Pat and Me

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Does your mother know you're reading this shit?

Warning: This story is PORNO. I have tried my hand at friction, now I'm trying fiction. This story contains vivid descriptions of sexual activity between men and teen boys. It contains no truth, partial truth, or half truth. What it does contain is stroking material. If this kind of story turns you off, or offends you, please find something else. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and underage children.

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Pat and Me 4
    Dr. Tip says that Abe and I should write down all of our feelings about our lives and try to make it sound like a story so here is my part to tell to you now. I have read all of what Abe has said and I won't go over that again but I will tell you what I felt.
    Mom says that I should call Dr. Tip dad because they are going to be married and I am glad. I have never told anybody, not even Abe, but I think that Dr. Tip is my real father. He told us that he and my mother spent the night together and that when he woke up he had his dick in her pussy so I could be because mom told me that I was born thirty six weeks and two days after that party, to the minute. She really likes Dr. Tip, ah, dad, and I am glad. He is a great man and I have known him all of my life. He never yells at Abe, or hits him like my...Roger did me. I hate Roger very much but mom says that I should pray for him because he is really sick.
    Sometimes I think that I might be Roger's kid because I like to do those sexy things with Pat and this friend of ours by the name of Peter. He has a big dick and I really like to suck on it. Abe doesn't squirt much cum yet but he is young and small, Peter has a really big dick and he has the best tasting cum I ever tasted.
    Yeah, I have tasted a lot. Before we moved to Tucson to live with Abe and dad I sucked a few boys that lived near me in Phoenix. I had this one friend that wanted to take over when Abe left and I was lonesome so we became friends. He has a brother that is two years older and he and his brother taught me how to suck dicks. They did each other every night when they went to bed and when I started going over there they showed me how to do them and they did me.
    I wanted to do that with Abe, I have always loved Abe and when I learned about boys and what sex was like with them I wanted him so bad. This one night I got to spend the whole weekend with Justin. He and his brother, Jerrod, shared a bedroom and Jerrod had his best friend over to spend the night with him and wow, did we ever have fun.
    Cappy was Jerrod's friend and he was six months older than Jerrod. We got to measure his dick and it was five inches long, Jerrod's was only four inches long and Justin only had three inches, like me. I still liked to suck on Justin because he liked to suck on me but we both liked to suck Jerrod and we liked to drink his milk. Cappy made more milk than Jerrod did and he thought that I sucked dick better than anybody else did. Cappy took me to all of his friends who let me suck them and everyday I had two or three boys to suck on before Justin and I would go somewhere and lay down and do each other at the same time.
    I got ahead of myself. That night Cappy stayed at Justin's house we all sucked everybody. We moved around and sucked each other but I found out that Cappy was the best. Cappy was the first one that I ever saw take a dick in his butt, he had me suck him while Jerrod got up on his knees and fucked him in the ass. I learned new words that night but I learned better stuff than words.
    Justin and I never let the older boys do that to us, we were too small and they said that they would hurt us but we didn't want to do it anyway. Cappy let me fuck him and then I watched Justin do it and that was so much fun to watch. Justin and I started doing that to each other but he was the only one that I ever let do it to me. I wanted to wait until I could see Abe again.
    Well, I guess that I need to tell you about what happened when Abe left before I tell you the rest of what I did. We let dad see this and he said that I should tell you what happened when we got home from church the last time that I saw Abe back then so here goes.
    Mrs. Thornton was real mean to me all day, she would smile and talk all nice when Abe, or anyone else, was around but when it was just me she scowled at me. You like that word, that's what mom says it was because she saw it once and asked me what Mrs. Thornton had said and I didn't tell her then but told her that I would tell her at home. When we got home the shit hit the fan and it was all over the place.
    Mrs. Thornton sent Abe home with Dr. Tip and she walked with us to our house across the street. As soon as Abe shut his front door his mother started in on my mother about raising a perverted queer that was just like his father. She was pointing at my dad, er Roger, and calling him a fairy and a faggot and some really nasty names that mom had to explain to me later.
