Nico and Gordy's Crazy 8 Club Adventures

Part #5



Chapter #31

Gordy's Private Toy Box


I had just experienced one of the most unforgettable afternoons of my life. I met some new friends... learned a whole lot of new things about sex... discovered erotic electro-stimulation... stood up to a bully... helped out a club brother in distress... confirmed my commitment to Gordy... had an encounter with a communal love-in... shared a love bath and guaranteed my future in the Crazy 8 Club all during a club orgy which will assuredly go down in history as one of the most amazing club activities ever. Having personally achieved three spectacular orgasms during this activity only served to increase by libido, thereby making me hornier than ever. Tonight I was spending the night at Gordy's house and he just told me that he had something he wanted to show me. My curiosity was piqued and my senses were aroused.

"Now that you've seen the club's toy collection, I want to show you my own personal toy box," Gordy said pulling out a hand carved wooden floor chest from his closet.

He pulled out a key ring from his pocket and unlocked the small padlock that concealed his secret stash. As he opened the lid, I looked inside to discover yet another sexually arousing assortment of novelties. I got hard knowing that Gordy had personally chosen these items and I was excited to know what they all were and what they might feel like.

The very first thing that got my attention was a clear plastic cylindrical tube like object. It was approximately 10 inches (254 mm) in length and 4 inches (102 mm) in diameter at the larger end and 2-1/2 inches (63 mm) at the smaller end. More than anything else, it resembled a space age flashlight. I reached for it and picked it out from amongst the other stuff and studied it for a moment.

"What is this thing?" I asked.

"It's called a Fleshjack," he said. It's really simple. You remove this cap from the top, adjust the suction level here at the bottom and then jack yourself with it. They say that it's the closest thing to real flesh that's ever been invented."

"No shit!" I said. "How come we didn't have any of these at the orgy?"

"Well, they're still pretty new on the market," he began. "At first there was only one company making them and they were pretty expensive. Since then there's been a couple of new companies that have introduced new lines of products that are more affordable. They have developed more choices and styles with newer manufacturing techniques that produced models that are more durable, last longer and are more lifelike.

"What do you mean styles?" I asked.

"Here, put your finger in here," he said indicating the spot that looked like a mouth at the entrance of the unit.

I inserted my finger to discover a series of squishy bumps and ridges inside.

"I want to learn more about this thing," I exclaimed.

"Sure, just go to their website," he indicated. "You can go to the `Design Your Own' section of their website where you can choose the color of case, orifice, and texture of your Fleshjack. Some of the choices I recall that they have are: the Original... Speed Bump... Endurance Jack... Super Ribbed... Super Tight... Ultra Tight... Wonder Wave and something called the Vortex. They even have a couple of hot videos of guys demonstrating it in action."

"No shit!" I said again. "There's so much to learn about this stuff."

"Yes, and they're inventing new stuff all the time," he added. "That's what makes sex so interesting for me, the variety!"

I kept the Fleshjack in my hands and took a second look in Gordy's box. I picked up a small amber colored glass bottle and held it up.

"What kind of lube is this?" I innocently asked.

"That's not lube," he answered, "that's Amyl Nitrite."

I looked at him waiting for him to elaborate. "Anal what?"

"Not anal, Amyl Nitrite," he corrected. "This stuff is called `Jungle Juice Black Label' Extreme formula. It's imported from the United Kingdom. Distributors call them Head Cleaners, Consumers call them Poppers.

"Poppers, what does it do?" I asked next.

"You inhale it like a nasal decongestant and it gives you a burst of sexual power," he said. "Some people want to see it become banned by calling it an illicit drug."

"I don't want to get involved with any kind of illegal drugs Gordy," I declared.

"First off, it's not a drug, although there is some debate over it" he began. "You can buy it and other brands like it over the counter at any adult bookstore or online. Second, illicit in this case doesn't mean illegal, it means: considered wrong or unacceptable by prevailing social customs and standards. It gives you a quick rush and then it dissipates from your body in about two minutes. It's non habit-forming and non-addictive. It's a human equivalent to catnip. It's just fun to get a nice swift boost from the vapors and a quick thrill because it's a little naughty!"

"Okay, let's go with these two things for now," I said.

Gordy closed up the chest and pushed it back into the closet. He took out a small variety of condoms and a bottle of lube from his nightstand and we got on the bed together. Gordy and I took a few minutes undressing each other and worked in a little foreplay. We didn't need much because we were both already quite aroused from our electrically charged participation in the club orgy we attended earlier that day. We were hot and raring to go!

Chapter #32

My Love Affair with the Fleshjack

He selected a condom for me and removed it from its foil packaging. With great care and skill, he rolled it onto my stiff swollen member. He lubed up my latex lined cock and then worked in a few drops into the opening of the Fleshjack. He then partially unscrewed the bottom adjusting the suction pressure at a level he thought would be appropriate to start off with. I laid myself back on the pillow and got comfortable and he began to demonstrate the awesome sensations that the Fleshjack had become famous for.

