Chapter Nine of

Oh Yes Travis


"What do you wanna do now?" David asked Travis.

"We need to shower, we're all sticky," Travis said.

"Okay, baby" David said as he kissed the back of Travis's neck.

David and Travis both showered and came out of the bathroom. They both put on some boxer-briefs and a t-shirt.

"I'm so hungry, let's eat," David suggested.

"Me too," Travis added.

David and Travis ran downstairs and into the kitchen.

Travis just had the time of his life. He was thinking just how in the hell he got so lucky. He had cried night after night, hoping that David would be his one day. For months and months, he would cry. Now, the only tears he would cry would be tears of happiness. Pure happiness.

David had just given Travis the time of his life. David felt so wonderful that he had made his baby happy. That's all he ever wanted; for Travis to be happy. There was nothing better to David than seeing Travis smile. He lived for that smile and that laugh. He lived for everything that Travis was. Everything.

"So you want the chicken and mash potatoes or the pizza?" David asked.

"Um, how about the chicken?" Travis asked.

"Sure," David said.

David pulled the frozen chicken, mash potatoes out of the freezer, and put it in the microwave. David ate pizza, and Travis ate the chicken.

"Didn't you say you have been to Las Vegas?" Travis asked.

David was very surprised that he knew that. David had been to Vegas back in December, during Christmas break. He spent Christmas there as a treat from his mom.

"Yeah, I went there for Christmas. At the Mirage hotel. Why?" David asked.

"How was it there? What was it like?" Travis asked.

"It was really cool. I went to one of those magic shows with those white tigers and those guys... I forgot their names. But whatever they are called, they were really good. Did you know they're gay?" David sputtered out.

"Yeah, I know. Was the hotel room nice?" Travis asked.

"Oh my gosh, yeah. My dad went to Vegas years and years ago, and he got a comp from a casino to stay in the Mirage for a few days in their best room. We used it, so it was free," David explained.

"Wow," Travis gasped out.

"Yeah, it was really cool. I loved it," David said.

David smiled and said, "Not as much as I love you though."

A single tear dropped out of Travis's eye.

"Really?" Travis asked, in a weak voice.

"Yes," David whispered as he leaned over and kissed Travis on the nose.

David and Travis got out of their chairs and walked out of the kitchen, into the living room.

They both screamed at the body lying in front of the open front door.

My oh my... whose body could it be and why is it there?

More to come...