Pat and Me

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Pat and Me 2
    Pat and me got real woke up when we sat down to dinner. Dad looked at us and Pat's mom looked at us and she was crying and looked so sad. "We have something to talk to you about that you may or may not like. We are almost afraid to say this but you need to know, baby." When Pat's mom calls him baby she really has something heavy on her mind.
    "Are you sure that you want Abe and me here?" my dad asked.
    "Look at them Tip, they are so interdependent on each other. I don't know how Abe has been for the past eighteen months but Pat has been a basket case. To make matters worse he doesn't understand why Roger did what he did and I haven't been able to tell him.
    "I...we, have to tell him now. The boys will go mad waiting to hear from the other one if we don't tell them together, they're going to talk. Look at them, I know the signs, they are young and have not developed but I know in my heart..."
    "Let's wait on that part sweetheart, let it lay for a year or two more, it'll come in its own time." Sweetheart? Did my dad just call Pat's mom sweetheart?
    "Pat, Roger is not your father." She looked at him for a long time then she looked at me, I was looking at Pat, he just sat there with no expression on his face at all. "To be honest with you, baby, I don't know who your father is." Whoops.
    "I kinda made like a big mistake one night when I was in highschool. I got drunk and did some things that I am not proud of but I can not undo it."
    "Tell him, Sheila," dad said then he looked at Pat and me. "It was not her fault. She was drugged. I am the guilty party here because I took advantage of her condition and I have had to live with it for almost fourteen years.
    "Patrick, every time I look at you I wonder if..."
    "NO! Tip. No, not now. Look, there was this party at this frat house and some of us girls wanted to go be with older college men, we were tired of the infantile highschool boys that pawed all over us but didn't know what to do when we... Well, I never really did but I got the reputation for it because most boys would just mess up their pants when we kissed."
    "She is still the hottest kisser ever, I almost mess myself now and I am grown up." This was getting too much for me, I got sick at my stomach. Was my dad, like...I can't say it. Pat's mom...and my dad??? What about my mom? I ran to the bathroom and lost the best meal that I had eaten since my mom had gone to grandma's. Pat was there with me, he put a hot washcloth on the back of my neck and when I stood up he washed my face.
    "I know, it sounds really sick but my dad is...Abe, you don't want to know what that man tried to do to me." I looked at him and he ducked his head then whispered, "But I want you to..."
    To what? I didn't get to find out, his mom opened the door and knelt before us. She took the wash cloth from Pat's hand and suggested that he might want to flush the toilet. I looked down at it and it was rather vile. Chunks of unchewed meat, whole kernels of corn, and well, enough of that or I will heave again.
    Pat's mom began to wash my face with the re-warmed cloth as she hummed that same song that I had heard her sing the night that Pat and me slept in his bed. Would we sleep in my bed that night? I wanted to so very much. I was twelve and a half, a little more. I was having funny feelings about Pat, even before I saw him that afternoon. I know that it is weird but my heart hurt like it used to do when I thought of my mom and dad, okay sometimes when I thought about my sister too, okay? But the feelings I had when I thought about Pat were different, I almost thought that I would die sometimes and I nearly always cry when I think about him.

    Pat's mom put an arm around each of us and moved us back to the table. "Look boys, no more beating around the bush. I am going to tell you the whole truth, right now. If you hate me..." she wiped a tear, my dad leaned forward and wiped it away then kissed her cheek.
    Enough of this dialogue stuff, let me just tie it up in a neat story for you. Sheila, she told me to call her Shell, if I wanted too, I had always called her Pat's mom, or Mrs. Tabor. Shell had gone to that party when she was sixteen, my dad was twenty and in his third year at college, a junior he told us. Nobody knows for sure what they got hold of but everybody at the party started tripping out. Pat and me needed that one explained to us--well come on, we were innocent little children.
    A few days later someone told them that there was something called LSD in their drinks, the kids that stuck to beer out of the keg were okay but everybody that drank the spiked punch was really spiked. Shell and her friends were all virgins but when they got high they began to argue that their friends were all prudes. Before the night was over Shell had slept with so many boys that she had no idea how many. My dad even slept with her, they awakened in his room the next morning and she was on top of him with him up in her. Eeeeeewwwwwww
    Me and Pat had to know about that, we sorta knew about fucking and all but we knew that our parents would never do anything so nasty. Dad and Shell looked at each other and blushed. "I am sorry, boys. We sort of assumed that you already knew about these things. Shell, maybe I need to go talk to the boys for a little bit." She agreed and said that she would clean the table. I was hungry cause I barfed up my lunch so I asked if I could make me a roast beef sandwich, Pat helped me to stack it high.
    "Boys, what do you know about sex?" dad began.
    "It's nasty and dirty and you'll go to hell in a handbasket if you do it." My mom had made that clear to me after the night that Pat slept with me in my bed. Dad looked so sad, he sighed then looked straight at us.
    "Have either of you boys ever touched each other's penises?"