He began by teasing me with its mouth. The orifice of Gordy's model both looked and felt like a pair of lips. He held my cock at the base and rolled the lips around my glans. It felt like I was getting a primo blow job from a seasoned pro. After a few minutes of lip torture Gordy plunged the body of the Fleshjack all the way down to the base of my cock. I froze for a moment as it took my breath away. It was like I had sunk my cock into someone's ass in one hard continuous thrust. At this point, he tightened the bottom plate screwing it shut for maximum suction and began to slowly pump my cock with it. The amount of suction this device was capable of delivering across my entire organ was on the order of superhuman. It was like a snake charmer summoning the precious sperms right out of my balls. It took all my strength to suppress the urge to yell out. I did manage to keep my moans of pleasure under control as to not alert Gordy's parents to our illicit underage sexual behavior. He started to increase his speed and the feeling of an impending climax crawled up my balls and into my shaft. My orgasm was approaching swiftly and I had no way of controlling it or holding back the inevitable.

"I'm getting close fast," I informed Gordy.

"Then open the cap on the bottle and inhale once in each nostril," he said calmly.

I did as he instructed, deeply inhaling the pleasantly perfumed elixir. At first I felt nothing unusual. Then about ten seconds later I felt a hot flash across my face and neck. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears and I felt my arms and legs get weak. Then it happened. I got sexually super charged. I felt myself start to orgasm long and hard. Time seemed to slow down as my climax reached for the stars and soared across the universe. It seemed like I couldn't get my cock to go deep enough inside the bowels of this wickedly thrilling invention as I started to thrust my hips up to meet with each downturn. I was able to see inside his transparent Fleshjack as I shot several blasts of semen into the loosely fitting condom, as it stretched to accommodate my load. My cock became super sensitive as Gordy continued to pound me with his prolific toy. The powerful suction of the Fleshjack combined with my over sensitive penis induced by the lingering effects of the poppers compelled my body to shake so intensely that I thought my brains were going to get sucked out of my cock along with my semen.

When Gordy finally finished with me, he pulled the Fleshjack completely off my cock. As he did so, it sucked the loose condom right off my penis sending the contents I had just blasted into it running down my softening shaft and balls.

"Oh shit man!" he declared. "You really shot a lot of cum!"

"I swear that half of my brains shot out with it," I pronounce. "Now I know what they mean by Mind Blowing. This thing is amazing. It makes you feel like your getting the brains sucked out of you. Now it's my turn to Fleshjack the brains out of you!"

Without a word, we switched places. Because this was Gordy's personal Fleshjack, he chose not to wear a condom. I lubed up his stiffening pole and added a few refresher drops to the device and mimicked the procedure he had performed on me. I loosened the bottom twister, adjusting the suction to get started with. I played with the mouth like orifice as if it were my own mouth and teased the head and shaft of his ridged cock causing Gordy to begin his somewhat suppressed vocal approval. Still imitating his method, I unexpectedly plunged it all the way to the base of his penis causing him to swallow a deep breath.

I screwed the pressure tension to maximum and began to stroke Gordy's cock into oblivion. It was a turn-on being able to see all eight inches of Gordy's glorious cock get swallowed up by this incredible gadget. It took a great deal more strength to hold and maneuver this apparatus than I had anticipated, delivering quite a strenuous workout for both of us. I watched Gordy's body language as he began to thrust his hips upward as I jacked him. I quickened my pace and had him squirming and panting as I induced a buildup of pressure behind his balls. Gordy reached for the poppers and deeply inhaled two shots. I knew this meant that he was preparing to climax now. I doubled my efforts so Gordy could enjoy a mind blowing orgasm that would equal or even surpass the one he had just given to me. It worked, because his body started shaking and his stifled ovations turned into a form of snorting and gulping. I watch as he sprayed several blasts of his heavy cum juice into the small space that remained between his cock and the end of the tube. I continued to stroke him until I was absolutely sure I had pumped every drop out of him that there was to be squeezed. Once I stopped pumping, Gordy's body ceased convulsing and came to rest in an almost catatonic state. Gordy had succumbed to a series of randomly involuntary body twitches as he struggled to return to the real world.

"Wow..., that's much more intense when some else is doing it to you," he said. "You worked that thing like a wizard."

I unscrewed the pressure plate completely off the smaller end and allowed the contents he had just hammered into it to pour onto his belly.

"What did you do that for?" he asked.

"I wanted to show you that you shot just as much jizz juice as I did you virile stud," I told him. "Besides, I wanted to check and see if you had shot any of your brain cells in there somewhere!"

