Disclaimer: this story is my story, and it is not fictional; the events that occurred happened during my youth and now being old enough to tell them. I am now of legal age to submit such a story, and names have been changed to protect the identity of those involved.

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Porter and Isaac's New Horror Game

The smell of honey suckles filled the air on baker street; a street where I had been living for as long as i can remember. most of the inhabitants had been fairly wealthy individuals; it had been us that lived in the oldest looking house on that block. It was still nice, Most of my friends usually mentioned how spectacular it must have been living in such a neighborhood; but I never really bragged. It was the night of my thirteenth birthday, And my friend; porter, would be arriving soon. He and I had planned to have a sleep-over. watch some movies, play some games; kid stuff. Even though he was two years younger than me; he was my best friend. after porter arrived, hours went by and we where getting ready for bed after having had a rather fun packed evening, we had already taken our showers, and made a huge pallet in the floor for us to both sleep on when I was presented with the offer to play a game I'd never heard of. Horror. 'what's that?' I asked porter as he sat up to look at me.

'well, your probably going to think it's weird, i know I did when my brother showed it to me, but all I am asking is you give it a try' porter replied; with an embarrassed look about his face. 'well, you still haven't told me what it was' I said curiously. 'right, well; we get naked, and each have a blanket. The first one of us that can wrestle the other out of the blanket (while in the blanket) becomes horror.

when your horror, you have no blanket and have the advantage of once again unwrapping the other person with ease; do this within one minute, the winner will decide what the other must do.. sexually' stated porter, gasping for air. 'okay, I am in; sounds a bit gay though' I suggested. The two of us got undressed and wrapped in our blankets, I was confident I wouldn't have to ever show skin, I just knew I was stronger than porter, boy was I wrong.

it took every breath I had to repel my younger friends attacks; it seemed as if he was taught well with all the various tactics and tricks he had been pulling on me. before I knew it, he had me unwrapped and fully exposed; my hairless penis was visible to anyone who had wanted to see it, and by the way he was staring; that person was porter. I slowly became erect when i realized a full minute had passed by and my young friend was still staring. he to must have realized I was noticing; so he tossed my blanket toward me while his hit the floor. his penis was now showing; like quicksand, I became drawn to it. entangled in the dirty thoughts going on in my mind, the dirty things I wanted to make him do, the things I wanted him to make me do. 'snap out of it Issac' I told myself. as the game progressed, I can truthfully tell you I did my best to hold my ground; while my friend had the upper hand; but of course, I failed and soon was back in my original state of exposure. 'well, well.. let's see; I am going to give you an easy task, seeings how I have experience at this game' porter said in a soft, proud tone. 'I am going to lay down, and I want you to teabag my face' he exclaimed.

'you want me to what?!' I responded curiously. 'put your balls on my face, squat over me' I had never had a gay thought in my life, but when he said that, I was so filled with lust my penis ached. porter took his place as I approached his limp body, I started to squat, knowing all of my private areas where being exposed; By now, I had squatted far enough for him to fully see my tight, pink boy-hole; then, I felt his soft, warm skin against my sac. porter didn't hesitate, he had wanted more than my balls on his face the whole time, I felt my boyhood being enveloped in his mouth, wetness induced my sense to feel. But I loved it. In fact, I realized I was moaning quite loudly, and was assured porter was having fun when I heard him mumble something 'do you want to quit playing horror and just play with each other? I didn't have to think about his request; immediately I agreed. a few minutes pass by and porter pushes my bottom off of his face, but stopped me when I had raised only a foot.

He pulled my pale butt cheeks apart, and raised his head. I felt his tongue slide up and down my pink eye, felt him pushing forcefully inside of me. I couldn't help but wonder what kind of flavors where going through his mouth at the time, i somewhat got embarrassed, hoping I was as clean as he thought I was. I couldn't take it anymore; I hopped up and flipped my naked body toward him, plunging my mouth into his. ecstasy shot through my body as I felt his tongue slapping profuciously against mine, his saliva was building up in my mouth and all I wanted to do was swallow.

i wanted him more than ever, I wanted every bit of him; I knew he probably couldn't cum yet; because I only achieved that less than a month ago; so I made up my mind for both of us, that I would be penetrating him, I flipped over his beautiful, young figure; and used my hands to spread him apart as he did mine. It crossed my mind that he had never been fucked before; and new this would be no easy task without some form of lubrication. I continued to pause with my hands still in place, looking down at his tender bottom; I did all I knew. I pressed my mouth over his butt hole; and licked something fierce. it was not bad at all, in fact other than a sort of bitter feeling on my tongue, it really didn't taste at all. I worked my tongue inside of him as far as i could, being sloppy with my saliva to ensure adequate moistness. then, I raised up; filled my hand with the remaining saliva and began to pump my hard, now wet cock. I layed down on top of porter and used my fingers to guide my 4 inch prick to it's target; and then.. I was in. pumping nonstop, My little friend moaned at the incredible feeling we both where experiencing; when ever I felt I was about to cum, I would stop and kiss his neck, trying to prolong the event. my fourth time, I unleashed more cum then I ever produced deep inside his bum, I felt the start and stop of a new stream of jizz; this is how I knew I was spewing like a water hose. When satisfied, I pulled back and saw a giant bead of juice exiting his newly fucked butt, collapsing next to him; 'this is the best birthday ever' I laughed.