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Oblivious Endeavours
Chapter Two

By TurtleBoy

After getting dressed, followed by a scolding from Mr. Dunn in the lower gym, Mr. Edwards escorted Sam and Danny to the principal's office to explain what had happened. To their surprise, when they arrived Elizabeth was still there waiting. The expression on her face when she saw them transformed from resentment to a panicked glare. Sam, however, had no desire to tell on the girl and even wanted to apologize for treating her so badly, but the moment they had sat down the principal, Mr. Davidson, called the boys into his office.

Waiting for the them to sit down, Mr. Davidson circled his desk, then took a seat himself. Taking his time, he picked up a mug from his desk and took a dramatically-long, slow sip of his coffee. Danny couldn't bring himself to raise his eyes from the grey, industrial strength, carpeting, but Sam, on the other hand, stared the man right in the eyes, without fear.

"I'm sorry Mr. Davidson," said Sam, breaking the silence. "When we went downstairs for supplies, the room we were in, the door, it just closed on us."

Mr Davidson calmly put his mug back on his desk then straightened a few papers that were in front of him. "You boys aren't in trouble," he replied as he scratched at his balding head. "Mr. Dunn explained that he had sent you down there, and Mr. Edwards admitted to leaving the premises for an unannounced, early lunch. The only thing that concerns me is, how did you boys get down there in the first place?"

For the first time, Danny looked up from the floor at Mr. Davidson. "The door was open, sir," he explained. "We thought Mr. Edwards was down there."

"Hmmm," Mr. Davidson hummed. "So, you have no idea where the extra set of keys went then, do you?"

Both Danny and Sam looked at each other then back to Mr. Davidson. "No, Mr. D, honest. The door was already open, we swear to God," Sam assured the man. "If we had the keys, how could we have been locked in the room?"

Mr. Davidson's face looked as if he'd just mentally smacked himself. "Yes, of course," he started, while standing up and sliding his phone across the desk, towards the boys. "Call up your parents and let them know that your safe. We had to call them when we realized you two were missing."

Danny was first to reach for the phone and quickly dialled his number. Sam, however, felt the need to enquire about Elizabeth. "Mr. Davidson? I know it's none of my business, but why is Elizabeth still sitting out there?" he asked, nodding toward the door.

"You're right, Sam. That's none of your business. If she wants to tell you, she will," he replied, as he poured himself another cup of coffee.

"Is she in trouble?" continued Sam. "Because if she is, she shouldn't be. It's my fault that she got sent here. I was teasing her, and guess I went too far."

Mr. Davidson sat down at his desk, placing his coffee next to a stack of papers. "I admire your honesty, Samuel, but she's not in trouble for swearing in class, or at least she wouldn't have been," noticing that Danny had hung-up the phone, Mr. Davidson nodded to Sam. "Now give your mother a call before we all get into trouble, okay? Then off to class."

After calling his mother, and yet another scolding, Sam and Danny left Mr. Davidson's office. As Danny went straight to the door, he noticed Sam lingering in front of the secretary's desk. "Liz?" he started, nervously leaning against a chair. "I'm sorry about earlier."

Puzzled, Elizabeth stared up at Sam, fearing his apology to be a trick. "Why? Did the principal make you say it?" she replied in a cold, snotty sounding tone.

"No," Sam glanced down at his feet. "I just  felt bad, that's all." Without waiting for a reply, Sam turned and followed Danny into the hall.

Danny didn't stop to chat, and, instead, continued down the hallway towards his next class, leaving Sam standing alone in the corridor. "Danny, wait! Where are you going?" he asked, loud enough to frighten Danny into stopping.

Slowly, Danny turned around. His face was red and his eyes were glossy with moisture. "I'm going to class," he said quietly, while sliding his hands into his pockets.

"You still want to come and hang out later?" said Sam, as he approached the boy.

Danny just shrugged his shoulders and stared at the ground. "I dunno," he mumbled.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing," lied Danny. "I just have to get to class."

Reaching out his arm, Sam placed his hand underneath Danny's chin and lifted his head. "Are you okay?" he asked sincerely. "We're not in trouble, remember?"

"I know," replied Danny through a sniffle. "But... What if Mr. Edwards tells someone what he saw?"

