Chapter One of

Oh Yes Travis


David Tennel was friends with Travis Gracine; they had been friends for around two years. What they didn't know was that, secretly, they both loved each other. David and Travis were both straight acting, but were anything but straight. David was a very attractive boy, 14 years old, had light brown eyes, brown hair, was about 5'4", and was pretty built. Travis was a somewhat attractive boy, 13 years old, had green/brown eyes, brown hair, was about 5'6", and was slim. They both went to a private school, which they both hated going to, Carlean. Carlean was a school that had a bunch of snobs, but Travis and David were two of the people who weren't snobs. It was the summer, and they both had gotten out of school. David called Travis at around 1:30P.M.

"Hello?" Travis asked.

"Hey, Travis, what's up?" David said.

"Dave-o! Not much, how 'bout you?" Travis said excitedly.

"Oh, same here. Look, I was wondering if you wanna come over and spend the night, like, come over right now maybe." David proposed.

"Well, let me ask my mom, be right back," Travis said in a hurry.

"She said I could go, I'll be there in like, 20 minutes, okay?" Travis said.

"Sure, man. See you soon," David said.

"Okay, bye," Travis said.

"See ya," David said, excitedly.

David hung up the phone and went to his room; he turned on the T.V. to watch a show

Meanwhile, Travis was packing to go to David's house. Travis was normal, but when it came to jacking off, he used chocolate syrup for a lubricant. It was a little weird but it felt good. He put some chocolate syrup in his bag, just in case he might use it on himself, or if he was lucky, on David.




David jumped. The doorbell startled him. He ran downstairs, from his room, and went to the door.

"Hey!" Travis said. They hugged each other and ran up the stairs to David's room.

David's room was not little, but it wasn't huge. It had a full bed, with baby blue and royal blue tie-died sheets and pillows. His carpeting in his room was royal blue. His wall was painted a very light blue, almost a light hue of sky blue. There was a window to the end of the room, it was about seven feet tall, it was a tall window, and he had a tall room. Sun was shining in from that window, and it was the only light in the room. It was beautiful in his room. There was a T.V. on a stand, about four feet away from the foot of his bed. All around the T.V. stand were DVDs and VHS movies. He had a DVD player and a VCR. He also had a computer, right next to the T.V. stand. Across from his bed, to the left of the bed was a walk-in closet, a huge walk-in closet, holding a lot of David's things and all of his clothes. He had many clothes.

Travis put down his bag after taking in all of David's room once again.

"So what do you wanna do?" David asked curiously.

"Well, what can we do?" Travis asked.

"We could watch a movie. An um...-porn movie, if you want to. I'm kinda horny to tell you the truth," David said shyly.

"Sure, go ahead. Put it in," Travis said.

David went to his closet, opened it, dug through some stuff, and pulled out a tape labeled, "stuff".

He put it in his V.C.R, turned the T.V. on and pressed play. There was a woman giving head to a man on the screen.

Travis and David just stared at the screen for a second and then they both got onto David's bed.

"That makes me so horny," Travis said, in a low, raspy tone.

There was a very noticeable bulge in Travis's pants.

"Well then, here's something to help that," David said.

David leaned in and kissed Travis.

"Oh, shit. I'm sorry, man. I didn't mean to do that. It's just... you're so FUCKING hot! I couldn't help it," David blurted out.

Travis had a shocked look on his face. Then, he leaned back on David and kissed him.

Travis broke the kiss and said, "Next time, don't stop."

Travis ripped off David's shirt. He went back up to David's lips again, and began to do some tongue tying with him. David was in heaven, he'd never thought that this would happen to him, and it *was* happening to him. He *was* kissing the person he loved. He *was* in love. Travis had an idea. He broke the kiss.

"Wait a minute, I have an idea. I brought something with me. Just a second," Travis said.

David had a confused look on his face, but he was anxious to find out what he brought. David got up and turned off the T.V. and VCR. Just then, Travis came back in the room with his chocolate syrup bottle.

"I thought we could have even more fun with this," Travis said as he showed David the chocolate syrup bottle.

David smiled, "You looked delicious before, now you're absolutely irresistible."

