Nico and Gordy's Crazy 8 Club Adventures

Part #4



Chapter #25

An Informative Shower


As I went in the bathroom, there was someone already using the shower.

"Oh, I'm sorry," I said, "I didn't know anyone was in here."

"Are you just here for a shower?" the voice asked. I recognized that voice. It was Robert.

"Yeah, just a quick one," I answered.

"Come on in with me," he said as he turned the water back on, "There's enough room in here for six people."

I almost said `no' seeing that there were eleven other showers on this floor. I thought about it a moment and asked myself why not. We're in the middle of an orgy where opportunities like this shouldn't be pasted up, so I decided to go for it. I opened the shower doors, stepped in and closed the doors behind me. Robert was right. There was ample room for both of us and more in here. There were six sets of shower heads, each equipped with adjustable water massagers. It was well stocked with all kinds of soaps, shampoos and body wash dispensers in a variety of fragrances. There was also an array of exfoliating pads, washcloths and towels.

"So, how are you liking our little party so far Nico?" he asked.

"I really love it so far," I told him, "I've already tried something new and made some new friends."

"Turn around," Robert said. I did what I was told and turned around. He continued talking to me as started washing my back. "So, tell me about this new thing you just tried."

"Gordy hooked me up with The Cum Protector," I told him.

"Bend over," Robert said. Again I did what I was told and bent over. He began washing my ass and was being very thorough about it. "Ah yes, The Cum Protector on the ErosTek, I know it well. What did you think of that?"

"It's was pretty fuckin' awesome," I said.

"Stand up now," he said as he continued washing my buttocks and thighs as he worked his way down. "How high of a setting did you get to before you started begging them to let you cum?"

"I got to number eight," I informed him.

"Number eight, are you sure?" he asked me.

"Oh I'm positive, you can even ask Gordy, he was controlling it all," I informed him.

"I believe you," Robert assured me, "It's just that I've never made it past level seven myself. You're more of a man than I am."

Luckily I was turned away from Robert as I immediately turned red from embarrassment. Robert was my role model. He was older than me and stronger than me. He was the President of our ranking and an exemplary leader. Hearing him make this comment about me made me feel more naked and exposed than I already was.

"Yeah, that thing can really kick your ass man" I said. Robert let out a giggle and then smiled at me.

"I really like you Nico. You're one fine young man," Robert said as he moved up and started washing the back of my neck, shoulders and arms. "I've been impressed with you from the very first day we met. Over the past few months you've consistently continued to impress me. You're also one hot little stud too!"

"Gee thanks," I said feeling even more exposed and embarrassed than before, "Why are you telling me all this now?"

"Because my birthday is coming up soon," he sighed.

"O k a y," I said slowly.

"I don't think you get it," Robert indicated, "I'm going to be turning eighteen. I'll be ageing out! So I want you to induct the next new member who will fill the opening when I leave. I want you to find someone younger than yourself who has a bright future, strong personality, solid moral fiber and a sense of fair play. Then I want you and Gordy to teach him the ways of the club. Nurture him and guide him so he could become one of our future leaders the way we have done with you. The continued success of the club is dependent on strong individuals like you who will carry on the traditions into the future and keep the Crazy 8 Club alive."

Robert's words reminded me of the speech Mr. Stuart had made at the beginning of the party and their impact was finally starting to sink in.

Face me now," Robert instructed. I turned back around to face him and he continued washing the front of me beginning with my legs and then slowly working his way back up.

"Wow," I said, "That sounds like a major challenge but I'll do as you asked."

"I knew I could count on you!" he attested. "You, Wade and Gordy will make fine leaders after I'm gone. I'm just trying to look beyond the immediate future. I don't think Trent will make a good leader. I don't think he can make the right choices for the club. I've had my misgivings about him from the start. I need for you to make sure that you keep him in line. I know you and Gordy are tight, but I've also seen you and Trent. You have more influence over him than you realize."

"I'll try not to let you down," I said. Then I tried to change the subject before that last topic had me agreeing to anything more than I already had. "So what have you been doing today?"

"Spread your legs please," Robert instructed. I spread my legs and he continued washing my upper thighs. "What have I been doing? I just fucked the shit out of their President, literally!"

"No shit!" I said being both surprised and proud of my Idol. "Man, you've got balls. And I know because I can see them from here." Robert gave me a smile as he started washing my cock and balls now and once again he was being very thorough about it.

"Yeah," Robert said, "That guy's got one hell of a hot man pussy." Robert had made his way to my chest now and discovered my display of cum dried handiwork.

"Wow, you've been a busy boy today," he said.

"If you can believe it, this came from five guys," I told him with pride, "But most of it came from me!"

"I believe it! I've seen you cum man. You're one hell of a super shooter," he said as he finished cleaning me head to toe. "Would you like a shampoo now?"

"No," I said, "I'm good. Can I help you out washing your back or something?"

"No," he said, "I was already done when you came in. I just wanted to have a private chat with you and spend a little time alone."

"I'm glad you did and I really enjoyed it too," I said. "Thanks for the body wash."

"Hey, no problem," he answered. "Now don't forget what we talked about, okay?"

"Trust me, you've given me a lot to think about. I won't forget!" I assured him.

