Chapter Four of

Oh Yes Travis


David threw the Twister box on the bed and kissed Travis. Deep. Very deep. He ran his hands through Travis's thick, brown hair.

Travis broke the kiss and said, "You know, let's just play it naked. And the loser has to blow the winner!"

"You gotta deal. Can't wait to get some from you," David said.

"Yeah, the only thing you'll be getting is my cock in your mouth," Travis said, cockily.

David smiled. Travis took off his clothes and threw them on David's bed. David did the same. David grabbed Travis's hard rod.

"You just can't wait to suck it, can you?" Travis asked.

"I won't be sucking it, not yet," David said slyly.

"I love you," Travis said, sweetly.

"I love you, too," David replied.

David smiled a sweet, little smile at Travis and turned to his bed. He opened up the Twister box and set it up on the floor.

Travis spun the spinner.

"Left foot, red," Travis said.

David and Travis both put their left foot on red. He spun it again.

"Right foot, green," Travis said.

They both put their left foot on green, which happened to be right next to red. Therefore, they were both standing in a very comfortable position. That would change soon. Travis spun it again.

"Left foot, yellow," Travis said.

David and Travis's legs were now intertwined. They both laughed about it. Travis spun it the last time he would spin it.

"Right hand, green" Travis said.

David and Travis's hands became intertwined again. Travis fell back first and then did David.

David laughed as he said; "Now you gotta suck me."

Travis gave David an odd look.

"Or, you can suck me and I'll suck you after, just 'cause I love you and I want my baby to feel good. So which is it gon' be?" David asked.

"How about that second offer?" Travis asked.

"It'll work, it'll work very well," David said to Travis, in a sluttish tone.

Travis threw everything off David's bed, including the sheets and threw David on the bed. David's hard tool was sticking out against Travis's as Travis was kissing David. Travis broke the kiss and licked his way down David's neck and to his bellybutton. He licked his way past David's bellybutton and up to the head of David's hardness. David shivered as Travis's tongue played around David's head. David threw his head back onto his pillows and moaned with pleasure as Travis swallowed half of David's throbbing rod. David's hands crawled down to Travis's head and played with his hair as Travis slowly bobbed up and down on David's tool. David thrust his hips into Travis's mouth and Travis swallowed all of David's manhood. This wasn't the usual five-minute blowjob that David got because as soon as his rod was in Travis's throat, he came. He came hard. He shot two streams of cum down Travis's throat. Travis swallowed all of it and licked his way back up to David's perfect lips.

"Oh god, that was wonderful. Thank you so much, sweetheart," David panted out.

"Anytime," Travis said.

David turned Travis over, kissed him quickly, and immediately made his tongue fly to Travis's tool. Soon, it was in his mouth in a matter of milliseconds. David began to bob up and down vigorously on Travis's hardness, swirling his tongue around it while going up and down. Travis put his hands on David's head, and played with his hair, as David had done with him. David continued his pace, and stopped going up and down. Instead, he just sucked on the head for a little while. Travis shot his load into David's mouth. David swallowed it all. He crawled back up to Travis's mouth and kissed him.

"I love you, baby," David said softly.
"I love you, too," Travis said, equally soft.

"So what do you wanna do now?" Travis asked.

"Well, we kinda need to get dressed. I guess we could watch a movie," David said.

"Why get dressed? It's just us," Travis pointed out.

"Yeah, you have a point. What movie do ya wanna watch?" David asked.

"How about... Moulin Rouge. I haven't seen that yet. And since you have like a mini-surround sound thing, it should sound even better. It's a musical," Travis suggested.

"Okay, let me get the DVD and put it in," David said.

David got out of bed, with his bare ass showing. Travis couldn't help but stare at it. He pulled out the elaborate DVD box for Moulin Rouge and put the DVD in his DVD player. He turned on his surround sound system and T.V. The DVD began to play.

"Could you get off the bed for a sec, sweetie? I need to make the bed again," David asked.

"Sure," Travis said.

David made the bed and they watched the movie together.

David began to cry.

Well, there's another story out, and another cliffhanger.

I'd like to say that I wrote this while listening to many songs by Mariah Carey, in case anyone cared to know that.

I'd also like to say hello to Rich. He's a good friend now. I luv ya, buddy! Um, sorry it took so long for this one to come out. I've been a lil' busy. I want to say that I want more emails!

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