Nico and Gordy's Crazy 8 Club Adventures

Part #2



Chapter #10

Learning the Ropes

It had been several days now since I earned my position in the Crazy 8 Club. Gordy was still educating me about the many things I needed to know about the club. He covered such things as "The Rules of Engagement", as well as what was and wasn't allowed sexually with other club members. He also covered the inner workings of the club's political structure as well as some background information about each and every member. He also gave me a transcription of "The Crazy 8 Club Bylaws" and his personal copy of "The Crazy 8 Club Member's Handbook".

"Boy, there's a lot to learn for a junior member," I complained.

"Well, you've done pretty well so far, but I'm preparing you for more," Gordy pointed out. "You're older than any of the other juniors. Because of that, you may soon have an opportunity to serve as a club official. Even though we've really only scratched the surface, I'm going to need to teach you everything I know!"

"Fine," I said with reservation. "What's next?"

"Well, did you know that there are currently twelve different scenarios that are used for our club initiations," Gordy queried. "The one that we used for you is called the `Behind the Club Door' scenario based on the Mitchell Brothers film "Behind the Green Door" starring Marilyn Chambers."

"Is that an `X rated' movie," I asked, never having seen one before.

"Yeah, it's a porno all right, straight out of the seventies Golden Age of Porn," Gordy stated as if he had seen the film himself. "It's also one of the club's favorite scenarios. All our scenarios are based on famous scenes from movies like `Deep Throat'... `The Devil in Miss Jones'... `Debbie Does Dallas'... and `The Boys in the Sand' just to name a few."

"So, you're saying that my initiation was purposely based on the club's favorite scenario?" I said, looking right at Gordy. "Did you have anything to do with that?"

"Of course," Gordy answered with pride. "Nothing's too good for my new boyfriend."

"So why are you telling me all this?" I asked Gordy wondering if there was a point to it all.

"Well, one of our club Elders, Nathaniel is leaving us," Gordy continued. "We just found out that his dad is being transferred. Their family is in the process of moving out of the state. That means that we will be having another opening for a new junior club member. You'll get your chance to witness somebody else undergo their initiation ceremony. You'll also get to watch a different scenario than the one that you went through. I think you'll find that to be exciting and entertaining for both of us."

"Cool, I'm getting excited already," I told Gordy. "I'm so glad that you're my boyfriend now. I'm also thankful that the two of us are in the Crazy 8 Club together. Those are two of the best things that ever happened to me."

"And I am very thankful you're my boyfriend too," Gordy said looking right into my eyes. "I might have lost you as a friend that night if things had gone differently. I had to take that chance if I was going to make you mine. You were definitely worth the risk. You are also the best thing to happen to me since I joined the Crazy 8 Club myself."

We both reached out and hugged one another as a gesture of our affection, and a testament to the sincerity of our last two statements.

Now that I was a trusted and established member of our local Crazy 8 chapter and somewhat of a celebrity amongst the surrounding area, I was privy to all the secrets that had been hidden from me until now.


I learned that the place where I had my initiation was called Columbus Hall. It's one of the town's largest facilities and available to anyone who could afford the hourly rental fee. Every group in town had their meetings there including "The Lions Club", "The Rotary Club", and even "The Ladies Home Auxiliary".


I also learned that our regular Crazy 8 club meetings are held at Stuart Manor. It's a large secluded and privately owned estate on the edge of town. It's owned by a very rich retired gentleman who incidentally was the founder of the very first Crazy 8 Club in our little town many years ago. He graciously granted all three of our local chapters the exclusive rights to his huge guest house. His generosity has made it possible for our three respected rankings to have a reliable and discreet home base for meetings and exclusive club activities.


Chapter #11

A Political Vacancy Is Filled

In our club ranking, we currently have four political offices that handle all club business and keep it running smoothly. Robert is our club President, Wade, our Vice President and of course Gordy is club Treasurer. Nathaniel, until recently was club Secretary. Now that he had officially stepped down from office, that position would need to be filled immediately.

An election was held to address this need. With Nathaniel having stepped down and officially withdrawing from our rank, I had now become one of the four oldest members of our chapter. I became one of the next candidates to fill the position. Even so, that didn't guarantee the post would go to me. Never the less, the results of the election was a landslide. I got unanimously voted into office and became the new club Secretary. They also bestowed upon me the honorary title of club Elder. I was really working my way up the ladder and doing it very quickly. The Crazy 8 Club and my newfound relationship with Gordy had now become the two most important things in my life.