"Very funny," he said as he studied the shiny pool of his white cream that glistened in the dimly lit shadows of his bedroom. "You know what, that really is a lot, at least for me!"

I reached for the Kleenex box sitting on top of the nightstand and I cleaned the two of us off.

"Yeah, you're starting to shoot just as much as me," I told him. "We're two hot studs all right. If there were an egg for each sperm on this tissue, you and I could populate the entire planet."

"If the entire planet were populated by several billion Nicos and Gordys, we would be in a world of trouble. We'd have a world full of gay guys that did nothing but screw around with each other all day.

"Sounds hot to me," I said and the two of us laughed as we contemplated such a preposterous idea.

Then I joined Gordy on the bed and the two of us got comfortable together in each others arms. In a few short minutes, Gordy fell fast asleep. I watched him for a while as I admired his beautiful body. I started thinking about how lucky I was that Gordy had gotten up the courage to pull me into his amazing world that infamous evening I spent the night at his house. The night I gazed into his telescope... the night he kissed me for the first time... the night I would be introduced to the Crazy 8 Club... the night I would fall in love with my very best friend... the night my fifteen long years of innocence ended.

Soon my mind wandered and my thoughts got consumed with Fleshjacks. I still wanted to know more about these ingenious little items. This was one toy I was completely sold on. I had a feeling that this device was going to play a prominent roll in the near future, I just didn't know how yet. Then I remembered that I needed to start thinking about President Robert's assignment. He had appointed me to recruit a new member who would fill the vacancy that Robert's impending aging-out would create. Not long after that, my own exhaustion caught up with me and I drifted off to sleep, warm and comfortably in my lover's arms.

Chapter #33

Planning For the Future

The weekend had slipped past us already and Gordy had a family activity to attend. I had the entire day free to get some things done and then tomorrow it would be back to school. While Gordy was away, I spent my time planning and preparing for several upcoming events.

First, I planned and implemented this month's club fund-raiser. This time we would be doing another club car wash. This event always works out well as long as it's not raining. It's been nine months since the club did a car wash last, back when I was first initiated. I worked out the volunteer schedule and assigned duties to each worker. I also arranged for the use of the same empty lot that Gordy had secured for us last time. I selected next Saturday from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. as our official fun-raising date and the following Sunday from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. for our surprise party.

Next, I checked out and gathered information from the Fleshjack website. I found out what was available, watched the short videos and contacted the company about discounts for large purchases. I was now armed with all the information I needed to make a special recommendation.

Now that I settled on the date, I began to plan the surprise party for Robert. I started off by purposing and then clearing the idea with Wade, the club's Vice President. We discussed it in detail and he thought it was a good idea. Once I got his approval, I went full speed ahead. I had an idea that might combine my recent obsession with the Fleshjack with Robert's surprise party.

Lastly, I spent the remainder of my time thinking about who I would consider recruiting as our next initiate. I had trouble making a decision with the sparse number of candidates I had in mind so far. I came to the conclusion that I needed several more choices. This might allow the decision making process go a little easier. The first thing I needed to do at school tomorrow was to start scouting out more prospective contenders. There have been a few people in my past that had an almost psychic ability to tell who was and who wasn't gay at a glance and be ninety-percent accurate. Sadly, I had no such ability. I had to rely on other means of determination as I went about my task. In the locker room and showers, I tried to inconspicuously watch those whose eyes had a tendency to wander around and take short snippets of the surrounding eye candy. I also watched carefully for all those who would try to hide their naturally occurring erections brought on by the openly paraded assortment of hot teenage bodies with their tantalizing boy parts. This task was not entirely successful due to the fact that the school system no longer requires the practice of after sports showering. More and more students are opting not to shower these days now that they are no longer forced to do so. The few guys that do still shower are more hygienically minded, which is what I'm looking for anyway. I admit that on some level, this assignment was exciting, going about trying to approach a new acquaintance with the idea of possibly joining a sex club for boys. On the other hand, I found this task to be quite difficult for me. It's true that I have overcome a lot of my insecurities about being shy and introverted since I became a member of the Crazy 8. Nevertheless, it was still a terrifying proposition.

Monday rolled around and another school day had begun. Today my task of finding a new initiate was foremost on my mind. As I studied the shower and locker rooms I failed to find anyone whose behavior jumped out at me. Then something caught my eye. Something I had not thought about. A couple of weeks ago, a new kid came to our school and coach but him in charge of equipment lock-up and towel duty. As I glanced into the Coach's office, I saw him intently watching through the window at everybody who had chosen to shower. As soon as he saw me looking at him, he turned away and pretended to be busy. He was one grade under me which probably made him fourteen or fifteen years old. He had a pretty lean and muscular body for someone his age and he had a very adorable boyish face. I felt a twinge in my dick that told me that my search was over. I don't know why he hadn't caught my attention before but there he was, exactly what I was looking for. The next step would be making friends and exploring the possibilities. I hung around the locker room until everyone had left. I went into the Coach's office and boldly introduced myself to him.