    She was yelling at me for getting naked and molesting Abe, that was a new word too but mom shushed me and told me that we would talk later. Mrs. Thornton was really loud and saying things that made Roger all mad and he started screaming at her because her brother had done that molesting thing to him when he was only fourteen and he was still molesting little boys so she had no right to talk about anybody else until she went home and cleaned out her closets.
    I don't know what she had in her closets but Mrs. Thornton told mom that if I came near Abe again that she would have me put in prison for sick people for the rest of my life. I wanted to play with Abe because he was moving the next day but mom took me to get ice cream and I ate the biggest banana split in the world and made myself sick.
    The next morning mom woke me up early and took me to Mesa to see my grandmother and I had a lot of fun with my cousins that were visiting with her but I really missed Abe and I would get sad and start to cry but my cousins were there so I tried not to let them see me cry.
    That afternoon we got home and I ran over to Abe's house but they were all gone. I looked in all of the windows and the house was empty with nothing inside it at all. The furniture and everything was gone, I looked in the garage and even Dr. Tip's tools and stuff was all gone too. Then I knew that Abe was gone and I sat down on his back porch and cried. Mom came and found me there and walked home with me as we talked about all of the good times that Abe and I have had and then she reminded me that Abe's grandmother lived nearby and he would surely visit sometime so I could see him then.
    A whole year passed and I never saw Abe, or even hear from him. One night I hear my mom shouting at somebody so I snuck out into the hall where I could hear better and figured out that she was on the phone. What I heard make me sick at my stomach, mom was screaming that Abe and I were too young to even know what sex was and that she knew that we had never done anything like that with each other. Mom slammed the phone down and turned around and saw me standing there.
    "You heard that? Come here and let's talk for awhile." Mom held me and she cried and I cried then she told me that Mrs. Thornton saw me in bed with Abe and we were naked and had our arms around each other. She thought that we had been doing sex with each other and she never wanted me to see Abe again or she would do something drastic.
    Mom told me that Abe was in town visiting his grandmother and that he wanted to come to see me but Mrs. Thornton said that if I was home when they came by that she would call the police. Now I know that the police would not have done anything because we never did what she said but mom was trying to protect me from that woman and didn't want me to get upset. She told me that we would go shopping the next day and she would buy me a computer. I have been wanting a computer of my own for the longest time.
    I went to my room and I wrote Abe a note and slipped outside and climbed up into our tree house that Dr. Tip and Roger had built for us when we were little boys. Abe and I have this secret safe in the tree house where we used to put secret messages and we had a mousetrap in their so that if anybody else reached in it would break their fingers. I rolled my note up into a real thin roll and stuck it in our secret spot then set the mousetrap and went back in the house and got in bed.
    I was awake all night and the next morning I begged mom to let me hide in the tree house and wait for Abe, I told her that I would hide real good and Mrs. Thornton would not know that I was there but mom looked at me and told me that it would only be worse for Abe if we were to be seen together. I could live with whatever his mother would do to me but I didn't want Abe to suffer, he had to live with her, so I went shopping with mom.
    I got this neat old computer and all of these games and programs and stuff that I could play with and I was very happy. Mom and me went to lunch at my favorite pizza store where they have all of these games and stuff and I jumped up and down in that jumping castle until I got sick at my stomach and mom took me home.
    I felt better when we got home and I remembered my note. I didn't even close my car door as I ran to the tree house and stuck my hand up into the safe and felt a note in our very secret place. I pulled it out and it was not my note but one from Abe. I sat down on the floor and read his note and I cried so hard that mom got worried and climbed up on a ladder to look in at me. She talked real soft and asked me to come down and show her the note.
