This is my second posting. It is pure fiction and is complete. I find it easier to submit a complete story. I had to edit it myself so please excuse any mistakes you may find. This is a story of love that two boys found despite the hardships that faced them. It’s also about love of family. Yes it has sex in it but I hope as you read it you will find that the meaning goes far beyond just sex. I appreciate all the e-mails of encouragement from my last posting and hope you enjoy this one as much. Please let me know what you think. All I ask is that you use no profanity, offensive or derogatory remarks. Please enjoy. My name is Eric and my e-mail is


One evening my after dinner my father called a family meeting. He told us he had been offered a position as head of the surgical staff at a hospital in Melbourne, Florida. My sister and I looked at each other in complete shock. We had lived in Albuquerque all our lives. Of course we protested but my dad said the crime in our city had reached the point that he was tired of seeing gang bangers time and time again come to emergency surgery. He wanted a better place to work and a better life for his family. He told us he would have more free time for his family in Melbourne.

Before I go too far I guess I had better tell you who we are. My name is Zackary or Zach as everyone calls me. The last name is Taylor. I’ am 12 years 8 months old. And exactly 5’5” tall. I weigh 106 lbs with green eyes and brown hair. My sister Kayla is 17. She is just about my best bud. She keeps me out of trouble all the time and always takes up for me. My moms name is Julia. She is the best. She seems to just not notice the bad boy things I do, you know some of the things my friends get in trouble for .She says I’m just all boy. My dads name is Paul he is one of the easiest going people you would ever want to meet. I wouldn’t trade my family with anyone. I love them all to death. Yes I admit being the youngest I am spoiled but a good kind of spoiled. I’m not a trouble maker and I do what my parents tell me to. They always make decisions based on what is best for my sister and me.

Well moving day came as my friends gathered at the house to say goodbye. A couple of us became teary eyed but we got through it. As the moving van pulled from our driveway with dad’s Beamer on a car trailer behind it we got in the Jeep and headed for Florida. It took us three days but we finally got there. Dad and mom had flown out a couple weeks before and bought us a home. The house was on an inlet bay. The back yard ran down to the water. There was a boat dock and a sandy beach. I already loved it. The house was old but beautifully kept. It had a separate three car garage with large apartment above it. There was a covered walkway between the garage and house with climbing roses on each side. Inside everything had been updated. It had a porch running across both the first and second floors. The rooms were huge. I chose a bedroom at the corner so I could have windows on two sides. One overlooked the bay. By that afternoon the moving van had arrived and everything was unloaded and in its place.

I drug myself to my bedroom and decided to wait till morning to set up my computer and stereo system. My bath was all tile. The floor even had hot water pipes running through so your feet wouldn’t get cold. The shower was deep set so there was no door needed. I didn’t have a tub but that was fine with me. I never used one. I took a shower and toweled off. I lay on the sheets letting the moon shine across my naked body as I slowly dosed off. It was summer and the night was beautiful. The next thing I knew it was morning and my dad was standing at the foot of my bed. As I woke he looked down at me smiling saying good morning sunshine. I smiled back, stretched and ask what he was doing. The same thing I always do when I come to your room and you are sleeping. I watch my beautiful boy. I jumped up walked across the bed and hugged him. I never minded my dad seeing me necked and he never minded me seeing him. We were very comfortable with ourselves.

He said if I would get at least a pair of shorts on we would eat breakfast and he would help me set up my computer and stereo. We finished eating and told mom we were going to my room to get things set up. It didn’t take long but as my dad was connecting the computer I noticed he was using a cable connector. I jumped up through my arms around his neck and kissed him. Dad you got me cable! He chuckled and said you always complained about the 56K being to slow so I thought this might help. I love you dad, you’re just the best. He picked me up threw me on the bed and tickled me until I screamed and had tears running down my face. Mom walked in the door and said if you two children don’t behave yourselves I’m going to run you out of the house. I got up and ran to the stairs with my dad right behind me. When we got to the back yard we both collapsed on the lounge. Dad pulled me in his lap and wrapped his arms around my bare shoulders and held me. Son I hope you like it here. As long as I have mom, Kayla and you I will be happy.

We sat there and talked about me growing and starting into puberty. Dad explained all the things I had wondered about and a lot I hadn’t thought of. He explained that boys sometimes experiment with each other and that was natural. He didn’t want me going out looking for someone to experiment with but if I found a friend like that to be sure and discuss it with him. He told me about girls and what was proper to do on dates and how they should be treated. He also told me how their bodies functioned and the eggs they produce and about their periods and why they had them. I ask him about masturbation and he said that was a very natural thing to do and at times it could even relieve tension. He explained how sperm was made and when and how the male organs functioned. He said if there was anything I though of he hadn’t covered just to ask. I kissed him on both cheeks and told him how much it meant to me to have a dad that loved me so much.