    "Ew, no dad, that would be sick. I think a kid at school did that and they said he is gay." Pat sorta moved away from me a little.
    "That last time when you two saw each other you slept naked in bed together and you had your arms around each other." Now I had to stop and think. I have been talking about that night all through this story but I am writing this after dad talked to Pat and me, I had never thought about that night, well the naked part.
    "Dad, I always sleep naked. Remember when mom told us that clothes bind and restrict good breathing so we should let our bodies stretch out and be able to get deep breaths while we sleep?"
    Dad remembered but as the day went on I learned that my mom was very strange. Dad looked at us and got really sad, he reached out and grabbed us and pulled us to him for the tightest hug he ever gave me. "Boys, I am so sorry. You have been kept away from one another for more than a year and a half because of the sick thinking of your mother, Abe. She looked in on the two of you the last time you were together and saw you both naked with your arms and legs around each other. She told Shell and me that you were having sex with each other.
    "Abe, do you remember your uncle Max?"
    I really didn't, I mean I know of him but I never remembered seeing him, dad told me why that day. Max is a homosexual, dad had to explain that before he could go on. Max is mom's older brother and an embarrassment to her and her parents, they will not let him come around them. Roger, that Pat thought was his father, was the boyfriend of Max when they were in highschool.
    Roger's parents were very rich and they used their money to control their son. They told him to get married and have a child or he would never see any of their money. Roger saw the cutest girl in school, and the richest, and he learned that she had gotten the fat belly at that party so he made friends with her then married her, telling every body that it was his baby.
    Roger and Max had been at the party the night that Shell and dad had that drug stuff given to them. Dad let it slip that Max had more dicks up his ass than all of the girls at the party had in them, put together. He was almost positive that Roger never did anything with Shell. He told us that Roger matched his boyfriend dick for dick and never had time to be using his own on anyone.
    That made Pat and me look at each other, we couldn't believe that anyone would do that, that was the nastiest thing we had ever heard of. Dad got real quiet and looked at the bedroom door then he told us that fucking a boy in the ass is what most guys do until they are old enough to start going out with girls. He said that until a guy gets married many of them have some buddy that will let them have a mercy fuck.
    We couldn't believe him, but he told us it was true. We kept on until he told us that he fucked boys until he was fifteen. I did it, I asked him if they fucked him, he got all red in the face and told us that he did. But then he came back real quick with how good it can feel if the guy knows how to do it and isn't just looking for a quick fuck. He said that really close friends nearly always do it together and that is why he was not worried when my mom got all uptight.
    "Dad, me and Pat were only ten years old, we didn't even know bout guys could do that and stuff. We seen a few pictures that an older kid showed us with a man and a woman but he had a humongous dick, I will never have a dick that big."
    "You forget, son, that I am your father and also your doctor. I gave you a physical a few months ago, you may only be twelve years old but you are growing quite nicely and your penis is much larger than many boys your age." That made me feel proud and I sat up straight and puffed out my chest. "I believe that I have heard that Pat has grown up nicely himself."
    I looked at Pat and wanted to know how dad could have heard that. Dad explained that Shell had held him after Roger had raped him, he was still naked. My mouth dropped open, Pat's dad had raped him???
    No, but he had tried. According to what Shell had told dad, Pat was being a mouthy little brat. Pat wanted to tell the story. He had seen Roger kissing Max and hid in the closet. Max got on top of Roger and shoved his dick up the man's ass and fucked him, just the way the kids at school said that the act was done with a man and a woman.
    Pat looked at me and asked if I remembered the pictures we had seen of the man doing that woman. How will I ever forget, that was my first experience with anything nasty. Pat said that after Max and his dad kissed awhile then Max got on his knees and put his head down on a pillow and his dad shoved his great big old dick up his Max's ass, and Max loved it. He said that his dad was saying how tight his ass was and how much better he liked it than pussy and Max was yelling out that he loved Roger and telling him to fuck him faster and harder. I looked at dad and his pants were all sticking out.
    I didn't know it because I had never thought of it but dad saw where I was looking then he reached over and squeezed my dick, I was hard too. Dad told us that it was natural to get a hard on, and that when we heard those kinds of stories that we would always get a hard on. I looked down at Pat's lap and his pants were all standing out in front too.
    I asked about the rape and Pat looked at my dad then at me. "Look boys, I know that it is difficult for Pat to talk about this. Pat it was not your fault, what the man did was wrong, in every way. But if we are going to live together as a family I think that Abe should know the complete story." Live together as a family? Dad put his hand to my cheek and told me that he and Shell had more to talk to us about but that I needed to listen to Pat.
    Pat turned on the bed and crossed his legs so that he sat facing me. He said that after Max left that Roger went to the bathroom to take a shower and he slipped out of the closet and went into his room. He got all red in the face when he told me that he took his clothes off and was looking at his big old dick in the mirror when Roger stepped up behind him, he was naked.