    We went to the kitchen table and she poured me some seven up to calm my stomach down and asked me if I would read the note to her. My mom is kewl and I knew that I could trust her so I read what Abe had written. "Hey monkey brains, I thought that you might not be home. I heard my mother on the phone and I think that she was talking to your mom and she said that you better not be there when we came over so I am writing this note to you. I miss you so badest and I cry cause I cann't see you and everything but I do still love you and I wish that I could see you. If you know how to use a computer I go to the library and use one there every school day from three forty five until five and I got this mail count called and you can rite to me and we can still talk. I am going to hide this in our safe and I hope that you find it. I would like to hide in the safe and live with you but my mom hates you for somehow so I better go before she finds me riteing this note and everything. See you in the funny papers."
    I wanted to go set up my computer so that I could e-mail him at once but mom said that they were not back home yet so we had a little time. When Roger came home he helped me to set up my computer in my room and then mom helped me to get an e-mail account set up at that same sight. She asked me what name I wanted to use and I looked at Abe's note and I knew, our favorite names for each other. He used to call me pablumbaby and I called him tittybaby and mom laughed and said that that would make a perfect name, then she hugged me.
    I sent out my first e-mail ever and I asked mom what I should say so she helped me to write, "Found a love letter from a long lost friend. Set up a new email account just for the occasion," Now if you wonder how I could remember what I said all I had to do was to look up on the bulletin board over Abe's desk, he printed it out and saved it.
    About an hour later I checked my mail again and there wasn't anything there so I wrote him a long e-mail and told him about what I had been doing since he left. Mom told me that it was late and that he used the computer at the library so he wouldn't get my mail until the next day. I didn't like that but there was nothing that I could do so I went to bed.
    The next day I sat at my new computer and learned all of the games that it had and I played them all until around two o'clock this little bell rang and this blue square came up at the bottom of my screen that said "One new message at WHOMEVER.COM" I clicked on it and the screen showed that I had a new message, just like the little screen had said so I clicked on the message button and saw a message from tittybaby and I hurried to open it. That opened up my life like nothing else ever had at that point.
    Abe and me wrote back and forth for hours that day then the next day too. Mom said that we should get an IM account, she explained instant messaging and I thought that sounded even better. My computer had a camera with it but mom took me over to the computer store and bought me a headset with a microphone on it and I went home and told Abe all about it. He didn't have a cam at the library and they didn't want anybody to use the speakers and disturb other people so that was out.
    Mom had another idea, I love her so much. She said that we should buy Abe a cell phone, that was great. We checked around and found out that for about fifty bucks he could get a phone at the grocery store that would have a hundred minutes on it and there was no extra charge for long distance between Phoenix and Tucson. I wrote to Abe and asked him if he had a card to get money out of his savings' account. Mom sat down and wrote out complete instructions for him to follow and he went to the bank that was on his way home from the library. The next day he wrote to tell me that he had an ATM card of his very own and that his mother did not know about it.
    Mom had me ask for Abe's account number so that we could put some money in for him to buy a phone with. While Abe and I were talking mom went to her computer and put fifty dollars from my birthday money into Abe's savings' account then came and told me to tell him how to go buy a cell phone. I had mom sit down at the computer and tell him. He told me that he printed the message out and that he would go to up the street from where he was but that the library would be closed before he could get back and he would have to talk to me the next day.
    Thirty minutes later he called me. I know that he said that I called him but he forgot that he called me from the store. Someone there had sat down with him and helped him to set up his phone so that he could call me at once. He wasn't sure if it was really me so he made me tell him something that only the two of us knew so I had to sorta move so that mom couldn't hear me and I told him about the time that we wrote the word fuck on the dirty window of our principal's car.
    That night mom took me to buy a cell phone just like Abe's then we could talk and he wouldn't have to use his prepaid long distance card because all of our calls would be free and we could buy more minutes and talk longer. So you already knew all of this so now I have to tell you about that other stuff.
    I guess that I already told you most of it. Justin was in our class and he had always been friends with Abe and me and when Abe left he became my best friend. We were still only eleven but I learned all kinds of sex stuff from him and Jerrod. By the time that mom and me moved to Tucson my dick had grown to almost four inches but when I saw Abe I fell in love with it, he is almost five inches long and he tastes so sweet.
