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The author “Chance” is me, “Larkin” This is an effort to re-compose my old roster into a new roster comprised old and new works, re-written and done with more careful editing. (omitting junk) I hope you will understand.

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The Pooky and Dusty was first published 2008 has been re-written and re-organized and added to. Pooky and Dusty is not a single story but a collection of stories. All but one are from the point of view of Pooky's older brother, Dusty's. You can assume that this story is fiction and that all the usual disclaimers apply

Pooky and Dusty is not a single story. It is a collection of stories. Some are from a narrative point of view and others are through the eyes of Dusty, Pooky's older brother.  

Pooky and Dusty


Chas Cloverfield was a successful New York attorney. He has an apartment of West 60th Street. Once and his new wife Star, married, they decided to buy a home. Star found a very nice house Greenwich Connecticut. Chas kept the apartment in the city and came home on week-ends. Chas and Star were an attractive, charming and sexually appealing couple. 3 months after they closed on the Connecticut house, Star gave bith to her son, Dustin. Chatting with a neighbor Star admitted that Dustin slept their bed. Quite candidly she said, “I want my baby's naked skin next to my bare skin..”

The Neighbor said, “Aren't you afraid that your husband will crush him in the middle of the night?”

Star laughed. “No, of course not.”

The unspoken truth was that Dusty's parents were very sexually active and never gave a thought to the baby in bed with them. Little Dustin would be bounced from one side of the bed to the other while they did it. This closeness with his parents shaped his life.

Star swooned over her son. “Dusty is an angel. I love him so much.”

And he was Dusty was a good natured and adorable. He was a blond and blue eyed cherub.

2 years later, Alexander was born. He was entirely different from Dusty. Very early on he would have tantrums and wouldn't go to sleep, crawling all over his parents in the middle of the night.

Finally Star picked Alexander up and took him into Dusty's new bedroom. “Here, you take him.”

It was Dusty who started to call him Pooky and it just stuck. Dusty missed his parent's bed so he welcomed his little brother. From the start Dusty discovered that he could soothe Pooky to sleep or at least quiet him down by playing with his penis. He cuddled and the cooing Pooky like he was his very own stuffed animal. Their relationship was off to a good start And, this is where our story begins.

Pooky and Dusty. Story 1

I always hug Pooky when we go to sleep. When I wake up the first thing I do is look into his silly face. We love each other. Pooky is all naked and warm and I hold him closer. My eyes open wide and I felt my belly being bathed with warm water. Lifting the cover I could see the sleeping Pooky was doing a full on pee from his morning penis. He was drenching me. I moved so that he might pee all over my own stiff penis. I love how it feels. When we get cold and clammy, I wake the sleepy Pooky and move over to my dry and cuddly bed.

Haddy is our maid and my mother pays her an extra $50 a week to strip the bed, sponge down the plastic mattress cover and throw it all into the laundry. Pooky does not pee the bed every night but often enough to wear boy-size pampers.

He objects loudly. “I'm not a baby!”

The large box of boy-size pampers sits in the corner, unopened.

All warm and cuddly in my bed, I put my arm around Pooky and begin my first jerk-off of the day. Pooky was quiet laying with his just under my chin. He's already back to sleep. I do it slowly at first until I cannot resist going faster and faster. Pooky is usually cranky, domineering or petulant but sometimes he can be sweet and affectionate. He always knew where I was in my jerk-off cycle. As he bagan to wake up, he rubbed my belly and pet my balls while I continued to jerk-off. He moved up and poked his tongue in and out of my ear sending chills all over my body. We kissed and shared boy spit until I began to feel my body filling with sparkles. I love Pooky.

Almost before my sparkles disappeared he jumped up and said, “My turn!”

I loved how he would climb all over me and then push his boner into my mouth He would bare down on me but I didn't care because I liked it and I wanted him to do anything he wanted to me. This would go on for as long as Pooky wanted it to go on until he got the sparkles too. My naked Pooky. Scented with pee smelled so good. Then we would get up to meet the new day, happy and free.

Pooky and me don't have to wear clothes at home. We can be naked all day long except when we have company or Haddy the maid is here.

Our mom says, “Either you put on underpants or shorts or stay out of sight. I don't want Haddy upset.

Our mom hugs us both and says, ”It's your father's idea. He says that you will grow up free and healthy and as far as I am concerned, I love pretty naked boys around, so don't blame me.

Our father had a tall wall build around the garden and had vines planted to grow on it. Now we could play naked anytime we wanted.

Sometimes we brought friends home from school and we would encourage them to take off their clothes. Some would quickly make an excuse to go home and some would get naked with us and jerk-off, suck penis and lick butt holes. All of it fun.

Pooky and Dusty. Story 2.

Doggy Dog Boy...

It was our favorite holiday but Halloween had come and gone. I was remembering all the fun we had trick or treating. Pooky and I both had spotted doggy dog costumes. I rooted in the closet and dug out the doggy heads. It was more like a hat than a mask because you could see our faces. It had doggy dog ears hanging down and we would paint our noses black with a magic marker.
Pooky was taking off his school clothes and tossing them in the corner for the laundry. I had already taken off mine because we both preferred being naked when we were home. I found the doggy paw mittens and the doggy paw booties. I dug everything out and tossed one set to Pooky and I put on the other.

We started crawling around on our hands and knees like real doggies. We conjured up barks like we were talking in dog language. Pooky crawled over the pile of dirty clothes and lifted one leg and peed like the neighbors German Sheppard. He must have had to go because it went on forever. Just like a doggy, I went over and sniffed where he peed. I felt Pooky going around in back of me and he started sniffing my butt hole. I quickly scampered out of his way but he came after me. By this time Pooky had a boner. He saw me looking at it and I moved in very slow so he wouldn't run away. When I got up close I sniffed it and licked the top of his boner. It twitched up and down when I did it. He let me do it but he was ready to jump at any second.

You see, Pooky is the miniboss and everything has to be his way. Then he went around and tried to sniff my butt again. I turned quickly so that I was facing him and he jumped on me and began biting down on my ear. I struggled and got away. Pooky wouldn't stop chasing me and I wouldn't cooperate. I think that's what made it so much fun. I was on my hands and knees again crawling around our bed room. I heard Pooky trying to sniff my butt hole again and this time I let him. I stood perfectly still and I felt his doggy dog tongue on my butt hole. I liked it so I let him do it as much as he wanted.

Everything was fine until he climbed up on me and started to rub his boner on my butt hole. I pulled away and facing him gave angry doggy barks. Then we started chasing each other around and around the room. I tried to mount Pooky but he would have none of it. I knew I was going to let him do it; it was just a matter of time. He lay back and spread his legs and let me lick his balls and stiff cock.

When I saw Pooky get that snarly look on his face and his boner completely stiff and almost red like a doggy dick, I turned around and gave him my doggy behind. I felt his fuzzy paws on my back and felt his dickie being pushed up my butt. When he really started doing it was like I went to heaven to be with the Lord. Getting it this way is the doggy way but Pooky and I do it both ways. When we do it the other way, I pull my legs all the way back and pin them back with my elbows.

Only after he did it two or three times did he collapse and let me do it to him. We're young so the only way I can tell is that Pooky cries out in his high voice. It doesn't sound at all like a dog bark.

That night we slept with our arms and legs wrapped around each other. In the middle of the night my eyes opened because I felt something. Pooky was peeing the bed again. I felt it all over my belly. I held on to him and let him do it because I love Pooky so much. When the pee cooled off and got clammy Pooky would wake up and the both of us would move over to the other bed.

Pooky is my best doggy dog boy.

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