****This is a short story about two boys that fall in love. It involves gay sex between two young boys and diaper wearing and urine use. I hope that you enjoy this story, even though there is no actual sex written in it, just mentioned. I hope you cry and laugh, and I hope that you tell me what you thought of the story. Email me at erich5748 @ ymail.com if you would like to let me know. Thanks for taking the time to read.****

“Bailiff, please read the list of charges?” The judge asked as soon as court was in session.

“The charges are verbal and physical harassment, bullying to the point of suicide, defying court orders, being out past curfew, drinking and driving, resisting arrest and finally striking an officer of the law.” He read out.

“And how does the accused plead?” He asked of the lawyer.

“He pleads guilty to all charges, under the agreement set forth in his plea bargain Your Honour.”

“Thank you. I then sentence Mr. Morgan to three months of community services, to be taken in for the medical procedure right away and to be put into the care of the fore signed caretaker that you will find out about soon. Mr. Morgan, you are a very lucky young man, if it had've been up to me, I would've sentenced you to six years in juvenile detention, until you reached the age of nineteen, and if I ever see you in this court again, you'll be lucky to be released by the time you are twenty five, am I making myself perfectly clear?”

“Yes Your Honour.” The young man said softly.

“Good, court dismissed.”

That was just a few minutes ago, Mr. Morgan, or Coby Morgan, was just released from court, somewhat free, but the freedom came at a cost. A week ago he was offered a deal, though he still had no idea the full extent of that deal. The boy he was accused of bullying, to the point he attempted suicide, had came up with a solution, but Coby was not exactly happy with it. He was starting to wonder in fact if he should have just taken what the judge had to give him. One week ago, he was in with his lawyer, and this is what happened.

“Coby, do you understand just what you're up against, what you did?” His lawyer asked once again, this was his third time of having to represent the wayward youth.

“Yeah, the stupid kid's gay and wears diapers, he shoulda died, little fuck up can't even get killing himself right though and blames me.” He answered snottily.

“You tortured that boy so much that he thought ending his life would be better. How can you possibly feel good about yourself, how can you sleep at night?” He asked in disgust.

“I sleep just fine, thank you very much.”

“And then when the police came to question you, you were already drinking, you hit a police officer, took off, stole a car and ran from them, and then hit the same police officer again when he finally managed to get you from the car.”

“Yeah, I gave him a wicked black eye.” Coby said proudly.

“Young man, this isn't some game, you're up for six years of prison in a juvenile detention facility, and it's maximum security at that that they're gonna put you up for. That's the maximum that they can give a kid. This is your third time in court, in under a year, you willfully disobeyed a direct order from the court and went out after dark without supervision, you got behind the wheel of a car, you were drinking again. Have you any idea the pain you've caused, especially to that poor boy? I can't possibly get you off.”

“Pain, I caused pain, have you any idea what real pain is about. You see your fucking parents killed right before your eyes, they were murdered, I was shot, they died, all I want to do is drink away the pain, and you ask me about pain?” Coby screamed so loud that he was heard clearly outside the room.

“And yet you refuse to go to therapy to help you deal with the trauma, you refuse help, you think that drinking away your pain and causing pain in others is what you should do. You know what, I no longer wish to represent you, you disgust me. Yes, you were hurt, yes you lost your parents in a horrific way, but you've turned into a monster, and that's nothing to do with your parents dying, that was and is your own choice. I hope your next lawyer just cuffs you to a chair and gags you and tells the judge to throw the book at you.” He said in total disgust, standing from his chair, he just could not do it any more.

“Wait, please. You're the only one who knows what's going on. Please don't leave me.”

“Why, why should I stay and watch you self destruct further, and next time maybe take out someone else?”

“I don't know. I just don't think I can go through telling someone else all about what I've done, what I've lived through.” He said, actually crying a bit, a first his lawyer had to admit.

“Then what am I to do with you, I can't go into court and promise that you've seen the error of your ways and that you're gonna turn over a new leaf, that you're a changed boy. We tried that already, you've burned those bridges, there's nothing I can do to save you this time, you will be going to jail, and the only option is to stand tall and say I'm guilty and take your jail time.”

“If that's what I have to do, then so be it.”

“Why wouldn't you go to therapy, why didn't you try and get help?”

“You think anyone can help me, honestly, could you live after that?”

“I would sure as hell try, and I hate to tell you this, but even as horrific as your ordeal was, though you've still yet to tell me the whole story, there are those out there that have lived through far worse and didn't do anything like what you did. Trust me kid, you got off easy compared to some.”

“I got off easy!” He snorted. “You try seeing your parents get killed at the age of twelve, you get shot in the chest, you wake up after two months and find that you lived and wished you hadn't, you try all that and then tell me how you feel. They should've just let me die, it would've been kinder.”

“Maybe it would've been, yes, but there was no reason to let you die, not even now, not even after what all you've done should anyone wish you had've just died. Though I'm betting the boy you nearly killed might think differently.”

“Yeah, well little sissy boy got off lucky.”

“Why is it you teased that boy so much, bullied him so much, tortured him even?”

“He deserved it, he's gay and wears diapers, he's just a thirteen year old baby.”

“And that's cause to practically kill the poor kid?”

“Um, yeah.” He said in amazement.

“No, actually it's not. Oh who the hell is that?” He said as his phone started ringing.

He stepped out of the room for a few moments and spoke to the person on the other end. When the call was over, he stepped back in.

“Well, that's a surprise, we're gonna have a visitor in a few moments.”

“Who?” Coby asked.

“I'm not gonna tell you yet.”

