Disclaimer: the following story is completely fictional. It describes sexual acts between boys so if you don't like that sort of thing, don't read it! However if you do, I appreciate feedback.

Nudist Friend

Jimmy's room was small and hot even with the windows open. The little fan provided no relief and I'm sure his aging computer wasn't helping any. I didn't complain since Jimmy would say I should just open the door. That might actually help, but I would have to put my clothes back on and then he would just make fun of me. I still wasn't used to this nudity thing although I did like it. I wasn't comfortable enough to be seen by anyone but Jimmy. Overall, though, it was kind of comfortable. At first it had been a bit weird and weirdly exciting, but now it was just nice.

The view was the best part though. I could easily eye Jimmy all I wanted. He was my latest crush, although if I told anyone that I'm sure they would wonder why. Jimmy was small for a 12-year-old, with a big head, big feet and long fingers. His butt was chubby, but he was so skinny you could easily see his ribs. Combine that with his big nipples and rattail that almost reached between his shoulders, well he was memorable.

Then again, maybe I was just paying a lot of attention to him. Right now I was watching him swing his feet back and forth as he sat at his computer chair. Actually, I wasn't sure why I was crushing on him. Within the first five minutes of meeting him I had called him an asshole and threatened to shove him in a garbage can. He really could be a jerk at times, but because of his size people let him get away with it. They tend to think because he was small, he was innocent. I had seen him play that angle up and now that I've thought about it wondered if it had been a defensive mechanism.

We both attended a private school so maybe he was picked on in his old school. He didn't seem to have any friends from back then or at least as far as I could tell. His birthday party had been strictly from our school and although he invited the whole class only five made it. Then again I was probably thinking about it too much. My teacher said I had that habit. With a multiple-choice question I would think about it for so long that two or three of the options would seem like the right answer.

Turning back to my book, I began scanning for more information we could use on our project. It was dull work and I hated using books for research. Still, half of our sources had to come from books.

Paul, come here, I think we might have to change something.”

What is it?”

Come here and see,” Jimmy said in his whiny tone which usually got him what he wanted.

Peeling myself off of the wooden floor I walked over as he hopped out of the chair and offered it to me. He pulled out the headsets he had been using to listen and then hopped back into my lap. I stiffened as he took control of the mouse.

Jimmy, it's hot.”

I don't like people touching my computer,” he said as he restarted the video and then leaned back against me.

I probably should've asked why he was so touchy about his computer, but not about putting his butt in my lap. However, I was desperately trying not to get an erection. It was definitely a bad idea to think that I could easily reach around and play with his crotch. Yeah, definitely didn't want to have that thought right now.

The video was a good 10 min. long and I didn't hear the first minute or so as Jimmy tried to make himself comfortable and ended up straddling one of my legs. Once he stopped moving it was a little easier to concentrate, but then his hand moved back.

Your hair is itchy, you should shave it.” Jimmy said as he went to scratch his back where my hair was brushing up against him. His knuckles brushed into my pubic hair. It sent a shiver of excitement through my dick. I had developed early, starting to get hair by the time I was 11. It was either early puberty or the fact that I came from Eastern European stock, but at 13 I had a pretty well-developed patch of hair.

He continued to scratch, his knuckles carelessly brushing through my pubic hair and even coming into contact with the area above my crotch. I told myself an erection was nothing to be embarrassed about, it was one of the first things Jimmy told me about nudism. Still, I was about to push him off as I felt myself becoming hard when my growing erection came into contact with his fingers.

Without a word Jimmy’s hand twisted around and grabbed my thin erection and stroked it with his long fingers. “Nice.”

My chest felt tight as one of his fingertips reached the tip of my dick and gave it a gentle tap. Jimmy leaned forward and turned his head, looking over his shoulder before smiling and leaning in for a quick peck on my lips. I was so stunned that it didn't register until he laughed and hopped off.

