Chapter 11 of

Oh Yes Travis


"No!" Travis yelled.

David had a knife at his throat. Travis ran over and tackled David.

"What in the hell are you doing?

"I'm killing myself!"


"I have nothing to live for! My dad is DEAD!"

"Baby, you've got me."

David smiled slightly.

"Yeah," David whispered.

"You promise you aren't gonna kill yourself?" Travis asked.

"Yeah," David said.

"Why would you ever do that?" Travis asked.

"I miss him so much," David cried out, tears streaming from his eyes.

"Oh, sweetheart," Travis whispered as he ran over to pull David into his arms.

David missed had missed his father so much and now he found out that his father died. All the good times David and his father had. David remembered one time he and his father were playing baseball when he was eight. His father threw him the ball and David almost caught it. David was standing next to his pool when he was trying to catch it. David had fallen in and Jeff (David's father) jumped in after David. David did know how to swim, but it was a parental instinct. Both of them joked around and played water baseball after that.


David had just thought of that time.


"Travis, there was this one time when my dad and I, weŚ" David tried to tell the story, but he broke down in sobs again.

Travis kissed the back of David's neck as David wept in his arms.


"Mom?" David called as he and Travis ran downstairs.

Travis and David ran downstairs to stop at the bottom step. Karen Tennel was on her knees sobbing hard. The sounds of police cars and ambulances drowned out Karen's sorrow.

The whole scene was a mess. The police were there for around three hours. Clues were taken. The house was inspected. People questioned. All of this was done in an effort that would finally resolve itself years later. No clues could be used. There was absolutely no evidence except for a single fingerprint on the doorknob. The investigation would continue. David would recover. Life would return to normal very soon.

I know I said that there would be one, big, long chapter... I lied. Many chapters from now, I will begin writing a VERY LARGE chapter where the David and Travis find out what happened and justice will be served. I want more emails. If I don't see that people are actually appreciating this, I will stop writing it.