My mom and Kayla brought our lunch out to the picnic table and we all sat down and ate. Kayla ask me how the talk went, I gave her a quizzical look, she said dad had told mom he was going to talk to me. I told her he did a great job. She said if there was anything more about girls I wanted to know she would tell me or find the information. I thought to my self how great it was to have a family so open minded as mine.

The next morning after breakfast I went exploring the neighborhood on my bike. At the end of the street where the bay met the ocean I found a park. There was a boy about my age sitting on the swing. I rode up and said Hi my name is Zack. My name is David. You must be from the house the moving van was at. Yeah that’s me. He ask if I wanted a tour of the neighborhood and of course I said you bet. It was a beautiful area the homes were all very much like ours. Old and well kept. We rode around the entire area and then stopped at David’s house. His father was banker. He introduced me to his family and took me to his room. He had a nice room but not the view I had. We played video games and soon it was time for me to head home. I thank his parents for having me over and told David I would see him later. I hope so because you and I are the only young boys in our compound.

I got home just in time to help dad get the grill started and then helped mom and Kayla clean some shrimp. It was a beautiful evening out so we set everything on the picnic table and enjoyed the food and the evening. We all cleaned up the mess and sat down to watch Spider Man on HBO. As the credits were rolling I kissed mom and dad good night and went to my room. I showered, dried of and lay on my bed once again looking at the moon light across my body. I had grown in the last six months and I thought my body was looking pretty good. I had a nice tan and the weights I used were giving me some definition. As my mind wandered I blissfully drifted off to sleep.

The next morning as I was eating breakfast David came to the door. I ask him in and introduced him to my parents and Kayla. He told Kayla there were several guys her age in our area. Mom ask if he wanted an omelet he said he had some cereal earlier but he hadn’t had an omelet in a long time. Mom fixed him one. We finished up and went out side. Gee your family is easy to be around. My mom never fixed any of my friend’s food. I told him that’s just how my family was. You’re lucky Zack. We rode our bikes toward the main highway and turned onto a bike and joggers path. Just as we turned I noticed someone behind a small house down by the waters edge. He was sitting on some rocks. I stopped and ask David who the kid was. He said his name was Scott Alexander. I thought there were no more kids our age around here. We there isn’t in the gated area we live in. He lives in what once was the caretaker’s house. He goes to school in town so I never see him. He stays to himself so I don’t know him. We rode on to the pier and I looked at all the nice pleasure boats that were docked there. They had to cost a fortune. David was ready to leave but I told him I was going to stay for a while. He said he had tennis lessons so he had to go. After he left I headed back down the bike path. As I reached where I had seen the boy I stopped and looked again. He was still there. I pushed my bike off the path and into some brush then I started down the small trail lined with tall grass that lead to where he was setting. When I got there his back was to me. When I spoke he jumped. He turned and looked at me. He had long flaxen hair and azure blue eyes. He was to good looking to be a boy. Hi, I’m Zack. He looked at me with a very surprised look. Where did you come from? I saw you from the bike path. I’m new around here so I thought I would introduce myself. I am very sorry that was rude of me to as where you came from. Not at all I said. My name is Scott Alexander. Yeah I ask someone what your name was. He seemed very nervous. I’m sorry Zack I don’t have friends so you scared me. Why no friends? It’s me I just don’t feel comfortable with people. I’m a pretty easy guy to get along with but if you want me to go I will. No No please stay. I’ am seldom around kids my own age so I guess I don’t know how to act. I sat down on the rock next to him. How old are you. I will be 13 next Tuesday. Gee we are almost the same age. I will be 13 in a couple months. Do you have a bike? No my mother can’t afford to buy me one. I felt like an idiot when he said that. I never dawned on me he wouldn’t have a bike. Would you like to walk over to my house? No, I’m sorry my mother doesn’t let me go away from the house. She works until eight in the evening and doesn’t get home until around nine. We sat and talked for hours. As he became more comfortable with me he told me he had a small tumor on his brain he took medication for and some days he had such horrid headaches they made him sick so he just stayed in bed. I could tell he was a very lonely kid and seemed glad I had come. As it was getting dark I told him I needed to head for home. He had a sad look as I walked away waving back at him.