I slowly turned to watch him as he hopped up onto his bed and rolled onto his back shoving his butt into the air. He grabbed his knees and held that position for a few seconds as if presenting before rolling forward. It was only then I realized he had an erection too. His ball sack seemed a bit big and didn't seem to fit his body. His erection was maybe 2 inches, although it was hard to tell.

Well, come on.” Jimmy said.

What?” I said as my mind tried to catch up with everything that was going on.

Kiss me or something.” Jimmy spread his legs and leaned forward to rest his arms on his knees. “I know you like me. So come kiss me.”


You hide it, but I can tell you're looking around when changing for swimming, I know you have also have been eyeing me up whenever you thought I wasn't looking.” He smiled. “I was watching you watch me from the reflection on the screen.”

I stared at him for a second before looking at the screen and seeing that when you looked you could see my books and paper. I realized I had been set up and I felt a wave of anger and fear wash over me. Before I knew it I was heading towards the door and my pile of clothing.

Paul!” Jimmy called out as he jumped off the bed and grabbed my forearm. I glared at him and he shrank back. “What's wrong?”

You set me up.”

Jimmy's cheeks redden. “Not really.”

Yeah,” I said sarcastically.

You're my friend,” Jimmy said looking down. “You're the only person who doesn't treat me like a little kid all the time. It's nice.”

That stopped me. The fear I had briefly felt was dying down. “You play it up.”

He gave me a lopsided grin. “Habit. I didn't really set you up.”

I'm already naked.”I pointed out.

He shrugged. “It's not like I tell everyone I'm a nudist. You're actually the only one who knows.”


Yeah and you haven't spread it all over the school so you know. It's one of the reasons I think you're my friend. Besides it's not like you haven't checked me out.”

I made a grunting sound. I was starting to feel a bit stupid. “So what do you want to do?”

Jimmy shrugged his bony shoulders. “Well, I like you and if you like me…”

I dropped my shirt and went to sit on his bed. Jimmy followed and sat next to me. We stared at each other before he asked. “You ever kiss before?”

No, you?”

He nodded. “Last summer, when I went on that cruise, it was with a girl.”

You like girls?”

He shrugged again and brought his legs up so he was sitting on them. “She thought I was cute and I was curious.”

His cute act, I thought. “So like real kissing?”

Jimmy nodded, his straw color hair almost translucent in the sunlight. “Let me show you.”

For the second time that day he leaned towards me and we kissed. It was strange, feeling his lips against mine. I had kissed my mom and stuff, but it wasn't like that. At first my head was turned to the side, but he started to stand up on his knees pushing my head back as he slipped in front of me. First his arm was on my shoulder and then his other as he wrapped his arms around me in a hug. His leg swung around and I could feel it rest on the other side of my hip as he straddled me.

We broke for air and my arm snaked around him, feeling up his sides. It was a strange feeling, but my flagging erection had come back with full force. He kissed me again and this time I pulled him back onto the bed. Landing on my back I felt his weight on top of me. I felt his legs moving and his ankle brushed against my erection sending a shiver up my spine.

I rolled him onto his back and now I was on top. His legs wrapped around me as our kiss deepened. I propped myself up with one arm and let my other wander from his chest to his stomach and back again. Jimmy stared up at me with his green eyes and cheeks that were now cherry red.

You want to put it up my butt?”

I wanted to nod in agreement, but there was a problem. “How exactly do I do that?” It was something I had fantasized about, but now that I actually had an opportunity to do it I wasn't sure.

Jimmy wiggled to one side and I rolled to the other. I watched as he dropped off the side of the bed and sat up to watch him feel for something under it. He pulled out a shoebox that was at the foot of his bed. I had seen he had several under their and I assumed he was using them for storage. When he took off the lid, though, there were only two items inside.

The first thing looked like a candle maybe 6 inches long that was wrapped in that plastic stuff you put over food. One end was a little thicker as it looked like it had toilet paper on it or something. The other item was a bottle of Vaseline.

