Chapter Eight of

Oh Yes Travis


David noticed that Travis had fallen asleep in his arms. David had an idea. He let go of Travis and ran downstairs to see if his mother was home. He went into the kitchen and found a note on the refrigerator:

`David, I've gone to stay with your grandma again. She needs my help. I'll be back tomorrow at 3:00. Love you.'

David looked over at the clock. It was 5:20P.M. Once he read the note and looked at the time, he knew that he could act on his idea. He went to his mother's room and opened her closet door. His mom had a million or so candles in her closet. David left the closet door open and ran in the kitchen to get a big, paper bag. He went back into his mother's room, put about 15 candles in the bag, and carried them back upstairs to his room. He dumped them out onto the royal blue carpet in his room. He went to one of his dresser drawers and pulled out a lighter. He lit each candle and placed them around the room. He closed the blinds in his room, so that only the candlelight was lighting the room. David walked over to his stereo, turned it to Mariah Carey's Greatest Hits CD, and put it on the track for, "Endless Love". David was going to give Travis the most romantic night of his life.

A night of love, lust, and joy that neither of them would ever forget. David set the track to repeat forever, walked over to his closet, and changed into a plain, white t-shirt and white boxer briefs. Travis was lying on the bed, with a black, gray-airbrushed shirt with dark, carpenter jeans and a shiny, silver colored belt. David picked up the remote to the stereo and it began to play softly. Travis opened his eyes to see candles all around him. He was astonished at was around him.

"David?" Travis called out to his love.

"I'm right here, sweetheart," David said as Travis turned his head to see David standing right next to the bed.

"What's that song playing?" Travis asked.

"Endless Love. It's by Mariah Carey and Luther Vandross," David said.

"Is all this really for me?" Travis asked.
"Yes, baby. All for you," David said.

David crawled onto the bed and crawled on top of Travis. He kissed Travis. He slowly guided his tongue into Travis's mouth while Travis slowly caressed it. Travis pushed his tongue forward into David's mouth and did the same. David broke the kiss and pulled Travis's shirt and belt off. He threw them onto the floor. David and Travis were now painfully hard.

"I was thinking that, maybe we could... you know, do it tonight. Have anal sex..." David said.

"It's fine with me. Just as long as you're happy, I'm happy. You can do it to me. I'm ready," Travis told David.

"Are you sure, sweetheart?" David asked.

"Yes. I'm totally sure," Travis whispered.

David smiled at Travis and Travis smiled back. David kissed Travis's lips and began to suck on his neck while pulling off Travis's jeans. He stopped sucking on his neck and pulled Travis's jeans all the way off, leaving his baby in black boxer-briefs, which looked damn sexy on him. David licked his way back up to Travis's neck, licked his way to Travis's left nipple, and began to suck wildly on it. He glided his tongue over to the right nipple and did the same. He glided his tongue to Travis's bellybutton, and made a circle with his tongue around it a few times. He then slicked his tongue to the hardness inside the black boxer-briefs, the hardness still trapped inside. David sucked and licked on the black-cloth covered tool and pulled off the boxer-briefs. David placed his tongue at the very end of Travis's six-inch beauty and licked his way back up top. He breathed hot air on it as he took it into his warm mouth. Travis moaned loudly. He was enjoying this a lot. He put his hands on David's head and played with his hair. David bobbed his head down, took all of Travis's length down his throat, and made a humming sound.

" that again...please, sweetheart, please," Travis sputtered out.

David hummed again, worked his way back up to the head of Travis's rod, twirled his tongue around it several times, and bobbed down again. Travis let out a long moan and David swallowed his length again and hummed; only he hummed as loud and as hard as he could. David took his mouth off Travis's tool, put his hand at the base of Travis's penis, and began to lap at the head of it, like a lollipop. Travis moaned so loud that you could have heard it a mile away when David licked right as his corona, the most sensitive part of the penis. Travis arched his hips at David and David swallowed Travis's entire rod again and hummed. Travis arched his hips one last time and shot his essence into David's mouth. David finished swallowing it all, licked his way back up to Travis, and kissed him shortly. Travis panting hard.
"Thank you so much, honey. Thank you so much," Travis panted out.

"You're welcome," David said.

"So, how do you want to do this? I have the condom and everything," David asked.

"Well, just do it the way you think it should be, and we'll see how it goes," Travis suggested.

"Alright," David replied.

David pulled off his shirt and boxer-briefs.

"God, you look so fucking sexy," Travis commented.

"Thank you," David said as he giggled.

"You're welcome, baby," Travis replied.

David ripped open the condom and was about to slide it on his dick until Travis said, "Wait, I learned a way to put that on with my mouth."

"Okay," David said, excited to hear that.

Travis pushed David down and took the condom from him. He placed the condom in his mouth and stuck his tongue barely out, making it stick out a little and he went down on David. It rolled smoothly on, and David moaned to feel the warmth of Travis's mouth. Travis came off David's length and smiled a devilish smile. He pulled his legs up in the air and waited for his lover. David reached down, next to his bed, grabbed the lube, and applied it to his tool. He held Travis's legs up and slowly began to enter. Travis grunted at the pain.

"Are you okay?" David asked, worried.

"I'm fine, just go," Travis said.

David quickly put all of his length inside Travis and moaned. Travis was in pain but it soon turned to pleasure as David slowly rocked in and out of Travis. As David sped up, he leaned down and kissed Travis's lips.

"I love you," David whispered.

"I love you too," Travis whispered back.

Travis sped up slightly and he heard Travis moaning loudly. Travis was on the verge of cumming. David thrust in once more and Travis released all over his stomach and moaned. David smiled at Travis and continued his pace, slowly going along until he finally released into the condom. David pulled out, got off the bed, threw his condom into the trashcan, and crawled back onto the bed. David reached down, pulled a towel off the floor, and cleaned off Travis's stomach and then he pulled Travis into his arms and kissed the back of his neck.

"You were incredible. That was so amazing, thank you so much," Travis told David.

"You're welcome. And you were amazing. I love you," David said.

"I love you too," Travis said. David and Travis lay in bed, just cuddling...

Well, I was listening to Mariah Carey the entire time; sorry I couldn't elaborate on the anal sex.

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