Warning: If you are under 18 don't read this story, it is a work of fiction, nothing that happens in this story has ever happened before and mostly will never happen.


So this is my first story, so I hope you'll be gentle with the reviews, I worked pretty hard on it, but it could very well be a piece of crap.

The rapid sound of rain hitting the roof sounded peaceful to twelve-year-old Noah. He gazed out the window, it was very dark and very grey even though it was only around 3:30 in the afternoon. Noah always had liked the rain, it made him feel safe inside, he typically didn't  hang out with too many people, and it wasn't cause people didn't like him but because he often preferred the to be alone.  Noah had straight, light brown hair in the summer it became dirty blonde , which came down just far enough to brush the bridge of his nose. He had light blue eyes that were so deep one could be captivated by them for hours. He was wear a shirt with a Superman symbol on it, it was faded from wearing it so many times, he couldn't help it though as it was his favorite shirt.

Noah continued to stare out of the window, he could completely lose track of time watching the rain fall, he had a special half couch right up against the window of his room, because it was on the second floor it offered a much better view of the neighborhood. Suddenly there came a harsh barrage of knocks on the door. Noah waited for his mother to get it but then remembered that she had gone out to her sisters house to help her get settled in as her family had recently moved in.

Noah sighed to himself, and reluctantly got up from his comfortable position. His front door was one of those large wooden doors, completely surrounded by windows, Noah's mother had put up some curtains so people couldn't look in on them but Noah always pulled them back to see who was there anyway, when he did he saw outside a boy, one he had never seen before. He had dark brown hair with was plastered to his face, dark green eyes with a stare that could pierce steel, but the most noticeable thing about him was that he was wet from head to toe. He was wearing a small white shirt, which stuck to his body, he had some muscle on him, but skinny enough to see his ribs through the shirt.. Noah stared at him for a minute, he had begun to wonder why this kid interested him in such a way. The boy looked over and realized that he was being watch Noah dropped the curtain and quickly opened the door.

Noah had no idea what to say, luckily he didn't have too.

"I'm sorry to bother you but I recently moved next door to you and I've sorta been locked out of my house, I was wondering if I could use your phone for a minute."
Noah looked at him again, he was shivering from the cold, Noah quickly ushered him inside.
"Just down the hall in the kitchen." Noah said directing him. He couldn't understand his feelings, he felt like a hole eating away at his stomach.
The boy walked into the kitchen and dialed a number, Noah sat of the couch in the next room and acted like he was reading a magazine while he listened for the conversation.
"Dad?" The boy asked, "Where are you?"

"Well I'm sorta locked out, I forgot to grab my key."

"So I'm just supposed to sit outside all day and wait for you?"

"I'm at the neighbor's house... "
"I can't ask them that, I don't even know them." He said in a whisper.
The boy was silent for a minute, Noah guessed his dad was talking.
"Fine, whatever, Dad." The way the last word almost sounded like venom being spit out of his mouth, Noah could hear detest in his voice.
He sighed deeply and hung up the phone.  Noah heard his footsteps approach and tried to look involved in his magazine. When he came back in the room Noah looked up from his magazine.

"Thanks for letting me use your phone, I'll get out of your hair now."  The boy said walking toward the door.

Noah felt something drop inside him when he heard that. He felt something for him, even if it was only superficial as he didn't really even know the kid. He had to think fast.
"Hey since you are here, why don't you stay a bit, there isn't a lot of kids around here and it can get a bit boring.

The boy looked up and for the first time they made lasting eye contact. "Cool, my name is Liam, nice you meet you." He held out his hand, Noah was a bit surprised by such a formal gesture, most kids didn't shake hands. Noah took his hand firmly, it was very cold, but so soft Noah didn't want to let go.

"Alright, well you looked soaked, if want you can take a shower up stairs, my clothes will probably fit you. You'll get sick if you stay in wet clothes." Noah said nodding toward the stairs.

Liam flashed him a quick smile that made Noah melt on the inside, and then walked up stairs, Noah followed closely. His face was now on level with Liam butt which was adorable, Noah liked the way he smelled, even though it was a bit from being wet.