Chapter #34

Finding the Right Guy

"Hi, I'm Nico," I began. "What's your name?"

"I'm Duncan," he answered.

"You're new here aren't you?" I asked.

"Yeah, we just moved here from New York," he said.

"Well, would you like a new friend," I wondered, "to kind of show you around and stuff?"

"Sure," he said. "I hope you don't think I was staring at you earlier. I was just counting how many guys were going to need towels this period."

"Yeah, I suspected it was something like that," I told him. "Do you want to do something after school today? You know, check out the arcade or something like that. Or maybe just hang out for a while?"

"Sounds cool," he said. "Could you meet me in front of the school after sixth period?"

"Sure," I agreed, "see you then. Now I have to go before I'm late for my next class. See you later!"

I headed off to my next class walking of air. I had taken the first steps to accomplishing my goal. The hardest part of getting started was now behind me. After talking to him, I was put at ease immediately. I was impressed by how much more handsome and sexy he was once I met him up close and personal. After such a favorable introduction, I felt the majority of the work had now been done. Getting to know him better should be the easy part.

When classes were over for the day, I made my way to the front of the school to meet up with Duncan. On my way I ran across Gordy and told him what had happened earlier and filled him in on my plan. I invited him to join us and he accepted. We met up with Duncan, I introduced him to Gordy and we set off for the Mall where we would spend some time at the Game Zone Arcade.

While we were at the Game Zone, I noticed Trent was engrossed in a game across the room from us. I excused myself for a moment and left Duncan in Gordy's capable hands. I went over and surprised Trent who was deeply engrossed in a game of Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am. We talked for a while and told him that Gordy was across the room with my new prospect. Trent looked across the room at them and his mouth dropped open.

"Are you talking about that guy standing next to Gordy?" He asked.

"Yeah, his name is Duncan," I answered.

"That's not his name," he exclaimed. "That guy is a fucking undercover cop man!"

"What," I gasped. "Are you sure?"

"Oh hell yeah, I'm sure," he stated. "They planted him at my new school last year. He's nineteen years old but he looks like he's thirteen or fourteen. The perfect plant man! He ended up busting over fifty guys for illegal drugs and sexually related crimes. At that time, he went by the name of Nathan Crest. He acts really sweet and trustworthy, gaining your confidence while he looks for anything he can bust you for. Watch out man, this guy is for real. Real dangerous that is."

"You just may have saved all our asses man!" I said. "Thanks for the heads up!"

Trent had just proven his worth to me as a friend and his loyalty to the Crazy 8 Club. I for one was truly grateful he was on our side. I can't believe how stupid I was. Now that the truth was revealed, the entire scam became evident. I felt so betrayed, being so easily deceived. I was lured into a trap, but thankfully there was no real damage done yet. I needed to get back to Gordy before he unwittingly reveals anything to this Duncan guy, which I now know isn't his real name at all.

"Hey guys, I'm back," I said with a smile. "Hey Duncan, would you like a Coke?"

"Yeah sure," he answered.

"Gordy and I are going over there to the soda machine," I said. We'll bring you back one."

"Thanks," he said.

"Don't go anywhere now, we'll be right back!" I said.

Gordy and I walked over to the soda machine. "What was that all about?" he grimaced.

"What did you guys talk about while I was gone?" I asked.

"Stuff," he shrugged.

"It's important Gordy!" I decisively said. "Trent just told me he recognized him. He positively identified him as an informant and undercover cop that was planted at his school last year. What did you two talk about?"

"Nothing really," he confessed.

"Fortunately I've only had enough time to introduce myself and nothing more," I said.

"I'm gonna go kick his ass right now," Gordy growled.

"No, wait," I said. "I've got a better idea. We'll have fun with him later. We'll get him by sending him on a series of wild goose chases!"

"Oh you're good," he said. That's why I love!"

"Shhh, not in public Gordy," I whispered.

"I don't care," he said. "I do love you!"

"Yeah, me too," I conceded. "For now, let's get rid of him!"

Gordy and I bought three Cokes from the machine and then went back over and handed one to Duncan. We made our apologies and informed him that we needed to leave. I told Duncan I wanted us to get a picture of the three of us as a memento of our first day together. At first he refused but before he had the time to make a fuss about it, Gordy and I stood on each side of him and I quickly held out my cell phone, pointed it at us and took a perfect snapshot. I had to strike this one up to experience. I felt very lucky and extremely thankful that circumstances had placed everybody involved in the right place at the right time. Now that I had a good picture of him, I would make sure that all my friends and club brothers knew to avoid that face. My only problem now was that my search for a new initiate sent me back to square one!