Coby just sat back and crossed his arms defiantly, staring at his lawyer. The wait was not long, but it felt like hours. Finally, almost ten minutes later there was a knock on the door. The lawyer got up and let the visitors in. Coby stood up sharply, knocking his chair over in the process and yelled out.

“What's the little sissy baby doing here?”

“Young man, sit your punk ass down now, or I cuff you to your chair this instant.” The man who entered with the boy barked out.

“Yeah, and who are you?” Coby said defiantly.

“Adrian's father, but I'm also the warden at the very same prison that you'd be going to if I wasn't so closely related to the case, so unfortunately they're gonna have to send you to one further away, but I would've made your stay very unpleasant. Now, when I give an order boy, it's to be listened to, and as an ex navy captain, I expect orders to be obeyed.” He barked out once again.

“You can't order me around, I don't belong to you.”

“Oh, I wish you did.” He growled.

“Coby, please sit down, stop annoying everyone for a change will you?” His lawyer asked.

“Why should I?”

“Because I asked you to nicely, and they came to offer you something.”

“Like I'd take anything they offer.” He snorted.

“Sit down and let's talk Coby, we might have an option that saves you from jail.” Adrian said softly.

Coby finally sat down, it was an intense few minutes of a wicked staring contest between the two boys of like age. Once Coby sat down, so did everyone else.

“So gentlemen, what was the suggestion that you had?” The lawyer asked curiously.

“We have yet to be told the entire story of why Coby has acted the way he has, but it seems to me, considering he is a foster child, that he lacks a certain amount of authority, he needs an authority figure in his life. He also needs to be brought down a few pegs and to be taught that those who have disabilities are no different than he is. There's a simple medical procedure that I'd like him to have that will teach him some manners, it's perfectly safe and painless, but it is permanent, and then I want to get him into a home that specializes in wayward youths. At this time, that's all you find out until after the terms are met, and if you agree to them, I will push for no jail time, that Coby is to meet these requirements, do community service to the judges satisfaction, and of course receive therapy. If you both agree to that, then Coby need not go to jail.”

“I must insist on finding out what the procedure is?” The lawyer gasped, he had never heard of such an open ended option.

“Sorry, that is confidential until such time as he has agreed and then it is done. I will promise though that no harm will come to Coby, but he will be taught a lesson, a lesson that will stay with him for his entire life. The way we see it, is he has two clear choices; either agree to what we offer and try and become a good person, or go to jail and probably stay there for his entire life, because I've seen his type time and time again come through my jail, and once in, they never get out when they're as bad as he is now. I also promise that the home he will be living in will be very strict, that punishment will be handed down instantly and firmly should he disobey, but no harm will ever come to him. He will never be hit or hurt, although he will hurt, because a hundred pushups in the rain usually causes pain.”

“I must protest, such an open ended offer could cause untold pain for my client.”

“And yet he can cause untold pain to others. No, I give you my solemn vow that as long as Coby behaves and learns to be a good boy, that he will have a great life, he will learn to live again.”

“No, he doesn't have the right to cause the pain he has, but what can you possibly give that'd satisfy me that you're not out to hurt Coby in revenge?”

“If I were to do so, not only would I become a disgrace to all that I have done, but I would become a disgrace to my son. I have received ten medals for service to country and mankind, I was an ambassador and helped to sign three different peace treaties, I have trained and or led dozens of men in many different areas, and now in retirement, I run a youth prison and try and help wayward youth. Coby is not the first child that I have found alternate solutions for, but he is different than all the others I have helped over the years, he tried to kill my son. So while what I ask may seem harsh, trust me, it is nothing in comparison to what he tried to do to my son.”

“Okay, you have made your offer, I need to talk it over with Coby now. How can I contact you to let you know one way or the other.”

“Sorry, this is a one shot offer, yes or no, right now, there is no time, he has to decide right now how and where his future lies. Will he become a statistic and stay in jail for the rest of his life, surely kill someone or many people, or will he take the help that is offered to him and become a good person.” He said firmly.

“You place me in a very difficult position, how can I help Coby to weigh out his options and help him decide?”

“You don't, this is no longer in your hands, this is all Coby. So, Coby, I ask you, do you want to be a monster your whole life, or would you like a chance to become a good person? Understand that once you make the decision, there is no going back, it will be done and you will have no say in your future for the next few years, until you either become a responsible adult, or until I decide if you should be put into jail. I ask you now, what is your choice?”

“You promise me that no harm will come to me, that I won't be hurt?” Coby asked, almost fearfully.

“I promise you and the court, my job and reputation are on the line if I fail you.” He said softly, honestly.

“Then I take your offer.” Coby said.

“Thank you. We will see you later then.”

And with that, Adrian and his father got up and left, saying nothing further. Coby and his lawyer talked for a few minutes, and then he was transferred back to his secure room and was left to stew for the next week, wondering just what he had gotten himself into. As soon as he and his lawyer left the court room, Adrian and his father were there to greet him.

“Thank you, we'll take Coby from here.” Adrian's father said.

“I would rather stay with Coby until we know the full extent of what you have in store for him if I could?”

“Are you sure?”


“You understand that the judge just officially signed Coby over to my full and authoritative care, that anything I do is guided by the court, and furthermore that you will not be paid if you come any further, you are now no longer Coby's lawyer?”

“Yes, I just have to find out what you plan to do with him, and who he will be living with.”

“The living with is easy, us. Our next stop is a clinic where a simple procedure will be done, he'll be put under a light anesthetic, enough to cause him to be very drowsy and unaware of what's really happening, so that he doesn't panic, and then his punishment will be done.”