Do you?” I trailed off.

He looked up at me and smiled. “Yeah, I put it up there sometimes.”He held up the candle and pointed to the side with the toilet paper. “The candle’s hard, but the toilet paper makes it softer and once it goes in, it's not so bad. It's like a big thermometer.”

I winced at that. The only time I had ever had a thermometer up there was when I was really young and I don't remember it feeling good. “You want me to do that?”

Yeah, just put some of the stuff on your dick and it should go in.” he said.

All right, but tell me if you want me to stop.”

In response he just held up the bottle of Vaseline and I grabbed it before sliding off of the bed and popping the lid off. Jimmy stood up and rolled back onto the bed, with his butt in the air again, his knees hooked by his arms.

I wasn't sure how much to put on so I just took my fingers in and put a gob of the stuff on my tip before working it back. The stuff reflected the light off of my dick and it even got into my hair. I wasn't sure what to do with the excess, so I just wiped it on my hip. I could still feel it on my fingers though.

Circling around to the foot of the bed I again climbed up next to Jimmy's ass. For a second I could feel panic starting to rise again, but this time I pushed it down better than the last time. Bringing my hands up I placed them on his hips before spreading his cheeks with my thumbs. I could see his hole and placed my erection at his entrance.

Absentmindedly it occurred to me that I wasn't as thick as the candle and for a second I had this image of him like this only he was pushing the candle into his ass. I would have to ask how he did that later.

For now, I began pushing into him and it wasn't like anything I thought it would be like. At first there was a lot of resistance, but once I got a little in, it began going in a lot easier. There was like this tight ring that I had to squeeze my member through. It felt really good, but not good in the way I thought it would feel. I watched as my dick slipped into his ass. Lubricant gathered around his entrance and I wondered if it was supposed to do that or if I put too much on.

My eyes drifted upwards towards Jimmy's face which was a deep red. His mouth was open and his expression was vacant. He suddenly jumped and I almost pulled all the way out.

What? Does that hurt?”

Jimmy was silent for a second before shaking his head. “No, do that again.”

I hesitated before pushing in more slowly this time. It felt really good and I could feel my toes curling. This time though I watch Jimmy's face and watched as his expression began to change again. When I reach that spot again, Jimmy smiled and rested his head back on the mattress. I began to move out again and then back in.

After a few strokes I thought I knew what I was doing and started to speed up. My hips moved back and forth and Jimmy's arms dropped to the bed. My hands stayed on his hips, but once his legs started to flail I moved them to his knees and brought them up so they were touching my shoulders as I continued to thrust in and out.

It felt like hours, but it couldn't have been more than a few minutes when I began to feel like I was about to cum and my thrusts started to become more erratic as I went in deeper and stayed in longer before retreating and then advancing again.

Jimmy let out a little gasp as his legs tightened, his heels pressing against my back. I could see his fists grab at his blanket and then I felt my orgasm. I could feel my sperm leaving my body and entering Jimmy. This was where my fantasy always ended, but now here in reality I pushed his legs off of my shoulders and lay down next to him.

The bed wasn't big enough and my arm draped off the side, but after a few seconds I could feel Jimmy moving onto his side giving me more room, which I took. He rolled on top of me halfway and rested his head on my chest. We stayed like that for a while with only our breathing filling the room. At some point the video had stopped playing and I wondered if he really wanted me to look at it or not.

I had just begun to close my eyes when I heard the intercom crackle with static and his mother's voice. “Jimmy?”

We both jumped and I don't think I've ever seen Jimmy move so fast as he did then.

Yes, mom?”

I'm going to order pizza for you two. What do you want?”

Extra cheese,” Jimmy said before releasing the button and looking at me. “What's your favorite topping again? Pepperoni?” I nodded and he pressed the intercom button again. “And pepperoni.”

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