Chapter #35

Planning the Ultimate Party

I told Robert about my close call with Duncan and apologized to him for putting the club at risk. I told him how I didn't feel worthy to be holding the position of club Officer and Elder after such a blatant blunder. He told me I was still a vital member of the club that was both loved and respected. Then he confided in me about a couple of similar situations that had happened to both him and Wade. He told me that the club basically operates at risk on a daily basis. He said the trick was to learn from these life lessons and grow as an individual. He told me that he's been watching me grow and was very proud of my accomplishments. He went on to tell me that he felt completely at ease with leaving knowing the club was being left in the good hands of competent and passionate leaders. I hadn't realized until just then that I had become quite fond of Robert and felt a sudden sense of loss that he would be leaving us. At that moment, I knew just what I was going to do for Robert's party. I was going to stage a final good-bye orgasm for him and I knew just how I was going to do it!

I brought up the subject and talked to Robert about the fact that at our last joint club orgy, there was a curious absence of Fleshjacks. We had just about everything you can imagine there in our toy box but not one Fleshjack. I told him that I had researched the Internet and contacted the Fleshjack website and negotiated a tentative deal. They just expanded their product line and introduced four smaller versions that would be great for our younger members. Being the club Treasurer, I told him that we had the funds to buy forty of them. This would get us a maximum price break from the Fleshjack Company of fifty-two percent off each unit. We would keep twenty units for our club. Each member would get his own unit with his name on it that would be kept in the club's toy box. This would eliminate the need for sharing. Then we can sell the rest of the order to our sister clubs at our cost. This way, we could get what we need, get the best possible price and help our sister clubs expand their toy boxes. Then I told him about my idea of throwing a Fleshjack party as our next club event.

I didn't mention the fact that this party was intended to serve as Robert's `Aging Out' / `Going Away' party. I felt it was necessary to give each club member a personal opportunity to acknowledge a dear friend and celebrate the success of his outstanding service to our club as President. Robert gave me the authorization to go ahead and negotiate the deal.

Other than officiating at the ceremony where Robert would be swearing in Wade as his successor to the Presidency, this would be one of the last duties he would be performing as our President before stepping down. I finalized the deal with the Fleshjack Company and put in our order. We would be getting:

$69.95 @ 5 - Ice Jack – Mouth

$69.95 @ 5 - Ice Jack – Ass

$69.95 @ 5 - Ice Jack – Closet

$69.95 @ 5 - Ice Jack – Bottom

$49.95 @ 5 - Jack's Soda - Cherry Pop

$49.95 @ 5 - Jack's Soda - Banana Cream Soda

$49.95 @ 5 - Jack's Soda - Grape Soda

$49.95 @ 5 - Fleshjack – Count Cockula with Fang Texture

$6.99 @ 40 – Insert-able Fleshjack Mini Vibrating Bullets

$6.99 @ 20 - Fleshjack Mini Vibrating Bullet Battery Packs

$2,817.40 Sub Total

$1,465.05 Less 52% Off

$1,352.35 Total

I added the tax plus shipping and handling, enclosed a money order and mailed it off. Once our check was received by the company, our order would be immediately filled and shipped out.

Our shipment arrival date was scheduled to be delivered five days before our party. Everything was going according to plan. Once our package arrived, each member of our club would have his chance to select his preference of style with the eldest getting first choice. The remainder would be available for purchase and offered to our sister clubs. This was the fairest way to handle the logistics since we were the ones who fronted the initial investment.

I called each member personally to confirm that they would be attending. I explained that this was a surprise party for Robert and was to be kept a secret. Each member would pay five dollars into the party pool eliminating the need for gifts. The festivities would begin with a game I call Whack-a-Rob. I explained the rules of the game to everyone.

Each member would draw a number from the box. This would determine the order that each person took his turn at Whack-a-Rob. Each player had sixty seconds to try to make Robert cum using Robert's own personally selected Fleshjack.

Some of the varying techniques that could be implemented are: slow sensual strokes... rapid cock pounding strokes... head teasing using just the lips of the Fleshjack... twisting and turning and lastly adjusting the pressure or suction on the unit. No hands will be allowed to touch skin unless Robert calls `Climax' within the sixty second time limit. That player then has fifteen seconds to coax Robert to produce his first volley of cum or that member must yield to the next player! To win at Whack-a-Rob, Robert's ejaculation must be clearly visible to all and not contained inside the Fleshjack unit. The audience can cheer-on each player and help count down the last ten seconds of each round or the fifteen second jerk-off when `Climax' is called.

If everyone gets a turn before Robert achieves his orgasm, the game cycles through again with player number one. The winner gets a new Fleshjack to take home for personal use and gets half of the party pool money that would be split with Robert as his parting gift.