"Don't worry about Mr. E. If he was going to say something, I'm sure he would have said it already," Sam assured him then, placing his hand on Danny's shoulder, he turned him around. "Come on, I'll walk you to class."

Danny accepted the offer, and slowly walked down the hall with Sam beside him. "So," he began after a brief silence between them, "where do you live?"

Looking over to Sam, through a giggle he gave Danny a playful nudge against the shoulder. "I knew you'd come around," he said. "Do you know where Allister turns off onto Maples, near that little strip mall with the Mega Burger in the middle?"

"Yeah," nodded Danny.

"If you go down Maples and turn left on Jasper, I'm right at the end on Hiller Cove. My place is number 12."

"That's kinda far," replied Danny, hesitantly. "I don't think my parents will let me go all that way on my own."

"Well, damn. Can't you get a ride? You can hop the bus with me, and I'll get my 'rents to drive you home after," suggested Sam.

Thinking for a moment, Danny eventually nodded in agreement. "Okay, but I'll have to give my mom a call first."

"No prob. I'll grab my cell from my locker at break. Wanna meet me outside in front?" asked Sam as they neared Danny's class.

Danny nodded. "Sure. At break, right?"

"Yeah," Sam's face went red, "or we could meet in the basement again."

Shaking his head in a chuckle, Danny turned toward his class's door. "Meet you outside, then?"

"Yeah, fine," giggled Sam, watching as Danny opened the door and disappeared into the room.

At break, Danny had called his mother who made Sam call his mother and make sure it was okay, but then, if that wasn't enough, both mothers decided that it would be best to talk to each other. Once Sam had given Danny's mother his mother's number, everything was finally settled, and it only took two more minutes past the end-of-break bell.

For a boy who had never been in trouble at school before, Danny, in a single day, was sent to the principal's office for the first time ever, caught with another boy by Mr. Edwards and scolded by not one, but three different teachers. He felt like he should feel horrible, and for a time he did, but now that the school day was over he felt strangely proud and incredibly excited about the day's events. Not once throughout his entire life had he ever known a day to zoom by so quickly. Not once had he lived through such excitement and spontaneity. Most importantly, though, he had become friends with a boy that he'd been looking up to since second grade. The only problem he found himself dwelling on was regret. If only he had found the courage to talk to Sam a long time ago, but the thought had been far too intimidating. In his eyes, Sam was a popular, outgoing person. Both, of which, were qualities that Danny could only look upon in envy. It wasn't in him to be a popular guy, nor could he successfully fit in with the smart crowd. All he was, was average, and that's what he had learned to live with.

"Danny?" asked Sam, waving his hands in front of Danny's eyes. "Earth to Danny, are you there?"

Shaking his head to pull himself from his thoughts, Danny looked up at Sam, sitting next to him on the bus. "Sorry. I spaced out for a second," he admitted. "Never been on one of these buses before."

"Lucky you," chuckled Sam, rolling his eyes in envy. "The seats hurt your ass, they're too close together and someone near you always has bad gas."

"That's what that is," blurted Danny, shuffling in his seat.

"What? Someone farted?"

"No," Danny shook his head. "There's something poking me."

"Well it's not me," smiled Sam, showing Danny both of his hands.

"Well I know that. It's a spring or something," he explained, while leaning over and rubbing the seat of his shorts.

The bus soon pulled to the curb, in front of Sam's house, to let the boys out. Sam casually walked off the bus and into his yard, but Danny had stopped at the side walk. "What's wrong?" asked Sam, noticing Danny had fallen behind.

"Your place is huge," commented Danny, in disbelief. "Are you rich?"

Sam walked back toward Danny and turned around to face his house. "Not really. This used to be my grandparents' place. When they died they gave it Mom, and we just fixed it up a bit."

Feeling insecure, Danny lowered his head. "My house isn't even half that big."

"Who cares?" replied Sam. "I wouldn't care if you lived in a shoe. You shouldn't either."

"Huh?" asked Danny, confused and caught off guard. "What's that mean?"

"That you re cool no matter where you live. Besides, just because my house is bigger than yours, doesn't mean it's better." Poking Danny in the lower stomach, Sam grinned. "Kinda like your dick."

Blushing, Danny shoved Sam away from him and started walking towards the house. "It's better this way, huh?"

