friend and having him hold me. Honestly I donít think Iíve ever felt that good. I was draped over and around him and his hands roamed freely around my back, sliding lower to my ass then the sliding back up again. After several round trips like that his hands finally settled there. Then Rich started to giggle and gripped my ass cheeks hard pulling me into him. He looked up at me grinning from ear to ear. I kissed him much like I had in the kitchen but this time neither of us was in a hurry to stop. His tongue tickled my mouth for a while then my tongue roamed freely around his. It turned into a breathless soul kiss then we backed off and just let our lips touch while our tongues continued to play a game of their own.

Rich broke our kiss and looked at me. The softness and caring was still in his eyes but there was something more, something wicked. I was still trying to put a meaning to the look in his eyes when he pushed me back and I landed on the bed. Not a word was said by either of us but he kept his eyes locked on mine as he knelt down in front of me. Shivering with anticipation I wanted to say something like, "oh yeah buddy!" or, "careful dude," but all I could do was sit back totally dumbfounded while Rich caressed my legs and thighs, his face only inches from my throbbing erection. The sensation of his hot breath alone on my balls and shaft made a strange gurgling sound come out of my mouth. He looked up at me smiling and asked, "ready?" and I nodded my head and swallowed a gallon of spit in one gulp.

My heart was beating so fast, my mouth was so dry, my eyes were almost leaping out of their sockets as I watched my best bud lower his face and lick from my balls to the tip of my uncut rod. Collapsing flat onto the bed I shouted, "oh-ho dude!"

"Ya liked that huh?" Rich said and started to giggle.

Propping myself up on my elbows again I looked at his handsome face smiling back at me and said, "liked it? It was awesome dude!"

He giggled heartily, "hehee! You ainít seen nothing yet!"

At that moment I knew I was as good as dead. For only a moment I wondered how adults survived the intense pleasure of making love. We were only teenagers trying it for the first time and I was ready to be planted six feet under.

Rich snaked one arm around my ass and with his other hand pointed my bone at his open mouth. I watched as his lips curled inwards to cover his teeth and my cock head entered his warm wet mouth. Remember that, I screamed at myself, cover your teeth with your lips if by some chance you survive this and can return the favor. Closing his mouth around my cock I could feel his velvety tongue against my foreskin and I collapsed flat on the bed again, giggling insanely. Slowly Rich started taking more of my shaft into his mouth then when he backed off to just the head heíd run his tongue around it making me clutch mounds of his blankets into my hand.

At one point in my sex crazed trance I thought it would be nice to at least encourage him and let him know he was doing a fantastic job. Rich released my cock for a few moments to give his mouth a break and just licked up and down the length of it. Thatís when I said, "it feels so incredibly awesome, bud. I swear to God Iíll do you just as good." I had no idea how his fat cock would fit in my mouth but I was determined to try. Rich answered me by humming into my scrotum then swallowing my shaft again. My brain had turned to a pile of saw dust and right beside it lay the smoldering ashes of the rulebook. In my warped mind I saw a little cartoon man step out with a broom, push the wasted remains into a dust pan and toss it all out the window! The very familiar sensation of impending climax raced back and forth and around me. I lifted my head and warned Rich, "Iím gonna cum bud."

He only hummed and bobbed his head on my throbbing cock.

What was he doing? I asked myself. The cum shot from hell was boiling in my balls and he wasnít getting out of the way! How would I ever explain to his mother that he had told me he was gay and that we had sex and I blew his head off while he was blowing me? Breathlessly I warned him again, "really soon man, any secondÖ"

He hummed again and sucked just the head really hard. Nothing made any sense at all after that. Grasping the blankets, mattress, bed frame and probably the floorboards under the bed I shouted, "watch out!" then let loose with all I had. Rich kept right on suckiní me while I unloaded shot after shot into his hungry mouth. In my orgasmic bliss I told him over and over how great he was and how much I loved him. I meant every word of it too.

Only Rich would know how sensitive my cock gets after I shoot so at just the right moment he released my spent tool from his mouth and snuggled up beside me. I could feel him there but my vision was still blurred from the very greatest orgasm of my young life. Wrapping one arm around him I pulled him close to me and he kissed me! I could taste my own cum in his mouth and ya know what? It tasted ten times better mixed with his saliva. That only added to the crazy thoughts running through my mind. Rich was no longer my best friend; he was a magician, a warlock, someone that from this day forward could command me to walk right off a cliff with a single glance if he wanted to and I would do it happily. He was my lover. I liked that idea.

