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Neil and Rich

Chapter 4

Butterflies began flapping in my stomach the moment we stepped out of my house on our way to Rich's house. Rich's parents were good people, just different from my own family.

The Hamilton's both worked full time jobs. Three times a week they have a maid service come in - on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's. As far back as I can recall, they've always had the cleanest, most organized home I've ever seen. Every room was like a showcase, I swear! They have very nice early American furniture. Everything matches, the tables have the same patterns etched into the wood, and the fabric on the sofa matches the fabric on the love seat and recliner. Even the carpet color matches the soft red color of the roses printed on the fabric. The drapes and curtains change with the season - sheer white in the winter, light green in the spring, dark green in the summer, and back to light green in the autumn. While at Rich's house, his parents expected things to be "put back where they belong". If I read the TV Guide and left it on the coffee table, Mrs. Hamilton would always remind me to put it back on the magazine rack, where I had gotten it.

Thankfully, my family is a bit less organized. I can't count how many times I've searched the living room for our TV Guide, only to find it an hour later when I went to the bathroom, lying on top of the toilet tank. My dad would always leave it in the bathroom. My sister might take it to her room and my mother would have it in the kitchen. I've taken it to my room plenty of times too.

Not that we're slobs or anything! Dad works in New York City. He leaves the house at six in the morning and is usually home by six. My mom works at the local Barnes & Noble, from nine in the morning until three in the afternoon, five days a week. She still does almost all the housework and occasionally makes my sister and I help with small chores. My sister loads the dishwasher most nights. I'm the garbage man. Our kitchen and bathrooms are always clean, the carpets are vacuumed, things get dusted and our clothes are always laundered. We just have some clutter, especially in the living room. It looks lived in just as it should.

We're two very different families in many ways but we do like each other. My mom talks with Rich's mom almost every night of the week, it seems. When Rich's dad needs help with some project around the house, he'll call my dad and vise-versa. They'll have a barbecue or small party and invite us over and my parents do the same.

Jolting me back to reality, Rich asked, "Whatchya thinkin' about?"

I shrugged, "Our families, similarities, differences."

"I like being at your house more."

"Your place is fine, man."

"But your place is fun. I'd rather be fun than fine, any day."

I chuckled for a few moments.

Smirking, Rich exclaimed, "Not another cartoon?"

"No," I chuckled, "it's just good to know that you're happy there." We took another few steps and I glanced over at him.

Rich nodded and softly said, "Any where, any time, with you."

He was happy all the time; everywhere we ever went, because he was with me. I blushed and a huge shiver ran up my spine. We walked along a few more paces. I didn't know what to say. I couldn't even look at him because if I did and saw that he was smiling as much as I was, then I'd be more inclined to grab, hug and kiss him right there on the side of the street! Thank goodness there was only another minute or so walk to the shortcut through the woods.

Rich turned around and started walking backwards, watching the traffic. He said, "Clear this way."

"Two cars comin'," I told him.

Turning around again, Rich said, "Run across right after."

We kept on walking, the two cars passed us then we sprinted across the street but I kept on running towards the woods. Just a step or two behind and to my left, Rich laughed, "What's the hurry?"

Cutting across the Post Office parking lot, I yelled, "Come on!"

Another fifty yards or so beyond the parking lot was the edge of the woods. I kept running as fast as I could, laughing hysterically, with Rich laughing just as hard, now a few paces behind me. Finally, I got to the woods and hit the brakes, walking just a few steps into the brush. Then I leaned against a tree and waited until Rich came to screeching halt beside me.

Rich huffed, "You have got to try out for the track team next year!"

With both hands, I reached for him and pulled him to me. I giggled, "Getting just a little bit sappy back there, don't ya think?"

Rich giggled, "What?"

"Back there, any where, any time, with you? Did you think I missed that?"

"No," Rick giggled and squeezed me tighter, "but I didn't expect this either!"

I laughed, "Keep sayin' shit like that and we're gonna have big problems!"

"Glad ya liked it!" Rich grinned, "I'll save `em up for when we're alone, promise." Only another few moments passed while we caught our breaths. Just as I was realizing how hard my dick was getting, Rich pulled back, looking up at me wide-eyed and surprised. He giggled, "You are a horny one, aren't ya?"

I laughed loudly, "I can't help it!"

For a long few moments we looked each other directly in the eyes. I didn't see it coming.