Robert turned off the shower and we both dried off and went our separate ways. As I walked down the hallway towards the stairs I realized how lucky I was to have joined Robert in the shower. I reflected on how much I had enjoyed that simple experience. I was saddened to know that Robert would be leaving us shortly, but I was also thrilled to know that more changes were happening in the club and I was going to be a major part of it.

Chapter #26

Hailing From California

As I was passing by each bedroom I glanced in to see what was going on. Unlike the school locker rooms where I didn't want to get caught starring at anyone, here I was able to check out whoever I wanted for as long as I wanted without suffering the negative consequences. Besides, it was part of my duties as a club official to check on my younger club brothers.

That's when I came upon Skeeter. He and his new friend were lying on the bed next to each other. I didn't quite know what it was they were doing so I thought I'd better check on them.

"Hey Skeeter," I said as I walked into the room and sat down on the bed next to the two of them, "Who's your friend?"

"This is Kyle," he answered, "Kyle is a club brother visiting from California. Kyle, this is Nico. He's the Secretary of our club and a very good friend of mine."

Kyle then flashed me the secret hailing sign and I returned the hail in acknowledgment.

** `The Secret Crazy 8 Club Hailing Sign' is used everywhere that a club exists to announce to other members that one is a visitor seeking acceptance. The Hailing Sign is made by bringing the hands together so the tented fingertips of each hand meet the tips of the corresponding fingers of the other hand. The thumbs likewise touch, forming an open fanned triangle. This is meant to represent the intention of the user to touch every erogenous zone on the bodies of all he might be partnered with.

Now that we had acknowledged each other, I continued.

"What is this thing?" I inquired.

"It's a Hyperemiator," Skeeter stated.

"A hyper what?" I asked.

"A vacuum pump," he clarified, "You know, a penis enlarger. Dr. Joel Kaplan's Digi-Pump 4000 penis enlargement system to be exact." He said pointing to the machine sitting on the night stand beside the bed.

As I observed them, I noticed they each had their cocks inside a clear acrylic cylinder. Skeeter was using a cylinder approximately nine inches long and about one and three quarter inches around. Kyle's was the same length but more like two and one quarter inches around. These cylinders were attached to air hoses that joined at a splitter. The splitter was then connected to the motorized pump itself. The pump had a digital readout displaying the pressure reading and the routine setting.

"Do you want to join us? Skeeter asked, sounding hopeful. "I'm using stage one, the smallest one. Kyle's using stage two, the next size up. We have a stage three here you could use. It's a little bigger than the ones were using, but I'm sure you could fill it nicely."

"You guys don't need to do any penis pumping," I assured them, "Your dicks are the perfect size for your age and body development."

"That's not why we do it," he explained.

"Okay," I asked, "Why do you do it then?"

"We pump up for about thirty minutes," he began. "As it makes our cocks grow bigger and fatter, it creates more space between nerve endings, separating them from each other. This not only makes us feel sexier, but it also makes our dicks super sensitive. Then when we sixty-nine later, it feels really incredible. You should try it with us!"

"Maybe I'll come back later," I informed them. "Right now, I'm on my way downstairs."

"See you later then," Kyle said waving to me as I walked out the door.

I was beginning to feel like everybody knew more about sex than I did. Even my little Skeeter seemed to know more than me about a great many things. At least I was learning, but if I was going to work my way up the ladder and become a leader in the future, I was going to have to learn a lot more.

As I continued my trek to the kitchen, I checked out the remaining bedrooms. There were so many things of interest happening in every room, there just wasn't enough of me to go around. I made my way downstairs and saw even more incredible things there.

The group over at the fireplace had grown from five to eleven. They were recreating an old sixties style love-in. There were bodies everywhere in a swirling mass of flesh, loving and fondling each other and doing anything and everything imaginable. This was by far the most erotic sight I had ever witnessed.

I stood there and observed this incredible sight for a while until my thirst compelled me into the kitchen. There was even more activities happening here. As I grabbed myself a bottle of water from the fridge I wondered where it was I would end up next. I wondered around the remainder of the house exploring the many rooms I hadn't discovered yet, investigating all the imaginative activities taking place in each area.

Chapter #27

Factoring In the Trent Equation

As I went from room to room, I felt an undeniable twitch in my cock. It seemed to come out of nowhere. At first I ignored it thinking it was due to all the action I had been observing. Other than that, I had no explanation for it. I wasn't witnessing anything unusual at that particular moment. Without warning, my cock twitched again and this time it started to grow into a full erection. I wondered what was going on and why this was happening to me. Then the answer came as I experienced a moment of clarity. It was someone nearby who had walked up behind me, reached around to cover my eyes.

"Guess who?" came a disguised voice.

I didn't need to guess, I knew exactly who it was. It was Trent. It was apparent to me now that Trent's body was emitting a high level of pheromones that I was particularly susceptible to. That's the only conclusion I could come to that would explain why my body had reacted to him before I was even aware of his presence. Now that I had the answer to the problem I was having with Trent, I figured I could logically find a solution. However, just being aware of the problem was not enough to overcome it.

It was all about chemicals. All of our bodily functions are controlled by chemicals. It just so happens that these chemicals in particular, the ones that control love and lust are extremely powerful ones.

"Trent," I said as I pulled his hands off of my eyes and turned around to look at him.