Gordy was previously the club Secretary for a year before he got promoted to Treasurer. His past experience as Secretary would prove to be invaluable to me. Some of the duties I was now in charge of as Club Secretary are as follows:

1) Scheduling events (Regular Club meetings, New Recruit Initiations, and Special Events).

2) Obtaining Permits, Reserving Facilities for Club Activities and Coordinating Fund Raisers.

3) Keeping Records of Legal Documents and Club Member Profiles along with other important papers.

4) Holding and protecting all the club photos and videos routinely taken during club activities.

5) Serving as custodian to the prop chest (Where all the props used for the scenarios were kept).

Additionally, the club wanted to move into electronic record keeping. This would mean that all documents and photos would have to be scanned and converted into computer files to keep down the amount of space it now required to store them all. The files could then be put on recordable CD's and DVD's and kept in a safe deposit box. The originals could then be destroyed to keep them from possibly falling into the wrong hands. The club was also negotiating the purchase of digital cameras. This would do away with the old Polaroids that had been used up to now. In the long run, aside from the initial expense of buying these new cameras, it would cut down on the rising cost of film, editing, processing, printing and storage.

Serving in this position should suite me well. For one thing, I'm a very organized person and two I'm pretty good with computers. Initially, it would be a lot of work putting this all together, but having the privilege of being in the Crazy 8 Club was worth the time and effort. Besides, Gordy offered to assist me in this arduous task which I eagerly accepted. The more time I could spend with Gordy the better!

Another one of the many benefits of being an officer and Elder was that I would be relieved from having to personally perform any more fund-raising duties. One of the many tasks of being Secretary was that I would arrange and coordinate these events but not have to spend my days working them. This was mainly the responsibility of the junior members and new recruits. With my new duties and responsibilities, my life was taking on a whole new direction. It had given me a renewed sense of purpose.

Chapter #12

Another Initiation Is Performed

The day had finally come to initiate our newest member into the club. I had the privilege of reserving Columbus Hall for our four hour event. Nearly everything was ready. Now that I was an Elder holding the position of Club Secretary, I was not going to just observe the proceedings this time but instead would be actively participating in it. I found I was feeling just as nervous for the new guy as I felt when it was me in the hot seat.

Once the hour of our rental agreement had come, we were officially on the clock. The facility was turned over to us. The doors were opened and everyone got busy getting everything ready. The prop mattresses were pulled out of the storage room. They were set up in the middle of the main hall and fitted with silk sheets. Next the three couches were then pulled out and set up around the bed. The eight new digital cameras were loaded with new batteries and then hidden amongst the couch cushions. The prop chest was lugged in from the truck outside and carried into the holding room.

The last remaining members of our club had arrived for the ceremony, less the four members who were off transporting our blindfolded guest. We were all assembled in the holding room where we waited to begin. Our new initiate was scheduled to arrive in less than ten minutes. We were discussing what scenario we were going to use today. We riffled through the prop chest to help us get some ideas. After some discussion and a little debate, we settled on `The Opening of Master Beethoven' based on the 1976 porn classic `The Opening of Misty Beethoven' starring Constance Money. The props needed for this scenario were simple. It required four fancy costume masks for the principal players, thirteen plain masks for the witnesses and a two-way wireless headset. This was going to be manned by our club President Robert who would be anonymously barking orders to our unwitting initiate. Robert had played this roll before and had become an export at turning everyone on with his sensuously erotic imagination and expert direction.

We now had finished making all the last minute stage preparations as well as coming to an agreement on today's scenario. We were just waiting now for the arrival of our guest of honor.

"Who is the new guy going to be?" I asked Gordy.

"I don't know," Gordy admitted. "All I know is that Wade recruited him.

"A friend of the Vice President himself," I exclaimed. "I wonder if they're lovers."

"No, that would be you and me," Gordy said with a wink.

At the other end of the parking lot, the transport team had arrived with the new initiate. They escorted him into the private waiting room around back and stripped him naked. The two escorts left the boy in Robert's capable hands.

Robert then picked up the headset that had been previously placed on the waiting room desk. He then carefully guided the naked blindfolded boy into the hall and sat him down on the bed that had been set up in the center of the room. Robert then removed his blindfold and instructed him to put on the headset, turn it on and wait for further instructions. Then Robert disappeared into the darkness leaving the boy alone on the bed.

The three man transportation team had now successfully delivered our recruit. Everyone was now in the holding room around the front of the building. We were all ready and waiting for the ceremony to begin. Robert was carrying the blindfold he had just removed from our guest. He tossed it into the prop chest that was still lying open on the floor.

Then Robert clapped his hands and addresses the room. "I take it by the headset, you all have decided on the `Master Beethoven' scenario?" Gordy held up the master headset and everyone nodded yes.

