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This story contains sexual contact between two male teenagers. If this kinds of material offends you, then why are you here? If so please exit this page now. If not, you are invited to read on. This story is not true, I would certainly like it to be, who knows? No names have been changed. Enjoy!  
 I am 14 and 6'1", green eyes, brown hair. My name is Hugo.    As I walked into the old theater, that aged smell hit my nostrils. I looked ahead, no one had arrived yet. I wasn't surprised, rehearsals started at 4:30 and it was 3:45 now. It was a week before our show opened, I was excited. I really enjoyed acting allot, and it was a way to meet guys, I hoped!  I am 14 and 6'1", green eyes, brown hair. My name is Hugo.

    I already had one in mind, his name was Justin, he was beautiful! He is 12, about 5'5", Blonde, Green Eyes, and a great little pug nose, with a bubble butt to help!. Above all, the icing on the cake was that he was a swimmer. I guess you could say I have a speedo fetish, and he of all people would certainly be a target for my hornyness.

    I was reading when Justin walked in the door. He and I got along very well, We loved to cut-up, it always gets us in trouble, but still we enjoy each others personalities, and I enjoyed his body. We sat and talked about our usual, how school is going, stuff about the play, etc. He had always seemed very flirtatious toward me, but me being insecure I thought it was my wishful imagination. I was hoping that maybe at the end of the play that he would invite me for sleep over or something.

 Slowly the rest of the cast started to trickle in. We went through our long rehearsal. As the week progressed, we bonded more and more. I really enjoyed watching him change in the dressing room. He had a very sexy body! Most swimmers do, those glorious pecks and his cute lil formation of his 1st six pack, and his cute outtie belly button. I did get caught staring. "Hugo... Hugo... HEY earth to Hugo! Places call is in 5 minutes" Justin said. "Uh--Uh, k" I replied hazily. The show went great, the house was packed! We said our good-byes and went home, and I dreamt of him.

    Well the final performence day rolled around and sure enough my wish came true, "Hey Hugo, we probably won't see to much of each other anymore, and I was wondering if you would like to come over and sleep over?", gee let me think! "Sure!" I answered trying to keep my voice from shouting. "Great! We'll swing pass you place and get your things, then mom said we'd hit Blockbuster®". I ran and told dad, of course he said it was ok. We got a couple new  releases and a horror or two.
    The night was filled with laughter and fun. We stayed up late watching videos, and eating popcorn and chips. We had gone through a 12 pack of coke. We were far from being ready for bed, but apparently we became a little to rowdy for his mom, so we had no choice but to turn the lights out. His house's bedrooms were all filled up, so I was invited to sleep with him, even better!

    We got settled, and chatted about nothing of importance, and I thought I felt a hand on my thigh after the conversation had died off. Justin thought or hoped I was asleep! "Hugo, you awake?" he whispered ever so lightly, I dared not answered, I then felt him move his hand up to my ball sack, and roll a nut back and forth. I felt my uncut dick rise to his warm touch. I grabbed his hand and smiled.

    "Please don't stop, Justin" I purred softly, "Oh please let me see it Hugo, I have seen your basket in the dressing room and have jacked off at night thinking about it please let me see it." he begged. "Ok, only if I can see yours next?", "Sure!".

 I felt my Umbro shorts being lowered to my knees, the cotton of my briefs were being stretch hard. He quickly pulled the jockeys down and a loud *POP* filled the room as my 6" cock hit my stomach. I heard him gasp "Wow! It's big, and your uncut too! I really like uncut guys". I though I was in heaven, but I wanted to see his. We quickly switched places, and I unsnapped his pajama bottoms as a pair of plaid boxers were reviled, a nice tent was waiting for me.

    I slowly pulled them down to reveal his beautiful cut, blushing cock head. He must have had the most perfect erection I have ever seen, the shaft just the right thickness, his hard 4 incher was just right, and below held a plump sack that look liked they held two ripe nuts, just right for shooting. He was still hairless, but I was sure he could cum.

    "Can I touch it Justin?" I asked timidly, he just nodded his head meekly, I could tell it was his first time. I slowly grasp his base and stroked up slowly. I heard him inhale sharply and give a puppy yelp. Without asking, I jack to pump faster, he was a good moaner, wich I love. "Mmmm, Hugo, please d-d-on't stop, it feels sooo good!", he began to pump in my fist. Then I took his cock head into my moist mouth, I heard him moan louder.

    My head was going at lighting speed, I knew what my taste buds wanted, and I was hoping to taste his sweet boy cum. "Lay all the way back, Justin.". I then placed his dick and mine on each others stomach hand we began to dry hump each other, the feeling was electrical. I felt as if my spine was hooked to a car battery. Our mouths met and we begin to kiss passionately, as our tongues wrestled, the moans were muffled.

    I then felt his whole body become rigid, I knew it was time. I quickly replaced my mouth on his spasming cock head, in just enough time to catch his sweet warm liquid. I inhaled deeply, smelling the scent of Ivory soap and boy scent, it reminded my of roasting spiced apples. His quick jabs sent the squirts deep into my mouth like a water cannon. We he began moaning my name, I quickly came all over his thigh and leg.

I then licked him clean and we laid there, exhausted. We then kissed again. "I love you Hugo", "I love you too Justin". We then drifted off together. I knew we would be having many more sleepovers, and knowing we would not have to act and hide our emotions.

La Finé
(The Finish)

Well, I do hope you enjoyed the story!
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