    "You liked what you saw, didn't you little faggot. Turn around here and take a good look." Pat said that his dad grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in close so that his face was mashed against his dick and the hairs went up his nose. His dad then shook his dick in Pat's face and told him to suck it, he was scared of the man, he had suffered the man's beating before and he didn't want another one, especially since he was naked.
    Pat said that his dad told him what to do and had him get on his knees so that the whole dick would go down his throat, when he gagged he got hit so he swallowed and tired it again. He said that when he swallowed then the entire dick fit into his mouth and he was okay.
    His dad grabbed his ears and made him go up and down then he began to fuck in and out of Pat's mouth. He said that it wasn't so bad but he got really scared when his mouth got full of liquid of some kind, he thought that his dad had peed into his mouth. His dad pulled his dick out and white stuff was shooting out all over his face and everything and it was all hot and stinky like. Then he put his dick back in Pat's mouth and told him to suck on it like a giant straw. He told us that was when he could taste that white stuff.
    Next his dad pushed him over the edge of the bed and got down on his knees behind him. He was pushing his dick against Pat's butt hole and really hurting him so he was screaming as his mother walked in and began to hit his dad in the head and everywhere. He said that his dad ran off with his mother right behind him and that she was throwing anything that she could find at him.
    He ran out of the front door and she locked it then called the police. His mom was still holding him when the police arrived, they had found his dad hiding in the bushes. The police asked if they could have a pair of pants for Roger but told them that he would not be coming inside. Then a lady policeman came and sat down with Pat and told Shell to get him some pants then next she made him tell everything that had happened and he told about Max and everything.
    His mom told him to pack all of the clothes that he could get into three suitcases but told him that they would come back for his computer and Wii system. After breakfast the next morning they got in the car and drove to my house and he wanted to be my brother, if I wanted. I wanted, of course I wanted, but I couldn't talk. I just sat there and stared at him then at my dad. I didn't know what was going on but I kept looking at Pat's mouth and trying to think how he could get a big old dick in there.
    Dad said that we should go join Shell and finish our talk. I put my arm around Pat and told him how sorry I was and he whispered in my ear that it was kewl and he was going to do me when we went to bed. I spent the next two hours with a hard on and every time that I looked at Pat he circled his mouth then licked his lips.
    Shell made me her slave when we got back to the dinning room. She had a huge chocolate cake all covered in thick icing waiting for us. She poured me and Pat a glass of ice cold milk and gave each of us the biggest piece of cake that I had ever had before then she and dad started telling us a story that I still can't really believe.
    So it all came out. Shell was married to a fag, that's what she called him. Dad said that he was a pretty good fuck but he preferred Shell to Roger. We found out that dad was fucking both of them because my mother is such a twat, durn these names that they had for everybody. I had to ask it and then I wished that I hadn't but dad met mom when he was at her house fucking uncle Max, he was sixteen and Max was seventeen.
    Mom never knew that dad was fucking her brother, she was so stupid that she thought he had come over just to meet her, she was fourteen. Dad was horny all of the time and he went to fuck Max after school three or four times a week. When mom turned fifteen dad was a seventeen year old senior, mom needed a date to the homecoming dance and told Max that she wanted Tip Thornton to take her.
    Max was going to this party at a big house up the mountain from our house and he told dad that he would take him up there where he could fuck all weekend long if he would take mom to the dance and get her off of his back.
    Then dad got accepted to the university where he wanted to go to become a doctor dude. Everything went along pretty well for the first three years and he was still fucking Max but by then Max had found Roger. He was fourteen and still in highschool but dad said that Roger loved big dicks and he would crawl on molten glass to suck one and to get fucked, the bigger the dick the better.
    The story was getting really...kinky. Dad said that he really fell in love with Shell at that one party but she was so young. His family had been putting pressure on him to get married but he kept telling them that he had years of study ahead of him if he was going to be a doctor and that he couldn't afford a wife, and what if there was a baby?
    Dad got all horny and called Max, mom answered the phone. Dad lied to her and said that he was thinking about her and wanted to call and say hi. I looked at my dad and he saw me, "Son, I am not the man that you think me to be. I am, I am bi-sexual. Do you know that word?" We didn't so dad explained about some people wanting sex with either girls or guys. Dad would rather be with a guy with a tight butt but he likes to have a soft girl next to him too. He almost cried when he said that he is a sex addict and needs sex all of the time.
    My god, my old man is ancient, he is thirty four for cripes sake. I mean I have been learning about sex, big time, all night, but does an old man over thirty still do it? Shell told dad to tell us all of it, she told him to tell us about Charley. Dad said that it was late and that we had had a big day. He smiled at Pat and me and said that he thought that we needed to get to bed and take care of a few little matters but that the next day was the last day of school before the holidays and that we would have time to talk then.
    I don't know what I thought but I just headed for bed, Pat was next to me and when we got out of earshot from our parents he said, "So, can you sperm yet? I am so going to make you so happy tonight."

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