Pat and Me

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"Life! It might me okay if it didn't have the biggest word in the dictionary in the middle of it, if." ©Carl Dickson–2006

Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

If you are underage, or if this is illegal where you are, then please go away. If you're under 18, Adios come back when it is legal for you to read this smut. If you lied about your age in order to access this story, remember this is our story. Life doesn't always work out like a story.

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either
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     Until I was almost eleven years old I lived across the street from the best kid in the whole world. Pat and I did everything that two young boys could do together as we terrorized our piece of the world and all of the girls in it.
     Our favorite prank was to chase one another and accidently crash into a neat little tea party that some frilly dilly had set up for her dolls and teddy bears. Or slip and fall into a playhouse made up of a blanket across the back of two chairs. You get the idea, we had a ball making the little cunts bawl. Of course we didn't know that name yet but we had our own meaningless names that only the two of us ever knew.
     When we were ten and in the fifth grade we learned the word fuck, we saw that word everywhere and wondered what such a kewl word could mean. Pat was a bold little man and he walked up to this highschool kid and asked him what it meant. The kid laughed then patted us on the head and told us something so nasty that we thought for sure he was lying.
     The kid told us to go over to his house in a half an hour and he would show us some picture but he told us not to tell anybody what we were going to see. Our minds were filled with silly ideas of what kind of pictures he had but we were ten and very curious, and maybe too trusting.
     A half an hour passed and we were sitting on the curb across the street from his house. He came out the front door of his house and told us to follow him into his backyard. He had an old fort made up in the bushes behind his garage and he told us to crawl in there. That place was so kewl and Pat and me loved it so much.
     We asked him if we could come over and play in his fort. He told us to look at some pictures and then decide if we still wanted too. Boy did we ever, those pictures were so kewl. He had pictures of naked ladies and naked men and they were doing all sorts of nasty stuff with each other.
     He held the pictures and showed them too us one at a time so that we couldn't see what he never wanted us to see too fast and all. He showed us pictures of big old tits but he had to tell us the words to call everything because we had them all wrong and he said it was because we was little kids that needed to learn and everything so we let him teach us everything.
     He had pictures of big hairy pussies with really close up pictures so that we could see all of it real good. Then at last he showed us this picture with a daddy in it with a huge dick. Pat and I talked and we decided that those pictures was like fake or something because we both seen our daddies naked and their dicks weren't all stiff and big like that but then we wondered about the pictures showing that big dick going inside that woman's pussy and stuff.
     We kind of figured that some daddies might fuck cause they had this big old hard dick but we both knew that our daddies could never fuck cause that was nasty and now we knew why we saw that word written everywhere cause it was a nasty word that meant that anybody who said it or wrote it was nasty and would have to go to hell and stuff when God killed them for being so nasty.

     For some reason Pat and me had never spent the night at the home of the other until the weekend before our life ended. My father is a doctor and he had already gone to the big city to build his own clinic and set it up. My mother, sister, and I remained behind until the end of the school year.
     On the final weekend before our big move my mother asked me if I would like to do a sleep over at Pat's house. She told me that we may not see each other again, that ripped my heart out. I didn't know about love, sure I told my mother I loved her and sometimes I got this weird feeling in my chest and throat when I thought about her, but Pat was my buddy.
     Pat and I experienced a new twist in our friendship during that sleep over. We felt the loss that my moving away was about to create. We had never been touchy feelly, we were boys after all. I can't remember that we ever touched each other except when wrestling or trying to dunk the other in his swimming pool, but that night...
     Neither one of us could sleep. Pat seemed to be taking our loss harder than I was, up to that point. I have mentioned that Pat and I had grown up together, I don't know when we first met, he was just always there for me to play with. Our mothers drank coffee together everyday and Pat and I were...there, together. We put finger paint in each other's hair in kindergarten and carried our lunch in identical Spider man lunch pails.
     We knew who could pee farther and higher and who could spit the greenest globs of snot. We knew how to make ourselves fart without making a mess in our pants, which made our mothers yell at us. And we could make every girl in school scream and tell how gross we were.