There will also be a special club pool wager. For five dollars a chance, each player can buy as many chances they want to guess what player number will win at Whack-a-Rob. The entire pool wager will pay the winner or split in the event of a tie. If no one wins the pot, it will go into the club treasury where it will eventually come back to the members in the form of equipment purchases and special club events.

Chapter #36

The Search Is Over

I was almost finished calling up the last few names on my list of members, confirming their attendance at Robert's surprise party. The last name on the list was Skeeter Davis. After confirming his participation he had a very important question he wanted to ask me.

"Hey Nico," he started. "I have a big favor to ask of you."

"Go ahead Skeet," I said. "What's on your mind, ask away!"

"Well, I have a friend that I would like to be in the Crazy 8 with us," he hesitated, "and I know I don't have the right to ask."

"You've got to be kidding," I laughed.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, "I shouldn't have asked. Forget I said anything."

"No," I said, "it's okay! This is exactly what I was looking for! Tell me all about him."

"Really," he said surprised. "Okay then, here goes. His name is Desmond Curcher. I call him Desi. He's my longest, bestest friend. I've known him since Kindergarten. He's the same age as me and we're in the same classes together at school. He's like my brother, I trust him with my life. We do everything together, I really mean everything. I've taught him all the things I've ever learned in the Crazy 8 and he's known about the club since I joined a year ago. I've been preparing him for the day this would happen and he's studied for it so he can be ready. He knows all the rules already and knows about how hard the initiation can be. He really wants to do it and I think he's ready to accept the challenge. I really want to be able to share this part of my life with him now. After keeping the club a secret with me for a whole year now, I think he's pretty much proven that he can be trusted. Desi and I are like you and Gordy, we're a perfect match! So, what do you think?"

"I want him to meet Gordy and me as soon as possible," I said.

"Do you really mean it," he asked.

"Hey Skeet," I said. "You're my friend, my very good friend. If you say Desi is your bestest friend, then he's my friend too."

I heard Skeeter start crying over the phone. I knew these were happy tears so I just told him to arrange a meeting time and place tomorrow after school and we could all get together and talk. Then I ended the call so Skeeter could pull his emotions together and make the arrangements with Desi. This will work out much better than me trying to recruit someone I don't really know. Skeeter trusted him and has known him a long time so there wasn't any possibility of him being an agent. He would also fulfill Robert's request for someone younger that could grow with the club and even hold an office in the future, someone who would care for the club like Gordy and I do. I was beginning to understand the old adage that says: "When God Closes a Door, Somewhere He Opens a Window".

A few minutes later Skeeter called me with the details of his conversation with Desi. Their school lets out earlier than ours does. They would meet us in front of our school and the four of us could go anywhere we wanted. I agreed with their simple plan and told him I was looking forward to meeting Desi tomorrow. After ending my conversation with Skeeter, I called Gordy and filled him in on our tentative plans for tomorrow after school. He agreed with me that this should pan out a lot better then the potentially devastating situation we narrowly escaped from earlier today.

Once again, things were looking up and I was thankful for the way everything was working out. Now that all the club business had been taken care of, I worked on my homework, finished it and then got a wonderfully restful night sleep knowing everything was back on the right track again.

Chapter #37

Desi Steals Our Hearts

School was over for the day and I met up with Gordy as I made my way to the school entrance. Skeeter and Desi, who he calls his bestest bud had agreed to meet us out front today. I spied them right away sitting across the street at the curb waiting for us. Gordy and I made our way across to them and Skeeter immediately made introductions all around. I was temporarily caught off guard when Desi jumped up off the curb and threw his arms around both Gordy and I in a very affectionate hug.

"Wow," I said, "that was unexpected."

"Yeah but cool," Gordy added. "I like this guy already. What made you do that?"

"Skeeter has been talking about you two guys for a year now," Desi said. "He's told me all about you and how amazing you both are and how you guys are considered local heroes. You guys are like celebrities. I feel like I know you already!"

"That's very nice," Gordy said. But we're really just two normal guys."

"Well, that depends on how you define normal," I butted in. "But seriously, don't treat us any differently because of it okay?"

"Sure, no problem," Desi said. "My house is only two blocks away from here and no one's gonna be home till after six. We'll be able to talk in private there and do whatever we want!"

"Okay, let's do it," Gordy said. "Lead the way."

Desi talked like a broken Chatty Kathy doll all the way to his house. He rambled on and on demonstrating his knowledge about the Crazy 8 Club along with a good number of other things. I was starting to like this little ball of energy myself. I learned many things about Desi just by keeping quiet and letting him spill his guts to us about himself. He was eleven years old and both he and Skeeter would be turning twelve years old next month. He was born in Denver Colorado and his family moved here when he was three. He and Skeeter have been best friends every since the day they met. They go to the same school together, they have the same classes together and they go on each other's family vacations together. They spend the night at each other's house every weekend and they both go to camp together every year. They are even going through lifeguard training together.

