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Nico and Gordy's Crazy 8 Club Adventures

Part #6

By: Paul S. Stevens


Chapter #39

The Fleshjacks Are Coming - The Fleshjacks Are Coming

It was Friday and as soon as school let out, Gordy and I headed for Stuart Manor to receive the Fleshjack shipment we were expecting. It arrived around 3:45 p.m. by a U.P.S. courier. The box of Fleshjacks and accessories was much larger and heavier than we expected. Gordy went around to the main house to get someone to open the doors to the guest house so we could add our new acquisitions to the toy room. A few minutes later Gordy returned.

"What did you find out?" I asked.

"I found Xander and he should be opening the doors for us any minute now," he answered and almost immediately Xander appeared at the guesthouse doors to meet us.

"Hello Xander," we both said in unison.

"Good afternoon Master Elliot, Master Harris," he eloquently greeted. "I see you've received your long awaited delivery. Something special I'm guessing?"

"Yes Sir, I guess you could say that," Gordy answered.

"You Gentlemen have fun and if you would please close and lock the front doors here upon leaving, you won't need to summon me back later."

"Yes Sir, we'll take care of it all, you can count on us" Gordy said.

"Then I shall bid you `Good Day' Gentlemen!" he said as he bowed his head, gave us a wink and turned to walk away.

Gordy and I struggled to carry the bulky container upstairs to the master bedroom on the West Wing, the room that was home to our club's toys. We unpacked the box and took inventory. Now that they were actually here, forty Fleshjacks looked like an awful lot and they were going to take up a lot of room in this closet. We staked them neatly according to size and prepared them for Sunday when each of our club brothers would claim their choice for themselves. I located Robert's personally selected special ordered unit and told Gordy we needed to take this one with us today for sure. It was an essential ingredient of Robert's Surprise Party and we wouldn't be able to play `Whack-a-Rob' without it. Once we were done confirming that our order was correct, we cleaned up and collected the trash and packing materials and headed out to the dumpster. We then locked the doors on our way out and headed for home.

Tomorrow our junior members were going to be busy performing their fund raising car wash from noon to three o'clock. Skeeter and Desi were scheduled to work at this event. Desi's participation was required to fulfill his obligation before his scheduled initiation next week. Gordy and I were going to be busy all day Saturday as well making last minute preparations for Robert's party scheduled for this Sunday afternoon from three to six.

The fund raising car wash went off without a hitch. It was a beautiful day and our volunteers managed to raise eighty-nine dollars this time around. I had gotten word that Desi personally made forty dollars in tips which he donated to the club bringing the total up to one hundred and twenty-nine dollars. Desi's display of enthusiasm and eagerness reminded me of myself when I did my first club fundraising car wash. I was beginning to like this boy more and more each day.

All the preparations had now been made for Robert's party and there was nothing left to do now but wait. The closer it got to Sunday, the more excited I became. Gordy was excited too but this event was my baby. I'm the one who suggested it, cleared it and made all the preparations. Since this was the first club event I was completely responsible for, I made it a point to see that everything went smoothly.

Chapter #40

Setting Up The Surprise

The day of Robert's surprise party had finally arrived. Gordy and I drove out to Stuart Manor at 2:30 that afternoon to pick up the forty Fleshjacks for the party. We piled the mass of individually boxed Fleshjacks into Gordy's trunk and back seat. A few minutes before three that afternoon, we were granted access to Columbus Hall and quickly brought in our carload of goodies. Shortly after that our party guests began to arrive. As each member arrived, the excitement started to mount as they eagerly began checking out the Fleshjacks to see which one they wanted to claim as their own. Once each brother made their choice, Gordy and I personalized each one with a sticker we had previously prepared with the individual member's name as well as our club name. Each Fleshjack got a sticker on the box as well as inside and outside its case. Now that all our members made their claims, Gordy and I rounded up the remaining units and tossed them back in the trunk of the car. After the party, Gordy and I would have to return to Stuart Manor and place the unclaimed units in the master bedroom on the West Wing where they would be stored until we get a chance to sell the remaining units to one of our sister clubs as planned. We needed to do this to protect ourselves and the club from any unnecessary suspicion. If Gordy had unintentionally returned his mother's car to her with all these Fleshjacks in the trunk, it would have been hell to pay!

Robert was told that the party was from four to six that day and to enter through the waiting room. To have him arrive at four o'clock instead of three o'clock like the rest of us would give us an extra hour to setup and prepare the hall. Having him enter through the waiting room would allow us a way to spring the surprise.

