Disclaimer: Should you be reading this? This story contains descriptions of sexual interactions between consenting underage males and if it's illegal where you are then, don't do it! This is a purely fictional story hatched from the confines of my mildly insane mind. Any similarities to real people or events are just that, similarities.

Payton and Andrew

The locker room is silent until that is shattered when the boys lacrosse team came screaming in. They just got done with their first official game and the won! All of them were off the hook with joy! For some this was the first year that they played and it was extra special to them. Boys between the ages of thirteen and fifteen were jumping around cheering and they were a big mass of energized horseplay.

The coach walked in and saw the pandemonium. He had to grin to himself and chuckle at their antics. They deserved some free reign for the great job they did in the game. They really showed the right stuff out on the field and he was proud of them.

After about ten minutes it was time to tone it down, get the boys showered and on their way home, so the coach yelled, "Alright boys hit the showers! I want all of you showered, no exceptions! Don't be shy you all have the same things hanging between your legs so don't worry about it!"

Some of the boys groaned, some just laughed, and others just kind of got quiet and reserved because they didn't like to have to get naked where the others could see them.

As the coach was entering his office he stopped like he almost forgot something. He turned around and called, "Andrew, and... hmm let me see, yes Payton! Front and center!"

Both boys stopped getting undressed and looked at each other, then shrugged and went over to the coach.

Payton was a bit older. He was fourteen years old to Andrews thirteen. They were somewhat similar in build though Payton was taller and a little more developed. They both had brown hair. Payton's was long, but neatly kept. Andrew's was not quite as long, but it was shaggier, like he wasn't too concerned where it lay. Not that it was messy, just more unkempt which matched his impish looks well.

Payton being a bit older and just a little less shy asked the coach, "Hey coach, what did you need?"

"I want you two to collect the gear and uniforms. Wipe the gear down with the disinfectant and throw the uniforms in the laundry hamper."

Andrew got a worried look on his face and said, "But coach if we do that we'll be later getting out and my parents might worry."

"Don't worry about that. I'll call them and let them know you will be late. I'll call yours too Payton. I'll let them know. They knew ahead of time there would be times when I kept a couple of you back to help, so they will understand. When you both are done I'll give you a ride home. I'll just be in my office across the hall waiting for you. I have a bunch of paperwork to do and it should take me about an hour. That will give you two enough time to do the chores I asked and then to get your showers."

Both boys knew they had to do it, so they just took it like the men they would grow up to be and started around the locker room picking up gear and uniforms. They worked together and it didn't take them too long. Just after the last boy left they were finishing up.

While they were throwing the last uniforms into the hampers Payton was looking at Andrew. He thought, "Man he is so cute. I wish I knew if he were gay like me. The way Andrew's brown eyes sparkle when he laughs and his tight little bubble butt really turns me on. To see him naked would be the answer to something I have so wanted for a long time." He blushed a little at that thought. Wow, he had to stop thinking things like that or he was going to get hard and the shower would show how excited he was. He didn't want to scare Andrew away. He just wished he knew what to do.

Their lockers were across from each other. Payton walked over to his and started to undress. He looked over at the other boy and wondered what was wrong. Why wasn't he getting undressed?

Andrew was at his kind of pacing from foot to foot nervous about getting naked in front of the older boy Payton. He thought to himself, "Man, I bet his junk is so much bigger than mine. I'll look like a baby in front of him with only four inches and that's when I am hard! I wonder if he has any hair down there yet. Is he gay? No way! Not a hot stud like him. Oh shit he's looking at me."

"Is everything alright Andrew," Payton asked a bit worried he had done something wrong and scared him.

"Ah... n-nno, everything is cool," he said nervously, "J-just getting ready to shower."

With that Andrew started getting undressed too. He stripped off his shirt, dropped his uniform shorts, and took off his sox. All he had left was his boxers. He looked over at Payton. They both were down to their boxers. They looked at each other nervously.

