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No Parents, No Rules by Duegio Mulvaine
Chapter Three

I flew down the stairs to the foyer. There an older guy, no older than 17, had Chris cornered against the wall. Chris looked cool, like he had the situation under control, but I could see in his eyes the fear. On the floor next to them was the pizza and money, the door wide open.

"What the hell is going on." They both looked up, they hadn't even noticed that I was there until I spoke. The pizza guy straightened up and looked at me then back to Chris.

"You're kidding. Him? He's your new toy?" he started laughing. Toy? I thought confused. "So what, you're gonna fucking use some other loser now?" this time he didn't laugh.

"I never thought of you as a loser!" Chris cried.

"Yeah bullshit."

"Look dude, I don' know who you are, but I want you out of my house right now," I said more defiantly then I thought was possible.

"Whatever man, just pay me the $13.47 and I'll be off." I looked down at my watch.

"I don't think so, it's been 48 minutes. You're three minutes late, I'm not paying for it."

"You better fucking pay for it or-"

"Or what?" I reached into the drawer of the vanity in the hallway next to me and pulled out a small hand gun my dad kept for protection. "Or what!?"

"You'll regret this Chris, you and your butt-buddy!" he shoved Chris to the ground and slammed the front door behind him. I dropped the gun and ran over to Chris.

"Dude are you alright?"

"Yeah. I'm fine," he whispered.

"Who the fuck was that?"

"Erik, just a bully at school," he said getting up. I felt there was more to this then he was telling me. That doesn't make sense everyone at school knew Chris and liked him. He was so nice to everyone. Plus, I'm his best friend, why wouldn't he tell me?. All this seemed wrong, but I accepted his answer for now.

I picked up the pizza and we went into the living room. "I'll grab us some sodas," I said, hitting play on the movie. "Dig in!" I ran off to the kitchen and grabbed a few sodas for us.

When I got back to the living room I looked at the pizza. It already had two slices missing. One in Chris's hand, the other probably in his stomach. "Damn dude, if you were that hungry I would have ordered sooner." He looked up to me with the cheesiest grin I'd ever seen (literally).

"The pizza's good," he mumbled through a full mouth.

"Obviously!" I grabbed a slice and sat down on the floor next to him. It only took minutes for the pizza to be completely gone. "Wow, that was good pizza," I exclaimed laying back on the floor rubbing my tummy. Chris laughed and laid down next to me.


A couple hours later I was shutting off the DVD player and television. Chris yawned really loudly and after we both laughed. "Man I'm beat!"

"Me too," I agreed looking at the clock, which showed that it was about 12:20 A.M. "Lets go to bed." We head up the stairs, racing each other. We both fell to the ground at the top laughing. But it quickly turned to awkwardness when I realized his hand was on my groin and my leg against his.

"Oh sorry," he said, quickly moving his hand.

"Yeah, my bad," I said as I got up.

"You mind if I take a shower?" he asked.

"Umm no, go ahead. I'll take one when you're done." He looked at me puzzled.

"Why not take one with me like we always do?" Shit, I thought. We always took showers together at school, camp, and at each others house. It didn't really matter since we were such good friends. We grew up doing just about everything together, almost like twins.

I realized that he was waiting for my response, "Umm, yeah! I guess so." He smiled and we walked over to the bathroom. Once inside Chris began stripping immediately. I took my time. Almost involuntarily I looked over at him as he pulled down his boxers and exposed his penis. He was the same size as me, about two inches soft. Also he had no hair just as I thought.

"Hot or cold?" he asked breaking me from my thoughts.

"Warmish-hot I guess."

"Sounds good." As he turned on the shower I pulled down my underwear. Being self-conscience I brought my hand discretely over my penis.

"Here's some soap," I said passing him a bar.

"Thanks!" he opened the curtain slightly and I walked in, he followed closely. I grabbed the shampoo and squirted some into my hand then handed the bottle to Chis. He looked at it curiously, reading the labels as I began massaging it into my hair.

"Hmm, I've never used Pert Plus."

"What do you use?" I asked.

"Suave for Men."

"I've heard of that," I said as I rinsed my hair off. I grabbed my bar of soap and started washing my chest.

"Want me to get your back?" Without thinking I handed him the bar. Once again it was something we always did, but I felt uncomfortable with his hands on my naked back. He was the same way he always did, upper back first, lower back last. When he started moving down and I felt his fingers brush the top of my butt, I told him to stop.


"Well my parents told me not to waste water and stuff, so I'll do your back now and we'll get out of here faster," I said quickly. The excuse was lame, but he accepted it. He turned around and I began scrubbing his back. I moved fast and before too long I was done. We went back to cleaning ourselves.

I looked over while I was bent down washing my legs to see Chris staring at me while "washing" himself. He kept "washing" until he started getting semi-hard and turned away. I stood up and let the water rinse me off.

"You done?" I asked.

"Umm, yeah." I reached over and turned off the water and waited till Chris stepped out. I followed and grabbed a spare towel. He was already drying off when I started.

"So Chris?"


"Who was that guy? And don't lie to me," I said seriously.

He sighed really deeply and looked me in the eyes with a look of pure worry, "Believe me when I say I don't want to lie to you," he stopped and breathed deeply. "It's just..." Again he stopped and looked down.

"Is it...is it because you're gay?"

He looked up shocked, then he muttered, "Don't hate me."

"Oh Chris! I don't hate you! Why would I hate you? You are my best friend, like a brother. I could never hate you, especially for something as stupid as your sexual preference!" he still looked unsure. "Listen to me, No matter what you've done, what you do, or what you will do, I will always be your friend."

"Thanks," he said.

"Now c'mon, dry your ass off, I'm tired!" I said snapping him with my towel. He tried to get me with his, but I was too fast and ran out the bathroom. I laughed to myself as I walked to my room, leaning against the wall I just smiled and said under my breath, "Still friends."


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