Everyone pitched in to get things ready. We pulled the couches out and set up the bed as center stage just as if we were holding an initiation ceremony. We outfitted the bed with our best double fluffy silk comforter. We had a large banner made that read:

Farewell To A Great Leader

Goodbye To A Great Friend

We proudly hung that one prominently over the stage area.

We also had several smaller ones made that read:


You Will Be Greatly Missed


May Your Future Be Filled

With Brotherly Love

These other banners got posted and hung all about the hall creating a very festive mood.

Now that the hall was set, we had fifteen minutes left to prepare ourselves. I called everyone into the holding room and went over the rules of the game once more. I also informed everyone that each person was responsible for their own Fleshjack and that included the cleaning and maintenance of their unit and at no time should anyone ever share their Fleshjack with anyone else. The fact that each member received their own personal unit should eliminate to need to do any sharing. Then I had everybody strip down out of their clothes, take their Fleshjacks in hand and make their way out to the couches where everyone would yell "Surprise" at the appropriate time.

Skeeter was thrilled to be able to play the butler one more time. He knew that if Desi were to be accepted into the club, he would be passing that reasonability to him being the new `Low Man on the Totem Pole'. With pride, he prepared his plump pillow and silver platter with a variety of goodies. He stocked himself with several towels, several bottles of lube and a large assortment of condoms for everyone. He also equipped himself with the club stopwatch and prepared to officiate as timekeeper and referee. He was also custodian of Robert's Personal Fleshjack. Everyone wanted to see it but Skeeter stood his ground and protected it with his life.

Every club brother was now accounted for and ready. Everything was in place and the stage was set. This was not a common club event so we didn't outfit the couches with cameras. I did however bring my personal camera for me to document my first club party under my authority. I walked around the hall and took a few preliminary pictures of the hall and banners before the party began. I walked over to Wade to inform him that he could now take control of the event.

"Okay Wade, everything is set and we're just waiting for our guest of honor to arrive," I informed him. "I now relinquish command to you."

"Nico," he replied, "you did all the work so you should get all the glory!"

"Are you sure?" I questioned.

"Oh yeah, you did a great job, so now you should enjoy yourself," he said as he gave me a good old fashioned pat me on the back.

"Robert was instructed to enter into the waiting room where he is to be sensuously stripped and then brought in for the surprise!" I told him. "Protocol indicates that this should be the duty of the next highest official."

"I concede to you," he smiled. "This should be your privilege, you've earned it! Go on now and have some fun."

I followed his advice and made my way to the waiting room to wait for Robert to arrive. As I was leaving the main hall, I reminded everyone that when the spotlight goes on, it means that Robert and I are about to come in and that's when everybody is supposed to spring the surprise. Once I was in the waiting room, I began to think about how I was going to strip Robert down without him objecting. I hadn't given it any thought before now. I never dreamed that Wade would pass the honor on to me. I began to panic as I heard Robert's car pull up and park. A few seconds later he walked in.

"Hey Nico," he said. "What's going on?" Seeing me naked tipped him off that something in fact was going on.

"I've been a bad boy," I began as I took the keys he was holding in his hand and put them down on the waiting room desk. "I've been a real bad boy," I said as I reached up with both hands and sensuously removed his sunglasses and put them on the desk as well. "You're gonna have to discipline me," I continued as I began to pull his shirt up over his head.

"What's going on Nico?" he questioned. "What are you talking about, what the hell are you doing?"

"I want you to take me over your naked knee and spank me," I teased as I removed his belt and unbuttoned his pants. "You need to spank me real hard," I said licking my lips. I slid his pants down to his ankle and he reluctantly lifted each foot so I could remove his pants, shoes and sox.

"What are you playing at?" he grinned. "Is there some kind of hidden camera in here?"

"When you find out what I've done your gonna want to whip me good," I said as I removed the last piece of clothing on him, his sexy tight fitting ultra revealing briefs. I continued to lick my lips. I slowly slid those fragile briefs down his legs, revealing Robert's gorgeously hot naked body.

I was getting a little to much into the role I was playing. I found myself wanting to take Robert's cock into my mouth and suck him off right here. I struggled to keep my focus and continued. "Here, come with me," I said as I took his hand to lead him into the arena. Before I opened the door, I flipped on the spotlights in the hall thereby alerting the guys that I was about to enter with Robert. I flung the door open and pulled Robert into the room with me.

"Surprise!" everyone yelled as Robert got caught off guard, completely coming un-glued.

"Holy fucking shit!" he screamed like a little ten year old girl. "Oh my God, oh my God, did you do all this for me?"

The room cheered and sang `For He's A Jolly Good Fellow' as I lead Robert by the hand that I still had a hold of and directed him to his place of honor on the meticulously primped bed and everyone gave him a rousing round of applause.