Finally Payton broke the ice and said, "Well... look, we're both boys and like coach said we have the same junk, so it's ok to see each other. No worries ok Andrew."

He nodded, but was still hesitant and said, "yeah, but you're bigger than me and I bet your junk looks more... you know mature like, bigger." With that he blushed really red all over his body.

Payton was relieved, if that was all that was bothering him then that was easy to fix. He said, "Oh heck, I don't care about that. I bet you are just fine for size. I bet it looks hot just like you." SHIT he said that out loud!

Payton got really red, started staring at the floor, and almost cried. He just knew he blew it and that Andrew would hate him for being gay and perving on him and would run from the room straight to the coach. His life would be over.

Andrew was shocked and thought, "Did he just say what I thought he said?"

He shook his head in shock and then saw the distress his team mate was in so he whispered kind of worried like and asked, "Payton, are you gay?" Then he gulped and said, "I sure hope so, because I am."

Payton looked up and through his tears he saw how earnest Andrew was. He just said he hoped he was gay! The relief that spread through Payton was huge. It almost made him weak in the knees.

"Really," Payton asked as his brilliant green eyes bored a hole into the center of Andrew's soul.

Andrew grinned and nodded and got red all over again.

Payton grinned back and shook himself back to reality. He said, "Wow that is so cool! We really need to get going though before coach comes back looking for us though."

Andrew looked at his watch and grinned. "We have plenty of time. Coach said one hour and that was only twenty minutes ago."

Both boys laughed a little then looked at each other and pulled their boxers down at the same time. Payton was hard and his four and a half inch penis was bobbing in little jerks with his heart beat. He got a little red and was waiting for Andrew's reaction.

Andrew saw him and started to get hard too. "Wow, it's beautiful." Then he blushed again.

They stood there for a few minutes looking at each other. Both boys were cut and close to the same size though Andrew's was not quite as big around and was just a half inch shorter. Neither boy had hair around their cocks, or under their arms. They were both smooth though Payton had a really light fuzz at the base of his tool that looked like it was going to sprout real hair any day now. His balls were also a little bigger and hung a little lower. Payton's chest was starting to develop and his pecs were a little more defined. Both hade dime sized nipples that were erect with excitement. Payton was a couple of inches taller and a bit sturdier built. Andrew was thin and had lost all of his baby fat and was starting to develop well.

They both grabbed their towels and headed into the steaming showers with their boners leading the way.

In the showers they stood next to each other. They washed their hair, and then soaped up their bodies, helping each other with their backs. Both were still hard.

Payton wanted so much to touch Andrew's. He asked, "Do you jerk off Andrew?"

He blushed and said, "Yes."

"I am really horny Andrew and... well... do you want to... you know?" He made a jerking motion with his loose fist. The international sign language used to indicate spanking your monkey.

Andrew laughed and grabbed his cock and started stroking in answer.

He was so hot looking doing that. It nearly made Payton cum right there. Payton was stroking slow to keep in control as he moved up right next to Andrew.

"Do you want to stroke each other?" Payton asked.

Andrew reached over, grabbed Payton's hand, put it on his hard on, then he grabbed Payton's. Payton sucked in his breath. He had never touched another boy there. It was so very sexy. The shaft was really hard, but the skin was so soft and hot. It felt right, like it belonged in his hand. What Andrew was doing to his tool felt so good! His little hand was stroking him with a firm grip that slid up his hard shaft and over his sensitive glands, and then slipped back down, but looser, like he was milking him. It was so much different than he did to himself, but it felt so fucking good. He didn't stop him to make corrections.

Payton was close to blowing his load all over his new friend that he stopped him. Andrew had been staring at Payton's erection as he stroked and looked up surprised when he was stopped and thought he had done something wrong.

Payton's heart was beating a million beats a minute as he looked into his friend's eyes. He nervously smiled and started to kneel down. All the time hoping Andrew would not run away freaked out. When he got to his knees he held Andrews hard penis and kissed the tip. He looked up to see Andrew's reaction and saw surprise at first then the look changed to something different. Something Payton had not seen there before... Lust. The next thing he felt was Andrew's hard cock poking him in the lips.

