Nicotine and Damp Blue Jeans

Chapter 2.

In the first chapter these late developing 14 year olds shared covert smokes in the woods and then when on to share together something they had only ever done alone... Chapter 2 pick up a short while later.

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It was a Friday afternoon, the one before Labor Day. Nicky was home alone and Brad was heading over. Both knew what the plan was. They had the place to themselves for at least 3 hours and both were looking forward to being intimate with their common urges.

They had planned the event the day before and had made a pact with each other that they would have a `dry spell' until they met so that they might once again conjure up feelings that were as intense as the one they previously enjoyed.

Brad arrived and they immediately went to the bedroom. Nicky closed the door behind him and for some unexplainable reason, when he faced his friend the spontaneously embraced in a hug. `Wanna smell my breath again?' Brad asked. Nicky nodded and while sampling his minty fresh mouth touched his lips to Brad's and they softly kissed for a moment, before catching themselves and releasing.

`I have been hard for an hour' Nicky whispered and began to undress. Brad joined him and soon there were two piles of clothes on the floor and two naked teen boys with throbbing erections. They lay on the bed side by side, bodies almost touching but not quite. They knew the routine and began a repeat of the session under the tree.

What they did not account for was the speed at which release would come due to both their anticipated excitement about being together and the saved up loads from their dry spell since the previous afternoon.

Five minutes after the door had closed in the bedroom they had hugged, kissed, undressed and taken themselves to the bed. They had also both climaxed within moments of beginning. Similar scenes of semen stained chests and bellies on panting boys who had not learned how to pace themselves.

Rather than celebrate the feelings (which both agreed were great) they were a bit pissed off it was over so fast.

Using Kleenex they wiped themselves clean, Brad this time able to do a proper job and retracted his hood so that he could mop up the residual fluid. Nicky tentatively reached over to see what it was like to touch a piece of skin he did not have. Brad was quickly softening and the knob pulled itself inside as the engorgement ended.

There was a bit of a funk in the room and Nicky put his nose near the crease of his armpit to see if the smell was coming from him. Brad said he knew what the smell was and it was not Nicky it was him. Nicky went to smell his friend's armpit but Brad waved him away. `Smell your fingers' he advised and Nicky sniffed the fingers that had touched his friend and smelled a yeasty aroma that was slightly sharp. `It's like BO that gathers under the skin' Brad explained. `I wash it off, but it always comes back a bit, more so lately'

Nicky shrugged, not put off in the least. They walked naked into Nicky's bathroom and washed themselves properly with a wet washcloth, Brad dancing a bit as the friction from the terry cloth came into contact with his sensitive pink knob.

They seemed to enjoy each other's nudity as much as their company. Brad was no longer at all self conscious of his later stage of development and in fact was quite in awe and full of anticipation of his future state. Nicky on the other hand seemed quite curious about the additional skin Brad had and how that made them quite different. Brad sat cross legged at the foot of the bed, facing Nicky who was resting his back against the headboard, one arm cocked over his head revealing the thin black hairs that had sprouted. Both were soft as they talked about the end of summer, the approaching school year and the intensity of their friendship, whose bond was now forged stronger due to the secret acts they witnessed.

In a fully flaccid state they were able to observe other differences which Brad first pointed out. Nicky's was a soft 3". Longer and thicker than his friend's , his growth was not as much when aroused and it stood at a solid 4". His amount of most orgasmic shrinkage was not as substantial as Brad's whose this little shaft came in barely over an inch when soft compared to a brittle and still thin 3" erect state.

Brad's testes were now visible as his sac was relaxed and loose, the size was very compact compared to his friends whose sac seemed to barely contain the orbs. As they talked Nicky began to stiffen again and was soon at full mast. Brad observed the barrel roll that began the transition, but his little pecker remained soft.