"Oh... thanks guys," he announced to everyone as he sat himself down in the middle of the bed, laid back and got comfortable.

Now that our guest of honor had arrived, the party was ready to begin.

Chapter #41

The "Whack-a-Rob" Party Begins

"Robert," I said as I turned to address him personally. "Welcome to our `Whack-a-Rob' party."

"Whack-a-Rob party, are you serious, who's idea was this," he said looking around. Everyone in attendance started whooping it up clapping, cheering and whistling.

"This was my idea, it's a game I invented and I think you're going to love it," I said with humility. "Everybody here has been briefed and understands the rules. All you need to do is kick back and enjoy yourself. Each club member gets sixty seconds to try to make you cum using the Fleshjack model you selected earlier. Each member can utilize any number of different individualized Fleshjack techniques to achieve their goal. When you feel yourself getting close and ready to shoot it, just call out `Climax'. That player then has an additional fifteen seconds to finish you off by hand. If you don't cum by then, the game continues with the next player. This way, every club brother will have a personal turn at giving you your very own going away present, a `Crazy 8 Club Presidential Farewell Orgasm'. Both you and the player that ultimately makes you cum will share half the party pool plus that player will receive his own personal Fleshjack to take home with him. So, get ready, lean back and enjoy the ride!"

Robert smiled and relaxed. Now that he understood what this was all about, he looked more contented and willing to do his part. He stroked himself a little to ensure he had a firm erection to be able to penetrate the tight interior of his personally selected Fleshjack. In a matter of seconds, Robert was all boned up and ready to get started. I was glad to see that he was getting into the spirit of the game that was unfolding according to plan. I could see he was beginning to look forward to all the attention he was about to receive as his rock hard cock stood straight up and pulsated in anticipation.

Skeeter took on the official roll of timekeeper with the club's stopwatch to ensure that each player got his full sixty seconds of cock pounding action with Robert. He would announce a ten second countdown so the entire club could enthusiastically shout out their encouragement.

When it comes to taking turns at an event such as this, there is a kind of unspoken pecking order that we've all learned to abide by. Our highest ranking officer under Robert was now our Heir Apparent to the Presidency, Vice President Wade. Without hesitation, he stepped up and got the ball rolling by being the first in line to help Robert `Pop the Cherry' on his virgin Fleshjack.

With all the skill of a Wild West gun slinger, Wade spun the Fleshjack around in the palm of his hand like a trigger happy cowboy at the O. K. corral. He was ready to be the first one to pump the initial rounds into his willing victim. He was prepared to show Robert no mercy. In an effort to entertain the crowd, Wade stretched his tongue out and French Kissed Robert's Fleshjack, essentially wetting its dry lips, providing lubrication to its un-defiled orifice. Wade felt he had successfully prepared his immaculate hollow receptacle for its maiden voyage. He knelt down beside Robert and plunged the device onto Robert's rigid cock, engulfing it completely. Robert let out a considerable moan of pleasure as he gasped for breath. Wade pushed the object deep into the bushy hairs of Robert's pubic region. Because there was an inadequate amount of lubrication for its initial use, a strange thing happened. When Wade pulled up on the Fleshjack to begin pumping Robert's shaft, the inner sleeve got sucked out of the outer casing making a rather loud popping sound as the two pieces separated. Everyone busted out laughing as the Fleshjack's inner lining wiggled like Jell-O as it clung to Robert's cock. It looked like it had been molded directly onto Robert's stiff column. Wade stood there for a moment in shock as he held the empty Fleshjack case in his hands.

"Stop the clock," I called out to Skeeter. A scattering of giggles filled the room as everyone waited to see what was going to happen next.

"I can't believe it, you haven't had it for ten seconds yet and you already broke it!" Wade sarcastically scolded.

"That thing is supposed to suck my cock, not the other way around," Robert laughed.

I reach for a bottle of lube from off of Skeeter's tray and tossed it over to Wade. He comically reached out for the clear fleshy sleeve surrounding Robert's pole and humorously removed the lining off of Robert's penis milking the incident for all it was worth. He reunited the two parts back together and generously lubed the interior of the Fleshjack more completely this time and continued what he stated. I instructed Skeeter to resume the count. Wade managed to get about forty more strokes in before Skeeter began his ten second countdown. Everyone joined in as Wade increased his speed in the final few seconds.

"5... 4... 3... 2... 1," the crowd chanted. When his time ran out, Wade threw up his arms and danced the walk of life in a mock victory. The club applauded and several members gave Wade a Wolf Whistle as his cock and balls flung freely and openly in his exuberance.