He smiled and held the probing hard on away from his lips, then licked him from the base of his shaft to the soft spongy tip, causing Andrew to take a sharp breath in. This was Payton's first time and he was using all the tricks he read about in the Nifty archives. There was no real taste, just a clean taste left from the shower. He took the head in his mouth and swirled his tongue around the glands earning another sharp intake of breath and a moan. Sinking his mouth down Andrew's shaft he was careful to keep his teeth covered. The cock was so hard and hot it felt good. It was so cool to finally be sucking a cock. A beautiful cock attached to a boy he had lusted after for so long. He wanted to bring pleasure to Andrew that would blow the boys mind. He started bobbing his head up and down, getting into a rhythm and stopping every once in awhile to swirl his tongue around the tip. After a little bit of time he started to taste something a little slimy, but sweet. This must be the pre-cum the stories talked about. It tasted good so he added more suction getting more pre-cum. This drove Andrew faster toward climax and he started to thrust into Payton's mouth a little. They got faster and worked out a rhythm together then it happened, Andrew started to cum. The first shot caught Payton by surprise and he gagged a little before swallowing it down. He held Andrew still and held his mouth at the tip of the spasming cock, swirling his tongue around the head and drinking Andrew's essence down. The taste was more salty than the pre-cum and a lot thicker, but it was so good. Just the feeling of the cock in his mouth, the taste of the young sperm, and the joy he was bringing to his boy was enough to drive him over the edge too. Without touching himself he came. He shot a huge load of sperm onto the shower floor, where it mixed with water and went down the drain.

Andrew's soft cock fell from Payton's lips and he had to lean against the shower wall and let his loose spent body kind of ooze down to the floor. Payton moved over and sat next to him against the wall. Both boys recovering from the best orgasms they had ever experienced. After a couple of minutes Paton wrapped his arms around Andrew and leaned in for a kiss. At first Andrew was shocked and jerked away a little, but then he leaned in and met his lips. It was electric, energizing both boys. They both got hard again and the next thing Payton slipped his tongue into Andrew's mouth. It was on then! Both could not get enough of their tongues into each other's mouths. This lasted for a couple of minutes until they both had to come up for air.

Payton stood up and helped Andrew stand, bringing him into a full body hug. He laughed a little and asked, "So Andrew, do you want to be my boyfriend?"

Andrew smiled and said, "Of course, you silly boy." He then kissed him deep.

The broke their kiss and headed back to their lockers, again their boners leading the way, but this time holding hands.

When they got back to their lockers Payton could not contain himself any longer. There was one other thing he so desperately wanted to do with his new lover. He stopped Andrew and looking deep into his brown eyes with his green ones he asked, "Do you trust me?"

Andrew got all serious and staring back said, "I love you, of course I trust you."

Payton laid both of their towels on the locker room bench. He kissed Andrew and had him lay on his stomach with his legs either side of the bench. Then sat behind him and bent down and started lightly kissing and licking both of the most perfect boy mounds ever to grace a butt. He spread the cheeks exposing a perfect, smooth, pink pucker. Touching it with his finger he leaned down and kissed it running the tip of his tongue out to touch it. Andrew jerked a little at the new sensations but it felt so good all he did was moan. To Payton all it tasted like was clean skin, with maybe a slight bitter taste. He wasn't sure when he first started as this was his first time; it was not unpleasant at all.

