Well, our young lovers never got beyond a good tongue battle in our last chapter. Hopefully, something will pop up in this chapter. And once it's up, let's hope they know what to do with it! Here is the concluding chapter of A New Beginning. I dedicate this chapter to my new friend, Robert, in South Africa. `hallo vriend en God seën'

Chapter 7

Two Hearts Combine

(A brief continuation of Chapter 6) That's all it took to get my little Carl going. He was grabbing his crotch, twirling around and waving imaginary cars down the road. He was looking pretty good actually. But hell, he could stand in one spot and look pretty good. Dancing around he looked excellent. Nasty little troll was making my pants tent out. It didn't take him long to notice his effect on me either. He did this moon-walk shuffle towards me, stopped, grabbed his crotch and said...

"Hey big boy. Happy to see me?"

Even before I had the chance to blush again we heard a noise down stairs. It was the sound of a door opening. Then a ladies voice announced...

"Carl... I'm home sweetie."


Richard continues...

I lay sleepily under my covers the next morning, rehashing yesterday's events. My God, I had met and declared my love for the boy of my dreams! And he had returned it to me. I had the first, sweet, meaningful kiss of my young life. I had wrapped Carl in my arms, laughed with him, cried with him and felt our souls combine. I lay in bed, grinning like that cat in `Alice In Wonderland'. I believe it was only the weight of the covers that kept me from floating above my mattress. Ah yes, Carl...my delightful, evil little troll! And I giggled anew at the thoughts of my little guy's antics.

I wondered if he were laying in bed, at this moment, thinking about me just as I was day dreaming about him. My day dream turned quickly into a fantasy and I decided to telegraph him a message using my Morse code stick. The dot-dot, dit-dits of my message soon became blurred by the increasing speed of my sending hand. The result was a rather garbled form of communication that resulted in a bit of a sticky telegram. Oh well, I suppose it was the sentiment behind the message that was important.

Using yesterday's tee-shirt, I wiped the dots and dashes from my chest then walked down the hallway to the bathroom. I drained the old lizard, which had lost its petrified state, and began adjusting the water temperature in the shower. As I stepped into the warm spray, my mind again replayed some of last night's events.

I was thinking what a pleasant person Carl's Mother turned out to be - just as I had somehow suspected. Carl had brought me downstairs to meet his Mom, dragging me by the hand...again. Mrs. Fuller looked at the two of us, chuckled, and said...

"What have we here, Mutt and Jeff?" She was referring to our size difference of course.

"Oh Mother," Carl retorted, "I just borrowed him from the zoo long enough to feed him and train him. I'll have to return him shortly."

I guess that was Carl's way of informing his Mom that he wanted me to stay for dinner, which I did. I called my Mom and got permission and her and Mrs. Fuller yakked on the phone for a bit.

Later, after dinner, the three of us sat around the dinette table playing cards and visiting. About 8 o'clock Mrs. Fuller and Carl drove me home. On the way Carl and I made plans to hang out together (hehe) the next day. He was to peddle over in the morning on his bike.

I finished my shower then went back to my bedroom to throw on some board shorts and a clean t-shirt. When my socks and shoes were on I wandered downstairs to the kitchen. Mom was up and fussing about. She wasn't in the kitchen making breakfast, however.

"Morning Richard. You'll be spending the day with your new friend Carl I guess?"

I had told her of our plans when I got home last night so I concurred by a nod of my head. I set about preparing my own gourmet breakfast of Frosted Flakes and toast. Mom, for some reason, hadn't made up the weekend fare of eggs and pancakes.

"Well, honey, I am going to be gone for most of the day. I am driving up to McCall to visit with your Aunt Cathy. Since I probably won't be back until late in the evening, I left some money on the counter for you to buy some lunch and dinner. There is enough there so that Carl can join you."

Ah, that's why I was fixing my own breakfast this morning. Mom was bugging out. She grabbed her keys and purse and walked over to give me a buss on the forehead.

"See you this evening dear, and try not to make a mess of the house, OK?"

"OK Mom. We will bury the dead bodies in the back yard and wipe the blood stains from the walls before you get home."

"That's a good boy Richard. Well I'm off."

My Mom trusts me implicitly. Of course I had never given her any reason not to. She didn't have a problem with me having guests while she was away. But I have to admit I felt my blood whirling around my veins with the news of her absence today. What with Dad on a business trip and her up North, that left me with an empty house and Carl. Sounds like a pretty good recipe to me.