"Thanks man, that was awesome," Robert whispered to Wade. "You're the Man!"

Wade passed the torch to Gordy, the club's next member in succession. He knelt down next to Robert and began to implement his well planned strategy. He started off teasing his victim by using just the opening of the Fleshjack. He rolled the lips up and around the head of Robert's cock, popping it in and out ever so slightly, not entering any deeper than a half an inch or so. After doing this for about fifteen seconds he suddenly drove the device all the way down Robert's shaft, holding it in place there for several seconds. Again, Robert gasped for air as Gordy's sudden dive took his breath away. He then started stroking Robert ever so slowly, taking several seconds to traverse the distance from top to bottom of his cock and back again. I got really turned on watching Gordy perform his magic on Robert. He was doing a repeat performance of the same technique he used on me the day Gordy introduced this amazing contraption to me when I discovered it in his `Private Toy Box'.

Gordy started running out of time and before he knew it, Skeeter began his countdown. The club brothers began shouting out there calls.

"Ten... nine... eight... seven...," Skeeter counted.

"Go Gordy, Go!" Trent shouted.

"Shoot it, shot it, shoot it," the crowd began to vocalize.

"six... five... four...," Skeeter continued.

"Don't shoot it yet!" Chad yelled. "I haven't had my turn yet!"

The room filled with laughter as most of the club brothers could relate. They wanted to see Robert loose the battle but many of them hadn't gotten their turn yet either.

All the guys pitched in counting now, "3... 2... 1... 0!"

"Thanks Gordy, that was hot man," Robert said. "You've really got the touch, fantastic man!" Robert and Gordy slapped each other a high five.

I was the next in line to give Robert his increasingly erotic goodbye gesture. Gordy passed the Fleshjack to me and I went over and knelt down next to Robert and prepared to deliver my own brand of Fleshjack torture. I started by taking the gadget all the way down Robert's shaft. Then I rolled the object between my hands like a camper rubbing two sticks together to start a fire. As I twisted the thing, I also nudged it upward about three quarters of the way up his shaft and then back down again twisting it all the way.

"Oh My God that feels so good," Robert unintentionally said out loud and then began sensuously moaning. Before I knew it, Skeeter began his countdown and my time was virtually over. The group chanted their countdown together and I continued my efforts until the very last second.

"Oh, I wish you didn't have to stop so soon Nico," he said. "You really had me going there!"

"I really wish I could've been the one to make you cum," I confessed. "You've really been a great friend to me and I am going to miss you a lot!"

With that comment, Robert reached up and gave me a heartfelt hug. I instantly wrapped my arms around him in return. I wanted to tell him about the feelings I had been keeping a secret from him all this time. As our naked bodies connected, I became aware that I hadn't spent nearly enough time getting to know my hero and club brother. Maybe it was because I had too much respect for the office he held and his ranking in our club. Then again, maybe it was just because I was too busy pursuing my other relationships with Gordy, Trent and the other acquaintances I've formed recently. As I held him, I was reminded of the time he and I shared a shower together recently at one of our club's special events. I cherished that wonderfully warm feeling I came away with at that simple yet unforgettable encounter.

"Let's go before he gets cooled off," Chad said. I handed him the reins and promptly got out of his way.

Many club brothers took their sixty-second turns that brought Robert to the edge several times but no one had completely done the deed yet. Robert had used all his strength to hold back his explosive orgasm from spewing forth too soon. He wanted every club brother to have at least one turn before he would give up his prize. He enjoyed some very interesting variations as the many different club members each tried to be original in their approach, hoping their style and enthusiasm would be the one to do him in. However Robert's tolerance was giving way and it wasn't going to take much now to finish him off.

By now, everyone was getting into the spirit of the game, yelling, cheering and carrying on. The sexual tension grew as the aroused spectators started to join in on the fun, jacking themselves and each other using their newly acquired Fleshjacks. The fervor doubled as a cacophony of moaning drove the crowd into a fever pitch.

Everyone in the club had now taken their turn except for Skeeter. Because he was the last club member to take his turn, he relinquished his obligation of being the official timekeeper and handed me the stopwatch so he could finally partake in the festivities.

Chapter #42

The Unexpected Snake Charmer

Skeeter went over to his mentor and innocently straddled his small young body across Robert's chest. He got into a comfortable sitting position facing his idol's cock and he lined up the Fleshjack with Robert's stiff member and began stroking his hero's sizable pole. Due to Skeeter's smaller stature, he struggled to keep a moderate pace going as he gripped the large cylinder with both hands. Seconds later Robert's breathing slowed and became shallow. Skeeter's body rose and fell with each breath as he rode his father figure's muscular body like a horse. Robert's entire body began to spasm as he prepared to experience one of the most intense sexual orgasms of his life. Because Robert was not able to watch what Skeeter was doing like he had done with all the others so far, he resigned himself to let go and close his eyes so he can focus on the unbelievable feelings his little side kick was passionately striving to deliver in his honor.