"Let me get a towel first out of your bathroom. It can get messy," Travis said. Travis ran into David's bathroom and got a towel. He threw it on the bed.

Travis then threw David on the bed, jumped on top of David and straddled his stomach. He leaned down kiss David before taking off his pants. He unbuttoned the button on David's pants and ripped them off, leaving David in his tight, black boxer-briefs. Travis poured the chocolate syrup all over David's chest, and then started to lick it off, he made a trail of syrup down David's treasure trail, and as he licked down that trail, he was pulling off David's tight, black boxer-briefs. His rod sprung free and Travis poured the syrup all over it, and leaned down. David thrust his hips into Travis's face. Travis began to lick it up. David immediately began to moan, he put his hands on Travis's head, just lovingly playing with his hair. Soon, Travis had licked all the chocolate syrup off David's tool, he poured more on. He kissed his way from the base to the head of David's rod. He slowly licked the head, and began to take in the six inches slowly. He sucked on his tool, getting all of the syrup off it and pleasing David. He poured more. He dove on it, moving his head up and down constantly, a slow pace, then a fast pace. He came off his tool, and poured more syrup on it, and put his hand at the base and began licking it again like a lolli-pop, giving David just what he wanted. He slowly took it back into his mouth, bobbing up and down again. Travis suddenly engulfed all of David's length into his mouth, with his nose resting at David's brown patch of hair. "Oh...yes...Travis... god... baby...oh..." David moaned.

He felt David tense up, he knew it was coming soon. He dove back down and deep throated David again, but David couldn't handle it, David arched his back, let out a huge moan, and shot his seed down Travis's throat. David's cum was dribbling out of Travis's mouth. David was panting intensely.

"Thank you so much," David said.

"You're welcome. Anything to make you happy," Travis said.

"Before we do anymore, I want to say something. I love you, Travis," David said softly.

"I... didn't know you felt that way... too. I love you, too. I didn't know you loved me, I just thought that you--"Travis was hushed by David putting his finger over Travis's lips.

"Just lay back, relax, and enjoy, Travis," David said.

Travis smiled; David pulled off Travis's shirt. He went up to kiss David. He was pulled into a deep kiss. It lasted for around two minutes. David broke the kiss and began to suck and lick on Travis's neck. Travis was enjoying it a lot. David moved down to lick Travis's nipples. After he licked them, he made a trail down to Travis's navel. He pulled off Travis's shorts.

"Oooh, no boxers or anything, kinky," David said.

Travis giggled along with David. David then continued his trail to Travis's hardness.

He leaned down and kissed Travis while straddling on his abs. David poured the syrup in his mouth and over his lips. He got off Travis's abs and lay next to him. He went down on Travis's hard rod with the syrup already in his mouth.

"Oh my god, dude... oh... you," Travis said.

David was happy that he was pleasing him. David took his mouth off and poured the syrup over Travis's pole, and began to lick it off, but only on the shaft. He finished that and then started to just suck on the head. Travis had never felt such ecstasy before. He put it his hands on David's head and lovingly played with his hair, just as David had done with him. David continued to bob his head up and down, slowly. He slightly increased his speed to give him more pleasure. "Oh, David..." Travis moaned in pleasure. Travis made a quick yelp.

Travis released his essence into David's mouth. David loved the taste of it. He swallowed it all, went back up, and kissed Travis. He was locked in Travis's mouth for a few minutes.

"Let's clean up, we're a lil' messy," David said.

"Okay," Travis replied.

Travis and David jumped out of the bed. They both ran to David's bathroom. David turned on the shower.

"That was so incredible," Travis said, before getting into the shower with David.

They walked into the shower and cleaned each other off. They walked out of the shower and dried each other off.

"I'm so glad we put towels on the bed before we used that syrup. It would have been messy as hell!" David said.

"Yeah, I know," Travis said.

They both walked back into David's room, nude.

They crawled into the bed that they had just shared the moment of their lives in and cuddled with each other.

"I love you, David," Travis said.

"I love you too, Travis," David said.

David held Travis in his arms as they drifted to sleep...

David woke up in the middle of the night.

He gasped at what he was feeling.


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