As I beheld him, my heart started racing. He was so hot. And why wouldn't I think he was hot? He was, after all an extremely well hung, sexy and good looking guy. I started feeling warm and tingly all over. Then it struck me, I think I must really be in love with this guy.

"Come on" Trent said to me. "Let's go have some fun together."

Was I really in love, or was it just chemicals? I was really confused now. I thought I knew the difference earlier, but now that it's happening to me, I'm not so sure anymore. It feels completely real to me. Now that I think about it, I remember him having this effect on me before.

Trent took me by the hand and he whisked the two of us off to one of the empty bedrooms upstairs to make out like a junior high school couple hiding under the bleachers. I was falling deeper under his spell as I allowed myself to be swept off my feet. I had forgotten all about getting back to Gordy. I had forgotten about my promise to possibly go back and join Skeeter and Kyle. I had forgotten about all the other groups along the way I wanted to join in on. It now seemed that Trent's body was the only thing on my mind. A battle was now raging inside me and I knew that what I was about to do with Trent was wrong. However, it now seemed I was about to do it anyway.

Infidelity, unfaithfulness, disloyalty and betrayal are all long time enemies of the human condition. I've always believed these transgressions were utterly contemptible. And now, they had found their way into my life uninvited.

These hormones that were dictating my actions and clouding my better judgment were overtaking me like a virus invading the body. Once the symptoms emerge and you realize you caught it, it's already too late. This generally means that a lengthy internal battle wages on until one or the other wins out. Well, I just realized I had caught the `Trent Virus' and I had better begin the fight before it takes a stronger hold on me than it already had.

Trent and I sat next to each other on the bed. He pulled me closer to him and he began to kiss me. He was such a great kisser too. I almost lost myself in the moment when, somehow I reached deep inside myself and found the strength to stop him. I pulled myself away from him in an attempt to gather my thoughts.

"What's the matter?" he asked.

"I can't do this," I said.

"You can't do what?" he responded.

"I can't do this to Gordy," I said.

"What does Gordy have to do with us?" he said sounding annoyed.

"Gordy's my boyfriend," I informed him, "I feel like I would be cheating on him. I can't do that!"

"You can't or you won't?" he scoffed.

"What does that even mean?" I countered.

"He's not here right now," he said, "And he never needs to know." Trent pulled me closer to him again and attempted to resume kissing me. I pulled away from him again and let him know exactly how I felt about his remark.

"Maybe Gordy will never know," I said, "But I will!"

"So what!" he said dryly, "Forget about him, he can't satisfy you like I can! I can be a better boyfriend and lover to you than he can. I've got more to offer you than he ever could. Your dick is hard for me right now. It calls to me. I want you, and I know you want me. I can see it in your eyes."

"No, you're wrong," I said strongly.

"Your mouth is saying `No' but your cock is saying `Yes, Yes, Yes,'" he said and once again he pulled me toward him and started forcing himself on me.

Even though we were in the same grade, Trent was a year older than me because he had been held back a year in school. He was also bigger and stronger than me and a bit too intimidating. I literally had to forcibly push him away this time.

"Stop," I yelled.

"What the fuck's wrong with you," he snarled as he pushed me away like some unwanted object. "I thought you wanted me man!"

"I do, I mean I did," I snapped back.

"Did?" he questioned, "What the hell do you mean by that?"

"With everybody here at this party today, I was perfectly ready to enjoy sex with all my friends, especially with you!" I explained. "After all, that's the reason we're all here in the Crazy 8's together. I've been thinking about you a lot lately and I've been looking forward to spending some time with you toady. But that's not what you're doing! You weren't just looking to have some fun with a friend. You were intentionally trying to come between me and Gordy even though you know we have an exclusive relationship together. Then you tried to force the issue by forcing yourself on me. You can't do that kind of shit here!"

"Who the fuck do you think you are telling me what I can and can't do?" he huffed.

"I'm an officer and an elder of this club and I can have your ass kicked out of here in a minute!" I said to him staring him right in the eyes. "What you're doing here is wrong and I won't let you get away with it!"

I thought for a minute that I was going to end up in a physical altercation with Trent and I was probably going to get my ass kicked. I stared at him and he stared at me for what seemed like an eternity. Then unexpectedly, a smile crept across Trent's face.

"You've got integrity," he said to me, "I like that. Not many people I've ever known have stood up to me like that. I know I can be a little pushy at times. It's just that I'm so used to getting my way because most people just don't try to stop me. I hope you don't hate me now?"

Boy, was Robert ever right about me needing to keep Trent in line. He was also right about me having more power over Trent than I realized. Maybe Trent had changed a little bit after all. He wasn't a bad guy, he was just misguided. Now that I had gained his respect, maybe I could be a positive influence on his future, at least where the Crazy 8 Club was concerned.

"I don't think I could ever hate you," I said with all honesty, "And I do want to have fun with you as friends, on that level, as long as you agree that's all it will ever be."

"I agree," he said, "I'm sorry I did that to you. I'm glad it didn't ruin our friendship. Maybe we can still do something together later. You know, you me and Gordy!"

"That sounds great," I told him, "I'd like that and I think Gordy would too."

"For now, there's a hot little number from the other club I've had my eye on all day," he said getting excited again. "Don't worry, it will be just as friends, okay?"

"Okay," I said with a chuckle as Trent flew out the door.