"Oh Skeet, you're a fucking snake charmer man," Robert praised. "You're gonna charm the jizz right out of me." These two comments sexually supercharged Skeeter's small body to work twice as hard as before.

All of the club brothers were watching Robert's body language and recognized the signs of his impending orgasm. It was beginning to look like Skeeter was the one that was going to succeed because he still had thirty seconds left.

"Shoot it, shoot it, shoot it," everybody repeated as their excitement spun out of control.

"Oh shit Skeet," Robert said taking a deep breath, "Climax, Climax!"

In his exuberance, Skeeter threw the Fleshjack halfway across the room so he could stroke Robert's engorged cock by hand and be the one to claim Robert's treasure.

"Fifteen... fourteen... thirteen... twelve," I called out as Skeeter only had fifteen seconds to make Robert's jizz fly once Robert called `Climax' according to the rules.

"Come on little dude, make him cum hard," Wade yelled out. Half the room was shouting Skeeter's name while the other half encouraged Robert to go for it!

With both hands, Skeeter fervently stroked Robert for all he was worth. Skeeter was having difficulties staying in place on Robert's chest as his body heaved and shuddered, throwing Skeeter around like a Bucking Bronco.

"Eleven... ten... nine... eight," I called out and then it happened.

"Oh, Fuck," Robert screamed out. His body stopped convulsing and turned stiff and ridged. He arched his back and let out an erotically charged howl. Robert's cock swelled in Skeeter's hands and his balls pulled tightly together. The hot mixture of seminal fluids surged together in his groin as they built up to a critical mass. Robert's orgasm exploded as his cock fired the first round. It traveled up his long shaft and gushed out past that small slit at the tip of his prick. The room was in awe as they witnessed Robert produce a long heavy rope of hot thick white spunk that shot eighteen inches straight up and then arched toward Skeeter. It landed on the boy's small bellybutton and then rolled down, eventually pooling together on top of Skeeter's own rock hard cock. The second round rocketed over Skeeter's left shoulder, landing on Robert's cheek behind him. Everyone burst out with excitement as they watched Robert sling his considerably huge load from his well endowed launching platform. As his crotch rocket continued to unleash several more volleys, Robert's spectators began to respond to his hot uncontrollable shooting spree. Robert's display was so hot that I wished I could relive the moment over and over again. That's when I realized I had my camera with me for just that purpose. I picked up my camera and began to document this momentous occasion. Robert's monumentally erotic display caused all the club brothers to succumb to a sudden surge of oncoming orgasms.

I looked over in time to see Robert pull Skeeter down towards him so he was lying flat atop his body. Robert then reached around and started to give Skeeter a hand job as a personal thank you for giving him such an intimate gift. Skeeter dropped his arms to his side to unconditionally allow Robert to have his way with him. Skeeter turned his head and the two of them began a pretty hot looking French kiss. As they lip-locked, Robert took the freshly deposited semen that had pooled on Skeeter's cock, the very same jizz that he had just bathed him with a few moments ago and used it as lube as he jacked off his young friend. The sight of Skeeter's immature body lying on top of Robert's masculine frame was a sweet image I would not soon forget. Their age differences and body sizes were inconsequential as they enjoyed each other's closeness. Watching Robert pleasure his favorite protégé in this way demonstrated the tenderness, warmth and compassion they shared for each other. The vision of the two of then together, both sporting rock solid erections that stood straight up from their bodies was so endearing, I had to snap a picture of it for posterity. Skeeter was so worked up at this point that it only took a few quick strokes of Robert's hand to send Skeeter into a tailspin of shooting boy bullets. After Skeeter had drenched himself with the modest amount of sperm his young body had just recently begun to produce, he rolled off of his friend as he knew what was about to transpire.

Chapter #43

An Eighteen Cum Salute

Robert was now recovering from his astronomical orgasm and slowly floated back down to Earth. While Robert was peacefully recovering, the rest of the club was just revving up for a spectacular club-wide cum-fest. Everyone started cuming over to Robert with their own personal Fleshjacks in hand, two and three guys at a time, ready to cover him with their own special `goodbye gesture'.

The club was now yielding to the domino effects of the flagrantly flying boy cream that was being offered in Robert's reverence. The abounding cacophony of voices escalated as the sounds of ecstasy rose to a fever pitch. Everyone got caught up in the blazing swirl of testosterone that permeated the very air we were breathing.

