Chapter 19 of

Oh Yes Travis

By LR      

          "It's, umm, umm," Travis tried to say something.

          "What's the problem?" Karen asked.

          "It's from my girlfriend, Darleen. It means Darleen Loves Travis," Travis lied.

          "Oh, how sweet," Karen said as she smiled.

          "Yeah, she gave it to me as our two month anniversary present," Travis explained.

          "Alright y'all, let's go to the store," Karen said as she grabbed her purse and headed out the door with David and Travis following...

          "David, wake up, sweetheart. Please," Travis said worriedly as he watched his baby in a coma.

David opened his eyes a little. He saw the now 19 year-old Travis that he loved watching him. David had remembered everything that had happened in the beginning of their relationship during his coma. He was in a car accident two days earlier, on May 31, 2007 . David was driving to he and Travis's apartment when he was hit head-on by a driver who had fallen asleep at the wheel. David had bent down to get the quarter he dropped, and when he looked up, it was too late to turn the wheel. David had received minimal injuries, with a four broken toes. He went into a coma shortly after arriving at the hospital. David wasn't "dreaming" what happened, he was "remembering" it. He was "reliving" it.

          "Hi," David said weakly.

          "Oh thank goodness you came out of it!" Travis squealed as he leaped over and kissed David.

          "How long have I been here?" David asked.

          "Two days. I've been sitting here the entire time, waiting for you to come out of your coma from the car accident. Do you remember it happening?" Travis asked.

          "Yeah, barely. I remember looking at the windshield and seeing a truck headed straight for me. It was maybe, ten feet away," David explained.

          "I'm so sorry it happened. I'm just glad you're alive," Travis whispered.

          "Me, too," David whispered back.

          "I love you, David," Travis said.

          "I love you, too, Travis," David whispered.

Travis kissed David's lips and got into the bed with David. Travis wrapped his arms around David and kissed the back of his head.

          "I always will love you, no matter what," Travis whispered.

          "I will, too. Forever and ever," David whispered back.

The End

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