I'm very thankful that my confrontation with Trent had not come to blows. I've seen Trent fight once at school and I knew I wouldn't be much of a match for him. However, the adrenaline rush I experienced during our exchange brought on another kind of chemical change within me. My susceptibility to Trent's pheromones was not just localized outside my body perceived by my olfactory senses. It had also been internalized when I first tasted Trent's sweet boy juice and went soaring, body and soul into another world. When my heart began to pump adrenaline, it altered the chemical connection inside of me from one of sexual attraction to one of advisory. I believe this is also evident in nature. This process allows the rejection of a potential mate to change their behavior to make it possible to be able to move on to another individual instead of continuing to pursue an unwilling partner. In essence, I was over Trent. Now, I will be in control of myself instead of being at the mercy of my hormones. Despite the intelligence and intellect that we humans have developed over countless millennium, we are still strongly bound and controlled by these ancient primitive drives and instincts.

Just then Gordy came walking out of the bathroom.

"Oh my God," I gasped, "How long have you been in there?"

"I had just stepped out of the shower when the two of you came into the room," Gordy informed me, "I stayed out of sight, ready to catch you and Trent in the act."

"I didn't do anything," I started to explain, "Honest!"

"I know," he said, "I heard the whole thing. I heard you tell him `No'. I heard you stand up to him, and I also heard you protect our relationship. Then I heard him badmouth you and I was ready to come out and help you kick his ass, as if you even needed my help. As I look at you, I could tell that your balls have grown at least two sizes bigger today and I love you even more now, if that's possible. You're my real life hero, you stud!"

"You're just saying that because I'm your boyfriend," I told him.

"No," he said, "I was really impressed with you. You've really grown and matured in the last couple of months. The President and Vice President have both been watching you closely as well. Their time as club leaders is soon coming to an end. Wade's time is ending in a few months and Robert's time is ending much sooner. They both want to be sure that the club will be left in good hands."

"Yeah, Robert talked to me a little bit about that today," I revealed, "But he didn't tell me about Wade!"

"Well, he probably didn't want to burden you with too much information all at once," he guessed, "But the future of our ranking will soon be in our hands. You and I are the future now and I can't think of anybody I'd rather share the responsibility with than you!"

"I feel the same way," I said.

"Come on," he said, "We still have time for some more fun before our `Fuckin Awesome Orgy' is over."

"Yeah" I said mimicking our earlier chanting. "Fuckin' awesome orgy... fuckin' awesome orgy."

Chapter #28

The Warm Blanket of Contentment

We made our way down the hallway and looked into each room as we passed by. In the first room we saw Robert fucking Fabian, the other club's President again and Fabian was fucking Chad, while Wade was sucking off Chad. Fabian, the man in the middle has the toughest role of matching the rhythm of his two partners. He seemed to master the delicate balance of such a maneuver. I gained a deeper appreciation for Fabian as he demonstrated his skill with climactic results. Gordy and I felt that the four of them were pretty well locked-in with what they were doing, so we proceeded to the next bedroom.

"Boy, that was some hot action going on in there," I told Gordy.

"Yeah, It's going to make a great memory to jack-off to later," he confessed.

In the pump room, three new guys were now sitting side by side at the head of the bed using the penis pump. These three were the youngest members from the other club. As these boys allowed their cocks to fill the chambers of their respected cylinders, they reached across to each other and fondled each others balls. The penis pump machine seemed to be a favorite among the younger boys. I think that maybe pumping up helps the smaller ones feel more grown up. Their enlarged cocks help them feel more comfortable next to their more endowed brothers. Skeeter and Kyle had finished their pumping session and were at the foot of the bed completely enjoying a sixty-nine suck-off with each other while the other three pumpers watched their performance with great delight. The five of them seemed to be doing just fine without us, so we moved on to the next room.

"I think Skeeter convinced me that I should try the penis pump sometime," I confided to Gordy.

"Yeah, all the novelty items have something unique to offer," Gordy said, demonstrating his wisdom. "If you can keep an open mind and try to include a little variety in your love life, the sex will never get old!"

"I don't think sex can ever get old, no matter what!" I said.

"Many older married couples would probably disagree with you on that one," Gordy teased.

The last bedroom on our way to the staircase was the East Wing Master Bedroom. In there we saw Trent with five other guys crowded into the hot tub. He was in seventh heaven. He stood in the middle of the tub with his arm reaching for the heavens as he took on the role of Dionysus, the Greek God of Sex, Love and Lust. He was being the center of attention as all his disciples were vying for his attention. They were sensuously and adoringly touching him everywhere. We were happy that Trent had found his worshipers but we were not going to join in and encourage this fantasy any further.

Next, we made our way downstairs to check out the ground floor action.

As we arrived at the top of the staircase we looked down and saw the mass of bodies over at the fireplace. This group had grown even larger since the last time I saw it. As we watched from above, I counted twenty-one boys locked in a swirling barrage of movement. The symphony of moans and groans, slapping and bumping, sucking and slurping was very intense, erotic and inviting.

"I've been to three other orgies before," Gordy informed me, "Most of the time, everybody goes off into groups of two's, three's and even four's. But this is the first time I've ever seen anything like this."

"I think that's where we should go next," I said looking at Gordy. Without speaking another word, the two of us went downstairs and joined the group in progress.