No one in our club has ever been able to fend off the effects of this phenomenon. Like popcorn, once the first kernel pops, they all start popping in succession as if compelled by some unseen force. As more members started coming over to Robert to begin shooting their loads on him, the more the electrically charged effect began to multiply. Even I was not immune to its effects as I was barreling headlong into an orgasm of my own.

I took as many pictures as I could of each group of guys as they took their turns depositing their valuables onto Robert's stockpiling depository. I looked around the room and witnessed all my club brothers begin to loose the battle as more and more of them succumbed to an unprecedented explosion of shooting stars. I held off from cuming as long as I could to be able to take as many memorable snapshots as possible for my personal collection as well as for the club archives.

Nearly everyone in the hall had now come to Robert to present their respected liquid offerings onto Robert's body. These gifts were graciously donated as a personally symbolic ritual, much like a tribe of natives performing the `Male Rites Of Passage into Adulthood'. Now that they have all shot their loads, they each found themselves reveling in the glowing embers of their own individual orgasms. Robert was now completely covered in their esteemed love stains that stretched from his cheeks all the way to the pubic hairs on his balls.

The time had finally come. It was my turn now and as it turned out, Gordy and I were the last ones to cum. Between him and me, we intuitively knew that the two of us were going to have to perform a spectacular finale to bring a close to this markedly stellar event. I put my camera down and I knelt down on one side of Robert while Gordy knelt on the other.

Seeing the various pools of glistening boy seeds and inhaling the aroma from the potent testosterone laden fragrances was bringing out the primitive male instincts in me. Like a wolf marking its territory, I got the urge to spray my own contribution to the mass of masculine stew, thereby adding my own scent to the collective and confirming my affiliation within the pack and perhaps even intimate my status as an up and coming alpha-male within our close fellowship. A lot of who I used to be has been changing recently and I definitely wasn't the same timid introverted little boy I was, just a few short months ago.

Gordy and I were both riding the very edge of an explosive orgasm now due to the fact that we had been observing all the activity that has transpired up to this point. Also responsible for our fervent forward momentum were these marvelous new Fleshjacks. They've proven to be wonderfully proficient in their ability to pull us all into a quick and powerful orgasm. I was very pleased to know that I was able to put one of these incredible devices into the hands of each and every one of our club member celebrating here today.

As I looked over at Gordy, we were both able to silently communicate our readiness to each other. I started breathing heavily as a powerful surge of orgasmic energy started emanating from my groin. It gripped me abnormally hard as the tension and pressure began to build up behind my balls, inching ever closer. Gordy's breathing also deepened and it became apparent that our `Whack-A-Rob Grand Finale' was making its run off the spectator's side. It only took about ten more stokes of our Fleshjacks and we both put our units down to manually finish off what we had both managed to fend off up to this moment.

"Come on you guys, hit me," Robert implored. "Your final strokes will make my artistic symmetry complete. Shoot it now, come on you guys, finish me off!"

The crowd was now starting to get in on the act and began chanting:

"Shoot It, Shoot It, Shoot It!"

That's all it took to send Gordy and me over the edge and into a wild shooting spree that put the finishing touches on Robert's personal diorama of jizz and spunk. As we began to shoot our loads together, I realized someone had picked up the ball and continued to document the event with my personal camera I had just set down. When I looked around I discovered it was Skeeter who had picked up my camera. He began snapping multiple pictures of us as Gordy and I tossed our bountiful man milk around like two vipers spitting venom at each other. Our Fleshjacks had done their jobs on Gordy and me as we both unleashed a torrent of steaming hot cock juice. Our fertile man-made egg whites splattered and dispersed as they merged and co-mingled with the previously applied layers on Robert's evolving artwork. We managed to successfully finish off what had truly become a one-of-a-kind aesthetically sensuous looking masterpiece on Robert's lasciviously sexy body. The club had successfully made its statement as each individual respectfully and lovingly expressed their person esteem for their cherished leader and friend. The massive moans of intimate pleasure slowly died down as everyone floated gradually back to their senses. Everyone took a few moments to relax and enjoy the lingering tingles of a well executed orgasm. Robert was now one of the few honored recipients to ever receive the Crazy 8 Club's renowned `Eighteen Cum Salute'. Once everyone settled down enough, I had something I wanted to say to conclude the ceremony.