     That last weekend we laid in Pat's bed together as we wrapped our arms around the other and held on, never wanting to let go. I became aware of Pat crying and that started me off. Before she went to bed for the night Pat's mother looked in on us and found us tied together into one large lump of boy mass. She saw the tears and came over to sit on the bed next to me.
     Her voice was soft and comforting as she wiped the tears from both of our faces. She didn't lie to us and tell us that we would see each other again, there was a strong possibility that that would never occur. She didn't give us a false hope or try to brow beat us, she just let us run with our childlike emotions as she sat there and sang a quiet song to us. I don't know what the song was but her voice made me cry harder as I felt as if I had already lost my best friend that was holding onto me as if his life would leave him when I did.
     Looking back at that weekend it seems strange to me that we were allowed to spend the following night together at my house, in my bed. I have slept naked since...well as long as I can recall and in my own bed that seemed the natural thing to do. Pat made no comment about it, he just shucked his underwear and got up close and personal so we could begin to cry again.
     Sunday morning Pat's family joined us for our walk to our church three blocks away. Pat and I walked along in silence and my mother mentioned to Pat's mother how strange it was to see us being so quiet. After church there was a big picnic and everyone came to wish my family farewell. Old ladies pinched my cheeks and got close enough that I could smell their breath. Old men called me tiger and told me to watch out for all the girls. That was no problem for me cause I loved to tease them and hide from them.
     Monday morning the movers were at the house and I watched as my whole life went into boxes to be loaded onto a large truck. I wanted to watch with Pat at my side but he was not there, his mother's car was gone and my mother told me that they had gone somewhere. "But you had the whole weekend together to say goodbye, that was good wasn't it?" Fuck no, it wasn't good enough.
     Once the truck was loaded mom made my sister and I get into our car and buckle our seat belts. I watched Pat's house as we backed out of the driveway then quietly unbuckled my seat belt and got to my knees in the back seat so that I watch out the rear window to see if Pat and his mother would return so I could say goodbye.
     When we got to the end of the street mom told me to turn around and sit down, that she was about to pull out onto a busy street. I turned around and sat down I re-buckled my seat belt then reached into my shirt pocket and withdrew a picture of Pat that we had exchanged at the beginning of our last school year together. I stared at the picture and began to cry, never had my heart been so broken, never had I ever felt so alone.

     Mom kept telling me to make new friends, that everything would be alright. They weren't alright and they never would be. I hid Pat's picture and held it every night as I laid in my bed. On rainy days I sat near a window and held the picture and cried for my missing friend. The picture disappeared from my hiding spot just before school started but a week later my little sister came to me and told me to keep a secret.
     She had seen mom take the picture and throw it away. She waited until mom forgot about it then retrieved it and hid it away. I always liked to play with my sister, when nobody else was around. She wasn't like the other girls, she was younger and nice to me. Now I had a real reason to like her. I found a new place to hide the picture and I still have it today.

     I was the new kid at school but I seemed to fit in okay as everybody was sort of new to middle school. We were no longer little kids so we came from schools all over the neighborhood to go to this one school where we would be all the way through the sixth grade and up through the eighth grade.
     I really didn't try to make friends, I mean if my parents could take me away from Pat they could do it again so I just stayed to myself. I started to read whatever I could find and learned about a library not far from my house, in fact I could walk past the library on my way home without going out of my way. I asked mom if I could stop and get some books and she though that would be nice but didn't I want to find a friend to play with?