I watched him walk as we followed behind them on our way to his place. He wore a very tight pair of jeans that left very little to the imagination. It showed off the outline of his boyhood as well as his perfectly proportioned bubble butt. He was about an inch shorter than Skeeter with light brown hair styled in an immaculate boy's crew cut. He had deep green eyes and full lollypop lips. He had developed some good muscle definition from being an active swimmer. This kid was cute, smart, easy going and friendly, truly a winning combination of attributes.

When we got to his house, Desi put us at ease immediately and made sure we were comfortable. He was the perfect gentleman and host. He offered all of us some refreshments and we graciously accepted. He excused himself so he could get out of his school clothes and get more comfortable. He raced upstairs and disappeared leaving the three of us alone. As soon as Desi left the room, Skeeter started casually taking his clothes off.

"What are you doing Skeet?" I whispered to him.

"I'm getting more comfortable like Desi is doing," he whispered back.

"I know you two are very close and at ease with each other," Gordy said. "But this isn't your house. Should you be doing that?"

"When he comes back, you'll see, he's going to be naked," Skeeter revealed. "And I'm sure he'll want you to join us."

Now, it's not like Gordy and I didn't believe Skeeter, but we were in a strange house that belonged to a kid we just met twenty minutes ago. We weren't exactly innocent little twelve year old boys anymore, easily tossing our clothes off and throwing caution to the wind. Sure enough a couple of minutes later, Desi came downstairs naked as a mole rat with his considerably endowed boyhood bobbing up and down as he traversed the stairs towards us. Once again I was impressed with this little whirlwind. He looked good in his birthday suite.

"You didn't have to undress for us," Gordy said to Desi, "You weren't required to get naked for us today to consider you as a candidate for induction."

"Oh, I know that," he said. "Skeeter and I do this everyday after school. We get undressed and hang around together naked until Mom or Dad comes home from work. We've been doing this for years. This is the way we feel most relaxed. My house is your house my friends. Please feel free to join us. Get as relaxed as you want!"

Chapter #38

An Unexpected Encounter

Gordy and I looked at each other for a moment wondering what we should do. Then we nodded our approval to each other and silently decided to give our young host something to remember us by. We stood up and began to slowly and passionately undress each other as Desi and Skeeter watched. Desi was far too young to have ever seen a gay adult film, so his eyes were glued to us as he observed his first erotic exhibition by two older boys. By the time we were done with our little demonstration, Desi had popped a huge boner. Skeeter, who has seen us naked many times before, got aroused, not because of us, but because his bestest bud got a hard-on. Since we managed to turn on both of our little protégés so easily, we got a couple of stiff ones of our own. We were four naked guys, all with raging rock hard erections just standing and staring at each other.

We had gotten Desi so excited he went into his Chatty Cathy mode again.

"Shit, you guys are fantastic," he said to us. "Your bodies are fantastic and your dicks are so big. I feel so small now next to you guys, especially my balls, just look at my balls man. And look at how much hair you've got around your dicks, I've only got this little bit. I sure have a lot of growing to do still. But you guys, you guys are so hot, smoking hot the way you undressed each other like that. I've never seen anything like it. Shit, you guys are amazing, you're my heroes now. Can I touch me', your dicks I mean, can I?"

"In the Crazy 8 Club, during our sex-sessions you `take' what you want," Gordy told him. "You don't need to ask permission. You use a form of unspoken communication."

"It's true that we don't do anything together that the other person doesn't agree to," I added. Even so, very few words are ever spoken during sex. However, there are a lot of moans and other non verbal sounds that happen. You use those sounds to gauge whether or not you're pleasing your partner."

Desi boldly walked over to us and kneeled down in front of us. He reached both his hands out to take his first touch. He was ready to seek the thrill of touching two sexy older boys, who's most private body parts were there for the taking. He thoroughly examined both of us until he was completely satisfied. Then without warning, he acted on Gordy's advice and took what he wanted. He began to give Gordy and I a blowjob making certain he divided his attention equally between us. As he would suck on one of us, he kept the other going with his hand. It wasn't long before Gordy and I began our vocal approval, letting Desi know that his efforts were being enjoyed and appreciated.

Skeeter was now ready to join in on the fun. He laid himself down on the floor between where Gordy and I were standing and started sucking on Desi's pulsing cock. He had the perfect vantage point to suck Desi off while he watched him stroke and suck Gordy and me to ecstasy. Things started heating up even more when Skeeter started bringing Desi closer to cuming, causing him to start moaning along with Gordy and me. The vibrations coming from Desi's vocal cords had a doubling effect on us as he sucked and moaned the two of us to orgasm. Desi reached up his free hand to explore our upper body, chest and abs and at the same time, Skeeter massaged our legs as he watched our lungs rise and fall in unison as our heavy breathing increased.