Chapter #44

Catching The Insolently Despicable Offender

"Robert," I said turning to address him and to deliver a small impromptu speech. "We the members of the `Pythagoras Chapter' of the Crazy 8 Club salute you. As the banner above you signifies with words, we your club brothers say with actions. Today we all must say with a heavy heart, Goodbye, Goodbye to a great leader as well as a dear friend. We are honored that you have allowed us this chance to show you our appreciation for all the hard work and dedication you've devoted to us as our club President. We are also honored that you allowed us this chance to demonstrate, in the most intimate and personal way possible, the genuine feelings we all share for you as our personal friend and club brother."

All the attendees gave Robert a rousing round of applause to signify their whole-hearted agreement to my sentiments. Robert's face turned slightly red from all the attention we were lavishing upon him, causing him to feel a fair amount of embarrassment.

Robert paused in a thoughtful manner and then responded. "I want each and every one of you guys to know something right now! Just because I allowed all of you shoot your hot sticky loads all over me doesn't make me your Bitch now!" Robert said in jest as he metaphorically demonstrated his preeminence by running his fingers through the white sticky goop and then proceeded to bring the sample to his lips.

Just as Robert licked his fingers, Skeeter seized the opportunity to capture him in a rare moment of depravity and snapped his picture.

"Why you little shit," Robert shouted out as he leapt off the bed to chase his insolently despicable offender.

The sight of Robert's handsomely maturing nude body covered in this mosaic of sticky white boy cream looked offensively indecent yet at the same time devilishly sexy. As he chased his little tormentor around the hall, the sum total of all the wet clinging clumps of cum he had been immersed in started dripping from his torso and began to dribble down his thighs. Everyone laughed at their antics as Skeeter continued to evade Robert's capture. Every few feet, Skeeter would turn around and snap another picture as Robert comically gave chase.

"Come here Skeeter," Robert beckoned. "I just want to give you a nice big hug!" he said holding his arms out in a come-hither gesture as the combined hodgepodge of congealing ooze continued to drool down his body and finally start dripping on the floor.

"No way Jose!" Skeeter answered snapping even more pictures and laughing hysterically.

Eventually, Skeeter's uncontrollable laughter caused him to loose his footing, giving Robert the chance to finally capture him. Robert then hugged him exuberantly with both arms lifting Skeeter's younger body completely off the floor. Skeeter struggled as his arms and legs began flailing from side to side, causing the mixture to slip and slide, unintentionally spreading the nastiness even further.

"Oh God... Yuck!" Skeeter squealed in his boyish high pitched voice. "Shit Robert, You Suck!" Skeeter protested.

All the boys in the gallery began to laugh again as Robert rubbed Skeeter against his chest in an effort to more vigorously share the freshly created batch of this All American Made `Essence de Boy' perfume.

"Let me go!" Skeeter demanded. "You've had your fun now, let me go!"

"Come on Skeet, don't you want to taste it now?" Robert inquired.

"No way Jose!" he answered again. With that, Robert held Skeeter with one hand and with the other he swiped two fingers across his chest and gathered a substantial amount of the thickening gel and brought it up to Skeeter's lips.

"Now Open Wide!"

Skeeter let out a blood curdling scream that transcended even the scariest screams from the most time honored classic Hollywood horror films. The thought of being made to taste this horrific brew caused Skeeter to attempt a daring escape. He wiggled and squirmed his way free from Robert's grasp and succeeded only because the combined slime between their two bodies made it impossible for Robert to maintain his one handed grip on him.

Chapter #45

Robert's Tearful Goodbye

Realizing that they had both had their fun, Robert made his way back to the bed. He picked up a couple of towels along the way and began dabbing at the monumental conglomeration of the club's dues they had just baptized him in. He called over to Skeeter to make peace with his well meaning shadow by offering to clean him up as well. The two of them sweetly cleaned each other off as Skeeter sat on his loving friend's lap caressing each other as they dapped and wiped one another like two kittens grooming and purring together.

As Robert and Skeeter continued to pamper each other, Robert started thinking about the party and how everyone had treated him so special. The more he thought about it the more his mind began to wonder. The club hadn't bathed him in cum in this way since well before he became an officer and elder of this club. He had forgotten what it was like to allow his club brothers the opportunity to show their support and demonstrate their affection in this humbling way. The symbolic gesture of being covered in the club's combined love juices triggered a flood of cherished memories, one's that reminded him of a more simple and carefree time when he was a junior club member. Sadly, the more that each club brother had come up to him to physically express their individual affections, the more he became aware of just how much more difficult it was going to be to have to say goodbye to each one of them. He expected this to happen but it was now hitting him much harder than he had previously anticipated. He was becoming acutely aware of the enormous impact his influence has had on the development of each and every one of these special boys and how they've all looked up to him like a big brother or even a father figure to some of the younger ones. He started to choke up once he realized just how much all of these boys actually meant to him. Skeeter began to see some tears welling up in Robert's eyes.