Stepping forward again, Rich cupped my balls, pressed slightly and rubbed his hand up the front of my jeans. He whispered, "I can handle this big problem."

Groaning in frustration, my eyes closed and my head fell back, cracking against the trunk of the tree!

I reached up to rub the back of my head and Rich giggled, "Oh Shit! Are you okay?"

I half-laughed and half-groaned, "Just more dizzy than I was two seconds ago."

We laughed heartily for a few more moments. Then Rich asked, "Can you walk?"

Dropping my hand again, I nodded, "I'm fine," and stepped away from the tree.

Rich turned and said, "Come on, I wanna show you something." He was walking deeper into the woods but away from his house, towards our old tree house. It was built about ten feet off the ground across three big maple tree branches. The floor was made out of two pieces of four-by-eight plywood making an eight-foot square. The ceiling was only four feet high along the sides but six feet high in the center. It even had screened windows on all four sides to help it keep cool in the summer. They also allowed us to see out but no one on the ground could see in. Our fathers helped us make it when we were seven. We got three excellent years out of that tree house before lightning struck a tree near by. Now there was just burned plywood and two-by-fours lying on the ground with new tree saplings growing all around it.

Stopping a few feet before the charred remains of the old maple tree, surrounded by young saplings, Rich said, "I started falling in love with you here." He paused, turned around and said, "It's weird, I can't remember too much of what we said or did up there." He giggled, "I remember you drawing pictures on the walls, reading comic books together, camping out up there." He paused again then turned to me, appearing confused. "I didn't know why it felt so right to be there with you. When we invited other friends up there, it was fun but it felt different." After another longer pause, he wiped his eyes. Still smiling but with a quivering voice, he said, "I didn't know why then. I know why now. But I still don't know why, Neil." He started pacing around. "Girls look good! Some look fantastic! Some are real bitchy and others are nice to talk with." He stopped pacing, turned to me and said, "They tell me things, ya know, about other guys? Or they ask me if so-and-so might like them."

I nodded understandingly because I had over heard parts of a few of those conversations. Rich then stopped pacing and faced me. He closed his eyes, unbuckled his belt and started to lower his jeans saying, "You know Sandy? She's really hot. Hot body, dresses nicely, she smells so sweet." He lowered his pants, looked at me, and then closed his eyes again. "There's really something attractive there, don't you think? And she's a nice person too! I'm picturing myself rubbing her tits and slowly sliding my hands into her jeans. I can feel her pubes and reach lower. There's nothing there. I wiggle my fingers around and she giggles. She likes it." Opening his eyes again, he glared at me. "But I don't get anything out of it. There's nothing there."

One look at his dick would confirm to any one that there certainly was nothing there! If it did anything, his dick shriveled up a little bit in the cool breeze. Sadly, mine did too while my best friend bared his soul to me. All I could say was, "It's okay, Rich."

He asked, "Is it really?" Then he closed his eyes again and said, "I'm in the locker room shower at school. There's pudgy little Charlie with his pudgy little dick. Beside him, his best friend Sam." Rich paused and I watched his dick. It was lengthening, back to its normal, un-shriveled state. Rich exclaimed, "Whew! Man, is Sam cute or what?" but then quickly said, "Don't think about it though, not here, not in the boys locker room for cryin' out loud! Oh no, here comes Jimmy, his dick and balls swinging slightly between his legs. I gotta finish up, quick!"

I giggled and Rich continued, "I'm thinking about walking home from school with you. The whole time I'm noticing you, the way you walk, the things you say, how easy it is, how long we've known each other. I want to be touched... by you. But I wouldn't dare say anything. We stop at your house then go to mine. No one is leading and no one is following, we're on auto-pilot. We're just chattin' up a storm, a little gossip, a little school talk, a little sports talk, a little about a comic or a new song on the radio."

He paused and I looked down again. His dick was half hard, still pointing slightly down but much thicker and longer than his normal state. Rich swallowed hard then said, "We're alone now, in my room. I can't wait to touch you. But I don't want to appear like a geek or something, so I wait for you. When will you touch me? Please let it be soon, Neil. I can't take it. Just hug me, man. That's all I want - to be held in your arms. Finally, you reach for me. Just your hand on my shoulder puts my heart into overdrive. You hug me. I force my hands to stay on your back, well above your ass. But they want to move. I want to caress you so I let my fingers move, just a little bit. I feel your shoulder blades, the muscles of your back, your spine. That's all I'll let myself do. Until you take it further. Rich paused once more, opened his eyes and softly sobbed, "You whisper, `It's okay, pal. I do love you and want to do it too.'"