When I got home mom had dinner ready. Dad came in the back door. Son where have you been? We were beginning to worry. Mom said she saw David ride by hours ago. Can I tell you all about it after dinner, I’m starved. Okay pal I wouldn’t want you to die of malnutrition. I washed my hands at the sink and we all sat down to eat. When we finished Kayla and mom cleared the table and joined dad and I on the back porch.

You guys I met this boy today who lives down near the boat marina, his name is Scott Alexander. Their house his hidden by trees. It use to be the Caretakers house for this group of homes. He is very lonely and seems uncomfortable around people. He was hard to talk to at first but after a couple hours he became more talkative. He told me he has a small tumor on his brain that he takes medication for but he still gets terrible headaches sometimes. He said there are times they make him sick so he stays in bed. His mother works long hours so he is by himself most of the time. Their house is very small and doesn’t look to be in very good shape. His mother won’t let him go anywhere while she is working. He said he hadn’t been away from there yard all summer. Dad I was wondering if you would go with me to their house and see if we can talk her into letting him come over here some days so he can have some fun instead of just sitting there alone. Dad hugged me and said thinking of others is the one of the traits I love about you. Lead the way son. At nine sharp we got in the car.

We parked of the highway above their house and took the small trail to the front door.

Scott’s mom came to the door. Good evening Mrs. Alexander I’m Zack Taylor and this is my dad. Just as I finished Scott came running to the door. Mom this is the boy I told you about. Please come in and call me Molly. I’m Paul and very pleased to me you. Molly my dad said, my son ask me to talk to you about letting Scott come to our home during the day when you are at work on occasion. As a mater of fact he is welcome any time and that goes for you as well. She looked at my dad. Scott’s father passed when he was a baby so he has never had a man around. I have probably been too protective of him. Molly, it’s understandable with his medical condition. Oh he told your son about that. He never tells anyone. He must like your boy. Well Molly he is an easy kid to talk to and I don’t think he ever thinks of anyone as a stranger. As dad and Molly talked I notice the house was furnished very sparsely and most of it was very old. It was obvious that they were quite poor. I could see past the kitchen into a very small room with a small single bed on an iron frame. There were books on the small table next to it. I was sure it was Scott’s room. The house couldn’t have been more that 8 or 900 sq feet. As it turned out she had one day every week off and it was tomorrow so dads ask them to come over to the house for Lunch. Molly agreed. Scott looked so excited he took hold of my arm and said Yes Yes.

The next morning I got up early and cleaned up my room and headed down stairs. Mom and dad were drinking their coffee. Moms ask me what I wanted to eat and I told her I would like some scrambled eggs please. I ate and drank my orange juice and started for the back door. What’s the hurry son? Oh I have something I need to do in the garage dad.

I went to the garage and found my old bike. It wasn’t really old. I had only had it since my last birthday. I had received a new 10 speed for Christmas. It was red and didn’t have a scratch on it. I got out some car wax I used on my bike and shined it up Then I Put Armerall on the tires so the looked new. As I was working my dad came up from behind me and said what’s you doing sport. I jumped. Dad don’t do that you know I’m fragile and scare easy. We both laughed. I see you cleaned up your old bike. You wouldn’t by any chance know someone who could use it. I blushed. Son it’s one of the many things I love about you. You have a very big hart. You’re going to give it to Scott aren’t you? Dad they are so poor and I have so much it just seemed the right thing to do. Dad reached over and pulled me into a hug. Son, following your hart is what makes you so special. I kissed him on the cheek and said thanks dad.

While mom and Kayla were preparing lunch when the doorbell rang I ran to the door. I invited Scott and Molly in and introduced them to mom and Kayla. While the adults talked I took Scott to my room. You guys have the most beautiful house and your room is fantastic. He looked at everything. He went through my books and smiled a as he look at some. He looked at me and said what I wouldn’t give to have a collection like this. It made me feel like a spoiled rich kid. He looked at my computer and just shook his head. I have never seen a flat screen monitor this large. I was feeling guiltier by the minute. We sat down on the small couch (mom calls it a love seat but I wouldn’t). I slowly looked him over as we talked. I noticed his sneakers were worn out and his clothes were faded. He was clean and neat but his clothes had seen much better days. I heard mom call us to lunch so we went down and joined the others.

Mom and Kayla had prepared a fantastic lunch. Everyone enjoyed it and complemented them both. Molly said she had work at home that needed to be done and had to be going. I looked at dad with one of these disappointed looks. Molly he said, why don’t you let Scott stay the night and the boy can spend the day together. Oh I don’t know he has never stay over night with anyone. I assure you he will be in good hands and I think we both know he could use some company. Well I guess your right it would be good for him but he doesn’t have a change of clothes with him. That’s not a problem I said he can ware some of mine. Dad said okay then it’s settled. She nodded her head and thanked everyone for the pleasant afternoon and told Scott to be good. He told his mother thanks for letting him stay. He turned to mom and dad and said I don’t know how to thank you for letting me stay. Dad hugged him and said your welcome anytime. You could tell he wasn’t use to someone hugging him.