"Oh boy, I'm gonna cum," Gordy announced as his legs started to buckle and quiver leaving him weak and barely able to stand.

Desi stopped sucking on Gordy's cock and switched over to me. He vigorously pumped Gordy's cock with his hand until he shot his considerable load onto Desi's chest and stomach.

"Wow, look at all that hot cum you shot all over me," Desi declared. "That was such a turn-on."

"Yeah, Gordy is quite a virile stud," I stated with pride.

"Wait till you see Nico cum," Gordy bragged. "He's a real super shooter!"

"Speaking of super shooters, I'm gonna shoot a big one right now," I informed them. "Here I cum!"

Desi pulled my cock out of his mouth so he could witness Gordy's over exaggerated declaration of my abilities. He pounded me so hard that my semen blasted and splattered all over his body, raining down on his chest and stomach, continuing down around his balls and finally making it's way down to Skeeter's face below.

"Holy shit Nico, you're an awesome cum machine," Desi proclaimed. "Watching you guys cum on me was so hot, I think I'm gonna shoot mine now!"

He pulled his cock out of Skeeter's mouth and pounded himself until he shot his load onto Skeeter's chest.

"That was a pretty good size load of cum you just shot there yourself," Gordy complemented.

"A lot more than normal for someone your age," I added. "Your balls might be smaller than ours but they're much more powerful than you realize. I can tell you're gonna be a super shooter like Gordy and me in a few years."

"We got to get Skeeter off now," Gordy said. "All the rest of us have had our turns."

"You can leave that one to me," Desi indicated. "I'm gonna give Skeeter a very special `Thank You' personally for getting all of us together like this.

"Okay, we don't want to get in the way of anything special you two want to do," I said. We understand!"

"Well," Desi humbly asked, "do you think I'm good enough to be in the Crazy 8 Club?"

"Well, you've won us over," I told Desi. "I think you're exactly what we're looking for. We need someone young like you who can grow into the club and care for it. We need someone like you who might possibly even help run it in the near future by getting elected to serve as a club official."

"We need someone smart like you too," Gordy added. "Someone who will be able to protect the club by making the right decisions when it really matters. When Nico and I age-out, we'll need to know that we're leaving the club in capable hands. That somebody needs to be a person who cares enough about the club to honor our traditions and carry the legacy forward to the next generation."

"Bringing in someone sexy and good looking like you into the club is also a big consideration," I pointed out. "Having a big dick is a big plus too and if you're this big already, then you're gonna be one of the club's most popular members. After all it is a sex club we're talking about here!"

"Thanks guys," Desi said turning a bit red in the face. "Are you going to recommend me for membership then?"

"You've proven yourself to us," I said. "But that doesn't mean you're in yet."

"What we're going to do next is recommend you for consideration to the voting population of our club. Then they will give you a chance to prove yourself to them!" Gordy confirmed. "You'll need to go through the initiation process just like every other candidate considered for induction."

"Skeeter has told me stories about it," Desi said confidently, "so I'm ready now!"

"That's great that you think that way because you need to have a strong resolve if you're gonna make it," I indicated. "The Crazy 8 Club is not for the faint of heart! You said that you think of me as a hero, right? Well I can't speak for Gordy, but when I had my initiation, I was scared to death! I was scared before, during and even after it was over. I went in knowing all the stories too. Knowing the stories is one thing but going through the experience yourself is another thing all together!"

"So what happens next?" he asked.

"The club will schedule the initiation ceremony and we'll get back to you with the date and time," Gordy told him. "It might take more than a week. We have an important inauguration ceremony to perform first so just sit tight. Skeeter will prepare you and fill you in on all the details of the initiation process so you'll be ready."

Things were shaping up nicely. We now had a good strong candidate to recommend for induction into the Crazy 8 to fill the impending opening. Our Fleshjack order had been shipped and is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow at Stuart Manor after 2:00 p.m. Gordy and I are planning to be present to sign for the delivery. Our club's fundraising car wash is due to commence this weekend and should go off without a hitch. All the details have been worked out for an unforgettable combination Fleshjack and Whack-a Rob party. All the officers of the club have been preparing for Robert to officiate at the inauguration of his successor, Vice President Wade. As he hands off the reigns to his successor, Wade will then nominate his staff and all the club members will vote accordingly. This generally meant that everybody just moved up to the next highest office, although sometimes an upset has been known to happen. Lastly, Desi's initiation has been scheduled to take place prior to inauguration day so Robert can have some influence on the matter while he is still in office. The next ten days are going to be hectic, stressful, emotional, fun and exciting all at the same time.

I wouldn't miss it for the world!



End of Part Five