In moments the two of us were pulled apart and separated as we got drawn inside the mass of moving flesh. A warm loving feeling quickly overtook my senses as a sweet tender wave of body parts surrounded me. An anonymous touching of hands, lips, arms and legs fondled every inch of my body as they emerged from virtually every direction. I was transported to another time and place as I imagined how things might have been in the ancient Roman days where hard core orgies would go on for days at a time. Then I thought back even further to pre-biblical times when they would have week-long festivals of unlimited sex with the only standing condition that all the male seeds would be collected and offered to the Gods. I found myself reaching out into the void to touch, fondle and kiss anything nearby in this sensual state of communal bliss. I felt the warmth emanating from every touch that I received. In turn, I extended my aura back out into the mass in an attempt to wrap everyone around me in a warm blanket of contentment. This experience was so immersive that I totally lost all sense of time and space. I wanted to live here, sleep here and die here. It was so decadent that I was sure God was going to smite us all at any second. I was discovering that there was so much more to sex than just the quest for the orgasm.

I emerged out of the group and Gordy came out a few moments later.

"Wow," I said to Gordy, "That was like an amusement park attraction. I went in on one side and came out the other and got sucked off by six different pairs of lips in the process."

"I know," Gordy said, "One of those pairs of lips was mine"

"Oh my God, I had no idea," I said to him, "Let's go through again!"

We were like two kids that got caught up in a thrill ride. We walked around the mass of bodies to find the entrance and begin round two.

Chapter #29

Some Tense Moments

As we went around to repeat the experience a second time, Xander came looking for us.

"Master Elliott, Master Harris," he called out to us, "We have a unique situation that requires your immediate attention. Please follow me." He raised his eyebrows, turned and headed towards the staircase.

Xander had made quite an impression on Gordy and me. He had met us briefly one time and remembered our names as well as the fact that we were responsible club Elders. As we followed him, we witnessed a sight so odd that it was almost too strange to believe. There was Xander, an older but distinguished gentleman, dressed to the hilt in a full tuxedo. He was sauntering elegantly past a room full of naked gay boys and teens on his way to deliver us to this undisclosed location. The stark contrast of Xander's aristocracy against the many naked bodies scattered around us, all in rather compromising sexual positions, bordered on the absurd. We were soon escorted to one of the upstairs bedrooms where our presence was deemed necessary. This was yet another memory that would be forever etched into my psyche.

"What do you think the problem is?" Gordy whispered to me.

"I don't know but I think we're about to find out," I told him.

Xander had led us to the fourth bedroom on the West Wing and ushered us in.

"I'll allow these three to explain their predicament," Xander announced as he stood at the doorway.

In the room were three thirteen year old boys from the other ranking that we hadn't met yet. Two of them were sitting on the edge of the bed and one was in the middle of the bed on all fours with his butt high in the air. As this third boy looked up at us we realized these guys must be brothers. After a few moments of silence, we heard the faint sound of a vibrator running but we couldn't see one anywhere in the room. After no one had volunteered to explain what was going on, Gordy couldn't stand the suspense any longer and finally spoke.

"Okay," Gordy said, "What the hell is going on in here."

"Well, I was using a vibrator on my brother," the first boy said with a scared look on his face thinking he was in real big trouble.

"Go on!" Gordy said impatiently.

"Well, I pushed it in a little too far and the lube got a little too slippery," the first boy continued. After another brief silence, the second boy spoke up.

"The damn thing slipped out of his fingers and slid all the way up his butt!" the second boy blurted out.

"We tried to get it out but we didn't know how to do it," the first boy confessed.

Gordy and I looked at each other and started to laugh.

"It's not fuckin funny," the kneeling boy yelled as he started crying, "What am I going to do? I can't go home like this. Am I going to have to go to the hospital?"

"Oh! I'm sorry dude," I said apologizing for having rudely laughed at their dilemma. "I know this is pretty serious but please don't cry, it's going to be all right. Gordy and I are going to help you okay!"

I turned to Xander who was still standing at the doorway.

"Xander sir," I addressed him, "Do you think you can find us a pair of needle-nosed pliers?"

"I'll do my best, Sir," Xander replied. He raised his eyebrows once more and as he turned, a small snicker escaped his control.

As we waited for Xander to return, we talked to these three boys to find out more about them.

"What are your names," I asked.

"I'm Nathaniel," the first boy said.


"I'm Nicholas," the second boy said, "And that's Neil" he said pointing to his brother caught in the embarrassing predicament.

"Are you three brothers or something?" Gordy asked.

"We're triplets," Neil revealed, "Of the three of us, my two brothers there are identical twins.

"Yeah, Neil's the normal one," Nathaniel said.

"What he means is... Neil came from a different egg than us... whereas Nathaniel and I came from the same egg and sperm. That's what makes us two, identical yet different from Neil," Nicholas clarified.

"That's kind of weird," Gordy said, "In a good way I mean!"

"Well, it's very rare anyway," Neil said.

"It's nice to meet you Neil, Nathaniel and Nicholas," I said to them.

"You can call me Nate," Nathaniel said.


"And you can call me Nick," Nicholas said, "Those are our nicknames. It makes it a little easier to remember the two of us. Neil doesn't need a nickname, his name is short enough already, just like his patience!"