“And what is this punishment?”

“Not until it has been completed shall we disclose that.”

“And how can you take Coby, you're too close to the situation, how can you guarantee that you won't harm Coby in retribution for his almost killing your son?”

“Easy, I have a lot of sway with the courts, and your signing off on the deal was all they needed. Now, come with us.” He said to both him and Coby and they turned and walked away, they were forced to follow.

The lawyer and Coby got into the car with Adrian and his father and they drove almost twenty minutes to a private clinic. They were taken in right away and Coby was given the drug to make him sleepy. Almost half an hour later, the procedure was done. All the lawyer knew was that the doctor inserted something up Coby's penis and spent almost half an hour working inside Coby while viewing everything on a monitor. He had no idea what, since he had no clue about medical procedures in the least. Coby was brought out and he was somewhat down from the drugs about half an hour later.

“So, what'd you do to me then?” He finally asked.

“Have you noticed anything different with your underwear?” Adrian's dad asked.


“When you were redressed, your underwear were thrown out and something a little thicker and more absorbent was put on you instead. The procedure that you just had done removed all function to your bladder, you now wet yourself all the time, same as Adrian does. His bladder failed when he was in kindergarten because of an accident, you are now both the same.” He answered softly.

“You made me into a fucking baby?” Coby screeched.

“No, we taught you a valuable lesson, one that you will now have to live with for the rest of your life, same as Adrian does. Now, for swearing, there'll be absolutely none of that. I have taken the next three months off of work to work directly with you, Adrian was just let out of school for the summer, so one of us will be with you at all times as well. Once we get home, a list of rules will be given to you and you are to learn and abide by them, if you do so, we will get along just fine.”

“I'll swear all I fucking want, I should'a taken jail, you've ruined me, I'll be a laughing stock.” He said in hysterics now.

“I have to agree with him actually, how could you knowingly cause a boy to go through that?” The lawyer asked in shock.

“Easy. He sees it right now as a death sentence, but you know what, Adrian didn't, until of course Coby started bullying him severely. No, all we've done was taught Coby that what goes around, comes around. Sure, it may seem harsh, but in the grand scheme of things, it's far less so than sending him to jail, and for him to get out in a few years time and probably kill someone. No, what he's received and will receive will be less than he should've received, but in the end, we both hope that it's the right choice. And by the way, I was against this, I wanted to see him sent to jail and rot there for eternity, this was all Adrian's idea, even the part about having him live with us. I almost lost my little boy, my pride and joy, my life, you can't begin to understand how much I hated Coby, but I'm over that now, now all I want is to do what Adrian asked me to do, and that's to help cure Coby.”

“I'm not entirely sure that makes me feel any better about all this.”

“Same here to tell you the truth, but I gave my word, and my word is better than any contract. I will not let Coby down, he will become a good person, or I'll have failed myself, and worse yet, Adrian. Adrian sees good in you Coby, I wish I saw it, maybe I will soon, but I promise you that I'll do everything in my power to help you out.”

“I guess that's all I can ask for. I guess I have nothing more to do now, so I'm gonna head home. Have a good life Coby, I do wish you the best. Maybe some day this will all seem for the best, I hope so, you've lived through so much, I hope you slay your inner demons and become a good person.”

“Thanks.” Coby whispered.

Coby was not entirely sure what to make of everything. He was shocked more than anything to hear that Adrian had seen good in him, he did not feel there was any left, it was all killed the day his parents were he felt. He was almost puppet like as he was wheeled out to the car and then helped into the back seat. He said nothing, did nothing as they drove to what was to be his new home. He was led into the house and to what was to be his new bedroom, where he was told that he should probably lay down and rest for a bit. He did so and fell asleep, crying once again like he did every time he closed his eyes, crying himself to sleep.

When Coby woke up, he stood and looked around his new bedroom, and then wondered if he was allowed to leave it. He went to the door and tried the handle, it opened, it was not locked. He looked out and found an upper hallway, to his right there was a set of stairs leading down. In the distance, he could hear a TV going softly. There were no alarms going off saying that his door had opened. Finally he got up the courage to call out.

“Hello, I'm awake.”

A few seconds later Adrian came upstairs.

“Hi, you slept a couple hours. How do you feel now?”

“All mixed up. Just so you know, I hate you, I will never forget what you did to me. I don't know where this good you see in me is, because there is none. I was wondering though if I could get some food, I'm starving.” He whispered emotionlessly.

“Well then, we're about even. I still hate you too, I too will never forget what you did to me. There's good in everyone, it's buried really deep inside you, you have a lot of hatred, but I know it's there, I can see in your eyes how much you hurt. You're welcome to come downstairs though and get something to eat.” Adrian said softly.

Coby said nothing, just cautiously stepped out of the bedroom and followed Adrian downstairs. Once there, Adrian helped Coby to get some food, and he ate silently.

“Where's your dad?”

“He had to go get some stuff. You have no clothes, and you're bigger than I am, so my diapers don't fit you properly, so he had to go get you that stuff and a few other things.”

“Speaking of diapers, how long do these last, it feels really wet?”

“Usually about four hours or so, depending on how much you drink.”

“I think I need a change then.”

“Let me feel!” Adrian said, but Coby batted his hand away angrily as he went to feel the diaper.

“Don't touch me gay boy.”

“Oh get off it. You honestly think I want to feel you up? Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I'd molest you or something stupid like that. No, remember, I hate you more than you hate me, the last thing I want to do is feel your dick.” Adrian snapped.