I heard our car start up in the driveway and then I started slow waltzing around the kitchen with my bowl of cereal. I ate my breakfast while having visions of my, hopefully, conjugal visit with Carl. It would seem that the God of Eros was on our side today. I had just finished rinsing my bowl and was placing it in the dishwasher when I heard the doorbell. I dashed to the door like a marathon runner (or a 14 year old full of testosterone).

As I swung open the door there was my little vision in the flesh. Carl was standing on the front stoop wearing a pair of board shorts, a t-shirt and a grin, just like me. We were dressed the same and he looked like my `Minnie Me'.

"Hi Mr. Bambrough. Can your little boy come out and play?" He chuckled.

"Well, I don't know son..." I replied, in my deepest Daddy voice, "the word on the street is that you are some deranged pervert who is set on leading my boy astray"!

"Well, sir," he responds in his sweetest, innocent, Opie persona..."I do plan on riding him HARD and putting him away WET!" He chortled - while I blushed.

"Oh my gosh Richard" he exclaims, as I swing open the screen door. "I haven't been here 30 seconds and I already have you turning vermilion." He walks through the door, peering around him. As I close the door he turns around and grins at me.

"Am I right in guessing that you are home alone little boy?"

"Yep," I respond, "Dad's on a trip. Mom is away `til late this evening and she left me money to feed us. Then she said not to let you get any sperm on the furniture!"

Carl's eyebrows shot up at that comment. Then he gave me a look of disbelief.

"She didn't say that" he countered.

"Well," I continued. "Those weren't her exact words. It was more to the effect of not making a mess in the house."

"My, my Richard. You are quit the potty mouth this morning aren't you honey child?"

"Well, darn it Carl. It gets my goat that you can make me blush at a snap of your fingers yet I can't get a rise out of you!"

"Oh, I wouldn't say that Richard..." and he glances down at his tummy. This causes me to follow his eye movement and I look down at his crotch. Oh... the little beggar has a woody! My face turns crimson.

"Har, har. Richard... you don't know just how easily you get a rise out of me, lover boy!" And he digs me in the ribs with his elbow. My crimson turns to neon red.

"I'd kiss you" he said "only I don't want to poke out your kneecap!"

I reach towards him and grasp the sides of his head.

"Come here you evil boy." And I pull his face into mine, bending down to make contact with his lips. We played tongue commando for awhile and then Carl broke away.

"Save something for the honeymoon, lover lips" he said with that imp like grin. "Now, how about showing me your digs."

He had said something to me but I hadn't heard a word. My head was still back there in that kiss.


"Your house, Richard, show me your house" he says, "as soon as your head makes a landing back on your neck."

I grinned at my little smart ass, put my arm around his shoulders and said...

"OK, wise acre, this way" and led him into the living room. I did Carl's arm-sweeping gesture and said...

"This is where the Bambroughs turn their brains into organic mush" as I nodded towards the TV. I heard him take a sharp intake of breath.

"Oh my God! A giant, flat panel TV? Are your parents like, RICH, or what?"

"Well, Dad's some kind of a corporate something or other and, yeah, I guess he makes pretty good money" I say, trying to down-play things a bit. Now I'm thinking about Carl's own humble surroundings. I don't want to have him feel uncomfortable in my house. I want my sweet bambino to feel like this is his second home.

"Wee..." he exclaimed and made a nose dive onto the couch. "Fire up the tube big boy, and we'll make out in the balcony!"

Huh, so much for him feeling uncomfortable I guess. I put one hand on a hip and with the other I wag a finger at him.

"Now Carl" I begin, "how am I going to show you the house if you don't even get past the living room?"

"Aw, OK." he responds, rising from the couch. "I'll let you ply me with Coke's and a movie later".

I take him into the dinning room and show him a table that can seat eight, even though there is just the three of us.

"Needless to say, this room is just my Mom's show piece. We usually eat in the kitchen or on TV trays in the living room."

"Yeah," he grins. "They probably got the big table thinking of future in-laws and grandchildren. Boy have you got a surprise for them!"

"Uh, yeah" I replied. "Don't you know how to create a party atmosphere."

He saw that he had dampened my spirit considerably with that remark and so he came back with...

"Ah, come on Richard. We're in the same boat. I'm going to have to lay the big, bad news on my Mom someday too. But that day ain't today so buck up buckaroo."