I took hold of his hand and drug him out the back door. I said lets go for a bike ride. He looked at me with saddened look. You know I don’t have a bike. Oh, well I’m not sure you know what you’re talking about as I drug him to the garage. You see that red one over there. Yeah. Well I think it belongs to you. He looked at me again as my dad from behind us said, Scott it’s all yours. Scott looked at me then he looked at dad. He had a look of disbelief but then he suddenly smiled and said you really mean it. With tears running down his face I walked over and put my arms around him and gave him a kiss on his cheek. He didn’t try and pull away. I think he had decided that’s just the way we were.

We rode all over the neighborhood and the down to the docks to look at all the leisure craft parked there. Scott said he was getting tired as he wasn’t use to all the exercise. We rode back to the house and went to my room. We roamed around the internet and found some sites for amateur writers. Some of the stories were about gay boys. Scott said he had never given thought about guys so young having sex with each other. I ask him if he masturbated. His face turn red and he said yeah sometimes. Well so do I. My dad says it is natural for boys our age to experiment with each other. He thought about it and then went on looking. Mom called us to dinner so we shut the computer down and went to the kitchen. We ate and talked. Dad learned a little more about Scott’s condition. He ask who his doctor was and seems dad had met him at the hospital. We went to the game room and I taught Scott how to play eight ball. He picked the game up fast and beat my butt the last game. The evening had passed quickly and it was getting late so we decided to turn in.

When we got to my room I ask if he would sleep with me instead of the guest room. He said he thought that would be fine. I took of my shirt but as I did I noticed Scott looking at my body. With my shirt off he said you look great with the mussels you have on you stomach. Yeah, I have a bench and do some lifting to help build some mussel. I continued to undress until I was necked. He looked at me and said I have never seen another boy my age necked. I told him I was sorry if it bothered him it’s just that I’m use to being necked in front of other males. Oh no that okay you just surprised me. You have a beautiful body. I walked up in front of him and said I’ll bet you do to. With that I took hold of the bottom of his T shirt and started pulling it up. He slowly raised his arms so I could pull it off. I looked at him and said you don’t look so bad yourself. He smiled and then I went to the zipper on his shorts and pulled it down. He didn’t mover or say anything so I continued and let them drop to the floor. He stepped out of them as I ran my hands down inside his jockey’s. He still didn’t move so I pulled them down until they dropped. His skin was smooth and white as a baby’s bottom. We stood looking into each others eyes. Did you mind me undressing you? No Zach it was nice. Can I steep back and have a better look? Yes Zach. I stepped back and looked at his body from head to toe. He indeed was the best looking boy I had ever seen. I moved back in front of him, kissed his shoulder and then his neck. I could feel a shudder run through his body. He took a deep breath and laid his head on my shoulder. I put my arms around him and we just stood there holding each other. I took him by the hand and lead him to my shower and turned it on. He stood there as I began to bathe him. I took my time so I could get a look at every part of his body. When I was finished he moved in front of me and kissed me on the lips. It was a light touch but it was a kiss. He then did the same for me. No one had given me a bath since I was seven years old. It felt elated. When we finished we dried off and I led him to my bed and pulled him in with me. We lay there with the moon light shining across our bodies. He was still as hairless as me. We rolled together and kissed again and were soon sleeping.

The next morning as I woke I saw my dad standing in the door way he smiled and mouthed he’s beautiful. I smiled and he closed the door quietly and continued down the hall. I got up got dressed and put out clothes and a new pair of Adidas for him to ware and took his old ones with me. I went to the kitchen where I found Dad and mom eating. As I sat down my dad said, well my boy I see you have taught him your sleeping habits in a hurry. I didn’t teach him anything dad it just happened. Mom spoke up, okay I think I have heard enough of this story. Okay I’ll change the subject. Can we buy Scott some clothes? I’m sure you noticed his clothes are just about rags. I will take the money from my savings. You’re not going to take anything from your savings and yes we can buy him some clothes. Just then Scott walked in the kitchen. We all at one time said good morning Scott. He smiled. He looked great in the new clothes. Zach what did you do with my shoes. What shoes? The one’s I was wearing yesterday. Oh I gave them to some poor bum. He couldn’t be much poorer than me, I can’t accept these they are too expensive. Dad told him to sit down and eat and we would have a discussion later. When we finished dad told us to join him on the back porch. Scott you need to understand we don’t judge people by their economic position. If your good people it doesn’t matter how much you do or do not have. If someone needs something and you could easily spare it wouldn’t you give it to them? Yes sir I would. You see that is all we are doing. He looked at dad and said okay you got me. I don’t have a good reply. He turned to me and said your one of a kind. Dad took us shopping for clothes at Eddie Bowers. Scott chose the closes very wisely. He made sure that everything could be mixed and matched. He picked up two pair of levies but dad picked up four more. He then picked out four pair of short and dad told him to pick at least three more. He picked out three pair of dress slacks and two sports coats to go with them along with one brown and one black pair of dress shoes.