Nicky patted the bed space beside him and invited his friend to lie beside him. `It will take longer for the second one to come' he stated with conviction. He turned toward Brad, pushing his thickness against his thigh and reached over to feel his penis. He used his fingers to inspect every aspect of his boyhood in its relaxed state. Brad turned his head slightly to look his pal in the eyes and Nicky went in for another kiss and Brad accepted his affection. Soon their instincts took over and they used their tongues to intimately explore each other's moist mouths. This had the necessary effect on Brad as the manipulations in his groin caused a quick erection. Reciprocating the actions of his bedmate he reached took his shaft in his fist and felt its warm, smooth hardness in the palm of his hand.

Brad turned to face Nicky as they ground their pelvises into each other, their turgid parts making contact with each other, their lips locked, their eyes closed, hot breath steaming around their faces. The smell of naked boys began to makes its presence as their humping action released some of the sweet sharp scent that gathered between the cheeks of their buttocks. Brad could also begin to smell the familiar odor beginning to form in Nicky's under arms. With his free hand he began once again to fondle the protruding nipples and unlocked from his lips when he felt it stiffen between his fingers. He dropped his head down to once again take the soft bump between his lips.

Nicky lay on his back, enjoying the milking sensation while Brad reached down once again to make a fist around his hardness, then released and cupped his ball sac in the palm of his hand.

After a few minutes it was Nicky's turn to explore his friend's body. He examined the armpit for hair then kissed the warm moist place where one day soon there would be some. He tried again to bring him pleasure by coaxing his little brown nips to come out to play, but these did not seem wired up the same way his were.

There was however, the object that most captured his imagination not far away and he reached for it and tenderly caressed it with his fingers, sucking in his breathe when he pulled the skin back. Its thickness, particularly at the pink apex became so thin and expansive as it opened up like an old camera lens to reveal the gleaming treasure it protected.

He did this several times, moving closer with his head to get a closer look. Brad lay rigid on the bed, his breath coming is deep inhales, his eyes blinking, his body on edge. Nicky looked up at him and asked if he was OK with this. Brad nodded silently while staring at the ceiling. Suddenly he felt a warm moistness envelope him and he knew he has entered the mouth of his friend. His body shuddered with pleasure.

Nicky was surprised that there was no taste to his pal. He went up and down carefully, watching to see that his teeth did not come in contact. He withdrew for a moment and looked at the throbbing lance, wet with his spittle. With his fingers he gently retracted the hood and then kissed the tip, followed by exploratory circles around it with his tongue. The action did produce some flavor as there was a slight tang from the waxy secretions he was dissolving.

Brad moaned loudly and thrust himself back into the warm confines of his mouth his buttocks clenching tightly as his climax approached. Nicky knew the time was near and continued his action until he felt the first burst of his come fire into the roof of his mouth. He pulled away and watched the balance spew forth onto his belly in powerful contractions. He could taste the mildly pleasant salty flavor. Overcome by the scene in front of him, he felt his own climax about to occur spontaneously and rose to his knees and pointed himself at the pleasure centre of his friend and watched as his milky semen leapt from his body and landed onto the smooth white skin of his buddy, his body's whitish fluid mixing together with the clear ones of already there. The delivery continued in powerful waves.

Once spent he fell on tip of Brad, the warmth of their bodies and the slipperiness of the fluid trapped between them prolonged their post orgasmic bliss. They kissed again as the slowly felt their organs softening. Brad tasted a mild saltiness from Nicky's tongue and knew he was sampling the remnants of his own emission. When they separated their bellies were shiny with the coagulating mass of their combined DNA.

They lay on their back, recovering from the intensity of their love making. The fluids began to turn clammy as it started to cool and evaporate, signaling it was time to clean up again. Fully comfortable with their intimacy, this time they cleaned each other up, with Brad promising Nicky that it was his turn next to get the oral pleasure he had received.

They looked at the clock and barely an hour had passed yet they had engaged in some incredibly intense activity that brought each of them off twice. They dressed this time, sensing that it might be some time before they were able to rise again to the occasion. Plus they were hungry and headed to the kitchen to feed their stomachs now that their appetite for pleasure had been sated at least for a while.