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Nico and Gordy's Crazy 8 Club Adventures


By: Paul S. Stevens


Nico and Gordy are best friends. Gordy has two secrets that he reveals to Nico at an extraordinary sleep-over that neither of them will ever forget. One of Gordy's secrets is, he is a long standing member of The Crazy 8 Club, an all boys sex club whose members range from nine to eighteen years old. Gordy has been directed by his Club Elders to recruit a new inductee to replace a relocating member. When Gordy begins Nico's indoctrination, the two boys embark on a journey that will change both their lives forever!




The following story is exactly that, a story.

All names, events and locations in this story are completely fictional.

Any resemblance to real people or places is completely unintentional.

The story revolves around the sexual exploits of two young boys and a fictional sex club.


Although the boys in this story use condoms,

not all the sexual activities they engage in are considered safe.

The risks are too high to gamble with.

Most STD's can be avoided by taking a few simple steps.

Please use simple common sense choices and follow

All safe sex practices at all times!


If this type of story is illegal for you to read in your country or if you are

under 18 years of age (21 in some areas) then please do not continue any further.

If you do not like this kind of story, please leave now. Otherwise, enjoy.


Authors Note:

This work of fiction was inspired by a short story that appeared in the Nifty Archives under "New Friends" entitled "The Crazy 8" by SFY. Included in that story was an open invitation for anyone to write additional "Crazy 8" stories. I accepted the challenge building upon the established guidelines set forth in that story. The following is the germination of those fertile seeds.



(In Progress)