"What is?" Sam asked curiously, as he followed behind Danny.

"Being nice to people," finished Danny, turning around and smiling.

While walking ahead, up the steps toward the front door, Sam turned his head to face Danny and shrugged. "Guess it depends on the person."

Danny followed Sam into the house and immediately removed his shoes at the door. He looked down the wide hall in front of him. A set of stairs was awkwardly placed in the middle, leaving separate passages on either side which led to some unseen place. On one side of him looked to be the living room, and on the other was a formal dining room. Above, the hall didn't seem to have its own, designated ceiling. Instead, he could see the straight up to the second story.

"Wow, this place is bigger than it looked outside," said Danny, still examining Sam's home.

"What's your house like?" asked Sam, dropping his school bag on the floor and kicking off his shoes.

"Nothing like this. It's only got one floor, and I share a room with my brother."

"You have a brother?" asked Sam.

Danny placed his school bag next to Sam's and then grinned, proudly. "I've got four."

"Jesus," gasped Sam. "It's only me and my parents here. Don't they get annoying?"

Nodding without hesitation, Danny followed Sam as they walked toward the stairs. "All the time, but most of the time it's okay," Sam continued past the stairs, through the left of the two passages. "Where are we going?"

Sam raised his eyebrow. "Where else?" he asked. "To the kitchen; aren't you hungry?"

"Of course. We missed lunch, remember?" replied Danny, as Sam guided him through a large, wooden door. "Where's your mom, anyway?"

"Dunno, but she's gotta be around here somewhere. The door wasn't locked and there re sandwiches on the table," said Sam, sitting down at the kitchen table where his mom had prepared a snack for the two to eat. "She's probably out back on in the garden trying to save her placentas."

"What?! Placentas?" Danny began to giggle hysterically. "Your mom grows human parts in the back yard?"

"Huh?" Sam asked, completely lost.

"You mean poinsettia? Maybe petunia?" Danny continued to giggle. "You should pay more attention in health class."

"Oh!" Sam exclaimed, finally catching on. "Haha, shut up!" he chuckled, giving Danny a playful shove to his shoulder, and then picked up the plate of sandwiches. "Wanna go eat this upstairs? It's boring down here."

Danny agreed and followed Sam through the hall and up the stairs. The hall at the top split in two directions and wrapped around towards the front of the house. Directly across from the landing was a large patio door made of glass, which led out onto a deck. Down one side of the upstairs were two doors. However, the other side had three. "Something wrong?" asked Sam, walking down the hall of three doors.

"No, I'm good," replied Danny. "It's just cool up here."

Sam shrugged as he continued down to the end of the hall. "If you say so." Stopping in front of a door, Sam looked back at Danny. "You coming?"

When Danny entered Sam's room, he felt more at ease. Though his room was nice, there wasn't anything special about it. There were clothes on the floor and video games scattered all over place. The bed wasn't made, and looked like it hadn't been in a very long time.

Sam placed the sandwiches on his nightstand and dropped down on his bed. "So? Whatcha think?" he asked, looking over at Danny.

"Looks just like home," he giggled, while tip-toeing over the messy floor.

"So how old are your brothers?" wondered Sam, as Danny sat down next to him.

"Uh... Allan and Jeff are nine, Chris is six and Jarrett's eleven," Danny listed. "Oh, and then there's my sister Emma, er... I mean, Emily."

"That's Liz's friend, right?"


"Dude, you gotta huge family," Sam pointed out, slightly envious.

"Kinda, I guess. The twins and Jarrett aren't my real brothers, though," said Danny, looking at Sam for his reaction. "My mom got married to David a couple years ago."

"So..." thought Sam. "Do you call this guy David or Dad?"

"Both," shrugged Danny. "Depends if I'm mad at him or not."

Sam chuckled and rolled onto his side. "Maybe next time we hang-out we can check out your place," he suggested.

"Okay," said Danny in a weary tone. "But if Liz is there, or the twins drive you nuts, you can't blame me."

Reaching over and playfully rubbing the top of Danny's head, Sam agreed and jumped on top of him. "So what do you want to do?" he asked, sitting up on the boy's belly.

Danny grinned and thrust up his hips. "Dunno," he replied. "What do you usually do?"