"Very good," Robert said accepting our choice. "Alright then, everyone listen up. Trent is all prepped and waiting in the arena. It's time to begin. Is everybody ready?"

A cacophony of "Yes" answers came from everyone in the room.

"All right junior 8'ers, get yourselves naked and hit the couches," Robert directed.

Twelve of the junior members disrobed. They put on their masks and lined up at the door. The thirteenth one, the youngest one put on his mask and white gloves and waited behind to play his role as the butler. When the last of them were ready, Wade turned on the spotlights to illuminate the arena.

Now the stage was set and we were ready to begin.

Chapter #13

An Unexpected Twist of Fate

The doors opened and the junior members entered the room single file, making their way to their seats. As the boys came into view of the new kid lying naked on the bed, they started whispering to each other.

"He's a God," One of them said, not really intending to speak out loud.

"Look at those muscles, he's huge," another commented.

"That cock looks too big for anyone to be able to suck on," said one of the younger ones staring at it in disbelief.

Robert had called our initiate by name. Trent, he called him. I knew a "Trent" that went to my school last year. He got transferred to another school across town for getting into too much trouble all the time. Could this be the same guy? The Trent I knew was a real prick, always getting into fights and calling everybody a fag who didn't have half the cheerleading squad hanging around them like he did. It was a shame too, because he was a very good looking guy, sexy and very well built, athletic and popular. No, it couldn't possibly be the same homophobic asshole I was thinking of.

Robert, Wade, Gordy and I undressed next, put on our masks and prepared to go out on stage as active participants in today's chosen scenario. Robert put on the master headset and prepared to position himself out of sight. He was going to control the proceedings by using the two-way wireless headset to relay instructions to our initiate.

"Are there any instructions we need to know before we go out there?" I asked Robert.

"No," Robert said grinning at me. "I'll be telling him exactly what I want him to do, and he, in turn will tell you what to do. Just do what he tells you to do, and enjoy yourself. Don't worry. I'm going to make sure he takes good care of all of you!"

Having said all that, he switched on his headset and disappeared into the darkness.

Wade, Gordy and I exited the waiting room next. As I waked out into the arena, I saw that it was in fact the same Trent I was thinking of. As I got closer, I discovered he was much more gorgeous than I had remembered. Seeing him naked reminded me of the times I used to imagine him that way in my mind, but seeing him right here and now, in the flesh was much more erotic. I felt my cock twitch and begin to grow hard. A feeling of embarrassment flashed through my body as I struggled to keep my composure.

The three of us were now standing in front of Trent, and a visual inspection took place between us as we checked each other out. Our young butler boy (who everyone knew as "Squeaky" because of the little noises he makes during sex) was the last to emerge from the holding room carrying the silver tray containing several bottles of lube, a bulk roll of condoms and a pile of clean, white towels. He handed me the tray and then took his seat on the couch with the others. Why Squeaky handed ME the tray was unknown, but one thing I came to understand about these things is, don't question it, just go with it.

Secluded and out of site, Robert delivered his first instructions to Trent, via the headset, which stirred him into action. As he followed Robert's directions, he took Wade first and laid him face up onto the bed. Next, he took Gordy and placed him face up on the opposite side of Wade. Trent came over to me next and took one bottle of lube and two condoms off the tray I was holding. He knelt down beside the two on the bed and coaxed them to move closer together so their cocks were touching each other. Robert ordered him to repeat the following statement to Wade and Gordy.

"Wake up boys!" Trent repeated dripping with sexual overtones. "It's time to rise and sunrise".

Having said that, he bent down and put both Wade and Gordy's semi erect cocks into his mouth at the same time and began to bring these two from softies to full blown stiffies. Once the two of them were firmed up, Trent applied a condom to each individual, rolling it on with the precision of a veteran sausage stuffer. He then coated each condom-lined penis with a generous amount of lube. Robert's drama was starting to take shape now. He ordered Trent to relay the next message.

"Don't you be going anywhere now," Trent ordered, "I'll be right back!"

Everything Trent was doing was being directed by Robert's years of erotic experience. Even though he was completely out of sight, he was able to control every nuance with impeccable accuracy.

Next, Trent went over to the boys on the couches and quickly scanned over everyone. He eyed Squeaky, went over to him and took him by his little white gloved hand and brought him around to the other side of Wade and Gordy.

"Do me a favor please lil' man, and keep these two guys busy," Trent said to Squeaky as he handed him the bottle of lube he was holding in his other hand. "I'll be right back."

