Chapter Five of

Oh Yes Travis


"David, why are you crying?" Travis asked as he paused the movie.

"It's so sad. Satine dies like that. They were so in love. And now she's dead," David barely sputtered out.

"It's okay, sweetie. Don't worry. I'm right here," Travis said as he pulled David into his arms and kissed his neck.

"I love you," Travis whispered.

"I love you, too," David whispered back.

David got out of bed, still nude, and turned off the TV, DVD Player, and stereo.

"So what do you wanna do now?" Travis asked.

"How about... we just lay in bed for a while?" David suggested.

"Sure, but could we put some clothes on? It feels so weird just lying around naked. At least a shirt," Travis proposed.

"Yeah, I'll get you and me a shirt," David said as he got out of bed and pulled two shirts out of his closet. He put one on and threw the other to Travis. Travis put it on and David jumped back on his bed.

David looked over at his clock. It was 12:15P.M. He pulled Travis into his arms and closed his eyes.

David kissed the back of Travis's neck and whispered, "I love you."
Travis didn't hear him. He was asleep and soon after so was David.

The doorbell woke up David. He looked over at his clock again. It was 5:45P.M. He and Travis had slept for five hours and 45 minutes.
"That was long," David said to himself as he let go of Travis's body and put his jeans on. He heard the doorbell again as he ran down the stairs to answer the front door. It was Travis's mother.

"Hi, David. How are you?" Michelle Gracine asked David.
"I'm fine, Mrs. Gracine. How are you?" David asked politely.

"I'm great. Here are Travis's clothes. Y'all have fun! Bye," Michelle told David.

They lived in Florida, which was why they said “y’all” instead of “you all". David took Travis's clothes with him upstairs. They were in a Versace bag, from the local Versace store. David slowly opened the door to his room and put down the Versace bag. He walked over to his baby and kissed his forehead. Travis opened his green eyes and smiled at David. David was so gorgeous that when you saw him, you couldn't help but smile toward him.

"Hey, it's five forty-eight. We slept for like, six hours. Your mom just came by with your clothes," David told Travis.

"Okay," Travis said as he pulled himself up and kissed David.

"You want something to eat?" David asked.

"Yeah, sure," Travis said.

They both ran downstairs after Travis put his khakis on.
"So what do you want to eat?" David asked as he pulled open his freezer door.

"Like, how about that Totinos pizza thing?" Travis asked.

"Sure, I'll make that for you and for me," David said.

David put two in the microwave and waited for it to cook. He opened the microwave door after it finished cooking. He set the table for he and Travis and they sat down and ate.

"It's been a really long weekend. I never expected this to happen," Travis said.

"What to happen?" David asked, not knowing what Travis meant.

"Us," Travis said.

"Oh, yeah, I didn't expect it either. But it's the best thing that's happened to me. I loved you for so long, I never knew you loved me," David stated.

"I kinda recently fell in love with you. Your personality is just so wonderful and you and your face. Oh god, you're so gorgeous," Travis said as he swallowed a piece of pizza. David blushed.

"Thank you. But you're just as gorgeous as me," David replied.

"Whatever," Travis said, lightly.

David and Travis finished their pizza and went back upstairs.

David threw Travis on the bed and kissed him. He kissed him hard. He drove his tongue into his throat.

"I've wanted you," David said lowly, in a husky tone. This tone gave Travis and instant hard-on.

David pulled off Travis's shirt and pants, leaving Travis completely nude. David moved his hand down to Travis's throbbing erection and moved his hand in an up-and-motion as he kissed him. David continued jacking off Travis as he slowly kissed him. David took his lips off of Travis's and licked around Travis's lips and down his neck, around each of his nipples, past his abs, and to the head of Travis's manhood. Travis moaned loudly as David swallowed all of Travis's length. David bobbed his head up and down very quickly as he twirled his tongue around Travis's shaft. David stopped bobbing and kept half of Travis's hardness in his mouth for a few seconds and then he moved back up to the head of Travis's rod and sucked on it. He sucked hard while he twirled his tongue around it very quickly. Travis yelped and arched his hips. He came in David's mouth. David pulled off just as he swallowed the last drop of cum. He licked his way back up to Travis's lips and kissed him.
"Oh...god...that...was so...good," Travis said between breaths. He was panting hard.

"You're welcome, and I love you," David said.
"I love you too," Travis replied.

"So what do you wanna do now?" David asked happily.

"Let's take a shower in that huge shower of yours," Travis suggested.

David laughed as he said, "Okay, we can take a shower."

David and Travis both jumped out of bed and walked into David's bathroom. David turned on the shower, and set it to medium hot.

He undressed and pulled Travis into the shower with him. As soon as Travis closed the shower door, he dropped to his knees and sucked David's pole into his mouth. David gasped as Travis swallowed his soon-to-be-hard member. Within a few seconds, David was fully hard and fully down Travis's throat.

David put his hands on Travis's head and played with his wet hair as the water flew down on them from the showerhead. Travis took David's hardness out of his mouth, licked around the head, and then licked all the way to the base, back up, and back into his mouth. Travis bobbed up and down slowly on David's length while humming. This caused David great pleasure, greater pleasure than he had ever experienced. David arched his hips forward and came in Travis's mouth. Travis crawled up from his knees and quickly kissed David.

"I love you," Travis said sweetly.

"I love you, too, baby," David replied.

David and Travis finished showering, walked out of the shower, and dried each other off. David and Travis walked out of the tropical forest wallpapered bathroom and into David's baby blue painted room. David looked over at his clock. It was 7:30P.M.

"Hey, let's go to bed early. We really don't have anything else left to do," David suggested.

"Okay," Travis agreed.

They both got in bed. David pulled Travis to him and held him. They drifted asleep.

"David, what in the hell did you do?" Karen roared, at 6:31A.M after getting back.

Cliffhangers... did David and Travis get caught? Doesn't sound like it, does it? Maybe they were...

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