"Umm," Sam pretended to think. "Usually I lure sexy little eighth graders into my room and have my way with them before dinner, but..." Sam jumped off of Danny and dropped his face to the boy's belly, while lifting his shirt. "Guess you'll have to do!" he yelled and blew a sloppy raspberry on Danny's stomach.

Danny chuckled and screamed as he tried to roll away from Sam, who had him pinned to the bed. "Get off!" he begged, curling up his legs and twisting to right. "Stop!"

While trying to get away, Danny turned onto his stomach to try and slide out from underneath Sam. However, when he did this, Sam dropped all of his weight on top of him and blew more raspberries, this time against his neck. "What was that?" asked Sam. "I can't hear you!" he exclaimed, and repeated his actions.

"No!" struggled Danny. "Stop  please!?"

Suddenly, Danny felt something wet and hot slither inside of his ear, causing him to squirm and shiver. Without warning, he flipped himself back around and sat up, throwing Sam off of the bed. A loud thud, followed by a groaning howl echoed the room. "Geeze!" whimpered Sam. "You're a lot stronger than you look."

Danny scooted himself to the edge of the bed and leaned down towards Sam. "You okay?" he asked, relieved to see Sam's smile and nod. "So..."

"So what?" Sam enquired, trying to encourage Danny to finish.

"Why are you doing this?" he asked nervously, but didn't break eye-contact with Sam.

"Doing what?"

"Inviting me over, being my friend... being nice to me," listed Danny.

Sam's rolled onto his knees and placed his hands on Danny's legs. "Why do you keep asking? We were stuck in a room and could've died in there. Honestly, at first I didn't like you, but you turned out to be cool," Sam smiled and slid his hands up Danny's thighs. "That and you got the cutest underwear I've ever seen."

"Shut up!" blushed Danny. "For real? You didn't like me?"

"Why would I? I didn't know you, you look like you're in sixth grade, and... well, like you said, I'm a jerk," Sam tried to explain.


"Was what?" asked Sam, absentmindedly circling his fingers over the legs of Danny's shorts.

"A jerk," Danny answered plainly. "You're fine now though," he added. "I fixed you."

"You fixed me, huh?" grinned Sam, leaning forward and threatening the boy's stomach with his lips. "How about I fix you?" Danny randomly leaned forward and quickly kissed Sam on the forehead. Sam stared up a the boy and smiled. "Get back here," he demanded and stretched out his neck toward Danny.

Quickly placing another kiss on Sam, this time on the cheeks, Danny smiled back down at him. He watched as Sam waited patiently, knowing that he was growing impatient, and then pressed his lips to Sam's.

Sam's hands slid down Danny's legs, to his knees, as his fingertips crept underneath the hem of the boy's shorts. Sliding them upward, along the outsides of Danny's hips, he traced his fingers against the leg of Danny's briefs.

The nerves all the way up Danny's sides caused his muscles to spasm and tighten, almost painfully. It was like being tickled in slow motion but his muscles were stuck on fast-forward. Unable to cope, Danny fell back onto the bed. He looked up to see Sam staring at him with his hands still massaging his hips.

Just as Danny adjusted to the contact, Sam knotted the boy's shorts in his fists and began to slowly pull them down. The sight of Danny's slightly-protruding groin as it twitched below the restraints of fabric was all that Sam could look at. Although the boy wasn't all that big between the legs, God had surely blessed him. There was something about Danny's body as a whole that Sam found irresistible, but couldn't quite explain it. Something that prevented him from questioning things, worrying or even regretting things, and as the boy's silky, red shorts slid down his thin little thighs his thoughts transformed into actions.

After passing the curve of Danny's knees, Sam allowed his shorts to fall to the ground. He smiled at his friend, who was patiently smiling back, and then ran his hands back up his legs. His fingers slid underneath Danny's shirt, right up to his shoulders, as he trailed the tip of his nose upward, along the inner side of the boy's left thigh. Stopping just below the fabric of Danny's briefs, Sam placed a kiss on the boy's smooth skin, allowing the heat of his body to absorb into his lips.