“Then what are you doing?”

“Checking your diaper, there's only one way to do that, and that's to feel it.” He said, and before Coby could react again, Adrian checked it.


“You're fine, quit your whining before I call you a baby too.”

“Call me a baby and you won't like what happens. I'm already super pissed off at you. If it wasn't for the fact that I can feel my dick dripping piss all the time, I'd rip this diaper off. I don't want this, I didn't ask for it, it was cruel of you to make me do this, I don't deserve this.” Coby said, actually starting to cry.

“Yeah, and you think that I'm not even more pissed at you? Good luck on that one buddy. And yes, you did ask for it, you just had no idea what it was you were asking for. You were hoping we'd help you, and we will, but there's always a catch. This is your catch. By the way, Dad's out buying you clothes to wear, but they're gonna be a privilege, not a right, you do as you're told and you get to wear clothes over your diaper, you don't, and you don't, you get the picture?”

“I think I get the picture just fine. If I misbehave you parade me around like a baby.”

“Among other things, yeah, that pretty much sums it up. You'll get used to it though. When at home, I hardly ever wear anything over my diapers, and I have a feeling you're gonna have to get used to that pretty quick too. Oh, there's dad now, good.” Adrian grinned and then said as he heard the door open and close.

“Oh good, you're awake, I was hoping you'd be awake by now.”

“Clearly.” Coby said snottily.

“Watch your tone with me young man, you will speak to me in a respectful manner, or else.”

“Or else what?” Coby challenged.

“At any time I so desire, I will take you up to your room and shackle you to your bed until you not only ask to behave, but apologize. The other option is that I make you exercise until you drop, though for the first while, I'm willing to bet I'll be securing you a lot. After a couple days of being tied down though, you'll probably want the exercises. Also, good boys get clothes to wear over their diapers, if they want them of course, bad boys do not, even if we have to go out. Do you really want to go to the mall in just a diaper and shoes?”

“You wouldn't!” Coby gasped.

“I dare you to try me. I have handcuffs, I am allowed to use them, and I will do so. I will then lead you to the car and strap you in and then we will spend no less than an hour in the mall. If you cross me, you will pay, and you will pay dearly.”

“And forcing me to be a baby isn't already bad enough?”

“If it was, you'd already be nice, now wouldn't you?” He pointed out.

Coby had no idea what to say to this.

“What am I supposed to call you anyway?” He finally asked a few minutes later.

“Depends on the situation I suppose. If I am instructing you, it's Sir, yes Sir, if you are just asking me a question, then you may call me Andrew.”

“Instructing!” Coby said cautiously.

“Yes, and when I give an order, it is to be followed or punishment will be handed down, the next couple months are gonna be really hard on you, and in turn us, but we promised to take care of you and get you healed, from what we have yet to find out, but we will. In fact, that's what we need to do now, but first, how's your diaper?”

“He's fine, I just checked, he has about another hour or so left.”

“Good. Come to the living room please Coby.”

Andrew did not wait for a response, he turned and headed out, Adrian followed, so Coby did as well. Adrian sat with his dad on the couch and Coby was pointed to a chair that was facing them. Once they were all seated and comfortable, Andrew started.

“So, why are you in foster care Coby?”

“I don't wanna say it.”

“Okay, then I now ask you again, this time it's an order to answer me young man, why are you in foster care?” He barked out this time, sounding very powerful.

“I can't, it's horrible.” Coby cowered and started crying.

“Coby, we can't begin to help you heal if you won't tell us what's wrong. All we know so far is that you're a foster child with no known relatives and that you've refused all help. You have to tell us, and the sooner you do, the better. So, what that means is that we do not leave this room until you do so.” Andrew said far softer this time.

“I can't.” Coby whispered this time.

“Please come here Coby?”

Coby did not move, Andrew kept repeating the question, but finally he just had to get up and went and picked Coby up. He was stiff as a board, expecting to be hit, instead, Andrew hugged him. It took a few seconds, but finally the damn burst and he started crying like he had not cried since his parents had died. It was nearly an hour later when he finally cried himself to sleep on Andrew's shoulder. He took Coby upstairs and laid him on his bed, stripped him and changed his diaper. He covered Coby up and left the room. He then went down to talk to Adrian.

“I don't know what's eating him up, but it's huge. I've never had a child cry so much in my life.”

“I know, he hates himself more than he hates me I think, I can see it, he wants to die, even more than I did, but he doesn't have the guts to do it.”

“Yeah, I just wish you hadn't either, but thankfully I caught you before you died. How was therapy this morning anyway?”

“Good I guess, cried the whole time again, like normal. I just wish you'd do it yourself.”

“You know why I can't Baby, you need more professional help than I can give you, and you need another opinion. I still wish I understood your reasoning though for taking Coby ourselves.”

“Because, he needs us, we're the only ones who can help him now I think, he'll either kill himself or someone else without us.”

“I hope you're right.”

“Me too Daddy, me too.” He smiled sadly and hugged his daddy.

They talked for the rest of the afternoon, waiting for Coby to wake back up. He finally did just before dinner time. He called down again, this time Adrian called up and told him to come down.

“You're not confined to your room Coby, you don't need to ask permission to leave your room. This isn't prison, unless of course you fail to listen, in which case, you'll know when you're not allowed to leave, because you won't be able to. Feel free to wander around. If however a door's closed, we ask that you knock first before entering, and we'll do the same for you.” Andrew said.


“How are you feeling now after your rather large emotional purge?”

“Like shit.”

“Mouth please. There's to be no swearing here please, if you do so, I can and will wash your mouth out with soap.”