I just shook my head at him and grinned.

"Come on, butt wipe, let's keep looking" I respond.

I showed him the kitchen...I wanted to save the bedroom for last...hehe. Carl heads for the fridge.

"Shit Richard. You ain't that rich. I don't see a single jar of caviar in here."

"Don't be bourgeois Carl," I retort. "The caviar is in it's own cooler in the grand ball room."

"Ball room!" he snorts. "The ball room is in your shorts!"

"That might be, smart ass. But the caviar is in your shorts - itty-bitty fish eggs!" Oh my God, I actually got Carl to blush. `Hmm, I think my petite boyfriend is a bit sensitive about the old ding-dong size.'

"Ahhh, Carl. I was just teasing. I'm sure you have enough equipment to get the hole dug. Maybe even enough egg-sac to fill it back in with too!"

"Oh well," he giggles, "It isn't how long the rod is, it's how good a fisherman you are," and he waggles his eyebrows again.

I chuckle and walk over to the patio doors. I open the slider as Carl walks up beside me.

"Oh, DUDE, a Jacuzzi and an above ground swimming pool" he shouts, rushing outside. I follow him and walk up to the pool. Being a swimmer this is my pride and joy. It is big enough I can actually swim laps. I stood there grinning at it.

"Yeah, this thing is pretty neat in the summer time but, as you can see, Dad has drained it for the coming winter."

I look over to where I figured Carl was standing beside me. He isn't there. I look around and see him... standing by the Jacuzzi. He is down to nothing but his socks and soon they are flying over his shoulders. His little white butt is gleaming back at me. My breath implodes! He is like a miniature Michelangelo painting, he is so beautiful. My knees actually start to shake.

"Whee" he exclaims, as he slides, head first, into the warm water. He comes up, spraying water out of his mouth like a fountain. `That's so funny, even a whole tub full of water can't get that cowlick to lay down.' His hands swipe the water from his face but leave his grin intact. He is looking at me with this leering expression. I see his evil, little mind working overtime.

"OK, Richard. Strip down mister! And do a sloow strip tease for me."

My face is doing it's stoplight thing. I can feel the glow.

"Oh, my poor, little, shy poopsy" he says, grinning... with malice.

"I'll hide my eyes if you like, while you undress" and he makes a show of covering his eyes but peeking through his fingers.

Now, I don't know why the idea of being naked in front of Carl should embarrass me. I mean, I am on the swim team for cripe pete. And I strip in front of dozens of guys all the time. But those guys aren't my little Carl. Besides, I'd boned up big time when I saw his cute little ass slide into the water! Ah, to hell with it. I'll give him his show!

"OK, Carl...but you'll have to imagine the bump-and-grind music."

I started to do what I thought was a good imitation of a strip dance...slowly pulling my t-shirt over my head. When I dropped it to the ground I swayed my hips suggestively and squeezed my naked boy titties. This elicited a whistle from my appreciative audience.

"Hubba hubba baby" he responded, jumping up and down. I could almost see his little tallywacker on his up-jumps.

I kick my shoes off to a musical beat in my head and then reach for my fly. I unbutton it and slowly slide down the zipper. All the while, I'm licking my lips, alluringly. (At least I'm hoping it's alluring; It seems to work on the internet flicks!) I make like I'm going to whip my pants down...but then I bend over and slip off a sock instead.

"Oh, be still my thumping heart" he shouts, giggling and snorting.

`Hmm, I guess it must be working.' I slide off the other sock, twirling it around my finger and then fling it at him, like a garter belt. This leaves me with my boardies, unbuttoned and unzipped. (I'm not wearing any underwear.) I do a slow dance from side to side, holding onto the waist band. Carl's eyes are like saucers and if he grinned any harder his cheeks would bleed! By now he is leaning over the hot tub...to get his eyeballs closer to the action. I turn around so that my back is to him and bend slightly at the waist. Then I slowly lower my pants until my white, bare bum is shinning at him! I let the pants drop to my ankles.

"Oh yeah! Oh yeah!" I hear whistles and thumps against the side of the hot tub.

"Show Daddy his prize" he cat-calls. I can hear the water splashing behind me and I know he is jumping around like a pogo stick.

I step out of my shorts and bend down, as revealingly as I can, to pick them up. This shows him the open crack of my butt. Then, before I raise up, I put one finger to a butt cheek and make a "Psst" sound, like I'm burning my finger.