"Interesting," I said to him, "None of us seem to go by our full names around here either. I'm Nicholas too, but they call me Nico and this is Gordy short for Gordon. Not as interesting as Neil, Nick and Nate though."

"It's still pretty cool," Neil said with a smile.

I think I managed to calm everyone down with a little personal information. Just then, Xander returned with a pair of standard pliers and a pair of blue handled needle-nosed pliers. I took them both from him and thanked him for his help. He wished us good luck, gave us a wink and went about his business.

"What are you gonna do with those?" Neil said quivering, "Your not gonna stick those up my butt too are you?"

"Why, don't you want me to?" I said joking.

"Oh shit no," he cried out. This time everyone laughed except Neil. "I'm gonna get you fuckers for this" he said to his brothers for laughing at his unfortunate situation.

"All right, just calm down," I said to him, "Here's what I want you to do. I want you to push like your squeezing out a big one, okay? As soon as enough of the vibrator emerges, I'll grab a hold of it with these pliers and then we'll be home free."

I got into position at Neil's rear end and waited for the proverbial groundhog to pop his head out and see his own shadow.

"I don't think I can do it," Neil whimpered.

"Yes you can," I said, "You have to. Gordy's going to help you focus."

I turned and looked at Gordy and he quickly moved into position in front of Neil and prepared to be his coach.

"Okay now, PUSH," Gordy instructed. Neil began his effort to comply with our demands.

"Good," I encouraged, "That's right, keep going. It's beginning to come through. Keep going, keep pushing." Neil stopped to take a breath and the object slipped back in.

"Shit, I almost had it," I indicated, "Try again. This time, take a deep breath before you start and keep pushing as long and as hard as you can."

"I can't do it," Neil cried.

"YES YOU CAN!" Gordy insisted. "This time, focus your eyes on me and squeeze my hand. Don't think about anything else! You can do it! If you have to breathe, take small short breaths. Now Go!"

Neil began again and just like last time, the object started to peek out past his pink rosebud.

"Just a few more seconds now," I urged.

Neil's face started turning red and I could tell he wasn't going to last much longer.

"Come on pal, we're almost there!" Gordy pleaded.

The ridges of the vibrator handle slowly crept past Neil's puckered orifice. Just enough of the handle was now poking through and I was able to get a good grip on it using the needle-nosed pliers. At virtually the same moment that I had gotten my hold, Neil's strength gave out. As he exhaled, the vibrator began to get sucked back in catching me off guard. Fortunately, I had too strong a grasp on it. As I gently pulled the entire vibrator out of Neil's ass, the vibrating sound grew louder. Everyone in the room knew I had succeeded and breathed a sigh of relief knowing it was over. I twisted the handle of the unit which turns the battery driven device off, effectively putting an end to Neil's tense ordeal.

"Congratulations Neil," I said cheerfully, "It's a boy!"

This time I got everyone to laugh, including Neil. He changed the position he'd been in all this time and sat down on the bed with his brothers.

"He's all Boy too, or should I say, all Dick!" I joked.

"I'll say," Gordy chimed in. "He's gonna be very popular."

"He was popular before he was born," Nick added.

"Okay you guys," Neil said firmly, "That's enough."

"Don't use this vibrator anymore," Gordy said to the three of them. "This kind of vibrator is not designed for anal use."

"We know," Nate said, "It was the only vibrator left in the toy room."

"We thought we would be okay if we were careful enough," Nick added.

"I can guarantee it will never happen again," Neil assured us, And I just wanna tell you guys thank you. Nico, Gordy, you guys are the best club brothers a guy can ever hope for. I'm so glad this is all over now. You guys saved my life."

"I wouldn't go that far," I said.

"Well I would," Neil insisted. "I think you guys are awesome!"

"Yeah, I think so too," Nate agreed.

"Me too, I mean three!" Nick said. "None of our club Elders are anything like you guys. They didn't help us at all!"

"They didn't help you? You mean they were here and did nothing?" Gordy growled.

"That's right!" Nick confirmed, "They said it was our problem and left us to fend for ourselves. That's when I told Neil to find that butler guy. Neil said he'd know what to do and sure enough, a few minutes later he brought the two of you here. You guys are like real life heroes."

These guys were making us feel pretty important. I'd never been the object of hero worship before. I was about to discover what celebrities experience with their groupies. Neil, Nick and Nate started whispering something to each other. Gordy got curious about what they were saying to each other and outright asked them.

"What are you guys whispering about," Gordy questioned.

"We've decided that we would like to show our appreciation to the two of you by giving you a Love Bath, if that's okay with you," Neil said speaking for the group.

"A Love Bath?" I questioned, "It sounds lovely. What is it exactly?"

"It's our specialty," Nick explained. "We've been studying and practicing the art of merging four completely different therapeutic philosophies together to create a one of a kind experience, The Love Bath."


Neil took over to explain the finer points of their exclusive creation.


"One... we use Erotic Reflexology (also known as sensual zone therapy) It's a method involving the practice of massaging, squeezing, or applying direct pressure on certain parts of the feet, hands and ears, with the goal of encouraging a beneficial effect on other parts of the body, mainly the Penis and genital areas."


Nick took over the explanation and continued where Neil left off.