Squeaky knelt down and quickly removed his little white butler gloves and liberally lubed up both hands and took a condom-lined cock in each one and joyously started pounding the shafts of his two club brothers. Squeaky was holding true to his name sake and started to squeak in delight of his enlisted task. Being the smallest member of the club, Squeaky didn't have many chances to play with his Elders, so he seized this opportunity with gusto.


Trent went back over to the couches again and selected two more boys, slightly older ones this time and had them stand with me. Trent positioned the three of us in a row in front of him with me in the center, the others standing shoulder high to me. Trent was directed to speak again. He turned to address Squeaky who was still enthralled with his two charges.


"Lube me up there lil' partner," Trent said to Squeaky as he bent over giving him his derriere.


Squeaky added more lube to his hands and proceeded to prepare Trent's backside for what was coming. He then poked a finger into Trent's accepting hole, and then slipped in a second, then a third. After a few minutes of that, Trent felt amply prepared and ready to continue.


"That's good enough lil' dude, you sure are hot for a half pint," Trent said winking at Squeaky. "Now, if you would please squeeze those two cocks together so I can get them both inside me."


Squeaky thought he had died and gone to heaven. He was so proud that Trent had chosen him for this duty. He was bound and determined to make Trent's request as effortless and painless as possible. Trent began to lower himself over Wade and Gordy's rock solid columns, and with a little help from Squeaky lining things up, both cocks simultaneously slid into Trent's chute almost too easily. The first wave of camera flashes went off as the witnesses began taking their first photos.



Chapter #14

Far From a Novice


Wade, Gordy and Trent all began moaning loudly. Wade and Gordy were getting into it because they were both able to feel each other's cocks join forces as they slid in and out of Trent's hot, tight tunnel as he bobbed up and down on them. As for Trent, he was experiencing two of the clubs most endowed members in him at once, stretching his stuffed hole to the limit.


Robert had directed Trent to take the last bottle of lube from the silver tray I had been holding all this time, and had Squeaky take the tray away. Trent then motioned to the three of us who had been standing in front of him to step closer.


"Come now my pretty boys," Trent said as he lured us in. "You look like you all need some love and attention."


The focus had shifted to the three of us now. My cock once again started to inflate in anticipation of what Trent was about to do. As I looked to each side of me, my two partners had grown stiff as well. Trent took the bottle of lube he had been holding and applied some to each hand and then placed the bottle down. He reached out to the two young boys standing next to me and started to stroke their waiting dicks. More moans were added to the growing number of voices that were swelling in ecstasy, and once again, more camera shutters clicked in a barrage of flashes.


I was now the last one of the main players to get any attention. I had worked myself up to a frenzy watching everything that had been happening around me while I patiently stood there waiting for my turn. My balls were aching and I could hardly stand it anymore. Just when I thought it was going to be my turn next, Trent called over to Squeaky. I could hear the faint sound of Robert's voice as it bleed through the earpiece of Trent's headset telling him what to say.


"Come on over here lil' dude," Trent echoed. "You could do me a big favor here."


Trent looked down at his giant oversized cock that was bobbing up and down as he continued to ride the double whammy of Wade and Gordy under him, indicating to Squeaky it was all his. The boy could hardly contain himself. His eyes bugged out and he grinned from ear to ear. He wasted no time attacking his target. I was still standing in front of Trent awaiting my turn when Squeaky came from behind me and pushed my legs apart so he could crawl under me to gain access to his prize. Squeaky could only get slightly more than just the head of Trent's cock into his little nine year old mouth. He was happy to be able to accomplish even that much. He used his two hands, which still had plenty of lube on them from earlier, to stimulate the rest of Trent's nine and a half inch shaft.


That was the last straw. I couldn't take it anymore. I had been standing there while everybody else was getting theirs. Even Squeaky was getting his turn. I was about to turn around and walk away when Trent leaned forward and whispered to me.


"I'm going to suck you like a ripe mango," Trent warned as my heart skipped a beat.


He then drew my pulsing hot dick into his mouth, sucking it in completely. I was pleasantly taken by surprise. In no time, I had forgotten all about the negative things I was thinking about and began to enjoy the glorious warmth of the soft inner lining of Trent's oral cavern.


Another round of camera flashes went off documenting the addition of the last participant to join the party. With all the flashing of the cameras going off, I realized I had my eyes closed. As I opened them, I looked around the room and saw that the couch boys were vigorously going at it too, jerking, sucking, and fucking in an all out orgy style free-for-all.


Robert had now successfully set the entire scenario into motion. His part as protagonist by proxy had come to its conclusion. The rest of the scenario would have to run its course under its own momentum. It had now taken on a life of its own. Robert then switched off his headset and came over to join the couch brigade. Everything that Trent did from here on would came from his own imagination. Robert had left the remainder of Trent's initiation on auto pilot.