    So mom asked me the other night if I would like to have Tip be my father. I looked at her and she knew that I had something on my mind and she can always make me tell everything. Right after mom and I moved down here dad took some blood from all of us and he ran this cotton stick around in our mouths. I had seen them on TV and I asked him if he was going to do that one test where they can tell all about you. He told me that it was called a DNA test and yes, that is exactly what he was doing.
    A few days later he came home early and he was very happy. I was outside with Peter and Abe and dad picked me up and said, "I love you, son." I told him that I loved him too but he ran into the house. I told the guys that I was going to go drain my radiator but I really wanted to know why dad was so happy. He called for mom and she was in the back bedroom, she came out and met dad in the hall. Dad picked her up and spun her around saying, "He's my son. I am so happy." He and mom were kissing then mom saw me standing there.
    Dad turned around and came over to kneel in front of me. He looked at me for a real long time then I just flung my arms around him. He is my real father and Abe is my brother. Mom asked dad what sort of a meal he would like to have with his sons and dad looked at me and I said, "Steak." Mom called for Abe to come inside and we all sat down on the floor in the hallway and hugged each other then we got dressed and went to a big new steak place that just opened down the street from our house.

    I guess that is about all that happened until today when dad came home after being gone all night long. We spent all day writing this then dad read it. He said that we should put it online because it was cute. He took us to this pornographic web site and let us see that there were all of these dirty stories about people doing sex with each other. We asked him about reading some of the stories and he told us that is illegal for us to read them so he doesn't want to know what we do and if we ever tell mom then he will take our computer away and never allow us to use it in our room again.
    Dad came in and pulled the covers off of us and sat down on the bed. He had us move so that we were on each side of us and he held our dicks in his hands and got us both hard. He looked at Abe and asked him if he could hold him and Abe shook his head, then dad asked if he could jack him off and make him cum. Abe kinda looked at me but leaned back and dad started doing both of us, at the same time.
    Dad was talking about the boys at that school and he told us that he had spent the night at the school as he examined all three hundred and twenty of them for body lice and bugs. He said that they were all naked and that he got to watch them suck each other off and that they fucked each other and he was right there.
    I looked at dad and reminded him that he had told us he had let guys fuck him when he was small and I wanted to know if he liked watching the boys do that to each other. He was wearing boxers and his dick was sticking out of his fly and I got real horny and squirted all over his hand. I looked up at him and he was licking Abe's cum off of his other hand then he licked the cum off of his hand that he was jacking me off with. I told him that he could suck me and get the cum on my belly but he told Abe that we should suck each other and clean up all of the cum so we did. Abe has never sucked my dick like he did then.
    He looked at dad and wanted to talk about sperms and getting it in his mouth. He thought that it would make him sick and that he would die or something. Dad got down with us and we talked for long time. He told us that beside * Fructose sugar * Water * Ascorbic acid (a.k.a., vitamin C) * Citric acid * Enzymes * Protein * Phosphate and bicarbonate buffers (bases) * Zinc, semen contain special trace elements which keep swallower younger,energic & increases vitality. Then dad told us to sixty nine with each other and I let Abe get on top. Dad helped him to bounce up and down and coaxed him along to make me cum like I never did with anybody else because I never loved anybody else like I love Abe. Abe fired the largest wad of cum that he ever shot, right down in my throat. I never wanted to quit what we did.
    Dad told us that we have been invited to a party at the school on Saturday night. He told us that nobody could wear clothes and that everybody would be having sex with everybody else and that we would stay there all night. It was only Tuesday and he told us not to say anything then but that we should talk about it and let him know Friday. He said that if we did not want to go then we would not go. I asked him if one of us could go if the other did not want to and he said that we could.
    I wanted to see Peter and have some real sex with him but Abe looked at me and told me that we were life long friends and that we were brothers and if we were going to go to hell for having sex then we needed to know what we were doing and it was time for him to learn how to fuck me and that I needed to fuck him then we could go find Peter and fuck him all day the next day.

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