Relaxing and returning to planet Earth I heard Rich giggling and looked over at him. Suddenly I felt something against my leg and I looked down to see him slowly grinding his fat cock against my hip. No, no, no, I thought to myself. After what he just did for me I couldnít just lay there and let him get off easily by humping me.

Pulling my arm out from under him I kissed him, softly at first then harder and deeper. He let go of his woodie and wrapped his arms around me holding the back of my head loosely. I pulled up away from him and he stole another quick kiss before setting back down. Sliding down a little bit I rubbed his muscular chest. He liked that a lot and his hand slid back down to his cock but I quickly pushed it away. Looking back at his face I shook my head no.

Softly Rich said, "you don't have to. I can do it."

For some reason that annoyed me a little. Not enough to let him know I was unhappy but it was like, yeah, I know you can do it but that's not why we're here together. My face dove onto his tit and started sucking. I had no idea why I was doing it; after all he's not a girl. Flicking my tongue over the hardened nipple made him squirm and whisper, "oh hell yeah man." Cool beans, I thought to myself, he likes it! I smiled and accidentally scraped my teeth against his poor nipple! Oops! Rich screamed, "AAAAHHHHH YESSSSSSssssssssssssss", thrusting his hips up into empty space. Looking up at his face I saw he was rolling his eyes and shaking his head like mad. Amazed at his reaction I started laughing.

Rich looked down at me and smiled saying breathlessly, "that was fuckin' awesome! I couldn't help but laugh harder. "Do the other one dude!" He took my head in his hands and started to guide me to his other tit. Leaning over him and still chuckling I put my smiling lips to his nip and flicked my tongue across it a few times. With part of my upper body against his I could feel him shiver with delight. Scraping my teeth around his nip he practically lifted me off the bed with him.

The whole time I was pleasuring him my mind kept racing. Could sex with a girl be this much fun? If it were more fun than with Rich I surely wouldn't survive the experience. There's no way Rich would be overly dramatic unless he was really psyched up.

He giggled for a minute then picked my face up and guided me to his lips. Breathing like he just ran five miles made it a short but very tasty kiss. Our faces slid apart and he whispered in my ear, "please Neil. I don't know if I can hold back another minute dude."

He was so out of breath I knew not to prolong his ordeal. "I know bud," was all I said before licking a trail quickly from his neck down his smooth chest to his throbbing erection.

Rob was telling me that he loved me, encouraging me the whole trip down, as if I needed encouragement. When school started I definitely would have needed it. Probably even at Christmas time I would have but now, in the early spring that's attitude is different.

Kneeling on the floor I licked the length of his beautiful cock. Rich moaned loudly swearing in an unrestrained, nonsensical manner. If I told his mom what he'd been saying Rich would spend a month of Sunday's at confession! It was too funny but the fact remained I had his cock in my hand and was only licking around his circumcised head. His bone was so fat it was scary up close. Thankfully he was enjoying my feeble attempts at pleasuring him. Closing my eyes I swallowed just the head of his fresh meat and let my tongue flick rapidly across the sensitive underside. Rich got real quiet and settled down for only a minute or so before giving me my first warning but he hadn't tensed up much so I went right along stroking his shaft and sucking just the head. His precum was so sweet and I wouldn't move of his tasty meat for anything. Rich's second and final warning only made me jack him faster and suck harder. His first blast surprised me so I backed off a bit and swallowed fast before I gagged. His cum was leaking from the corners of my mouth but I kept on him, determined to decide once and for all if this part of my sexuality was enjoyable. It was. His semen tasted of him and he was my best friend. I think Rich was delirious telling me over and over how much that he loved me. When I'd taken all I could take and he seemed to have stopped shooting I licked his spent cock clean then cuddled up next to him as he did with me. He was smiling but there were tears in his eyes.

I shed a few tears myself for a few seconds there. I'm not sure why. Was it his tears or the flurry of sweet kisses on my jaw or me finally understanding the nature of his love for me? I don't know which, maybe all three. All I know is Rich matters at least as much to me as anyone in my family and that I made him feel good about him self. And he made me realize some things I hadn't completely grasped before. He fell asleep with his head on my chest and our arms wrapped around each other. We had lots more to talk about and learn about each other but that could wait. The peace of loving and being loved put me to quickly to sleep.

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