My attention was redirected back to Trent as he made his next move on me.


"Ripe mango, part two," Trent said as I wondered what more he could possibly do to me.


He slipped my dick back into his mouth and a moment later, drew my left testicle in. Then with his tongue, he maneuvered it between his teeth and his right cheek. Then he drew in my right testicle and slid it over into his left cheek. My ball sack was stretched to the limit as each one of my balls had been separated as far away from each other as they could possibly be. My entire package was now completely engulfed inside Trent's mouth. Miraculously, he did this without using his hands because he was still busy stroking the other two boys who stood on each side of me. As I looked down at Trent, he reminded me of a chipmunk with its swollen cheeks, stuffed with enough nourishment to last the winter.


The boy to my right started breathing heavily and announced he was cuming, and a few seconds later, the boy on my left did the same. Trent increased his stroking speed and tightened his grip on the two causing them both to orgasm right then and there. The boy on my right dropped his load on Wade's chest just below him, and the boy on my left emptied his balls onto Gordy's chest. A flickering of flash bulbs went off like a room full of strobe lights, making the two boys shooting spree look like a cumshot of a porno, filmed in slow motion. The two boys had dropped a considerably large load of cream for being younger boys. Now that they were completely drained and out of breath, the two of them dropped to the floor to recover.


The entire room was bubbling over with a rising crescendo of passion. The sounds of moaning and heavy breathing filled the air, as did the sound of stroking cocks and pounding asses. Absolutely everyone was engaged in some kind of sexual activity with one another. Even Robert, who had just joined in on the festivities, had found himself a partner and began teasing him with his personal Trojan Vibrating Mini Massager. An atmosphere of erotic tension had permeated the room.


Trent's hands were now free, having finished off the two boys he was stroking. He wrapped both arms around me and squeezed me close to him. I was unable to move. He had me locked into what I might call a sex grip. With my cock and balls still being held hostage, he used his tongue and jaw muscles to swirl my cock and balls around the inside of his mouth like the agitating cycle of a Maytag washing machine. The incredible stimulation of this action on my cock, in addition to the slight pain caused by the gentle squeezing of my balls against his cheeks created an orgasmic mixture of wild sensations. I could only wonder where he had learned to do this. Trent was demonstrating to me personally, that he was far from a novice.



Chapter #15

Too Real To Be Denied


Then, just when I thought it couldn't get any getter than this, Trent unexpectedly slipped a finger into my back chute. He slid it in far enough to locate my prostate. He zeroed in on it with all the expertise of a medical specialist. With just the smallest bit of effort, he coaxed it into releasing a volley of pre-cum into his mouth. I gasped from the spike of pleasure that shot through me. He continued to push on it more vigorously now, like it was the button of an elevator sending me straight to the top floor. I was unable to hold out any longer. My body started to tremble and my balls began to pull, but there was nowhere for them to go. My cock swelled up as my tidal wave of semen accelerated to the shore like an ocean bearing tsunami. I was going to tell Trent I was cuming, but he instinctively knew and gripped me even harder than before. I felt like I was strapped to a table and helpless to do anything about it. He was going to take my load from me, willing or not. I felt the inevitability of my approaching orgasm. I gave in to my captor, allowing myself to surrender.


With what seamed like every muscle in my body, I drove my hot, steaming load directly down Trent's throat, not even giving him the chance to taste it. I unintentionally released a considerably loud gasp of ecstasy. Wave after wave of my thick heavy boy cream gushed forth like a fire hose dousing a three alarm fire. My orgasm was so intense that I found it difficult to catch my breath. My consciousness briefly left my body like I had momentarily died. I snapped back feeling my legs give way beneath me. I dropped to my knees, falling on top of poor Squeaky, scaring the wee little imp silly. A very small spattering of pictures had been taken, mostly because every body was too preoccupied with their own fantasies. The activities in the room reached a fever pitch. Slowly, I began to come to my senses, realizing were I was and what I was doing.


"Sorry about that Skeeter," I said warmly using Squeaky's real name.


Trent lifted up the poor boy from under me and kissed him on the forehead.


"You are just fantastic lil' man," Trent told Squeaky. "I just love you man. Thanks for doing me so good. You go and take yourself a break now."


Squeaky walked away on cloud nine feeling proud that Trent had included him in such an intimate way, in a way that no one else ever had done before. As Squeaky made his way to the couch, Robert called him over to sit with him. Robert knew Squeaky hadn't gotten his reward yet, so he took it upon himself to take care of the little dynamo's needs. What Robert didn't know and was about to find out, was that Squeaky had now become a cock sucking force to be reckoned with.


