Chapter Seven of

Oh Yes Travis


Travis was in his room. Under the sheets and listening to music. Sad music. He was crying. Crying hard. He had been crying non-stop for three hours.

David had gotten out of the shower two hours and 30 minutes before Travis stopped crying, and as soon as he saw Travis's shirt on the bathroom floor he dropped to his knees and wept. He cried all over the shirt, naked.

Travis got out of his bed and picked up the phone in his room and called David's house.

David heard the phone ring and he walked into his room and picked the phone off his bed.

David and Travis finally heard each other again

"Hello?" David asked, choking on his word.

"David, I wanted to call to say I'm coming over there. We need to talk," Travis said.

"Okay, I'll be...waiting," David said, tears streaming down his face.

"Love you, bye," David said.

"Bye," Travis said.

Travis didn't say he loved David.

But he did. He did so much.

David walked back into the bathroom and dried off his body. He walked into his room and dressed. He lay on his bed, waiting for his baby to come back.

Travis dried his red-rimmed eyes and walked out of his room and into his kitchen.

"Mom, will you take me back to David's? I really need to go back. I called him and we made up," Travis asked his mom.

"Well, Travis... we just came from there, but I guess, yeah, I'll take you," Michelle Gracine said.

Travis and his mother walked to the garage and hopped into his mother's Porsche Boxster. Remember, these boys had money.

David was trying hard not to cry. He was about to burst into tears until he heard the doorbell ring. He ran faster than he ever had in his life to the front door and ripped the door open to see his baby standing there in front of him. Travis ran past David right up to David's room, with two bags, one black and one red. David ran up to follow Travis and he opened the door to his room.

Travis was standing there with his arms open. David ran into Travis and Travis pulled him into his arms.

Everything was going to be fine again.

"I'm so, so sorry," David said into Travis's shoulder.

"It's okay, baby. I realized I was overreacting. I'm so sorry," Travis said, with tears falling quickly from his green eyes.

"I love you so much," David said, and he meant it.

"I love you, too. I love you more than anything on this earth. I'd do anything for you and I will never, and I mean never, hurt you on purpose. Never. You will always be the only one in my life. I truly love you," Travis said.

"Really?" David asked as he lifted his head from Travis's shoulder and looked him in the eyes.

"Really, baby. Really," Travis said.

David leaned forward and kissed Travis like he'd never breathed air. He pulled him into a long, deep, and loving kiss. David broke the kiss and threw Travis onto his bed. He got onto the bed and pulled Travis into his arms and kissed the back of his neck.

"I love you," David whispered.

"I love you, too," Travis whispered back.

I was listening to Whitney Houston the entire time I wrote this.

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