Dad bought him an extra pair of Adidas tennis. When we left the mall it was almost more than the three of us could carry. On the way home we stopped for lunch. As we ate he said Doctor Taylor. Hold it dad said. To my good friends and family I’m Paul. You’re considered family so all I want to hear is Paul. Paul what I want to say is I’m not very good at showing affection but I am learning from you guys. I have also been looking for the words to properly thank you for all you have done for me. I’m new at this and I haven’t been able to find the right words. All I can say is thank you form the depths of my hart. He was setting between us so dad hugged him and I kissed him on the cheek. Thanks guys this is the best day I can remember.

When we returned home Scott showed mom all his new clothes. He was one excited kid.

We watched some television and before long his mother called and said two people hadn’t turned up for the next shift so she was going to be late. Mom told he not to worry Scott could spend the night that way she wouldn’t have to worry about him being alone. She reluctantly agreed. The program on TV was boring so I kissed mom and dad and we headed of my room but as we reached the stairs Scott turned around ran over back and kiss my mom and dad and the ran up the stairs. I looked at mom and dad and shrugged my shoulders and continued up the stairs. When I got there he was standing waiting. He walked up to me unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. He kissed both my nipples and then my neck. While he was nuzzled up against me he unzipped my shorts and let them drop. He then stuck his thumbs in my jockey’s and pulled the down until the fell to the floor. He put his arms around me and kissed me on the lips. As he kissed me he let his right hand slide down and caressed my genitals. He let go and stepped back as said how did I do? How did you do I exclaimed. Look at me I have a raging hard on and you ask me how you did. He chuckled and I mover in on him. I pulled his T shirt over his head and unzipped his shorts and pushed his shorts and jockey’s down at the same time. As they hit the floor he stepped out of them and I put my arms around him and we kissed passionately. I forced my tongue into his mouth as I slid my hand down between his legs and massaged his balls. He became hard instantly. I pushed him back on the bed and took him into my mouth. He moaned so loud I had to put my hand over his mouth until he quieted down. I sucked his balls and rolled them with my tongue and he lifted his butt off the bed and groaned. When he climaxed I had a small amount of cum that I swallowed. When he calmed down he said where did you learn to do that. Did you like it? Did I like it? I didn’t know boys could do that to each other. I have never felt anything like it. I guess I will have to show you my secret places on the internet. Boy you better because you have opened the door and I’m not about to close it. We both laughed.

The next morning Scott had a raging headache. I went and told dad and he came up to see what he could do. Scott told him his medicine was in his overnight bag. I pulled it out and handed it to dad. Before he could read the label Scott became sick to his stomach. I reached for the waste basket and got it to the bed just in time. Dad gave him something to settle his stomach and then one of his prescription tablets for his head. In a short while he was sleeping. He stayed in bed all day.

When dad got to the hospital he called Molly at her work and told her Scott had an episode and ask if it would be okay with her if he spoke with Scott’s doctor. She told him she would be grateful if he did. Dad checked the doctors registry and found he would be making round within the hour. He told the head nurse to page him when the doctor arrived. When he received the page he went to the doctor’s lounge. As he walked in he reached out his hand and said thanks for meeting me Doctor Phillips. Good grief man were equals call me Kevin. Okay Kevin I need to talk to you about one of your patients, Scott Alexander. He is a good friend of my sons and he had one of his episodes at my home this morning. Well Paul he is a tough and serious case and his out come is uncertain. Would you mind if I did some test on him? Not at all, in fact if you are going to be around him at your home I’ am sure you could do a better job of keeping track of his condition than I. I’m ashamed to admit I have to large a patient load and you would actually be helping me also. Okay Kevin I will speak with his mother today.