"Two... we also incorporate Acupressure (also know as Pressure Point Massage) It's the art of applying pressure along known Acupuncture points using the hands to apply pressure instead of using needles. We also include Active Trigger Point Therapy which sends waves of pleasure from the trigger point along the erogenous zones and is perceived as pure erotic joy. We incorporate Chinese styles as well as Reiki Massage and Hawaiian Massage which are all sacred, intimate, sensual styles that result in experiences that transcends all other western types of erotic massage."

Nate now took his turn to add his part to this triplet-twin brother tag team.


"Three... we add Exotic Aromatherapy to the mix. We use genuine Orange, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine Essential Oils that stimulate erotic and sensual memories long forgotten and encourage the surfacing of latent sexual fantasies."


The explanation went full circle and came back around to Neil again.


"Four... saving the best for last, we finish with our version of Edging Tantric Masturbation. It starts out with the Root Chakra (the erotic energized center) and finishes with a controlled teetering of the Tantric Orgasm. All four of these techniques in combination with each other all come together to create what we like to call The Love Bath."

Just then, Xander came up to our door as he was making his rounds. He was going room to room to deliver an important announcement.

"Thirty minutes to clean up!" he stated and then proceeded to the next room.

Gordy and I looked at each other and silently agreed to take them up on their offer. We also realized that this would have to be our last activity for the day.

"Thank you for your kind offer," Gordy said to them.

"We accept," I confirmed.

"Okay," Neil pitched in first, "The two of you lie down here and get comfortable.

"Just relax and enjoy yourselves," Nick said.

"We'll take care of everything," Nate concluded.

Chapter #30

The Perfect End to a Most Memorable Day

Gordy and I got comfortable as they suggested. The three of them serviced us like an old fashioned Texaco gas station when three guys would run out to a customer and pump their gas, check their oil and wash their windshield.

Neil went over to the night stand where he had placed his backpack and pulled out three different colored bottles of sensual massage oil. Phase One of our Love Bath was about to begin. They started by massaging us with these three distinctively different oil essences. Their skill included knowing how to apply varying amounts of pressure to specific pressure points on our bodies as well as knowing which specially formulated oils were to be used for each particular pressure point. The aroma of these oils alone made me have flashbacks of my boyhood crushes. Almost immediately we both felt relaxed and calm and yet remarkably aroused. We both achieved what I might call an effortless morning erection. They began to move from one set of pressure points to the next with the precision of a team of seasoned professionals. The three of them were so good at this that they had Gordy and I drifting off into an alternate world of pure bliss. These three kids had honed their special abilities and unique talents to a high degree. They wielded their magic with effortless confidence and credibility. Gordy and I faced each other, closed our eyes and began a passionate French kiss. I began to see beautiful colors and geometric shapes flashing against the back of my eyelids as memories of my happy childhood filled my mind. A warm contented feeling of being loved and wanted washed over me like a gentle spring shower. Then, our Love Bath began to change and move toward a more erotic direction. It seamed like everywhere they touched us felt sensual. Even our tongue swapping felt more erotic and sensual than usual. These neurologically visceral prodigies had literally set us on sexual fire!

"You guys should be feeling pretty aroused by now," Nick said.

Gordy and I just moaned in response since we didn't want to stop our oral interlock.

"We're gonna move on to Phase Two now," Neil informed us.

Once again Neil reached into his backpack and this time he pulled out a bottle of `Pur Eros' lubricant. He prepared to perform his masterful version of Tantric Masturbation on us. A specific style of stimulation focusing on a series of predetermined movements and routines that bring on a unique climax guaranteed to curl your toes. The object of Tantric masturbation was to bring ones self or ones partner to the edge of an orgasm without going over the edge. The longer one can stave off the inevitable, the greater the reward. This was a new experience for both Gordy and I. Neil applied a generous amount of this lube on each hand and took my cock in his left hand and took Gordy's cock in his right and began his simultaneous performance on us. As Neil worked his masturbation wizardry on us, Nick and Nate continued to activate and massage the next series of crucial pressure points designed to withhold our approaching orgasm. Gordy and I released our lip lock as our increased breathing made it too difficult to continue kissing. We both moved apart from each other and laid flat on our backs. I was able to tell that both Gordy and I were starting to get close to our mutual orgasm now. Some of the hand movements that Neil had mastered were extremely effective in bringing on a very intense feeling of an impending climax.

"I'm about to cum," I called out.

"Me too," added Gordy.

At that moment, Neil stopped his stroking patterns and changed to a different method. He began to stimulate Gordy and I across our frenulum using one finger. He slowly made little circular motions in this confined area and slowed down until he came to a stop. Gordy and I were still breathing quite heavily as we almost shot our respected loads. Without removing his finger, he waited a few seconds and then resumed his circular motions again. Gordy and I started to increase our breathing once again as Neil began to pull us both towards our climax again. Just as we were both about to shoot it, Neil slowed down and stopped. It seemed to me that as long as Neil kept his finger on us, we didn't completely loose our teetering climax. A few seconds later, he resumed again and started to bring us right to the edge until he slowed down and stopped once again. Neil was instinctively reading our body language and adjusting his responses accordingly. He was able to tell just how far he could go and still keep us from going all the way. This feeling of prolonging our orgasm and hanging right at the very edge of cuming was both maddening and intoxicating. I wondered how many times I would be able to endure this torture before I totally lost my mind. I wanted to reach down and grab my cock so I could finish myself off. I was almost ready to start begging Neil to let me cum when he spoke.