Now that I had sufficiently recovered from my own experience, I found myself kneeling just inches away from Trent, watching him continue to body slam Wade and Gordy's poles, his cock bouncing up and down with the rhythm of his humping. Trent was enjoying his own form of out-of-body experience as he rode the crest of his very first anal orgasm. Trent was imprinting this new, one of a kind sensation into his memory. Trent would forever remember this feeling that was being perpetuated by the combined manhood of Wade and Gordy's pumping rods. Their enlarged cocks had been slowly swelling up inside him, putting more and more pressure on his abundantly stimulated prostate.


I wanted to take advantage of the heightened trance that Trent was under and treat him to a mind blowing penile orgasm to go along with the anal orgasm he was currently in the throws of. The sounds coming from Trent weren't the ordinary moans and groans. This was very different, like it wasn't him at all. Trent was breathing heavy and making a low pitched growling sound like a grizzly bear. I watched Trent's column of manhood swinging freely up and down, drawing me to it like a moth to a flame.


Now was my opportunity to return the favor for the gift Trent had given me. I drew Trent's cock into my mouth in a similar way he had done for me. Squeaky had done a good job bringing Trent along this far, but he was under my control now. Unlike Squeaky, I was able to take in the vast majority of Trent's ridged cock, creating a much more intense sensation catapulting him over the edge. The head of Trent's cock started to swell and pulsate indicating the onslaught of his molten lava, bubbling to the surface, heading for an eruption. As I overpowered Trent's ability to hold off the inevitable, he gave up the struggle and allowed a magnitude seven earthquake to overtake his body.


As Trent climaxed, every muscle in his body stiffened. The bodily signals I was interpreting, told me that the time was right. With all the precision of the atomic clock, I synchronized the release of my pressure-hold, to coincide with Trent's countdown to liftoff. The floodgates had opened and Trent's first wave of man cream blasted past my tongue and coated the inner lining of my throat.


The initial taste of Trent's man seed triggered an instant reaction in me. My subconscious had received a hidden message, like a computer file that was embedded in the lines of its software program. Something was awakened in me like a sleeper agent being activated. I suddenly felt differently towards Trent now. I had gained an intimate understanding of him and felt a new connection was established. There was no explanation as to how I could have gotten all this from one swallow of Trent's semen. It was vastly different from that of Gordy or any number of other new partners I have had since I joined the Crazy 8 Club. What had just happened to me made no sense. Maybe I imagined it all, but the effect was too real to be denied. All this unspoken information had transpired in a split second. Trent shot his second blast of semen into my mouth and I was slapped back to reality. I tried to shake off this feeling and focus back on what was happening right here and now.


The same muscle contractions that catapulted Trent's semen into my mouth were the same ones gripping Wade and Gordy's pumping power drills below, squeezing their tightly packed penises like a can of sardines.


He tried in vain to hide the convulsions that were gripping him as I unwittingly assisted him in achieving an extraordinarily rare FBO. A "Full Body Orgasm", a combination of an anal and penile orgasm that overtakes the senses from head to toe. The greatest single experience a man can achieve and live to tell about it.

Chapter #16

The Race Was On


As soon as I relinquished possession of Trent's cock, he collapsed onto the bed and rolled off of Wade and Gordy. A few more snapshots were taken of us, capturing Trent's finale. Flashes were starting to go off randomly everywhere now as our audience on the couches started documenting themselves cuming.

As Trent was taking a few moments to recover, we both sat and watched the couch brigade. One by one, they started shooting their loads wildly in every direction. As the last of them drained their dicks of every last drop of sweet boy juice, Trent and I looked at each other. Without saying a word, we instantly knew what we were going to do next. Trent went over to Wade and I went over to Gordy and we both simultaneously ripped the condoms of our charges. We passed the bottle of lube between us and got down to business. Trent gripped Wade's cock and I gripped Gordy's and the race was on to see which one of us could make our guy cum first. We had been drawing so much attention to ourselves now that the entire room was watching the four of us with great anticipation. We were totally emerged in our grand finale performance. Everybody readied their cameras as our two last players were about to shoot off their own personal fireworks display. Both Wade and Gordy were breathing so heavily now, that they sounded like they were about to hyperventilate.

"Oh my God, I'm cuming," Gordy called out as he arched his back.

"Oh shit, here it comes," Wade said with an equal sense of urgency.

Trent and I doubled our efforts, stroking even faster and squeezing harder than before. Then without further warning, both our mates fired their rockets over three feet into the air. There wasn't a camera in the room that wasn't flashing away like a celebrity press conference on the red carpet. Wave after wave of hot sperm-rich projectiles alternated between Wade and Gordy until both of them had exhausted their seemingly endless display of manhood, leaving the two of them reeling from their orgasmic delight.