When dad got home Scott was still in bed and looked terrible. After dad came up to my room to look him over we both went down stairs to eat some dinner. I ask if it was okay to take my food to my room so I could be with him. Mom said that would be fine. I sat beside him, held and rubbed his hand. I even got a smile out of him. A couple hours had passed when I heard Mollies voice down stairs. Mom insisted she eat something so as she ate my dad told her about his meeting with Doctor Phillips. She said she would it would be fine if he wanted to take over his care. Paul, Scott thinks this family hung the moon and he has been so happy since he met Zach. Okay Molly I will need for you to sign a release form allowing me to take charge of his case. She signed the form and thanked him. She said if there was anything he could do to help she would be grateful. I will have to pay you for your services on a monthly basis. No Molly that’s not acceptable. There will be no charges. Oh I can’t let you do that. Listen Molly this is what I want to do. He has become more than just the boy down the street to our family. You both are looked upon as family and one does not charge family. She had tears in her eyes as mom sat beside her and gave her a hugged. I would like for Scott to stay here for a while if you don’t mind. It will be easier to keep an eye on him. That will be fine. I will be running some test on him at the hospital so he may have to stay over nigh while we do them. She nodded her head and went up stairs to tell Scott good night. When she left dad came to my room and gave Scott some medication he had brought from the hospital. Within an hour he was feeling much better. He hadn’t eaten all day so moms ask if he could eat some soup. Yes mam I would like that. As he ate dad told mom and I that he should take one tablet after every meal. He looked up at dad and said can Zach still sleep with me. Dad smiled and said I think that would be good medicine. Scott will it be okay with you if I pull back the sheet and go over your body to be sure there is nothing visual that would be of concern. He looked at dad and then to me. Scott my dad sees me nude all the time. I don’t bother to cover up when he comes to my room and he does the same for me. Would you like for Zach to leave while I examine you? No I would rather he stay. Scott pulled back the sheet and lay back on the bed. Dad looked him over. As he looked him over and felt his balls Scott became hard. He blushed and said I’m sorry Paul. Dad looked at him and said I would be concerned if it didn’t get hard. He covered him and left us. I leaned on the bed over his face and said would you like me to make use of that thing while it’s hard? He giggled and shook his head. I took off my clothes and climbed in bed with him kissing him and running my tongue in his mouth allowing our tongues to roam each others mouth. I slid down to his nipples and licked and sucked one at a time. I ran my tongue over his stomach and down to his navel and then to the waiting prize. I took his balls into my mouth sucking and rolling them with my tongue and he writhed with pleasure. As I moved to his dick I stuck my finger in my mouth and moved it to his butt hole and began to massage it he came instantly. Trying to catch his breath he said and I though sucking was good all by itself. I hope you have more surprises in store for me. Never to worry there are more. We both giggled.

The next morning it was raining when we woke. Scott snuggled up to me and said he was glad he was in my bed because when it rains he has to put a bucket beside his bed to catch the rain water. I thought to myself this just has to change. We lay there and rand our hands over each others bodies until we were both erect. Scott slid down under the sheet and took my dick in his mouth. For someone without experience he made me come in just a few minutes. We kissed and I was able to taste the white fluid I now produced. I didn’t mind the taste at all. I ask Scott if he felt like taking a shower, he said he felt sticky for the day before and would like to try. I helped him to the shower and when the water was just right I stepped under the spray with Scott next to me. I told him to lean against the shower wall and I would bathe him. I don’t think I would ever get tired of looking at his beautiful body. He was the most perfect looking boy I had ever seen and I had seen many at my last school while taking showers after sports events. When I finished I wash of quickly and turned off the shower and dried him taking in every piece of him. I dried off, took his hand and led him back to our bed. He lay down and I covered him just as mom brought our breakfast to us. Scott honey you are looking so much better today. Yes mam I feel much better. I don’t know what Paul gave me but it worked better than anything I used before. Mom smiled at him and ran her hand over his head telling him how glad we were to have him with us. Tears came to his eyes as he told her how much our family had changed his life in such a short period of time.

I told Scott I would be back and left the room with mom. When we were down stairs I told her Scott’s 13th birthday was tomorrow and I wanted to have a small party for him. Kayla heard me and said she would love to help set up the party. God only knows he deserves one. Mom agreed and so they both sat down to plan the party. I went back up stairs and played video games with Scott. He soon became tired so I put him to bed and went down stairs just as dad was coming in. I told him there was something I need to talk to him about. Okay sport lets sit down. We went to his office and sat down. Dad the house that Scott and his mom live in is awful. You saw it when we were there and Scott told me today that every time it rains he has to put a bucket by his bed to catch the water for roof leaks. Can’t we do something? Well we would have to talk Molly into it but I have an idea. Come with me. He got up and headed for the garage. We walked up the steps to the covered porch of the apartment over the garage. I had hadn’t been in it since we arrived. Dad unlocked it and we stepped in. The place had been updated just like the main house. It was a nice place. It had two big bedrooms a large and well equipped kitchen and a big living room with fireplace. The bath was big. It had a tub and a shower. There was over 1400 square feet of living area. Dad this place is great. I had no idea it would be so nice. You think they would like it son? Gees this is so much better that what they are living in. I know it will be a sell job to get Molly to agree but would you please try. I’ll give it everything I have. That’s all I can ask dad. I reached up to pull my dad into a hug when he picked me up and kissed me. I looked at him aren’t I heavy? No you’re my son and I love every inch of you even though you are getting kind of big. I giggled and he put me down. I thought to myself god how lucky I am.

