Chapter Six of

Oh Yes Travis


"Just what do you think you did leaving these pizzas on the table?" Karen roared from the kitchen.

David jumped out of bed and ran downstairs to the kitchen to see why she was yelling.

"What in the hell did you leave those pizzas on the table for? You know you're supposed to throw them away if you're finished," Karen screamed.

"I'm sorry, mom. I forgot," David said, trying to calm her down.

"Well, don't do it again," Karen said reprimanding David.

"Okay, mom. Night," David said.

"Night," Karen replied.

David ran back upstairs to Travis. Travis was asleep. David slowly crept back into the bed and held him in his arms. He fell asleep soon. Travis woke up in David's arms at 1:00P.M.

"Oh lord," Travis said as he yawned, "It's late."

David woke up just as Travis finished saying that.

"Hey, baby. What time is it?" David asked.

"One," Travis said.

"It's so late," David said, yawning.

"Yeah, what do you wanna do?" Travis asked.

"How about you?" David said as he pulled Travis into a kiss.

David broke the kiss and licked his way down to Travis's hardness. He took it into his mouth and bobbed all the way down. He bobbed back up as he felt Travis's hands on his head. He ran his hands through David's thick, brown hair as David twirled his tongue around Travis's hard tool. David slowly worked his way down the shaft and back up to the head. Travis arched his hips and came into David's mouth.

"God, baby, that was so good. Thank you so much," Travis said to David.

"You're welcome and I love you," David said in a loving tone.

"I love you, too, come on let's take a shower," Travis suggested.

"Okay," David said happily.

He and Travis both took a shower and got dressed.

"So," David said.

"Wanna go swim?" Travis asked.

"We just got dressed, though," David reminded Travis.

"So, get undressed and dress into swim shorts," Travis said.

"Okay," David said.

David and Travis both changed into their bathing suits. David's was a tie-died blue color and Travis's was red.

They both walked downstairs with a towel on their shoulders and opened the door to the pool.

David walked over to turn on the heater for the pool, even though it was warm out.

Travis jumped in the pool, and popped his head out of the water.

"Come on in! It's really warm!" Travis yelled.

"Okay," David said as he ran and jumped into the pool as well.

"You're such a liar! It's freezing!" David yelled as he splashed Travis.

"If you splash me again, I'm gon' dunk you," David warned.
Travis splashed him and David dunked Travis. He dunked him for too long, though.

"Hey, don't splash me!" Travis tried to spit out as David kept splashing him. David pushed Travis under the water for around 20 seconds, just playfully though.

"WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?" Travis roared at David. David slowly began to back away.

"I'm sorry, baby; I didn't mean to do it for that long. I'm so sorry," David said, pleading with Travis.
"Leave me alone," Travis said as he got out of the pool and dried himself off. He ran back into the house. David got out and dried off as well. David ran up to his room, to find Travis packing.
"What are you doing?" David asked, with tears streaming down his face.

"Leaving. I'm not staying here with you," Travis said angrily. Travis couldn't look at David; he knew if he did it would hurt him too much.

"But, Travis. I'm sorry. So sorry. Please forgive me, sweetheart," David said, choking up mid-sentence.

"Don't call me that. I'm not your sweetheart anymore. When you think you can try not to kill me, you call me," Travis said in a low, angry tone.

"But," David began to say.

"But nothing. I'm gonna go downstairs and call my mom," Travis said.

Travis picked up his bag and closed the door behind him. David dropped to the floor and began to cry even harder. He was wailing and moaning while the tears didn't stop. He really was sorry. He didn't mean to do that to Travis.

He really didn't mean to. Really.

Travis knew that, he wanted to leave. He was too upset. And he was trying very hard not to cry. He couldn't cry. Not yet. Not until his mother came to get him. He picked up the phone in the kitchen and called his mom. He told her to come and get him immediately. Within ten minutes, she was there. Travis walked out and into his mother's Porsche.
"What happened?" Michelle asked her son.

"Nothing, we just got in a fight," Travis said.

"What was it about," Michelle asked.

"Nothing, mom. Just forget it," Travis said, almost ready to cry.

"Okay," Michelle said.

David had stopped crying and got into his shower and showered. He thought about Travis. He never, ever wanted to hurt his baby. Never.

But it was too late.

He already did.

And Travis wanted so badly to be in David's arms then.

He would soon... or would he?

Cliffhangers suck... don't they?

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