"Who shot it first?" I asked. "I couldn't tell who it was."

"Me neither," Trent confessed. "It's going to have to be a photo finish."

Everybody in the room laughed knowing that someone was holding the camera containing the proof even though it didn't really matter any more. Another memorable initiation had come to a successful conclusion. After everyone had a few moments to recover and reflect on the events of today's ritual, Wade escorted Trent back to the waiting room so the club can discuss and vote on the status of his eligibility.


Chapter #17

Judging the Pros and Cons

When Wade returned, he had left Trent alone in the waiting room. All the rest of us adjourned to the holding room at the opposite side of the hall and Robert called our meeting to order.

"We will now here petitions and arguments for and against the induction of today's initiate, Trent Norton Travis," Robert stated as Honorable Judge Pro Tem.

I raised my hand to speak.

"The floor recognizes Nicholas Harris," our judge stated.

"I think he would be a great asset to our club," I said. "I vote in favor of membership!"

Gordy raised his hand.

"The floor recognizes Gordon Elliott," he replied.

"I think he's too old," Gordy said. "He'll have to age out in less than a year! It's a lot of work for us to train and educate someone for such a short return on our investment. I vote against membership!"

Squeaky raised his hand.

Robert turned to Squeaky with a surprised look on his face and said, "The floor recognizes Skeeter Davis."

"I like him, I think he's nice," Skeeter said defending his new idol, "and his dick is really nice too!"

Everybody laughed at Squeaky's last statement. Squeaky felt slighted and a little bit embarrassed as he glared at everyone. He had never spoken up like this before so Trent must have made a deep impression on him.

"It's okay Skeet," Robert said, "I agree with you." Then he lowered his voice a little and said "Especially the part about his dick!"

Everyone laughed again.

"Are there anymore arguments before we pass out the ballots?" Robert asked.

Chad Grayden raised his hand. (Chad is the club's designated driver and escort).

"I think he's a bit too aggressive and way too experienced for most of our younger members. Remember, it's our responsibility to protect all of our members young and old!" Chad offered.

No one really had anything to say about that.

"Does anybody have any additional issues to raise then before we continue?" Robert said as he scanned the room for any last additional comments. After seeing that there were no further offerings, he continued. "I believe we witnessed Trent experience a Full Body Orgasm during his initiation. I think most of you missed that simply because it's not as easy to recognize as an HFO, which we all witnessed Nico do recently at his initiation. If Trent, in fact did have an FBO, he would definitely have something valuable to teach each and every one of us."

"So now that you have heard the arguments both for and against, please take a moment to make your decision before we put it to a vote," Robert concluded.

We took this time to reflect on the ritual we had just witnessed. The time had come for us to make our choice on how we would vote. Wade was then directed to pass out the makeshift ballots and pencils to all in attendance.

While we did this, Chad went back out to the bed at center stage and removed the soiled sheets from the bed and replaced them with a clean satin lined comforter. Once that was completed, he returned to the holding room and filled out his own ballot before turning it in with the others. In a matter of seconds, the vote was counted and the results revealed.

Out of seventeen current members, fourteen voted yes and three voted no. The club requires a sixty-five percent margin for a motion to be carried. Twelve out of seventeen votes is a little over seventy percent. The motion was then carried and Trent would now be our newest member. This would bring our club membership back up to the proper ranking of eighteen.


Now that the political aspect of the initiation procedure was complete, there was one more ritual that needed to be performed. Wade was sent to the waiting room to retrieve his friend and bring him back to the bed at center stage. Trent stood with his sponsor and waited for the others to return with the verdict.


As he stood there, a nervous band of sweat accumulated across his forehead. Trent was beginning to understand just how much he really wanted and needed this. He felt that this opportunity could literally save his life. He had been fighting a loosing battle with himself as he tried to conceal his sexual identity from people at school, his parents and basically the rest of the world. The self conflict he was suffering from manifested itself in the form of outward violence. He would lash out at anyone who even suspected his secret. He felt that as a Crazy 8 member he could have an outlet to relieve his pent up frustrations and satisfy his sexual appetite all at the same time.


From across the room the doors opened and the line of naked boys re-entered the room single file. They all took positions around the bed and formed a circle around the two. Robert was the last to approach them and stood directly in front of Wade and Trent.


Wade broke the silence and officially introduced his charge.


"Trent, this is Elder Robert. He is our Chapter President. Elder Robert, this is my very good friend Trent Norton Travis. I hereby request membership on his behalf."