Danny's scent was all his own. It was so unique that Sam could not even attempt to place it, but it gave his insides a sensation similar to what it feels like to crawl under the covers on a cold winter's night. Taking his time to enjoy the aroma, Sam slowly ran his lips from Danny's leg to his underwear. Although he wanted to keep his pace slow, by the time his lips neared Danny's groin he could no longer control himself.

His hands slid down from Danny's chest and grasped the boy's hips, as his lips parted and his mouth turned to Danny's centre. Without warning, causing Danny to gasp, Sam enveloped the boy's bulging anticipation through the fabric of his briefs. He pressed his lips firmly against his stiffness, as his fingers slid beneath the waistband of Danny's underwear.

Unable to control himself, Danny's hips rose up from the bed, allowing Sam to remove his clothing, but more to gain greater pressure from his friend's pressing mouth. The very moment the garment was lowered far enough, Sam's lips made contact with the bare, rubbery flesh of the very tip of Danny's erection. A warm shiver comforted him, followed by an even warmer mouth, as it consumed him. He could feel Sam's lips touching the soft, velvet skin of his pouch, and a tongue pressing greedily against his entire length.

Suddenly, Sam felt his head being pushed away, and Danny's stiff three-and-a-halfer angrily slapped against his abdomen with a slightly wet splash. "What is it?" asked Sam in confusion.

"Stand up," Danny instructed and sat up.

Sam did as he was told, and as soon as he was upright Danny pulled down his pants. Instinctively, Sam darted to recover his pants, but was stopped by Danny's hand, which had grabbed his erection through his underwear.

"Sharks," giggled Danny, recalling their time in the school's basement. "I never would have pegged you as a print kinda guy."

"I thought they made my manhood look more impressive," Sam tried to explain. "You know, kinda give it that 'in your face' appearance?"

Danny smirked and shook his head, then swiftly pulled down Sam's boxer-briefs. "Now it's in my face," he chuckled, while staring at his friend's crotch.

Sam's penis, to Danny, was massive, and looked to be about five inches and quite plump. He didn't have as much hair as Danny expected, but there was a nice little patch of soft looking hairs that had gathered near the base of his erection. Unlike Danny, Sam wasn't circumcised. His foreskin, due to his arousal, had drawn back, revealing half of his swollen-head. Intrigued, Danny wrapped his hand around the shaft and curiously pulled back the skin. He looked up at Sam, wondering if his action had caused his friend any pain or discomfort. Fortunately, Sam's expression still carried a smile.

Satisfied that he hadn't hurt anything, Danny leaned forward and kissed the tip of Sam's penis, causing the head to twitch on contact. His lips suddenly felt wet, and Danny automatically licked them. A strange, slightly sweet substance absorbed into his tongue, which unexpectedly aroused the boy even more. Parting his lips, his mouth dove forward and wrapped around Sam's erection, nearly consuming it whole. His tongue became overwhelmed and couldn't seem to settle in the excitement, as it rapidly spun in circles around Sam's entire length.

Although it felt slightly uncomfortable, Sam couldn't help but push his hips forward, causing his sensitive head to crash against one of Danny's sharpest molars. He cringed and pulled back, almost completely from the boy's mouth, but Danny wouldn't let it leave and pushed his mouth forward. Sam hissed in pain as Danny's teeth felt like they had just chomped off a piece of flesh.

Immediately, Danny pulled back and released Sam's erection from his mouth and looked up at him in fear. "Sorry," he apologized, feeling his eyes become watery as he stared up at Sam.

"It's okay," Sam assured him and then bent downward and placed a reassuring-kiss on Danny's forehead. "We'll just have to practice," he said with a grin.

Still feeling incompetent due to his inexperience, Danny forced a smile but couldn't bring himself to look Sam in the eye. Noting his friend's insecurity, Sam lowered to his knees and kissed Danny's stomach, while sliding his hands up the boy's sides. In a shiver, Danny giggled and wrapped his arms around Sam's head and held him against his belly, as his still-stiffened erection prodded Sam's chin.

Slowly trailing his lips up the boy's torso, Sam guided Danny's body down onto the bed as he slid his own over top of him. Soon he could feel the tip of his stiffness probing against the smooth, cushion-like pouch between Danny's legs. As this occurred, Sam placed his lips against Danny's and allowed the weight of his body to relax on top of him.