That night when Molly arrived Dad told her he had something they need to discuss. She of course thought it was about Scott. They went to his office and he said there was something he would like for her to consider. He told her about the apartment and said he would need $350 a month to cover expenses. He of course he knew she would not accept it without paying something. He took her up and showed it to her. She thought it was beautiful. Paul you could get twice that much for this place. Yes Molly I could but if you don’t take it I won’t consider renting it. Like I said you are considered family and only family will live here. Well I don’t know what to say I’m paying $600 now and this would be a considerable savings. You can move in any time and just think you will have a built in family to look after Scott when your not home. Scott and I have never met people like you. I’m still not sure this isn’t all a dream. Dad hugged her and said we’ll move you in after Scott’s birthday party. Birthday party! Yes my family insisted on it. Tears came to her eyes as she said this is just too much. She just shook her head as they returned to the main house.

When I woke the next morning Scott was still sleeping. I snuggled up to him and kissed his lips as he woke. I smiled down at him. Good morning birthday boy. Dam you made it to a teenager before me. He giggled and kissed me back. I reached small bin that was part of my headboard and brought out the KY. This is your birthday gift. Do you want to do me or me do you? He grinned and said you do me. I rolled him over on his back and put some of the KY on my finger and told him to pull his knees up and spread his legs. He did what I ask and I started rubbing the clear lube on his hole. As I rubbed I increased the pressure until my finger started inside him. He jumped at first but said to go on. I pulled it out and put more lube on it then reinserted it. He didn’t move this time. My dick was 5” but it was thin so I put some lube on it and moved up behind him. I placed the tip on his hole and very gently started to push. He didn’t move so I kept on pushing until I was all the way in. I started to move up and down very slowly. I hit his prostate and he yelled. Oh I’m sorry I wasn’t expecting such an intense feeling. It’s your prostate and is call the male G spot because of the intense feeling you get when my dick rubs over it. I don’t know what causes it but it sure feels good. I continued to thrust into him as I picked up my pace he began to squirm and moan. As I climaxed he did to and shot a small amount of the white liquid like I shoot on his stomach. He looked at me an almost simultaneously we said it happened. He had is first ejaculation on his 13th birthday. We kissed and went to the shower.

The birthday party was small but everyone had fun. We had pizza ordered in and a large cake with blue icing and the words HAPPY 13TH SCOTT written on it. He opened his presents and received clothes and a game boy. When he got to mine I told him it was heavy so it would be best to open it on the table where it had placed it. He ripped open the box and there was a HP computer with a 20” LCD monitor. He looked a me then jumped up and kissed me on the lips. I think everyone there was as surprised as I was. We had never shown affection to each other in front of anyone. Mom looked at me. I’ll tell you later mom, as I knew what she was thinking. As the party was winding down a furniture truck pulled in the drive. Mom went out and they started unloading furniture and taking it up the stairs to the apartment. Before they finished dad came home and told us he had purchased new furniture so Scott and his mom could have a nice home. Mom hugged him and said I should have known, and your son is just like you. Dad had purchased sheets and covers along with duvets. There were also dishes and silverware and a new washer and dryer. I went in, got Scott and pulled him up the stairs and ask which bedroom he wanted. He chose the one with almost the same view as mine. They set his bedroom up and dad and I helped him hook up his computer. The cable had already been run from our house so in no time we were on the net. By that evening we had the house all set up and everything in its place. Mom and Kayla had washed all the new sheets and wash all the new dishes and silverware. The place really looked great.

When Molly arrived she couldn’t believe what dad had done. She said were going to live like rich folks. She told mom and dad that she new better than to argue anymore because she always lost. All she had to do is bring her and Scott’s personal items over and they would be finished. Molly ate with us and went home. Mom said she and Kayla would help her move as tomorrow was her day off.