His dick was hard and pointing straight up. We stood there watching each other, just out of reach. Tears were pouring down his face yet he didn't even try to wipe them away. Taking a step closer to him, I reached and wiped his cheeks for him.

Why I wasn't crying too, I don't really know for sure. Maybe I was too shocked with all he had said and done. I searched for something to say but only nodded understandingly for a few moments. Finally I said, "I feel it all too, Rich; every bit as much as you. Sam is really cute, in a cuddly sort of way."

Rich smiled, sniffed and wiped his face.

Resting my hands on his shoulders, I said, "Don't be afraid of me, Rich. If you want a hug when we're alone, come and get it. It won't be too much effort for me to give few extra hugs now and then either. Don't wait for me though."

He nodded, "Okay," then hopped forward and wrapped his arms around me, squeezing me tight.

Seeing that he was feeling a bit better, I grinned, "If you want more than a hug, you'll find a way to show me, I'm sure."

He squeezed me tight, sniffed then chuckled. For a few minutes we held each other silently in the diffused light of the trees. But his jeans were down around his ankles still! Paying close attention to every sound, I glanced at my watch then whispered, "Dinner's at six thirty?"

Rich hummed yes.

I softly giggled, "It's almost six. You can pull yer pants up any time now."

He chuckled, shook his head, grunted no then smiled up at me and reached for my belt buckle!

Barely controlling the sound of my voice, I laughed, "Here?" and tried to hold his hands still.

Fighting me and fumbling with my belt, he looked up and said, "It's perfect. This place, right now? I really want to. We can't not do it. The way I feel, I'd wind up jumpin' over the dining room table at ya."

I stopped struggling and laughed harder, "That would be real subtle!"

Concentrating on my belt, Rich said, "This has always been our place. It's quiet and we're definitely alone. No one will be by this way. We're way off the nearest path and would hear anyone that's coming close. I can't think of any place more appropriate than here and now."

Reaching down to stroke his bone, I softly giggled, "You little thrill seeker you!"

Rich popped the button on my jeans and chuckled, "So much of the time, I'm holding back." Then he looked up at me and checked, "You told me not to hold back when we're alone?"

I shrugged and giggled, "Guess I did."

He fumbled with the latch on my fly for only a second then lowered it. Reaching his hand in, he smiled up at me; "I really do love you."

"I really love you too Rich," I whispered, and then leaned down to kiss him. Still fondling each other, we kissed for a long time. Rich broke our kiss and breathlessly whispered, "Let me know when you're close. Don't make a mess on your clothes."

By that point I was struggling to hold back and told him so.

Swiftly, he pulled the front of my boxers down, skinned back my meat and swallowed about half my boner at once. Standing there, struggling to be quiet, trying not to buck my hips and jam my cock down his throat, I think I saw stars. I started to cum and Rich swallowed hard, clamping his mouth down on my bone. When he relaxed, I shot a bunch more. He swallowed and clamped down hard again! Leaning against his shoulders, I gave up the last little bit. It was the weirdest, wildest orgasm of my life! He couldn't have planned it but man - it was good!

Rich stood and awkwardly turned around then leaned close against me. I wrapped my arms around him, reached for his hard cock and picked up the pace. He leaned his head back. The soft look of contentment on his face was only broken with brief flashes of surprise.

Still a little uncertain stroking a drier, circumcised cock, I whispered, "Is it good?"

He nodded enthusiastically then hoarsely whispered, "Stop and squeeze." I did as was told and Rich grunted then collapsed against me. "Fuck that was good!" he breathlessly said. I grinned at him and he smiled, "Now spread the juice around." With my thumb, I smeared precum over the head and underside of his shaft.

His knees buckled when I began stroking again. Hearing a bird flap off nearby, I stopped and squeezed again. He leaked some more and I spread that around whispering, "No messes."

He again looked in my eyes, at first with surprise but then with profound gratitude.