"Medic! Medic!" he shouts. "Heart attack here!"

I raise the shorts up in front of my waist and turn to face him. I dance from side to side, my jewels modestly hidden, while I look at my boy's enraptured face. I'll bet his little tail is wagging fast enough to froth the water! Then I drop the shorts...only the shorts don't fall! They float magically in front of my waist. Carl's eyebrows shoot up and he tilts his head, trying to make sense of what he is seeing. Then his head snaps backwards and he starts laughing. He's figured out what I'm using to hold those shorts up with! (I told you I had boned up big time looking at his cute little ass!)

"Har har har" he roars, falling backwards into the water. This is the opportunity I was waiting for and I drop the shorts and slide a leg over the side of the tub, slipping inside. I didn't have to expose `little Richard' in his excited state. I turn the dial to get the bubble jets started so I can maintain a modicum of modesty.

Carl is looking at me with that puppy dog look again. I think he likes me. He steps up to me and wraps his arms around my neck, causing me to slide backwards onto one of the molded seats. He has my lips caught in a vise grip and then he searches for my tonsils with his tongue. All this while something like a finger is poking me in the belly. But, since his arms are wrapped around my neck, I'm pretty sure it isn't a finger. When he grinds it against my stomach he definitely proves it isn't his finger. Carl comes up for air and is just grinning into my face. "Thank you for the show, Richard. Can you tell I liked it?"

I nod my flushed head a couple of times, unable to form words. And then he slumps down so he is sitting right on top of `little Richard'! I take a sharp intake of breath and realize...I no longer have a desire to be modest about my nether regions. In fact, those regions are tapping out a `hello' against Carl's cute little backside right now.

We are both giggling, rolling around the tub, grasping... grappling... groping... and doing explorations that would make Lewis and Clark proud. We spent about 45 minutes in that tub just introducing ourselves to various parts of our anatomies. The introductions weren't very formal, they were more of the hands on variety. Numerous firm handshakes...if you get my drift!

When we got so wrinkly that we looked like octogenarians, we retired to my bedroom and cuddled onto the bed. This is where we both discovered that certain bodily functions are enhanced ten-fold when someone, besides yourself, initiates them. Oh God, talk about your stars, fireworks, whistles and bells. We made that discovery three times in a row in various positions and contortions. Wow, Carl might be small, but his staying power is unbelievable. And, I definitely love playing with his little GI Joe. Like a good little soldier, it stood at attention will I inspected the troops. I took him to the rifle range and he fired volley after volley. I would be a dead man right now if he hadn't been firing blanks...cuz he was aiming right at me when he pulled the trigger. Wheeew, he would have blown my brains out. I don't think he could have been any happier if he had been firing live ammunition. He seemed to enjoy the mini explosions...if the hollering was any indicator!

Carl wasn't so fortunate when he was inspecting my troops. He found out my soldier had a `hair trigger' on his rifle. I shot him right between the eyes...no blanks in my gun...no siree! No permanent damage I am happy to report, Carl came out of that mishap chuckling and grinning. We only allowed the soldiers to come to `parade rest' for a short time before we had them `up' and doing calisthenics. Soldiers have a real `hard' life and ours battled galiently until they collapsed from battle fatigue.

It was two hours later when we finally wandered downstairs to collect our clothes. I felt like I had swam a thousand meter free style in lead boots...in a pool full of Jell-O.

Well, my honey bunny and I are going to go out for some pizza and rent some videos. He says I still need to ply him with some Coke's and a movie. When we get back we'll probably continue the war games. As if Carl hasn't already conquered my world! Shucks, I was ready to surrender to him the first time I saw him in math class. Funny how something that starts out so confusing can end up so perfect. Well, that's life I guess. You lose so many little battles and then, if you're lucky, you win the big one. I'm certain there isn't anyone luckier than Carl and I...or happier...or more in love. I'm pretty sure we're going to grow old together. I'll be making love to my little sweety when he is as wrinkled as he was in the Jacuzzi. And I'll kiss every wrinkle. And sometime, between now and then, he'll start shooting live ammunition!

Ah, wasn't that sweet. What do you mean "where the hell is the explicit sex?" Good Lord, perverts - get a life! Richard and Carl have one. Yeah, I agree... I wish I had their life too. Oh well, we still have our right hands, a tube of lube and our imaginations. Race ya to the finish line! And thanks for sticking it out for the whole story. (You can put it away now).

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