Scott was very tired so as soon as dinner was over I took him to our room. I undressed him and put him to bed. As I walked into the family room mom said now where did you get the kind of money it must have taken to buy that computer and monitor? I said I had purchased it on line at Computer Geeks. They sell factory overstock and the entire bundle only cost me $500 and that still leaves me with $600 in the bank. My dad looked at her and said like father like son. Mom looked at us both and said I give up. You two will be the death of me yet. We all laughed.

Later in the evening dad placed his hand on the back of my neck and guided out the back door where we sat down. He was quiet for a while and I wasn’t sure what was coming but I knew something was up. Dad finally said son you know that kiss at Scotts birthday party didn’t go unnoticed. Is there something I should know? Well dad you see we have become very close and I have feelings for him and he for me. I’m not sure where were headed but I believe it is just more than us fooling around. He and I have made a connection and I’m trying to figure out if it’s love. At this point it sure seems like it. I know we are young and that is why I am a little confused. I guess I need to tell you we are doing more than kissing. We suck each other and I gave him a birthday present this morning. I made love to him. Thanks for he honesty son. I figured it had moved to more than kissing but I am a little surprised at you making love to him. There will be no judgments made about what you two are doing. Time will tell both you and us where this relationship is going. All I ask is you keep it between you two only. Dad there is no one else I would even consider. I know the dangers of being promiscuous. There is a great deal of information on the internet. I am not going to endanger either Scott or myself. Awe! The internet. Information paradise if it’s not misused. Dad I don’t go after the dirty stuff all I want is information. You always told me information is power and I believe it. Dad reached over and kissed me. I hope this doesn’t mean I can’t love you anymore. Awe dad you know better than that. You, Mom and Kayla mean everything to me.

The next morning we had to get up early so dad could run test on Scott at the hospital. We showered and dressed and met dad down stairs. He didn’t want Scott to have anything to eat before the test so we headed for the hospital. When we arrived he had already reserved a room for Scott. He took off his clothes and put on a hospital gown. Dad told him he was going to be taken to a room where they would scan his brain in a three dimensional system. Then they would do a regular scan of his entire body. I wanted to go so dad said I would have to wear ear protectors that look like a head set. He said the noise from the machine could hurt your hearing. We went down and the operator wasn’t going to let me I because of my age but when dad turned up that changed. When both tests were finished we went back to his room. He was very tired and soon was sleeping. I told dad I wanted to spend the night with him so he had a cot brought in for me. He spent a restless night and also had a bad dream that I woke him from. He was perspiring so I took a cool wash cloth and washed him down. When dad came in the next morning he ordered some blood to be drawn and he had to pee in a cup. When they were finished dad came back and said the scans were okay for reading so he could go home. I got him dressed and Kayla came to pick us up. When we got home we both needed a shower so I undressed him and then myself and we stepped in the shower. I washed him down very slowly and when I finished he had an erection so I went to my knees and took him in my mouth. He came very quickly and almost fell. I caught him and slowly sat him on the bench in my bathroom. I dried him off and helped him to our bed.

The next morning while he was sleeping I slipped on a pair of shorts and went down stairs to talk to dad. He said they would have the results of the scan when he got there. I ask to go. He reluctantly said I could go. When we arrived he went to a lab where a couple other doctors were waiting. They told him the tumor was non cancerous but had weakened the cerebral and would eventually cause an aneurism. There was no way to tell when it might happen. An operation was out of the question because it was far too dangerous. If they had to guess they said the chances were good it would happen during his teen or early adulthood. The reason was the brain was still growing and could precipitate an aneurism. So Scott would live a live of uncertainty. He could die at any time or live to early adulthood. That was the best opinion they could give. Dad tried to lighten the gloom that permeated the room. He showed me the scan of Scott’s body and pointed out his penis and said the boy has a very good start on that thing. I didn’t smile. I felt like I had a weight hanging around my hart. Dad took me to one of the conference rooms and sat me down. You and Scott need to learn to live one day at a time with your relationship. Your mother, Kayla, Molly and I will do all we can to give you both the latitude to take in the best of life for as long as it last. You must remember that any of us could die at any time. We have no guarantees that come with our life.

We went home and dad reiterated what the doctors had told us. Scott took it pretty well. He didn’t cry he just hugged me and said can we go to our room. We made passionate love that night.

Dad started Scott on a new medication and several supplements to build up his body strength. He worked out on my bench and his body was getting a beautiful definition. By the time school started he was going full blast all day long. He became one of our star basketball players.

We are freshmen in high school now and we have learned that our love is true and we are dedicated to each other. We live each day as our last and yet hope for another. We have truly learned to live one day at a time.