     The library had an after school program for junior highschool age children to learn to use a computer, I enrolled in that class. Computers were everywhere and I knew that when I got to the seventh grade the following year that I would be using one in class, I learned everything that I could for the remainder of the year.
     The following summer my parents took us back to our old town to see my grand parents,. I wanted to go see Pat. I begged, pleaded, and cried until one day before we were to return home mom drove me over to Pat's house. Nobody was home. Mom told me to get in the car, that we had to go. I told her that I wanted to see if Pat was in our tree house and took off for the backyard before she could respond to me.
     I was up in the tree before mom got around the house, I had a feeling but I wasn't sure. Pat and I had a secret place that we could leave message for the other when we used to play war in the tree house, I headed for it but stopped short when I saw a six inch wide heart had been carved in the tree, Pat and Abe forever. I almost cried but I had to hurry because I heard my mom calling me.
     I reached my hand into our secret safe and felt a rolled up piece of paper. I knew without a doubt that it was a note from Pat, I had a note for him as well. I put my note in the safe and climbed down to the ground. On the way down the ladder I caught a last look at that freshly carved heart and began to cry.
     Mom, looked at me, "He's not up there. I want to see him so bad." Mom just told me that she was sorry but there might be another time. We went back to grandma's and had dinner, the next morning we left very early, I had no time to try to call Pat.
     I had gone to the bathroom and locked the door so that I could unroll the note from Pat and read his secret message. That message made me hate my mother for the first time in my life. "Dude, your mom thinks we is gay wads cause she saw us holding each other and we was all naked and stuff in your bed. She told my mom that she never wants to see me near you again or she will do something dasstik dastly drastic to me. My mom says your mom is sick and that I should stay away cause she could hurt me badder. I love you and I miss you but I don't think I'm no gaywad I just like my bestest friend and I miss you so much."
     The tears really started. I hid the note in my underwear and went straight to bed. Mom told me to come and see my grandma but I told her that I was tired and pulled the cover over my head. I hoped that Pat would find my note and that he could do something with it.
     When we got I home I told mom that I needed to go to the library to find a book about vampires. I didn't tell her that I thought that she was a blood sucking witch but I had sure been thinking that every time I read Pat's note.
     I signed up for a computer at the front desk and one was ready, I ran to it as the library lady told me not to run but I was in a real big hurry. I logged onto my e-mail and there were two messages waiting for me, both from Pablumbaby. I was shaking so hard that I could not move the mouse to open the first message. My mind went back to a memory from long long ago,
     I have no idea how old we were but Pat and I were asleep when he awakened be with his crying. I remember his mother leaning over me and picking him up as she said, "Is my little pablumbaby hungry?"
     Somehow that stuck in my mind and when we were about eight years old we were teasing each other and I called him papblumbaby. He stopped and looked at me so funny then he told me that his mother used to call him that until he told her that he was no longer a baby.
     Of course Pat was never one to be put down without a comeback of his own, "So, tittybaby, who we gonna terrorize to day?"
     "I'd rather suck titty than have mommy feed me my pablum."
     "You would like to lay in your mother's arms and suck her big old tits."
     "At least my mom has tits, she's not flat chested..." I couldn't do it to him, his mother has always been the nice one, it is my mother that always put other people down. She used to tell my dad that Pat's mom looked like a boy with her skinny ass and flat chest. I don't remember my mother ever having a nice word for anybody. Oh well, I am about to get ahead of myself.
     I left a simple note rolled up and placed in a place that only Pat and I knew of. I coded the note so that even were it to be found no one would know who it was from. "Pablumbaby, every school day from three forty five until five,"
     I logged in to the first message and read, "Found a love letter from a long lost friend. Set up a new email account just for the occasion," Wow, I was talking to Pat again, we had a lot to talk about.
     Pat has his own computer in his bedroom, my mother says that computers are satan's tool to destroy the world. Pat wanted to IM me but I can't get an IM account at the library, I would have to make friends with someone that I could trust.
     E-mail back and forth was slow, it was safer and faster than the postal service but I wanted to talk to Pat, he knew how to do it. I had a little money in a savings account so I went to the bank and asked for an ATM card. The lady there thought that I should have my parents approval but I started to cry. Hey, I learned a long time ago that when a small kid starts to cry then grownups will eat my streaked shorts to get me to stop. I had a card.