"Do you vouch for him?" Elder Robert questioned.

"I do," he answered proudly.


Elder Robert then turned to address Trent. "Trent Norton Travis, you have demonstrated to us to be a very unique individual. Even though you have won your right to be inducted into our chapter of the Crazy 8 Club with a seventy percent vote, we still have some reservations about certain issues we observed during your initiation. Therefore, you will enjoy a limited membership status for a probational period of thirty days while we evaluate these issues further. Wade, who will continue to be your sponsor during this time, will be responsible for educating you and helping you to upgrade your status from a limited trial period to a member in good standing.


"Thank you," Trent said. "I know I can earn your trust and overcome the issues you have with me. I'm grateful that you're giving me this opportunity to prove myself. I won't let you down. I promise!"


Trent didn't seem to have the same confidence he was displaying earlier. He didn't want to mess up this opportunity by appearing too cocky.


"Now," Robert began, "by way of welcoming you to "Pythagoras", the official name of our ranking, you are obliged to fulfill this next ritual to officially complete your initiation. Upon a new member's acceptance into the Crazy 8 Club, he is required to introduce himself by sucking, swallowing and licking the assholes of all present. All the while, being photographed with each member and then thanking each member for the honor of tonguing their buttholes."

"Okay," Trent said with a look of trepidation, "I was told to expect this. I guess I'm ready than."


Just like a trooper, Trent got on all fours and introduced himself to each member. He worked his way around the circle of boys that stood naked surrounding the bed. He took great care in memorizing the name of each new brother as he gave each one a single swift tongue swipe across their butt while having his picture taken with them. He then thanked each new club brother for the honor of being added to their family.


After we had all been properly introduced, Robert declared today's initiation officially closed. Trent felt very proud of himself and happy with the way things had worked out. Even though he was on probation, he knew he could deal with that. He was also determined to improve his status to full member in good standing with a little hard work and some help from Wade.

Chapter #18

Falling In Love

Before everyone would eventually get dressed and go their separate ways, we all hung around naked a bit longer and did some socializing. Many of the guys wanted to welcome their new brother to the club in a more casual way and take some time to check him out more fully before leaving. I personally wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate Trent for the great job he did on his initiation as well as to thank him for the great job he did on me in particular. I waited until he was finally standing alone and went over to talk to him.

"Hey Trent," I said getting his attention, "You met a lot of new guys today so I don't know if you remember me? I'm Nico and I wanted to thank you personally for one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had in my life."

"It was my pleasure," Trent told me. "I've always wanted to do that to you!"

"What do you mean, always?" I answered back, wondering what he meant by that.

"I didn't recognize you at first with your mask on, but once I got closer to you I remembered you from my old school. That is, before I got transferred out last year. I had such a crush on you then."

"Me?" I said in a state of shock. "I didn't think you even knew I existed. And frankly, I was always a bit afraid of you. I thought you were one tough mean son-of-a-bitch!"

I froze for a second as I realized what I just said must have sounded like. "Sorry, I didn't mean it like that."

"Its OK, you're right, I WAS one tough mean son-of-a-bitch!" Trent stated as a matter of fact. "Being gay has been one hell of a tough secret for me to have to keep. That's why I was in so much trouble all the time. I had a reputation to uphold, but at the same time I was feeling conflicted. I guess that's how I dealt with it. It's different now and I'm trying to do better. My dad says that if I get kicked out of one more district, he's going to ship me off to some military school. I'm hoping that getting into this Crazy 8 Club will ease my frustrations. Besides, there are a lot of really hot guys here I'd like to get to know better. After today, I'm not going to be shy about getting to know any of them. I think I'll start out by finding out who is already in a relationship before I accidentally come between anyone and cause any trouble. How about you? Are you in a relationship?"

"Yeah, Gordy and I are steadies," I told him.

"Really, well that's awesome," Trent said flashing me a big smile. "Gordy is a great guy." Then he leaned closer to me and whispered something in my ear. "But if that should ever change, let me know. I think you're really hot and I'd love to date you!"

And with that, Trent gave me a wink and a swift slap on the ass as he walked away. I popped the biggest, hardest, and fastest boner of my young life. This was totally unexpected and took me completely by surprise. I felt my ears get hot and my tongue get dry. I felt a little lightheaded for a moment. All the events that had transpired so far today had led me to realize that I was falling in love with this guy. Then I noticed that Gordy had been watching the two of us all this time from across the room as he was getting dressed. He had watched my cock react to Trent's attentions. That's when I saw the hurt look on Gordy's face as he turned around and walked away.


End of Part Two.