“Sorry, crap.”

“That's better. I can understand though, I've never had a child cry for an hour before.”

“I'm not a child, I'm a teenager.” Coby said firmly.

“While that may in fact be true, you are still a child, and you will not become an adult until the day you start acting like one. We'll teach you everything you need to know though to become an adult, most importantly though is to love yourself again.”

“There's nothing to love about myself.” Coby said strongly.

“It's there somewhere, don't worry.” Adrian said this time.

“Hmmph.” Was about all Coby could come up with.

They ate dinner a few minutes later, and then Andrew led them all back to the living room.

“Okay, I'm sure you recognize this situation, so same question. Why are you in foster care?”

“Because I have no parents.”

“That much, sadly, seems to be painfully obvious, and clearly it is very painful for you. You're earlier outburst says more than enough that this is true. Please, trust us and tell us why you have no parents?”

“They're dead, okay.”

“Okay, that's better. I take it then that this is painful for you?”

“Like duh.”

“Mouth. Remember, don't talk down to me. We're here to help you. Now, tell us how your parents died and when please?”

Coby just growled lowly. He held his tongue for a few minutes, but Andrew kept asking.

“They died a year ago.” Coby finally answered.

“Okay, so pretty much since your crime spree started.”


“Okay, and how did they die?”

Once again Coby held his tongue. Andrew and Adrian this time had to keep urging him and he managed to hold it for almost half an hour.

“They were murdered, okay.” He yelled out.

“We're sorry to hear that. Can you tell us how it happened?”

“I can't, it's too painful. I see it every time I close my eyes, I can't say it too, please don't make me say it.” Coby asked pitifully.

“This is obviously hard on you Coby, but clearly whatever happened is eating you up inside, you need to get it out and tell us, you have to trust us, we can and will help you.”

It took a further hour for them to get the story out of Coby, but finally he cracked, and the story just spilled out.

“We were at home, it was all my fault, I'd gotten in with some bad people, a gang, at first I thought it was cool, then they started making me do things I didn't wanna do, so I told them I was quitting. They beat me up and told me that quitting wasn't an option. I limped home and told my parents everything, the police came and took all the information, and not even half an hour after they left, three men barged in and tied us all up. They told me that they were gonna kill my parents first and why, I was a snitch, and a snitch was dead meat. They shot my mom first, they made me watch, then they shot my dad, then the third guy aimed at me and said goodbye. I woke up two months later in the hospital. I just wanna die, okay, please, just let me die. I killed my mommy and daddy.” He cried and cried and cried.

Andrew and Adrian sat shocked at what they heard for a few moments before hopping up and they both went and hugged Coby. He cried for almost half an hour more before he finally passed out once again. Andrew carried him upstairs and changed his diaper and tucked him in. He went downstairs and Adrian had tears in his eyes.

“Oh Daddy, no wonder he hurts so bad.”

“No wonder he didn't want to tell us. No wonder he hates himself so much. The poor boy. They musta moved him though, there was nothing of the sort that happened anywhere near here that I know of. I hope they caught the men who did it.”

“We'll have to find out. Obviously if they didn't get caught, then he's still in danger.”

“Yeah, and us too, but we'll be fine, I'm not exactly without means of protecting us anyway.”

“Yeah. Well Daddy, I don't know about you, but I have to get to bed, it's late.”

“Same here Baby. Do you want me to change you tonight?”


They went upstairs to Adrian's room and Andrew changed his diaper and tucked him in. Andrew too went to bed and fell asleep soon after.

Chapter 2

The following morning Andrew and Adrian were up at the normal time, and Coby woke up not long after. He felt that his diaper was too full, and saw that there was a new pack on the dresser in the bedroom, so went and grabbed one and laid down to change himself. He had no idea what he was doing, but he was far too embarrassed to ask for a change. He did not too bad, he figured it out after a few minutes, and finally after re-taping it at least a half dozen times, it felt right, or at least as right as he felt a diaper could feel. He went downstairs and had some breakfast with Andrew and Adrian, and though they said good morning to him and tried to talk to him, he said nothing. He was not in the mood to talk, they did not force the issue. When breakfast was done, Andrew took them to the living room once again, this time Coby was urged to join them on the couch.

“Coby, I want to first say how sorry we are to hear what happened to you. You have to know though, it wasn't your fault, you're not the one to blame that your parents were killed. Yes, you made a mistake, so many kids do, and now you're paying for that mistake in a way that no one should have to ever. I'm not even talking about us making you wear diapers, that's entirely different. The pain you feel, no, we'll never understand, I hope we never do or can understand, but we're gonna help you. You have an appointment today with a therapist, it's our therapist as well, and all three of us are gonna be there. We're gonna have to tell the whole story again, and I want you to be strong enough to be the one to tell it, okay. I know it hurts to say it, just like it hurt for Adrian to tell why he tried to kill himself, but to heal, you have to say it.”

“I'm so sorry I hurt you Adrian, I hated you, but I hated myself more.” Coby said softly, but there were no more tears.

“I knew you were hurting Coby, I hated you because of what you did to me, but I never hated you as a person. I hope that some day soon you can be a person we can all like, and I promise to help you as much as I can, together, we're gonna heal each other, okay.”

“I don't know what I did to deserve your help, I would've been happy had you died, I wanted everyone to hurt as much as I did.”

“I know, we know, we know that now, and we're here to help.”


“By the way, how'd your first diaper change go, because you're not leaking and I can barely see your diaper, so you had to have changed yourself?”

