"Nick," he said when he finished. His voice sounded almost pleading.

"Cody," I replied, in the way I usually do when people say only my name. It was completely habit.

"I...would you mind if I, uh, got in the shower with you?" He was quick to add, almost defensively, "I'm really sweaty, and don't wanna have to wait for you to finish, because I know you'll take forever."

That was true; I did indeed take long showers. This was almost literally a dream come true, but I was reluctant nonetheless.

"I; well, we really shouldn't."

"What's the big deal?" Cody asked. The fact that his voice was still high, like the little kid he was, dissuaded me further, but after taking another good look over his glistening body I found myself unable to resist.

"Well...okay," I said.

Cody grinned and ran to lock the door. Then he came back, and, staring at me while I stared back, dropped first his shorts and then his boxers. Like I said, he wasn't circumcised, and he wasn't very hairy either. A thin layer of stubble covered his his balls, which hung right below his cock, and formed an inverted triangle in his crotch area. He was hard, maybe three inches and sticking straight out with only a slight upward curve to his shaft. I thought I had been hard before, but now I was harder. I saw him staring at my own crotch area; I was probably six inches long, hard like I was, circumcised like I've said. My hair was longer, thicker, and covered a bigger area than Cody's; my balls were also probably twice the size of his.

Cody, slowly and without moving his eyes from me, slid open the door to the shower, stepped in, and closed the door again. I turned towards him. He was maybe two steps away from me. He took a step forward, and the water hit his head, blocking the water that had been hitting my feet and legs. He took another step closer, and he was standing just inches away. Now I was getting water only in my face.

Instead of reaching out, as I expected him to do and was about to do myself, he turned around and backed into me, the way we had been on the court. My cock rubbed against his bare back and went up as he pushed himself back. He shivered, and then so did I. Instead of hooking my chin over his head, I put my face into his now-wet hair and inhaled deeply. He smelled of sweat and of something else, something that was, well, Cody, I guess. I wrapped my arms over his, one finger in his belly button and the rest of the hand rubbing along his smooth and well-defined stomach, my right hand on the left side of his chest. One finger swirled on his nipple, whose tiny size amused me. He had muscle there, too: amazing for a twelve-year-old.

We just stood there like that for a moment, and then suddenly I heard feet pounding up the steps and a door opening in the hallway. My hands stopped moving and we stood there, terrified of being found out.

Someone pounded on the door a second later. "You both in there?" James asked loudly.

I was too afraid to answer, but Cody called out weakly after a moment's pause. "Yeah."

"Weirdos. Okay, well, I forgot, I have to get to work in ten minutes. See ya."

"See ya," I called, and my voice cracked for the first time in months.

"I'll be back around nine. Later," he called as his footsteps pounded down the hall and back down the steps. I heard what had to be the front door slam.

Cody sighed with relief, and my hands resumed their rubbing. Cody began shifting back and forth, just slightly, rhythmically. My cock throbbed as his back rubbed against it.

Slowly, I swapped the positions of my hands, so that my left hand was rubbing his right tit (there was barely any protrusion at all, far less than I had, so I doubt that word really applies here) and my right hand was on his stomach. Then, slowly, my right hand worked its way down to where his stubble began, and then just an inch or so later my fingertips brushed the base of his shaft. Cody froze as my fingers went to the right of his shaft and down to his ballsack, and as they curved around to play with his little nuggets my thumb hooked around his shaft. I squeezed very, very gently on his balls and ran the tip of my thumb just lightly along the top of his cock. Cody shivered. I squeezed his nipple with my left thumb and index finger as my thumb reached his head (after going over his foreskin, which was pulling itself back: something new to me).

I ran my thumb back, then slid my fingers up to be on his shaft. My pinky was pressed well against the bone of his pelvis, and my index finger was against his foreskin; Cody wasn't very long. I wouldn't be able to jack him off regularly. I left my hand there and played with his nipple for a bit as I felt myself grow even harder against his back, if that was possible. I buried my face in his hair again and just took in his scent.

Worried about the length of his dick, I shifted my pinky and ring fingers to his ballsack and began stroking, very slowly, with just my other three fingers. Then, gradually, I sped up. Cody pressed harder back against me, and, surprised, I almost stumbled, but caught myself quickly. I felt his arms, which had been hanging at his sides so far, reach back, and he placed his hands on the back of my legs, just above my knees.

I continued jacking him for a little while more, not too long, and then I heard Cody's breathing quicken. Seconds later, he gasped, his dick started throbbing, and I saw a little bit of whitish-clear liquid shoot out. A few little spurts landed on the floor, and a couple drops stayed on his dick head. I reached out, took one of the drops on my finger, and then held it up before Cody's face.

"Ever done that before?"

Cody shook his head, rubbing his hair in my face.

"Well, congratulations. Welcome to teenagerdom."

Cody chuckled, and I wiped the drop of cum on his nipple, playfully. He giggled.

We just stood there for a second, my arms around him, his arms on the backs of my legs. I became aware that the shower was still on; most of the water had been hitting Cody. He reached out and shut it off. To reach it, he had to step out from my arms. Then, instead of backing up, he turned and faced me.

