Our Special Woods.

by Larkin


Fictional Story, sexual content, male/male Copyright Larkin 2006

Our Special Woods
By Larkin

There were dozens and dozens of houses. 
They all look alike except that some are turned this way or that to make them look different. 
They go on and on until they come to the strip mall or the school or the main highway that leads to the big mall.
Everything here is perfect. 
Parents are secure in knowing that this is a safe neighborhood.
A safe place for the children.

No one notices the small stand of woods near the train tracks. 
It forms a dense thicket of not more than two acres and then narrows out as it runs closer to the trestle. 
It's fenced in for safety reasons.
I'm sure there are plans to eventually build here too.
These over-grown woods don't have a name. 
Boys call it the woods, or the tracks. 

The secret place keeps its invisibility by not having a specific identity.
There is a dirt path off the road that goes up to the trestle and onto the track bed. 
Because the woods are fenced off this is the only way to get in.
That is a good thing because it keeps the adults out.
Once in a while a girl or two may come here but for the most part it is all boys. 

This is a realm where the oldest boy rules, or the biggest or sometimes the cleverest boy rules only to be deposed and replaced with another. 
Some are magnanimous, some are tyrants. 
This is a place where boys come to play with fire, break glass, smoke cigarettes, divide up loot, torment other boys, get bullied by boys, sniff glue and to masturbate.
This is a secret state forever governed by outlaws.



Emilio stood out in the open between the two sets of tracks. 
He was only twelve, but he looked older. 
He had a few pimples and greasy brown hair. 
He had traces of peach fuzz on his upper lip and was smoking a cigarette.
A younger and smaller boy approached him. 
They recognized each other from school. 

Emilio blew smoke at the boy in a good natured taunt. 
Breaking only a slight smile, he made the sign of the devil which was immediately copied by the younger boy in a casual show of solidarity. 
Better that, than to be regarded by Emilio as the enemy. 
The smaller boy was no threat. 

Emilio had one hand in his pocket and an appraising eye sized up the boy. 
They joined together to brag and commiserate. 
He looked up into Emilio's face and found odd kinship with him that he didn't quite understand. 
He moved closer to the older boy. 
He was trying to look cool and worthy of his company. 

Emilio pulled the waist band of his pants and his underwear down and exposed his penis and scrotum. 
It was completely unexpected. 
Emilio displayed himself and watched the boy's reaction. 
The younger boy was completely caught by surprise. 
His mouth dropped open with astonishment. 
Emilio was encouraged by his lack of protest. 
He handled his large penis displaying it boldly.

Pulling his pants back up, he said, "Comon."

He ran off to the side of the tracks to a hidden path. 
The smaller boy followed him closely. 
They both knew all the paths by heart. 
Deeper into the thicket they went. 
The boy had no idea why the allure of this older boy was so irresistible.

Emilio looked back and said, "Over here!"

He followed. 
The younger boy found him sitting at the base of a tree. 
He had already pulled out his large penis and was handling it. 
The smaller boy came up next to him and sat down. 
Emilio kept looking right then left.

Then he jumped up and said, "Follow me!"

With that, he ran off in another direction. 
Finally he had found a hollow that was full of leafy vegetation.

He said, "No one can see us here."

Both boys sat hidden by leafy plants everywhere. 
Emilio pulled out his big cock. 
The boy had never seen an uncircumcised cock before and had never seen a cock as big as Emilio's. 
He was stroking his dick and it was already hard. 
It wasn't enough for him to stroke his cock to cum; he had to have someone like the younger boy see it, to be a witness.

He was moaning, "Oh, please, jack me off, please."

The idea of refusing him never entered the younger boy's mind. 
He took hold of his cock and did as Emilio asked. 
They were in total synchronicity. 
The boy not only had no objection, he was loving every moment and was filled with fascinated excitement. 
The boy watched Emilio extend his forefinger and put it in his mouth, then he put it down between his legs and up his butt.
The younger boy stroked Emilio's cock. 
The two of them pushed the leafy vegetation away so that Emilio could lift up his legs to finger his butt hole. 
He told the younger boy that he wanted to know what a girl felt like when he was fucking her. 
The younger boy dedicated himself to stroking the stiff red cock. 
Emilio wiped his fingers off on the leafy plants and applied more saliva, then penetrated himself again. 

Emilio was getting close. 
Finally gobs of white gelatinous cum squirted all over the front of his shirt. 
When he was done, his whole body went limp. The boy was silent and just sat and watched. 
Slowly, Emilio rose up. 
He looked at his own juice. 
Carelessly, he rubbed it all in until it looked like wet snot. 
Emilio didn't care and, standing up, he just walked away leaving the boy alone.
Stunned, the boy contemplated what had just happened.

The next morning, the boy was covered in a blistering rash.
It was poison ivy. 
He had it, but not as bad as Emilio. 
From what he heard, Emilio had it all over his hands, on his foreskin, under his foreskin, all over his scrotum and all the way up his rectum.

Poor Emilio.