After getting used to the taste he started in with gusto. He licked and kissed and probed with his tongue. As Andrew relaxed more and more spit built up, soon He was able to sink his tongue in and penetrate the hot little hole. He worked more spit in and started pushing in with a finger. Soon he was shoving his finger in with little resistance. He spit more and slipped another finger in. Andrew tensed a little and made a small ouch sound, but he didn't say stop, so the second finger was worked all the way in and he was being fucked by both digits. When he loosened more and started to thrust up into the fingers Payton knew he was ready. He moved up and rubbed the head of his super hard cock at the entrance to Andrew's love canal. He had been leaking copious amounts of pre-cum and he rubbed that in around his hole helping lubricate. He put the head of his dick at the entrance and started to push; increasing the pressure until with an almost audible pop it penetrated the sphincter. Andrew yelped and held onto the bench for dear life.

To Payton it felt like the head of his dick was being pinched off. "You need to relax baby and push put like you are taking a huge shit," he urgently said.

Soon the pain subsided and both relaxed a bit. Andrew was hurting a bit, but he wanted this to work so bad he just held back the pain. Payton lay across his back and nuzzled his neck kissing him.

"I'm sorry I hurt you baby, do you want me to stop?"

Andrew didn't trust himself to speak so he just shook his head no, breathing heavy. Payton kissed behind his ear and slipped a little more in. God he was so tight! It felt so good he had to control himself to keep from slamming the rest of the way in and shooting his load. He waited and when Andrew relaxed more he pulled slowly out a little then pushed in going a little deeper, then he did it again and again and soon he was all the way in. He sighed and held Andrew close just resting, both getting used to this new sensation.

After a couple of minutes Andrew relaxed his death grip on the bench and reached back to lovingly touch his new boy friend. He couldn't believe he was actually doing IT. The mystical it that he dreamed about doing with a hot looking boy, a boy just like Payton. His heart swelled with joy and he moved his hips back taking Payton a little deeper and letting him know it was alright to go on.

Payton got the signal and pulled out almost all the way before he firmly pushed back in slowly. When he bottomed out he hit Andrew's prostate and sent a wave of intense pleasure through his lover's body. This caused Andrew to recover his lost erection instantly and moan loud in pleasure. Soon Payton was pushing and pulling faster and pleasuring both boys. It felt so hot and tight to his sensitive penis it was driving him wild. Andrew couldn't get enough. He started aggressively meeting the thrusts of his boy lover. Payton wrapped his arms under and around Andrew's shoulders to hold him tighter and give him more leverage. Andrew turned his head and they kissed passionately.

Payton stopped and pulled out surprising Andrew who turned to see what was wrong. Without saying a word Payton pushed him on his back a little roughly and lifted his lover's legs onto his shoulders. The look of lust and love was so pure and mixed in his eyes it made Andrew's young smooth body shiver with excitement. Before he knew it Payton pushed hard into him making him grunt and yell out his name in pleasure. This was better! They looked into each other's eyes and could see their love, lust and pleasure reflected back. His cock went deeper and hit that magic spot more. They started moving together faster and faster, filling the locker room with the slapping of their bodies together and with the high pitched moans of pleasure that escaped their unchanged boy vocal cords.

Payton grunted, "I am so close baby, I'm gonna cum soon."

"Breed me baby, fill me with your hot cum!" he screamed back as his body was racked with pleasure and he started shooting so hard his cum hit him in the face.

That was all it took Payton shoved as hard as he could and yelled out Andrew's name as he flooded his guts with baby batter.

Payton collapsed on top of Andrew and they held each other as their orgasmic glow receded.

"Wow, I guess you two will be volunteering more for after practice and game clean up."

Both boys jumped and turned in fear to see their coach standing there. He saw their fear and took pity on them.

"It's alright boys. I won't tell a soul. What I saw was beautiful. Try to keep it for as long as you can." He smiled at them then said, "Now I suggest you two take a shower and get cleaned up again. You smell like sex and we can't send you home like that."

With that he turned to leave but stopped at the door and without looking at them he said, "And no fooling around this time. Clean and get out. I want it done fast. You two made me horny as hell and I have a lover waiting at home for me to fill his hole with this raging hard on you have given me."

Both boys' eyebrows shot up in surprise, and then they grabbed their towels and headed to the showers giggling like the boys they were.

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