"Are you guys ready?" Neil asked the two of us.

"I don't think I could stand much more of this punishment," I pleaded.

"We could go on a lot longer but were running out of time for today," Nick said dishearten.

"So, are you ready to go for it?" Nate taunted.

"Oh my God Yes!" Gordy said, "Please!"

All three of our worshipers demonstrated their gratitude by working together to finish us off. Neil began his final Tantric strokes on us and Nick and Nate applied extra pressure to the final steps that would bring Gordy and I to our proverbial knees. The result of this extra stimulation threw both Gordy and I into overdrive. Suddenly an overwhelming surge of orgasmic juices rose up and gripped us both unexpectedly.

"Okay boys," Neil eagerly directed his brothers, "Phase Three!"

The three of them orchestrated a series of moves that sent shock waves to the center of my balls. I discovered I stopped breathing as my body convulsed uncontrollably. My stomach muscles heaved tightly towards my very inter-being. To the surprise of both Gordy and me, we both exploded at exactly the same time spewing several rounds of hot, sperm enriched cock milk onto ourselves. We were the lucky recipients of the well practiced teamwork of our newly befriended club brothers.

Even though our orgasm had come to an end, our Love Bath experience was not over yet.

"Okay guys," Neil said in a more calm soothing tone, "Phase Four."

Neil quickly cleaned off all the evidence of our climax that we had deposited all over ourselves and then applied a remarkably smooth, delightfully warming body gel to our entire genital areas. Nick and Nate massaged the last two pressure points that resulted in a pleasantly extended, dopamine drenched post orgasmic high that had us floating ever so slowly through the clouds on our way back down to earth, finally coming to rest on a bed of delicate rose pedals.

"That was so beautiful you guys," I said to them. "Everything about that was exquisite!"

"I agree! That was totally fucking awesome," Gordy said as he raised his hands to high-five everyone. "When you guys are old enough, you could open your own business and easily charge $200 dollars an hour or more for you talents. And believe me, once the word gets out about how phenomenal you guys are, you'll have clients beating your door down."

Our three newfound club brothers had forged a new respect for Gordy and I, as their new heroes. In turn, Gordy and I had gained a new appreciation for our new friends and their awesome abilities.

"We're just about out of time," I said to everyone. "We should hit the showers before we head home."

"All five of us could use a shower and we could all fit in one of these showers rooms," Gordy said, "Let's all shower together. It'll be fun."

All five of us did shower together and while we were in there, Skeeter found us. He wanted to know if we were still going to take him home. We told him we were and had him join us. Now that there were six of us, each one of us got our own shower head. We had a great time washing each other... splashing each other... laughing and singing dirty songs... goofing off and playfully slapping each other on the ass. It was the perfect end to a most memorable day.

We got out of the shower, dried off and found our street clothes. We got dressed and then said our good-byes to Neil, Nick and Nate before they headed home. We all had been naked for nearly four hours and it actually felt strange to be wearing our clothes again. As we made our way downstairs, we discovered that almost everybody else had left. We joined the last few club elders who were still hard at work doing the last bit of cleanup. We all wanted the house to be in as good a shape as it was in when we arrived. Once we were satisfied with our work, we set off for home.

As we drove away from Stuart Manor on our way to drop off Skeeter, we reminisced back and forth about the many things that happened to each of us and the wild and new experiences we all had.

"I think we all had a great time, don't you?" I asked Skeeter.

"Yeah, that was one fuckin awesome orgy," Skeeter replied.

"Yeah, fuckin awesome orgy," Gordy said and once again we started chanting our catch phrase in unison.

"Fuckin awesome orgy, fuckin awesome orgy... "

We were three very lucky and extremely fortunate boys who had one extraordinary afternoon of some of the most unique and memorable sex of our young lives. I was hoping that Gordy was still up for a little more fun tonight as I was still wound up tighter than a watch spring.

We dropped off Skeeter at his house and said our good-byes. He thanked us for taking him with us and told us how much he appreciated both Gordy and me.

Once we left Skeeter's house, Gordy proceeded to take me home.

"Hey Gordy," I began, "I don't want to go home right now."

"You don't?" Gordy questioned.

"With all the sex I've gotten today, I thought I'd be satisfied," I told Gordy, "But I'm not. I'm wickedly horny right now."

"No shit," Gordy said, "So am I. You know, you could spend the night at my house tonight!"

"You sure know the right things to say to make a guy feel good," I said.

"And I know the right things to DO to make a guy feel good too," Gordy replied.

I was having one of the most unbelievable days of my life today and I was very pleased to know that it wasn't over yet. I thought back to several months ago and remembered how different my life was back then. Now that I have a solid relationship with Gordy and a respectable position with the Crazy 8 Club, I've become a much happier person. I took a few moments to thank God for the many blessings I had been granted and said a prayer for God to bless all the other people in my life the way he had blessed me. I asked God to bless my loving and trusting Parents. I also prayed for God to bestow blessings on my loved ones and friends both old and new. People such as Gordy... Robert... Wade... Chad... Skeeter... Trent... Neil... Nick... Nate... Kyle... Fabian and even Mr. Stuart and Xander.

Life was good. Very good indeed!

End of Part Four