     Pat knew that he could make deposits to my account from any branch of my bank and he asked for my account number. He put fifty dollars in my account and had me go get a pre-paid cell phone and a pre-paid long distance card. I sent him my phone number the day I bought the phone, an hour later I heard his voice.
     We were only twelve by then but his voice sounded so deep and weird, I made him tell me things that only we knew but I still wasn't sure until he told me that he wrote fuck in the dirt on the school principal's car window. Nobody ever knew who did that, the principal was furious and threatened to make everybody stay after school all weekend until someone told. Nobody but me and Pat knew and we weren't telling. Of course when the final bell rang everybody went home anyway.
     A whole year had passed and we had not seen each other, we had so much to talk about. When school started back up for the seventh grade I found out from the school's computer teacher how to get an IM account. She showed the class how to use a web-cam and a headset so that we could talk in real time and see each other, now I just had to find a place to go where I could do that.
     My break came in a very strange way. My grandpa fell and mom had to go help grandma. I wanted to go too but mom saw through that one pretty quickly. I would stay home with dad and my sister would go with her to help out. I would stay home with dad. I was to go to his clinic directly after school and stay there until dad finished with his patients each day. I thought that was gonna suck big time.
     The first day that I went there dad was busy so this one nurse that is always nice to me took me to this small office that had a computer on the desk. She asked me if I knew how to use it, I kinda told her what my mother said. She looked at me then smiled, "So you know how to use it." I nodded my head. She told me to keep the door locked and surf to my hearts content, that she would never tell a soul.
     I IMed Pat and told him that I had access for a few days. I didn't have my headset but the computer had a web-cam built into it and I could hear Pat's voice over the speakers. We chatted away for about three hours, me typing and listening to him laugh at how slow I typed. The next day I had my headset.
     Grandpa had to have hip surgery so mom was going to stay to help grandma lift him and feed him and everything. It was coming up time for the Christmas break and I asked dad if we were going to go see grandma and grandpa. He looked at me and asked if I wanted to see mom, I guess sorta gave it away when I jerked up and said, "Oh yeah, her too."
     Dad is pretty smart and he picked up on me real quick. He sat me down and had a very long talk with me. We had never done that for as long as I can remember but we talked about everything in my life. Finally he looked at me and asked about Pat.
     I couldn't lie to him, he was so nice to me and he made me feel really good as we talked. He talked to me like a man and never put me down, he let me ask him anything and never failed to answer whatever I asked.
     I told him that Pat and I had grown up together and that I had never had any other friends. He asked me why I didn't have any friends where we lived now, I told him that I just didn't find anybody that seemed to want to be friends with me. Dad looked at me for a long time, "Is there anybody that you might like to be friends with?"
     I had to admit that I never paid much attention to anybody and really didn't know, but I didn't think so. Dad got real quiet then told me that he and mom had gotten a divorce and that she would not be coming back, ever. He asked me if I wanted to live with her or him. It was my turn.
     "Dad, I have been doing something that I am not supposed to do. Last summer I left a note for Pat in our tree house, I have an e-mail account and I gave him my address so that he could send me messages. We have sorta been talking for about six months now. Dad smiled at me.
     "I know, son. I have known for about six months now. I put a computer in my back office so that you could sit in there and talk to him in private. I won't tell your mother if you won't." I was out of my chair and in his lap in an instant and he held me. My dad held me in his lap and I was so happy, then he kissed me on the forehead and told me that he loved me more than anything or anyone in the whole wide world. I know that I love him.
     Dad told me that he had some friends that were going to move to town and that they would need a place to stay for about a week. He wanted me to help get the house clean and then to be nice to our guests. I wanted to be alone with dad and get to be good friends but I agreed to help him.
     Dad picked me up at school Friday afternoon, he reached across and opened the front door for me. That felt nice, I have never ridden in the front seat of dad's car before. When I sat down and closed my door a pair of hands went around my head and covered my eyes, "Guess who?"
     Pat's voice has changed but I still knew him, I didn't want to ride in the front seat, dad understood. I got out and got into the back with Pat and dad drove us home where Pat's mom had dinner all cooked and waiting for us.

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