“It took a while to figure it out, but I think I got it.” Coby blushed. “How can you sit here in just a diaper?”

“You get used to it.” He shrugged.

“I doubt it.”

“How are you feeling this morning Coby?” Andrew asked.

“I'd tell you, but you'd give me crap for swearing again.”

“There are far better words than swear words to describe your feelings.”

“Not the way I feel.”

“Okay, just this once, in your own words, tell us how you feel, really feel.” Andrew said.

“I feel like fucking shit, I'm a dirty useless murderer, I should be taken out back and shot, burned, cut up and then finally dumped in the deepest darkest hole in the fucking world. Shit itself has more purpose than I do, I'm less than the lowliest maggot, I killed my parents. I may not have been the one to have pulled the trigger, but I killed them, and forever I'll have to live in hell. If there's a hell and a Satan, his deepest hottest pit is already reserved for me, but for now, I'm being made to live with what I did, maybe this is actually hell, maybe I'll have to relive what I did every time I close my eyes and it'll last for ever and ever.” He said so emotionless that they knew that was exactly how he felt.

“Oh Coby, you're so wrong. You made one small mistake, barely even a mistake, someone else is to blame for what happened after that. No, you're not as bad as you think you are, all that you did doesn't make you a bad person. You were and are hurting very badly, and we're sorry for that. Can I ask you to promise me one thing?” Andrew said.


“Actually, make it two things. First; please don't try and kill yourself, it really won't solve anything. Second; please don't say that about yourself any more. We know that's how you really and truly feel, but try not to, okay, it wasn't your fault.”

“Why though, why shouldn't I just do it? Why shouldn't I just end it all and make the world a better place. I caused too much bad, and had I had the courage to do it, I'd have already killed myself. I tried, so many times I tried, I just couldn't do it. Every time I did, a vision of my mom saying don't worry honey, everything's gonna be alright just comes up, and then bang, and she's dead. They shot her right between the eyes, I didn't say that before, same with my dad, but they shot me in the chest, trying for my heart, but he missed, not sure why he didn't go for the head shot as well, but I wish he had've. No, I can't kill myself, I don't know why, I just can't do it. I even tried ramming the cops with the fucking car, trying to make them shoot me dammit, but the fucking bastards just wouldn't shoot me. I wanted them to, I was yelling at them, shoot me, I'm gonna kill you, I was crying so much, I couldn't even see any more, I just wanted to die, but I couldn't do it myself, I'm weak.”

“Oh Coby. It's true strength to stay living, you weren't weak because you couldn't kill yourself, you were strong. I was weak, I did try, you knocked me down so far I couldn't even see living as being good any more. If Dad hadn't caught me in time, I'd be dead now, it's been three weeks of hell in therapy, but he and dad are helping me a lot, and even hearing your story has helped me a lot, I now understand why you did what you did, and I feel so bad for you. You should live, because there's so much good you can do, yes, bad happened, bad happens to everyone, some easier to deal with, some worse, but bad happens. My therapist helped me to see that, and he'll help you as well.” Adrian said and then hugged Coby.

Almost half an hour later, they broke apart when Andrew informed the boys that they had to get going for their appointment. Coby was reluctant to go, but he was urged to do so, and finally they headed out and made it to their appointment just in time. They were let in right away, and then the therapist had Coby tell him everything. Coby did not cry this time, but he did tell the entire story without pause. The doctor pretty much reinforced exactly what Andrew and Adrian had said, telling him it was not his fault, that he was not bad, so on and so forth. It was a grueling two hour session, and all three of them cried, because Adrian had to tell Coby exactly what he had done and how he had felt as well.

“Well, I had just gotten home from school, you'd bullied me all afternoon again, pulled down my pants and showed off my diaper, for the hundredth time I swear, and I'd had all I could take. I totally broke, I felt I wasn't worth keeping around any more, so I went home. As soon as I got there, I went into the bathroom and grabbed all the bottles, not even sure what all there was there, but I took everything we had. I was crying and crying. I hated myself, I hated you, I wanted it all to end. Just as I was slipping away, I saw my daddy walk in, he took one look at me and knew what had happened. He called 911 I guess, I passed out just after I saw him, and that's all there is really.” Adrian started.

“I'd had an uneasy feeling all day, I knew Adrian had been having a hard time at school with a bully, so I decided to go home to check on him, to make sure he was okay. I knew something was wrong the second I walked in the house, his shoes and back pack weren't where they were supposed to be and his key was still in the lock. I ran upstairs for the bathroom, I knew I should'a cleaned out the medicine cabinets, but he kept swearing that he was fine, that nothing was wrong, and as soon as I entered, I saw what I feared most of all. I saw him pass out, he gave me one small smile and said I'm sorry Daddy, and that was it. I called 911 right away and started CPR and forced him to throw up as soon as I got him breathing again. The next three minutes it took for the ambulance to arrive were the longest three minutes of my life, and then we went to the hospital. They kept him asleep, because he was going to be in serious pain, and finally he woke up the next morning. I hugged him so tightly when he woke up, and I cried more than I'd ever cried before.” Andrew continued.

“I cried too, I told him I was sorry, it was just so bad, I hurt so much. He asked me what all was really happening and he made me tell everything. He tried to get me to say the name of the person, but I wouldn't, he was gonna go find you and kill you. It actually took more than two weeks before I told him your name, but I did tell the police when they did their investigation, and I made them not tell dad either. I finally got him to promise not to harm you and that I wanted to be the one to help you and what we needed to do. Trust me, he didn't want to, he wanted nothing more than to find you and kill you for what you'd done to me.”