Without hesitation, Danny began to grind his hips into Sam's. With each rotation of his groin, he could feel the stiff-warmth of Sam's head press slightly harder against his scrotum, causing it to become slick with pre-cum. With the added liquid, Sam's probing became less predictable. Sometimes it would slide upward and caress Danny's erection, but other times, and more frequently, it would journey downward between his legs.

Within moments, Danny felt a gush of slick liquid pour over his scrotum and spread across his abdomen. Sam's body convulsed as he groaned and shivered, sounding almost frustrated, just before he collapsed over Danny. As they remained still, Danny could feel the sticky substance dribble down between his legs and seep between the crevice of his behind.

"That was fast," snickered Danny, finally breaking the silence.

Sam lifted his head and peered into Danny's eyes. "Yeah... Sorry about that," blushing as he spoke. "Let myself go there for a minute."

"More like thirty seconds," Danny teased and attempted to sit up. "Got a rag or something? I got your juice running up my butt."

Rolling onto his side, Sam reached back and grabbed his bed sheet then pulled it over him and Danny. "Here you go," he giggled. "I use it all the time." Without waiting for Danny to grab the sheet, Sam took the liberty of drying his friend.

The moment the fabric, wrapped around Sam's fingers, travelled between Danny's legs he giggled and automatically curled his legs up into the air to give Sam easier access. Although enjoying the sensation of his friend's fingers slowly circling between his cheeks, he quite happy when Sam's hand reached his still-stiffened length.

Still wet with semen, Sam's hand was able massage Danny's, almost unnaturally, stiff erection without causing him any discomfort. With his thumb circling the head, Sam was only able to wrap three of his fingers around the boy's shaft, so his pinky-finger strayed downward and gently curled under the slightly loose skin of Danny's tightened scrotum.

As Sam began to stroke the boy, he stared at Danny's thin body. His stomach appeared to be sucked in, which brought visibility to his rib cage. From his hips, his skin dipped down toward his tummy, creating a slope-like effect that led to his sides, and just to the left of his penis was a long puddle of smeared semen, which caused his skin to glow.

Consumed in the moment, Danny turned his head and stretched his neck toward Sam. Their mouths met again, and Danny hungrily sucked his friend's lower-lip. Pushing his groin as hard as he could into Sam's grip, he felt his insides begin to stir. Recognizing the sensation, Danny increased his pace and gripped his fists to the mattress. Spreading his legs and arching his back, a sense of dominance enthralled him. He wanted more, he needed it, but wasn't able to decide what it was, until it was too late.

Feeling Danny's erection become even stiffer then shake and spasm, Sam instinctively tightened his grip as the boy arched his back, and raised his hips. Instead of a hot stream of goo, shooting to the heavens, a tiny spurt of droplets travelled several inches into the air and scattered across Danny's groin. With his body becoming weak, Danny went temporarily limp. He tried not to move or whimper as Sam attempted to squeeze a few more droplets out of him, as if he were a tube of toothpaste.

"Ahh!" squealed Danny, unable to take it anymore. "Stop!"

Sam peered up at Danny and grinned. "That was cute," he teased, as he smeared the boy's semen across his abdomen.

"Shut up," chuckled Danny, trying to sit up.

"What's wrong with that?" asked Sam. "You should feel honoured. It's completely against my persona to call anyone 'cute', and mean it."

Grabbing the sheet again, Danny cleaned himself and watched as his penis rapidly deflated. He then quickly reached for his underwear, embarrassed to let Sam see him flaccid.

"Woah, what's the rush?" asked Sam, fearing that Danny was leaving him. "I'm not just some whore you can walk out on.... unless you've got cash."

Danny giggled and shook his head. "I'm not leaving yet," he assured him, while sliding into his dino-briefs. "I just figured we didn't need our clothes off anymore."

"I guess," shrugged Sam, as he, too, reached for his clothes. "But it's not as much fun."

Now feeling more secure with his softness in hiding, Danny sat back down on the bed and bounced a little. "So now what?"

"Dunno," Sam shrugged again. "What do you usually do?"

"Help my mom with supper then help her with the kids," started Danny, lying back on the bed. "Then, I do homework and maybe play some video games with Jarrett."

"Hmm, you do too much helping," decided Sam. "Maybe we should skip all that and play some video games?"