Suddenly, Rich stepped away then hopped around to face me. I knelt before his fat cock and took as much as I could. I began bobbing and Rich slouched forward, his hands resting on my shoulders. He came a little and I swallowed, tightening my jaw around his cock, like he had done for me. But before I unlocked my jaw, Rich whimpered and blasted a powerful shot that splashed warm, bitter-sweetness all around my mouth. Surprised at myself, the little voice in my head hollered, "You did it again!" I liked it a lot and let him finish, swallowing every drop. Rich pulled his sensitive bone from my mouth but I remained on my knees, smiling up at him, with one hand wrapped around his ass and the other hand rubbing his balls.

Finally I stood up and hugged him real quick before stepping back and pulling my pants up. Grinning like mad men, we watched each other dress. Finishing slightly before me, Rich giggled, "You are really good!"

I cracked up and laughed, "So are you!"

We started walking back to his house and I glanced at my watch. Rich looked my way curiously. I told him, "Five after six, plenty of time."

"You okay?"

While we were still walking in the woods and alone, I took his hand in mine and answered, "Very okay."

Rich softly admitted, "I'm really liking this," then giggled at himself.

I nodded and turned to him saying, "Me too, a lot."

He looked up and smiled, "Really?"

I chuckled, "I'm really surprised at myself!" and Rich cracked up. After we calmed down a little, I whispered, "What makes it special is you though."

Rich was quiet for a long while. I wondered if I had said it right so that he could understand my perspective a least a little. I needed him in my life. He opened up to me the other day and it was upsetting. But now he needed to know that I was still his best friend - that I wouldn't abandon him. Understanding his point of view was easy for me. I could be his best friend and we could be secret lovers too. He squeezed my hand in his and giggled, "Talk like that will only get you attacked at the supper table, ya know?"

I laughed, "Us going at each other in front of your folks? Now there's a cartoon image if there ever was one!"

Rich loudly chuckled, "No, I don't think so!" While I giggled insanely, he smiled, "We'll have to save it for my bedroom, yours, or at our special place here in the woods."

Shaking my head, I struggled to control my voice and giggled, "You want to do it in the woods again?"

"Oh hell yeah!" Rich breathlessly replied. "That was awesome! The risk of being caught and having to pay attention to every little sound?" His whole body shook uncontrollably then he smiled up at me, "We're gonna be out here more now than when we were ten!"

We both cracked up simultaneously and continued to laugh loudly until we reached the edge of the woods.

With his house in sight, I started to get nervous again. I kept telling myself, it's the same as any other Saturday night dinner at the Hamilton's. But it would be a lie to say I wasn't paranoid. Rich was quieter too, probably thinking the same thoughts. Would they be able to tell that our friendship had changed? Our feelings for each other had definitely changed. But was it visible? Briefly, I wondered why I didn't worry about my own family noticing some change in our relationship but I pushed those ideas aside. All I could do was pray that Rich's parents wouldn't say much to me. Before we reached the porch, Rich smiled up at me. I could tell it was a forced smile. We were both so nervous! He turned the doorknob and we stepped inside.

Closing the door behind him, Rich loudly said, "Hey, I'm home."

From the kitchen, Mrs. Hamilton shouted, "Dinner in fifteen minutes. Get washed up boys."

I started down the hall and Rich followed. As I stepped into the bathroom, I had to push Rich back, preventing him from joining me. I whispered, "When we're alone, not in front of your folks, man."

He shook his head fiercely, as if jarring himself out of a trance and nodded, "Good catch." I couldn't help but watch and giggle as he walked back towards the living room.

Quickly, I took a whiz, washed my hands and returned to the living room. Then Rich went down the hall.

I had just sat down on the couch when Mrs. Hamilton called out, "Neil, come here for a second please?"

It was a good thing I had just taken a leak because I might've pissed myself otherwise! My imagination just went crazy! I could picture her grilling me under a bright light like a common criminal.

I hollered, "Okay," and got up. My knees were shaking like these might be the last steps I ever walked!

When I got to the kitchen, Mrs. Hamilton was standing before a step stool in front of the refrigerator. She pointed and said, "I can't reach a serving tray I need. Could you get it for me please?"

Rich's mom is only about five feet tall, give or take an inch.

I nodded understandingly, pushed the stool aside and reached inside the cabinet for the tray. Once again, I had to listen to her praise how tall I'd gotten. Rolling my eyes, I blushed and quickly slithered past her so she couldn't see anything else in my eyes. If she only knew how it felt to be six feet tall but only fourteen years old. If she only knew that I was having gay sex with her son!