The kid was more beautiful than ever. His face was glowing, his wet hair was looking more brown than blond, his eyes were wide and a wonderfully deep brown. His skin was dripping. I grinned at him, and he grinned back, then he did something I wasn't expecting; he came up to kiss me.

He couldn't quite reach, being a good foot shorter than me, so I leaned over and kissed him back. After a moment of just sucking at each other's mouths, his tongue reached into mine, and, eagerly, mine went into his. I put my arms around his back, and he put his around mine.

When we paused, reluctantly, for breath, I decided that my back would be happier if I didn't have to bend over, so I put one hand on Cody's butt cheek and picked him up, holding him so our mouths were at the same height. He was kinda heavy, but not too bad...probably not any more than a hundred pounds. He reached forward, and we kissed again. His dick, hard again, was pressing against my chest; mine was, disappointingly, in the air. My hand was on his ass, which was just soft enough that the bone could barely be felt.

After we had finished this time around, I kept holding him. "How about that?" I asked, continuing my prior question about what he had and hadn't done.

"Yeah, actually," he said. "But nowhere near as good."

"Really?" I asked, surprised. I certainly hadn't when I was his age. "With who?"

"This girl at my school," Cody said. "She was a ho. She did it to me more than I did it to her. At some school dance."

I smiled and kissed him again. He kissed back, enthusiastically.

"Alright, let me down," he said.

I did, holding him back a little bit so that he wouldn't snap my cock off on his way down. After my precious was safe, though, I held him a little closer, so that my head ran from the top of his to a little above his belly button as I lowered him. I gave his butt a good slap as I let go.

He smiled and went to his knees, placing his face a few inches from my cock.

"You sure you wanna do this?" I asked, growing worried again about what I was doing with a twelve year old.

"Absolutely," he said. "If you don't let me, I think I'll cry."

I smiled and said, "Well, we can't have that, now can we."

He replied by taking my dick in his hand, just feeling and playing with it a little. Then he moved his hand to my balls, played a little, and returned his hand to the base of my dick. He opened his mouth wide and stuck his head over it.

A warm sensation came over the half of my cock that was in his mouth. He was clearly trying to get more in. "Don't choke yourself," I said. "Half is more than good enough."

"Mmm," he replied, and started to take his mouth back. There was a white, sharp pain on the top-right of my cock--

"Shit!" I said, trying to contain myself, and Cody popped his head off of me and looked up, afraid. Then I said, calmer, "Sorry. It hurt. Cover your teeh with your lips, okay?"

"Sorry. Do you want me to stop?"

"Hell no," I said. "Just cover your teeth."

"Alright," he smiled, and he was right back on it. This time the sensation was slightly different, maybe even worse because instead of the soft insides of his lips there were his hard outsides, but that was okay, it was still way better than anything I had ever had before. So much better than jacking off, better than the dry-hump I had had with my last girlfriend this night before she dumped me. The wonderful feelings only got better as he sped up. I found one of my hands playing with Cody's hair, moving back and forth with his hair, and then the other reached out for support blindly. I knocked down something that was probably the shampoo and then grabbed onto one of the indentation it had been in. I felt the bottle roll against my foot. He kept on speeding up, but then apparently topped off as his neck got tired. He was actually slowing down at the point where I came, though I barely noticed it.

So, yes, I came. I had forgotten to warn Cody, being too absorbed in my own feelings. He tooks the first spurt in his mouth and quickly pulled his head back, taking the next four on his cheek.

"Shit," I said as soon as my orgasm was good and done. "Sorry I forgot to warn you. It's your fault, anyway. You were too damn good."

Cody spat what had landed in his mouth onto the shower floor, along with a good bit of his own spit. "I don't like the taste, but your cock was pretty good." He smiled, my cum dripping off his cheek.

I laughed, and Cody stood up and turned on the shower. I walked behind him and washed my own cum off his cheek.

"Ever done that before?" Cody asked me, using exactly the same words I had.

"Nope," I said, then laughed, "You?"

"Nope," he replied, laughing back.

We rinsed each other off quickly, then just stood there for a moment. Cody backed into me, and I stood with my arms over him again.

"How long did James say he was at work?" I asked finally.

"I think nine."

"What time's it now?"

"I don't know. Two?"

"When're your parents coming home?"

"My dad's out deep-sea fishing, he won't be home 'til Friday." Today was Tuesday. "My mom should be home like seven."

"So we have five hours?"


"Awesome." I buried my face in his hair again. I loved the smell of his hair. I guess it was probably his shampoo; it was a subtle smell that just smelled really good.

"Okay," Cody said eventually. "What now?"

"I don't know," I laughed. "I'd love to suck you now, but I think it's too soon."

"How long does it usually take?"

"Before it's good? An hour or two."

"Okay. Let's wait a while so it's really good."

"Good idea," I laughed. "So what now?"

"I don't know," he said, shrugging. His shoulders pressed up into my armpits for a moment. We just stood there for a couple minutes, at peace.