"What's the matter?" Skeeter asked. "Did I do something wrong?"

"Oh no Skeet, I'm okay," he tenderly said smiling at his beloved's sweet face. "I'm just going to miss all of this. I'm going to miss you. No, I'm going to be okay, I'm just being silly that's all!" Robert realized he needed to reel in his emotions before his devoted friend witnessed him spiral out of control.

"Oh no, you're not being silly at all!" Skeeter replied. "I'm going to miss you so much I don't know what I'm going to do." Having said that, all of a sudden the tears came rolling in.

"Oh now don't you start crying," Robert said trying to keep his own damn from bursting. "I'm not dying you know!"

"I know but we can't play sex together anymore," Skeeter said in his tender boyish way.

"That's true but that doesn't mean we can't still be regular friend, right?" Robert asked. I'll always love you no matter what happens, you can count on that!"

The two of them hugged each other for a while as they both struggled to regain their composure.

Robert was first inducted into the Crazy 8 Club at the age of eleven, having been a member in good standing for a total of seven years. He held his first political office at the age of fifteen and was given the honorary title of Elder shortly thereafter. Robert has been an integral part of Pythagoras, working his way up the political ladder achieving the highest honor possible. He has made many significant changes and improvements to the club during his four year political term. He has made many friends and acquaintances throughout the years, due primarily to his pleasant demeanor and sense of fair play. He has been an honest and hard working President to the club and a fierce and loyal friend to each of its members. It is also true that the club has played a vital role in Robert's own sexual development, making him the perfect leader for this unique all boys sex club. The day to day experiences of running the club has had a tremendous effect on Robert's personal growth. Even though Robert will be moving into his adult life with the knowledge and experience of someone much older, the fact remained that having to leave behind the one thing that meant so much to him would be quite devastating and would end up leaving a substantial void that nothing else in the world could ever adequately replace.

Today's Whack-A-Rob party was a complete success and everyone had a great time. Robert was particularly happy and thanked me numerous times, nevertheless he appeared distracted and was feeling a little bit melancholy as an ominous sense of foreboding filled his thoughts. Robert tried to tell himself `When I Become A Man, I put Away Childish Things', the problem is, even though most members enter the club at a very young age, the Crazy 8 club has been far from a childish endeavor for him. Being in the club has given him some real life experiences. He's dealt with fund-raisers, club finances, bookkeeping and has played liaison to Mr. Stuart and the local authorities. He's also had to keep the peace between club members that didn't see eye to eye and protected the club numerous times from unintentional exposure. All in all, the club has actually prepared Robert more completely for the real world than any other single activity he's ever engaged in. He finally came to realize that no matter how much he fought it, nothing was going to change the inevitable. He finally conceded that he simply needed more time to come to grips with his current situation so he can more easily accept what fate had in store for him. As it turned out, fate would have a different plan for him and the hardest moments of Robert's life was about to be thrust upon him.

"Its getting late Skeet, you should go and get dressed now," Robert said. "We're going to have to close up shop pretty soon."

Skeeter did what he was told to do and went to the holding room to retrieve his clothes and get dressed. By now, most of the boys had already gotten dressed and fulfilled their responsibilities by clearing and cleaning up the hall. As each boy would complete his task, he would go over to Robert to express his personal best wishes. One by one, each member would make it a point to convey their thoughts before each one would leave the party. From where I stood, I was able to watch the parade of boys as they, each in their own unique way, attempted to put their feelings into words. Some formally shook hands, some slapped hands in a high five, some hugged tightly and some fought back tears until they thought they were far enough away and out of sight to let go!

At this point, the rest of us had gotten dressed and most of the party guests had dispersed. The only ones left now were Robert, Skeeter, Gordy and me. I was responsible for returning the keys and turning control back to the Realtor of Columbus Hall at precisely six o'clock. Then Gordy and I were going to drop off Skeeter on our way back to Stuart Manor where we needed to store the surplus Fleshjacks before returning Gordy's borrowed car back to his mother.

Before the Realtor arrived to lock up the place, Robert, Skeeter, Gordy and I engaged in an awesome four-way group hug that put a perfect end to a hot and steamy if not emotionally awkward event. Next week we will be hosting Desi's initiation on Saturday Afternoon and later that same day we will be holding the club's Inauguration Ceremony where Robert will be passing the torch as he swears in his replacement. The scheduled events include the Oaths of Office ceremony as well as an Inaugural Address. Even though this was not Robert's final day as President, it was the most emotionally challenged day that any of us have had in recent memory. Despite that fact, I was very happy the way things turned out today and I wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world.

End of Part Six

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