“I wish you had've told him Adrian, I would've finally had the end I was searching for.”

“No, I didn't want my dad to become a monster, not even for you, he's far too good for that, and that would've killed him inside. He would've survived, and he probably wouldn't have even gone to jail for doing it, but he'd have died inside.”

“And besides, I think Adrian was right, there is hope for you.” Andrew finished off.

The therapist let them go almost as soon as that was finished and they had themselves presentable once again. They headed back to the house and talked for a good couple hours.

The next several weeks just seemed to fly by for all of them, they all had therapist appointments every other day, and every other appointment they went together for group counseling, they were all healing even more. It was a few days after moving in that Coby started his community service, and he was expected to spend two hours every day in a local park picking up garbage and cleaning. Andrew had not had to be firm once with Coby at all, he had not had to once punish him, tell him to watch his mouth or anything of the sort. It seemed as if he was actually healing.

They had just gotten home from their therapy appointment, both Andrew and Adrian were told they no longer required the services of a therapist, whereas Coby was told he still required more work, but was well on his way.

“Coby, you're doing very well. How are you really feeling now?” Andrew asked once they were home.

“I feel better. Not good yet, but better.”

“That's good. At least you no longer hate yourself, that counts for a lot. How are you feeling about having to wear diapers, you haven't said a word about it in a couple weeks or so now?”

“I don't know. I should hate you guys for making into a baby, I should hate the diapers and having to wet myself all the time, but I don't. The therapist told me today that I was starting to accept them and maybe even starting to like them, and that that's normal, but I don't think it's normal.”

“It is, I like diapers, I couldn't live without them now.” Adrian said happily.

“But why?”

“They're comfortable, they're convenient, what's not to like I say.”

“I suppose so.”

“Admit it, if you could still hold your pee, wouldn't it be nicer to wear a diaper than to have to get up in the middle of a movie like Dad does.”

“Yeah, I can see that.” Coby laughed.

“Yeah, but he still doesn't.” Adrian laughed while pointing at his dad.

“I wouldn't find them comfortable.” Andrew laughed, he and Adrian had had this conversation a few times.

“Only 'cause you haven't tried them. Anyway, I wanted to ask you another question Coby.”


“How do you feel about my being gay now?”

“I don't mind, I guess, as long as you don't try anything with me we're good.”

“Okay, that's good.”

“Why?” Coby asked cautiously.

“Just wondering is all, because I know how much you hated that I was gay before.”

“Yeah, well I wasn't exactly normal then, now was I. How did you find out he was gay anyway Andrew?”

“Sorta just always knew it, Adrian was always a little gay, but I didn't care. He admitted to me when he was ten that he thought he might be. He was scared and asked me what to do. Of course I told him I'd suspected it for a long time and to just live his life the best he could and do as much good as he possibly could.”

“Oh. Well, I need to go change my diaper, then I think I'm gonna lay down for a bit, it was pretty exhausting today.”

“Okay, try not to sleep though okay.” Andrew said and Coby headed up to his room.

“How long do you figure it'll take him to admit he's gay?” Andrew asked as soon as Coby was upstairs.

“How long have you suspected it?”

“Pretty much as soon as you said you wanted us to be the ones to help him I suspected that you might think he was gay. I admit I didn't see it when I first met him and when he moved in, but within the first week, I started to see it more and more. I wonder if maybe that's what the gang wanted him for and it's scarred him some.”

“Don't know, we're gonna have to find out soon though I think. Dr. Jim asked me today if I thought Coby was gay, and I said yes. He said that Coby's so far not admitted anything of the sort, or even hinted at it, so he's buried that as well.”

“Then when he gets up we're gonna have to do it.”

Coby came back down almost an hour later, and when he did, Andrew turned off the TV, and Adrian scooted away from his dad and patted the seat between them, so Coby came and snuggled in. He had been enjoying his cuddles a lot more lately.

“Hey there, feel better now?” Andrew asked.

“Yeah, thanks. Just lots of crap floating around in my head.”

“Yeah, know how you feel there, I get that sometimes too. We wanted to talk to you about something. We know all about how and why your parents were killed, but one thing you've never told us, was what things the gang wanted you to do that you thought were wrong.”

“Oh. Well they wanted me to do bad things, things that I knew were wrong.”

“What kinds of things?”

“Steal things, sell drugs to other kids, and other things too.” He answered too quickly, they could tell he was lying.

“Okay, what sort of other things?” Andrew asked softer still, they knew Coby was evading it.

“I'd rather not say.”

“Coby, I'd think by now you'd know better than that, we need to know, and we think we have a good idea of some of it.”

“I can't say it, please, don't make me say it.”

“Well, then I think I know what.” Adrian said, then continued before Coby could say anything further. “I think they found out you were gay, and they wanted to use you didn't they. Maybe they did, maybe they hurt you and you hated it, but you liked it too. Maybe they pushed you further than you were ready to go, before you were ready to offer it willingly. It probably started off innocently enough, but then they wanted more, and more people wanted it from you, and before you knew it, you were trapped. Is that what's caused all this? Are you trying to deny you're gay, because your gayness is what caused your parents to die, because you're gayness made you do things that you thought were dirty and or wrong?” Adrian asked softly.

Coby did not say anything, the look on his face said it all. He just started crying, and finally he nodded his head yes.

“That's what I thought. That's why you hated me, you knew I was gay, you knew I was comfortable with it. I was out at school, everyone knew it and I was happy and no one hurt me like they'd hurt you. I was what you hated about yourself, so I had to suffer because you suffered.”

