** Do not read if your are underage or if this may offend you. This is purely a fantasy of mine. ** 

I awoke and remembered what day it was. Today I would be going to a Dave Matthews concert with my friend Nick. I slowly got out of bed, slipped on my boxers, and headed towards the bathroom. I adjusted the controls jumped into the shower. I found my shower gel behind all of my moms cosmetic crap, and squirted some on my hands and lathered myself up. I really liked how I had firmed up and couldn't help but feel my chest constantly. My nipples started to turn hard, and for the first time in my life I pinched them hard. What I had heard was true. Waves of pleasure ran through my body, and I was growing by the minute. I lubed my cock and beat it until a thick wad spued from my cock. I never liked jacking off in the shower because your cum gets all weird when it mixes with water. After I had recovered from my orgasm I finished washing and jumped out of the shower. After I dried I ran naked back to my room, and luckily wasn't caught. 

    I opened my dresser drawer and looked for my favorite Tommy Hilfiger boxer/briefs. After I found them I started to slip them on when I remembered something. I went over to my mirror and admired. My newly implanted scrotum ring shined in all its glory. I was so proud of myself. I never thought I would be able to bear the pain. And than after it was over, it didn't hurt at all, and I planned on having it done again. I lightly fingered it. It was still sore, I was told it would need a week or two, and after that I would be able to take it out and change it if I wanted to. It was a real pain getting the piercing artist to do it cause I was underage, but a few twenties solved that problem. Now that I was satisfied I slipped on my boxers along with the rest of my cloths. 

    I looked at the clock. 1:30 already, we would be leaving around 5, I couldn't wait. I wanted Nick so bad, he was a jock, but he actually had feelings, and I knew if I could have him that I would fall in love instantly. Nick was 5' 8" or 5' 9" way taller than me anyway, 145lbs, and he had brown hair, and brown eyes, and the cutest face that I ever saw. He was built, for a 14 year old anyway. What about me you ask? I was 5' 6", 130lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, a lot of  girls said that I was cute, but it would have meant more coming from a guy. That's the reason that started to lose the extra weight that I had stored up. I started to lift and do isometrics and it was really paying off. After the first 6 weeks or so I finally started to see some results. By the end of the summer I would be much better looking. 

    I decided to check out the good old nifty archive to see if Shane or Taylor was updated yet ( I suggest you read them). My cable modem flashed violently as it transferred the site in record time. But, to my disappointment no stores that I was reading had been updated. I closed IE and leaned back in my chair. I checked out my buddy list and noticed that Nick was on. I double clicked his username and asked him what was up. He replied and seemed really hyped about the concert. I reminded him what time to get to my house so that the limo that we rented wouldn't miss him and make us have to pick him up at his house. He seemed all up-to-date so I told him that I would be back later, and turned my attention to my laptop. I navigated to and checked to see if anyone had replied to my personal, and was amazed to find one. That turned to disappointment after I saw that he lived on the other side of the country, but he said that I sounded interesting, and I didn't think that I would mind an online relationship, so I replied with my AIM username and email address. I always used my laptop for stuff like that so it was harder for people to find out that I was gay. I had more security features on my laptop than the government. 

    The rest of the day went fast even though I was board, but the anticipation of what I wanted to happen after the concert kept my imagination going. Nick would be sleeping over after we got back, and I planned on telling him that I was gay and that I wanted him, because I figured that he had the right to know. And hey, I thought that there was a chance that I might get lucky. He would be gay, and want me. I ran all the possibilities through my head and smiled.

    I found a good story to read on nifty when I heard the limo honk. I stepped outside to see the super-stretch 11 passenger limo. The driver stepped out, and glanced at his watch.

    "Sorry I'm a little early", he said.

    "No that's all right, we just have to wait for my sons friend"

    The driver had my mom signing some forms when Nick arrived. The driveway was pretty much blocked so his parents dropped him off at the end. He jogged over to where I was sitting and sat next to me.

    "What's up", I asked. And we gave each other high-fives.

    "Notin, nice limo you got there."

    I was about to answer when my mom called us and we got up and hopped in. I had been in limos numerous times, and immediately headed for the drink cooler, and asked nick what he wanted. He decided on a Surge, and I had a root beer. 

    We had one more stop and than we would be off to the veterans stadium. We had to pick up my moms friend and two of her relatives. I didn't care because we had an 11 passenger limo for 6 people. After we arrived and my moms friend got in, there faces turned to all smiles, and they started saying how neat it was etc Nick and I were stilling all the way in the back were all the controls were. After we had tired ourselves with putting the sunroof up and down, Nick and I started to chat about nothing in particular, and all too soon we arrived at the stadium. 


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