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No Parents, No Rules by Duegio Mulvaine
Chapter One

"We'll be gone all weekend." It was the best thing my 12 year old ears have ever heard. Three whole days (that's Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and most of Monday) without the 'rents bringing me down. On top of that my twin sister, Breann, would be at summer camp for the next couple weeks. Oh yeah, it's time to party!

"Aidan! Are you listening to us?" cracked my mom's voice, snapping me back to reality.

"Oh, umm, yes ma'am," I stuttered.

"Now you have shown a lot of maturity over the last year, so your father and I feel we can trust you alone for that time period. We can trust you, right?" I wanted to burst out laughing at that question, but I kept my composure.

"Yes you can."


That was a week ago. It's now Thursday afternoon and my parents are standing in front of me, repeating the same thing they've been saying since they told me about their vacation plans to celebrate their 20th anniversary. "Now if you have any problems, you call us. The number to the hotel is on the fridge as well as our room number. There is also $300 on the counter, for food only!" I just stood there listening to my mom's rant thinking about the awesome weekend I was about to have, starting tonight (after they called to say they got on the plane of course). "Finally and most importantly, no one is to be in this house until we get back Monday afternoon -understood?"

"Yes ma'am, I promise. No one will set foot in this house."

"Good boy," chimmed my dad as he started gathering the last of the bags in the foyer. "C'mon honey, it's time to go, don't want to miss our flight."

"Alright, alright," she wrapped me in a hug and kissed me -yet again, on the head, before she picked up her purse and walked to the front door. I followed them to the doorstep and watch them pack up the last of the bags into the small red Toyota Yaris.

"Also don't forget-"

"Dear please. He can handle it, now get in the car, Las Vegas awaits!" They both got into the car, told me they loved me -again, and dad drove off down the road, both waving the whole time. I waved back and waited till they turned the corner before going back inside. I shut the door, locked it, then turned around and just yelled and jumped for joy.


"Dude they are gone!" I was on the phone with my best friend, Chris. He has been my friend for literally all my life, my parents and his parents met and became firends before we were born. He was born a couple weeks before me, so our parents put us together to play when we were babies. Sadly they had pictures to prove it.

"So our plans are still on?"

"That depends did you keep your mom distracted long enough so she wouldn't see my parents leave?"

"Hells yeah I did. I wasn't going to mess this up." As soon as my parents told me their plans, I made my own plans. Chris was going to sleep over/hang out all weekend. It was going to be a blast, straight pizza, soda, and video games.

"Alright, so you remember what to do now?" I asked just to be sure.

"Yep, I'm going to tell her that you're mom is going on a business trip and that you're dad will be watching us all weekend."

"Good, but wait till I call you to make sure my parents are on the plane."

"Alright, see you in a couple hours then!"

"Peace." I hung up the phone and headed upstairs to my bedroom. Once in my room I stripped down to my white underwear. I stretch in front of the mirror to admire myself. I had just started puberty, so I was still hairless all over and my muscles weren't highly defined, but compared to others my age I was muscular. I had black hair like my mom, an olive-like complexion thanks to my dad and his family's Itailian descent, and very deep blue eyes. "Like looking into the ocean," my mom would often times comment. The girls at school thought I was "cute", which I hated. I wanted to be thought of as sexy, hot, anything but cute. But until my muscles got bigger and my voice developed I would remain a "cutie".

I sighed and sat down at my desk in front of the computer. I decided I'd better jerk now cause there was no way I would do it while Chris was here and might find me. After I had the internet up and running I went to my favourite porn site. It was the only free one I had ever found that wasn't full of crap like viruses and ghost links. Every day they posted a new video. Today was a video featuring two white guys with big dicks and a single burnette called, "Ripping a New One". I pressed play and fished around in my underwear drawer for my lotion.

I sat down pulling off my underwear. As the video began, the burnette started taking off her shirt to reveal small, but decent looking breats. The guys then started groping her. I applied some lotion to my rising three and a half inch boner and started pounding my fist up and down. The video was about twenty minutes long, but at about five minutes as the lady started sucking on the two dicks at the same time I felt my load coming.

"Ohhh. Ahhh! Fuck yeah!" I moaned as waves of pleasure flowed through my body and my semen squirted onto my chest. One shot even made it to my chin. I only started shooting a month ago, but it was mostly clear with only a little white. I was so happy the first time cause I knew puberty was well on its way.

I closed the internet and left the room to the shower. When I got into the bathroom I noticed the cum on my chin I went to wipe it away, but stopped. I stuck my tongue out and licked it. My first reaction was Ewww! Groooss! Then I thought about the taste and thought it not bad. Not something I would eat all the time, it tasted kind of like salty and more fluidly snot. Haha, weird right?

I turned on the shower to as hot as I could without burning off my skin and stepped in. The water felt great as I washed away the semen and cleaned the rest of my body.


After my shower I got dressed in mesh green atletic shorts and a white tank top and went downstairs. I sat down in the living room and turned on the television to Nickelodeon. After a few minutes of Spongebob the phone rang. Finally, I think. Mom and dad must've gotten on the plane. Sure enough when I pick up the phone my mom's voice greets me on the other line. She tells me that they got to the airport and that everything is on time. She adds of course a few more "tips" and "dos and don'ts", then tells me again how much she loves me.

I look at the clock, 5:57 P.M. Now's a good time as any, I think as I pick up the phone and punch in Chris's telephone number.

"Hello?" comes Chris's voice.

"Hey man, it's all go!"

"Sweeet, be over in a few man." I hear the other end click to silence and I return the phone to its cradle. I sit back down as another episode of Spongebob comes on. More than half way through the door bell rings. I eargerly answer it to find Chris standing there with a pillow, blanket, and a book bag.

"Wasn't sure you'd have bedding," he laughs as I let him in.

"Your mom don't suspect a thing?"

"Nah, she trusts me too much not too."

"Good," I said. "So what's in the bag?"

"Entertainment," he said mischieviously. He went into the living room and set his things down in the floor. "I got to use the bathroom. Inside my bag, the top zine is for you. I'll be right back," then he bolted to the bathroom like he was about to burst. I shrugged and reached into the bookbag to find a recent issue of Playboy. Awesome, I thought as I flipped through the pages.

I put down the magazine and inspected the rest of the bag. There was another Playboy magazine. It was newer than mine, so I opened it up. Suddenly, something fell out. I picked it up and could not believe what I saw. It was porn magazine, but it was filled with gay guys fucking and sucking. Holy shit, I thought. Is Chris gay?

Just then I heard the toilet flush and Chris coming down the stairs. I quickly shoved the gay magazine back into the other and placed it back inside the bag.

"Hey, ready for a weekend of pure fun?" he asked excitedly.

"Umm, yeah! I guess so," I sort of muttered.


Thanks for reading. This is the first chapter, there will be more. Please drop me a line with any criticism or comments at duegio@rocketmail.com. I enjoy them!