Our Secret Hiding

By Roy Davenport

Hi there. My name is Mark and I'm an 14 year old boy. I know I should tell you something about my looks so here I go. Well at first I'm not an casanova. I rather say I'm absolutley not. I wear glasses since I was 3 years old. Something to do with an car accident or something like that. I don't know precisley. I also have that kind of hear wich can't be held in model. So I have short hair. It's blond by the way. And like most blond kids my eyes are some kind of blue. I'm pretty skinny too. In some moves you can practically count my ribs.

O yeah and then some other imperfect thing. I'm gay. No I'm not saying I like Girls and Boy's, I only like Boy's. Nobody knows that ofcoarse, not even my best friend. Well and that's the prob a little bit too. I am uhm ... well I its not really a big surprise but yeah I've fallen in love with my best bud. Well I think it's love. I can't be sure since I have never felt this before. It's just the feeling I have. I want to touch him all the time and just want to be with him. No matter what, so yeah I think I can say that's love.

Well Now I suppose you wich to know how my best friend looks like right. He is 14 too just about one month older then I am. We went to kindergarten together and have been best buds since. He has that nice type of hair. Wich you can do with whatever you want but it never looks bad. It's blond too just like mine but he has that green kind of eyes. He's a little bit shorter then me too, about 5ft. I'm 5,5ft by the way. I forgot to tell before.

Well being the teenagers we are most of our conversations are about wich girls we like and what we are going to do by them if they where our girls. Ofcoarse I wasn't really interested but I had to keep my cover ofcourse, So I talked about the girls I liked too. Mostley they look the same as the boy's I like but then with longer hair and without a penis. Hey That's not funny so quit laughing.

Well being the best buds we where there came a point we started talking about blowjobs and how of that it will be to recieve one. And that ofcoarse is where this story is all about :)

 I do remember my very first blowjob ofcoarse. Who Doesn't.

It was this sunny day in April when Henry and I decided to take a walk through the neigborhood. Henry Is my best bud by the way. I don't believe I mentioned his name before now.

Well there is that private forest near his house. His parent own their own company so they could afford a house in the rich neigborhood of our town.  Well like I was saying there is that piece of private forest there. We didn't know who owned it but it was really nice hiding there. Every time we where going for a talk about the girls we liked we went there. There's a fence around it but at some places there are small gasps in it through wich we entered it. After walking a bit there is a trunk there. Our favorite spot. We can see the whole surroundings from there but no one will be able to see you there. The trees prevent that.

Today was no different. We went to Our Secret Hiding. At first we talked about our plans for the weekedn and then the subject of girls came up. We talekd about what we wanted to do with them and who we would like to do what with. Then we talekd about how much we can come and how far we shoot. Hey just boy's talk. Wich boy doesn't talk about that????  So no point for me not to answer right.

Suddenly out of nowhere Henry say's: Could you cum right now, right here.  "Yeah sure I can" I answer. I most defenitley won't say no to that quition. If only I knew.

"Prove it"

"Huh what, you mean I have to masturbate here right now in front of you?"

"Yep, that's right. And if you don't you're a girl"

"Hey I'm Not a GIRL, Okay I do it But only if you do yours too," I said with a big grin. This could be the oppurtunity to see my best bud with a hard on. I'm not going to let that pass am I.

"Uhm.... yeah, wel uhm..."

"Come own you little girl" I started to tease him.

"Okay I do it, but only if we do it together at the same time."

"Sure" I say and I start to unfasten my belt. Henry unfastend his belt too and then without any thougts he puls down his pants to his ankles. I follow his lead. Then we both stand there with major hard ones covered by nothing less then our briefs.

"You first" Henry say's.

"Nop, tis was you're idea so you first" I answered

" Okay then together. I count till 3"




At exactley the same moment we lowered our briefs. Wow his dick was huge. I think he measured at least 5,5 inch of nice warm cock. I was jalous in an instant. Mine only measured 4,5 inch. Damm't.

He started to slowly rub his cockhead. I couldn't get my eyes of his dick. He didn't took his eyes from mine either. I started to stroke my own cockhead. After we both stroked our cocks for a few minutes the next surprise came.

"He Mark, You know what a '69' is??"

" uhm .... Yeah I do, Why?"

"Well Let's do it. Let's do a '69' then."

Did I hear this right. Was my best bud proposing to give me a blowjob. And I had to give him one in return.? I wasn't sure what to say or do next.

"Well" he said , "Shall we"

"Uhm.... Wel I dunno uhm...." then my own excitement of seeing my best bud naked and stroking his dick started to take over.

"Yeah Sure" I said, "I would like that."

" Alright then" Henry almost shouted.

"How are we going to do this" I asked. I wasn't really looking forward to the prospect of laying in the mud. It raint the day before. Then I saw Henry walk to an deserted rabbit hole. It was a pretty large one and we used it before to keep some stuff hidden for our parents.  He took a blanket out of it and spread it on the leaves Still with his pants on his ankles. It was a funny sight to see Henry with his hard on hupping around to spread the blanket and I couldn't control my laughter. I started laughing.

Then whitout warning I felt something wet and warm around my cock. Henry had took my dick in his mouth whitout any hesitation. I layd down on the blanket and moved in position so my mouth was at the region pf henry's crotch. I first played with it with my hands before finally puting my nouth around it. Wow It tasted really good. In the meantime Henry kept sucking my cock and balls and I was ready to Explode. I warned henry that I was near coming. He only fastend his speed. I kept succking on Henry's dick too and I felt hsi cock stiffen more and more. Then without any warning he shot his load. 4 or 5 spurts of hot wet seman left his cock. I swallowed all. The warmth of his sperm made me com too. I shot my load in his waiting throat. He swallowed it all. After our cocks had softened we turned to each other for a long wet kiss. Our sperm mixed in our mouths.

Outside it started to get dark and we decided we should go home. I would sleep at his place since my mom and dad where out for the weekend. If the events of the day promised something for the night I was sure I wouldn't get much sleep......

Okay Folk's That's it for this story. I hoped you liked it. I would welcome you to write me an E-mail with your critisems or comments to Roy_Davenport@hotmail.com

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GRTS Roy Davenport