Unexpectedly, Rich walked up behind me and asked, "Where's dad?"

Mrs. Hamilton answered, "He's at work but I expect him home shortly. He told me not to hold dinner for him."

Looking up at me briefly, Rich then turned to his mother and softly said, "He's working a lot of Saturday's lately."

Still concentrating on serving dinner, Rich's mom explained, "There's a few big projects this summer. It should slow down by October. Then he'll be home more often."

Rich looked up at me uncertainly. I grinned and silently mouthed, "I told you so".

Suddenly, Mrs. Hamilton turned around with a bowl of mashed potatoes and took it to the table. Rich shrugged then started towards the dining room table and I followed. Once Rich's mom left the room, I whispered, "Your dad is not avoiding you."

Rich whispered, "Let's see how he acts when he gets here."

I shook my head saying, "You're trippin'," and then Mrs. Hamilton stepped in the room again. She stood at the end of the table and began loading our plates saying, "Do you boys have any plans for the summer?"

My first thoughts were, not go to school and spend a lot of time getting to know the gay side of my best friend.

Rich and I grinned at each other then he looked up and giggled, "You mean besides not going to school?"

Mrs. Hamilton smirked, "Always a wise guy. Yes, besides staying up late and sleeping in!"

Knowing better than to ask if she had something in mind, Rich and I both shrugged.

Mrs. Hamilton finished serving than sat down and sighed, "I wish you had enjoyed camp more."

Rich groaned, "Mom."

But Mrs. Hamilton persisted, "It would keep you occupied and with lots of other boys your own age."

Rich and I began eating. He looked over at me with a plea in his eyes - "Help me out of this mess!" When he finished chewing, he said, "I hated it last time. Besides, I'm a little too old for that now, don't you think?"

Mrs. Hamilton said, "Nonsense! Seventeen is the age limit. There's just so little to do in this town."

I said, "There's the Century theaters, the mall, the arcade, all walking distance or a short bus ride away."

Rich added, "And bus rides to the shore aren't that expensive."

Mrs. Hamilton looked up surprised and said, "You want me to let you go down to the beach by yourselves?"

Rich said, "I turn fourteen this summer. If not now then when?"

Mrs. Hamilton looked at both of us and groaned then continued eating.

After only about a minute, Rich said, "There's other stuff besides the beach, movies and the arcade. There's always something going on at the high school - tag football, softball, soccer."

Barely glancing up, Mrs. Hamilton said, "Just because the Powells' have a pool, it's not right for you to take up residence."

A question quickly shot into my mind. I asked, "Did my folks say something about it?"

Shaking her head, Mrs. Hamilton replied, "No, of course not, Neil. But I did mention summer camp to her the other night. We're both of the same mind. All you boys have to say is that you want to go." Rich and I glanced uncertainly at each other. Then Mrs. Hamilton said, "Think about it but we'll need an answer in two weeks."

After another silent minute, Mrs. Hamilton asked, "How's the guitar lessons coming, Neil?"

I shrugged, "Good, I guess."

She said, "You don't seem too enthused."

I looked up at her and said, "I'm playing the songs he's teaching but they're not what I want to play."

She smiled and nodded, "You need to learn to walk before you can run."

I was almost finished eating and so was Neil. Then the front door opened. It was Rich's dad. Before he even stepped into the dining room, I got paranoid and began sweating.

Mr. Hamilton walked past the dining room saying, "Hi," and went directly into the kitchen. Moments later, he walked into the dining room with a beer and sat down at the table. Smiling at each of us, he asked, "Did everyone have a good day?"

Rich grinned, "Pretty good, yeah."

Mrs. Hamilton smiled, "Your son was out all day. I mentioned summer camp, just a few minutes ago."

Turning to Rich, Mr. Hamilton asked, "What do you think?"

Rich shrugged, "I'm not totally against it but..."

Beginning to serve himself, Mr. Hamilton sighed, "But it's not your first choice."

Rich whined, "Four weeks is a big part of the summer. And last time I was so lonely so much of that time. They were all city kids! We had nothing in common."

Mrs. Hamilton said, "That's why I talked with the Powell's. Maybe you'd both have a good time?"

Mr. Hamilton turned to me and I'm sure that I turned pale before he even asked, "What do you think, Neil?"

Accidentally, I inhaled while trying to swallow and covered my mouth just as I began gagging.

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