Chapter Ten of

Oh Yes Travis


So whose body was it? It was David's father. Just what did happen with David's father? Well, when he went to Vegas alone, on a business trip, he had made a bet. A bet that changed his life. He was drunk and bet four million dollars. He had no idea what he was doing because he was drunk. He didn't have the money to pay then. Somehow, he got the owner of the casino in the Mirage to let him fly home, for one year to work up the money. David's father had flown home, and didn't tell anyone about it. Not even his wife. On the day that he disappeared, he was walking out of his house and was ambushed by two large men in suits. They escorted him to the airport, and flew him to Las Vegas. He was going to be killed in Las Vegas, instead of Florida, because they could get away with it a lot easier in their own casino. Before they reached the Mirage, David's father had escaped the two large men and hid out in a Motel 8 for three years. He had a business friend who knew about this and let him stay in the room. All David's father had to do was not say anything about it to anyone. Well, three years after he had been at that hotel, he was found by some "associates" of the casino and escorted to the airport. He flew back to Florida, and it was night. It was the night that David and Travis had made love for the first time (the 8th chapter), and he was strangled after they got out of the airport. They drove David's father's body to his house, opened the front door of the home, and threw his body in. That's when David and Travis discovered the body. It would be a long time before anyone found out what happened to David's father. It would take years and years until the truth was revealed and justice served.

"That's my dad!" David yelled as he ran over to the body. His father was dressed in a suit.

"It is? Oh my gosh!" Travis yelled.

"Oh no," David cried as tears spilled down his cheeks.

David picked up an envelope next to his father's body and opened it.

'Dear Mrs. Tennel,

Don't call the cops. Don't tell anyone. Just bury the body. He didn't pay his debts. He suffered.


"Why?" David cried out.

"WHY? WHY? TELL ME, WHY? NO!" David yelled.

"David," Travis said.

David had fallen to his knees, crying.

"Call my mom's cell phone, and then call the police. Her number is next to the phone in the kitchen," David whimpered out.

"Okay," Travis replied as he quickly ran to the kitchen to call the police.

"Yes, we have a dead body... Come quickly... No... Yes.... NO... Just hurry please... My friend's father is lying dead in his living room... COME NOW!" Travis said to the 911 operator.

Travis dialed Karen's cell phone.


"Mrs. Tennel, your husband is in your living room. Dead. We were eating dinner and we walked in there, and he was just there. Dead."

"Oh my god. You're kidding me, right?"

"No, I'm not. I'm very sorry. David is crying right now. I just called the police."

"Are they coming soon?"

"Yeah. You need to come now."

"I'll be there in a few minutes."

"Bye, Mrs. Tennel."


Travis hung up the phone and walked back into the living room. David was gone.

"David?" Travis called out.

There was no response. Travis ran upstairs to David's room. He opened the door.

He screamed at what he saw David was about to do to himself.

Sorry for the short chapters... there will be a long one coming up soon. It will take me weeks to do, though... unless y'all want me to do it in little pieces. Let me know.