“Can you ever forgive me?” Coby sobbed.

“Of course I can, I already have. Now, come here.” He said, and pulled Coby into a nice hug and held him for a long time.

“Thanks.” He whispered a few minutes later and pushed away from the hug.

“Tell us, what all did they do to you and how did they find out?” Adrian asked softly.

“My best friend and I had started fooling around a bit, just touching at first, and then I started sucking him. He wouldn't suck me, but I didn't care. I just loved sucking him. Then he betrayed me and told someone that I sucked real good, and it spread like wildfire. Then this older boy called me one day and asked me if I wanted to have some fun, I had no idea how he'd even gotten my number, but he said he'd let me suck his fourteen year old dick, and that he'd show me a great time. I was so horny, he made me so hard, so I agreed. He told me where to go, so I went there and I sucked him three times. We did that every day for more than two weeks, until one day he told me that he was part of a club, and that I could join and I could have my fill of dick. He had me right where he wanted me, he was teasing me with his dick, making me want to suck it, I was nearly begging to get it, I was so dirty, so filthy, I finally said yes, I'll do anything. He zipped up his pants, I was so hard, I begged him to let me suck him, but he said follow me, so I did. He led me to their place, and fourteen men and teens greeted me and they all pulled out their dicks and told me to suck them all. I was in heaven, I came in my pants, my first wet cum by the way, and sucked every one of them twice. This went on for a couple weeks, then one day the leader said I had another hole that they could use, so I was bent over a table, someone filled my mouth, and then he brutally raped my ass. He lubed me up a bit and then rammed his dick inside me and fucked me hard. He came in me twice, and then each of the others did the same, from biggest to smallest. The fourteen year old that recruited me was the youngest other than me, so they were all pretty big. I was bleeding, a lot, I told them I was gonna quit, I didn't like what they'd done to me, and then you know the rest. I can't be gay, I don't want to be gay, I do bad things when I get those urges, I have to stop them.”

“And do you think you're bad for being gay?”

“Yes.” He whispered.

“You're not, you were just a normal teen boy with more hormones running through your body than you had brain cells to control them. Dad tells me that all the time and to stop thinking in my pants. It's true though. Man, sometimes walking through the mall, I'll see a cute boy and just go gaga. I actually walked right into a plate glass window once doing that, but he was gorgeous. Dad laughed at me and called me a hormonal fool, but admitted that he'd done the same thing at my age. Of course I teased him and said what, looking at cute boys, but he claimed it was a girl that caused him to do that. Dirty shame that. You should see the looks he gets from some of the gay guys out there, he's a real looker don't you know.”

“You have no shame, do you?” Coby asked in shock.

“Nope, at least not much anyway. Why do you think everyone at school knew I was gay, I certainly never told anyone, but you could see who I looked at, and well, someone asked me one day, so I threw caution to the wind and said yes. I knew they had to know anyway, I'd been caught more than a few times already, and that's when I was eleven.”

“Wow. And no one's ever made you have sex with them?”

“No, not for lack of wanting though.” He grinned brightly.

“Oh.” Coby blushed.

“Are you starting to understand why I wanted you to move in here?” Adrian asked coyly.

“What, no, you don't want me to be your boyfriend do you?” He gasped.

“You're pretty hot, you're definitely gay, you're a diaper wearer now too, so we have lots in common, so yeah, the idea was there. What have you got to lose? I promise you that I'll never betray you, I'll never let anyone use you ever again, and when it comes time to make love to each other, it'll be beautiful, not another rape.”

“Oh Adrian, I can't, I can't be that person for you.” Coby cried.

“No, not yet, you still have more pain to work through, but now that you let it out in the open, you can work through it. I know you haven't told the doctor yet, but now you have to, and then you'll be cured.”

“But gay is bad.”

“You only think so because of what happened to you, but it isn't, it's beautiful, and when you're ready to, I'll show you that.”

They talked for another hour or so, but Adrian did not push Coby any further on that subject. The next couple weeks went by once again and Coby was released from the bonds of therapy for good, the doctor feeling that he was as cured as he could be considering what he had went through. That night, he went to Adrian's room.

“Can I come in?”

“Of course. This is the first time you've walked out of your room in just a diaper. How does it feel?”

“Strange. Can I ask you something?”

“Of course, anything at all.”

“Would you make love to me?”

“Yes, of course I will. I knew you were gonna be asking soon, I've seen how you've watched me lately, and I'm ready for you too. I've never had sex with anyone, but I'm ready for you. Let me grab the lube, I asked dad to buy it for me about a week ago now.” Adrian smiled warmly.

He went and grabbed the lube from his closet where he had hidden it, and went back to the bed. The boys started out by kissing tenderly and worked from there. Coby wanted to be made love to first, so Adrian prepared him as lovingly as he could, and when he slipped his hot teen erection into Coby, he was healed. They made love to each other for more than three hours, Andrew could hear them, and he was happy for the boys. The next morning he smiled at them both and said congratulations.

From that day forth, Coby never had another nightmare, he never had another problem, he was in love, and he and Adrian lived long and loved longer.

The End.

****Thanks for reading. I know that it had no sex in it, well almost none, just implied sex, but this was a story of love and finding oneself, I did not feel that a big steamy sex scene was required this time. This story quite literally just flowed out of me last night during an insomniac episode, I wrote it all in under two hours, and it took more than that long today to actually make it readable, since it seems I make a lot of mistakes when I've been awake for more than forty hours and cannot sleep. Anyway, as always, if you so desire to contact me, please feel free to do so at erich5748 @ ymail.com.****