"It's the first door on the left." Noah said as they reached the top of the stairs. There were only two bathrooms in the house, one was Noah's, the other was his mother's.

"There are towels in the cabinet and all the soaps and stuff are in the shower." Noah said showing him where everything was. "If you need anything just give me a shout. That other door connects to my room, I'll get some clothes for you."

"Thanks I really appreciate everything. I don't know why but I feel like I've met you before." Liam said turning on the shower.

"I think I would have remembered meeting you." Noah said smiling.

Noah felt like he waited forever while Liam showered, sitting on his bed, he loved just knowing that in the next room over there was the cutest boy naked where he was so often naked. He knew that chances were slim that they would ever be anything more than friends but that was enough for him.

When door finally opened Liam emerged from a steamy cloud, nothing but a towel around his waist, Noah couldn't help but stare at his torso, it was perfect in ever aspect. It didn't have a lot of muscle tone, but it was perfectly shaped. After snapping out of his trance he pointed to the black solid wood dresser opposite of him.

"There are some clothes in the drawers, I didn't know why you would want to wear, so just pick something out. I've got a pack of underwear in there too that I haven't opened, you can keep a pair of those."

Liam browsed through Noah's dresser picking out one of his old plain white tees and a pair of gym shorts that Noah hadn't used since last year. Without saying anything he dropped the towel, revealing two perfectly round mounds of flesh, he was the same creamy white color all over his body, his legs were perfectly hairless, and to Noah he looked like a god. Noah's mother was a very modest woman, and the most that Noah ever showed was his chest when he wore a swimsuit.

Liam looked back at Noah, to see his total shock. "Oh sorry, I'm used to getting undressed with people around. I'll leave if you want." Liam said picking up the towel.

"No, I'll leave, I'm gonna go put your wet clothes in the dryer." Noah said doing into the bathroom. On his way out he stole a glance at Liam's package, it was circumcised like his, no hairs either, that was all he could make out in the three seconds he stole.

Noah threw his clothes in the dryer and waited downstairs in the kitchen, he had to pull himself together, he was staring too much, the last thing he wanted was to creep out this kid. When Liam came down he saw him wearing his clothes, Noah became convinced anything would look good on this kid.

"You want a snack or something to drink?" Noah said grabbing some chips, then sitting at the kitchen table next to Liam. "There's soda in the fridge."

"Thanks, so what do you do for fun?" Liam said reaching into the bag of chips.

"Mostly I play video games, watch movies on Netflix, or just watch TV. There's not much to do around these parts." Noah said sort of gloomy.

"Well then let's go find something." Liam said getting up from the table and grabbing Noah's hand and pulling him toward the door. "I haven't been here long and I've been waiting to go exploring."

Noah didn't want to let go of Liam's hand but he had to object.

"Wait, my mom won't know where I am plus it's still raining."

"Come on, you can just write her a note, and I don't mind a little water, see look the rain has even let up a bit." Liam said pointing outside.

"Alright, there are some hoodies in the clothes next to the stairs, let me write a note and lock up and we can go."

Even though he didn't want to admit it, he was excited about it. He had never really gone exploring around before. He preferred indoors to out but doing anything with Liam made his heart jump just to think about.

After writing the note and locking up, both wearing matching grey hoodies, they set off on their adventure. Noah told Liam to lead as he thought exploring would be more fun if they didn't know where they were going. They left from Noah's backyard, there was no fence and it was a densely wooded area. For a while they just wandered in one direction. Chatting about what their lives and whatnot.

"So how old are you, anyway?" Liam asked jumping over a small creek.

"I'm thirteen, I turn fourteen next summer." Noah replied.

"I'm twelve, you go to Oak Middle School?" Liam asked.

"Yea, I start eighth grade when school starts."

"I start seventh. You walk home everyday?"

"mm hmm, well sometimes my mom picks me up if it's raining."

"You want to walk home together then?"

"Sure, I'd love to." Noah couldn't resist anything that this kid asked him.

Eventually they walked far enough that Noah wasn't familiar with, it was quite dark because of the canopy of leaves and the grey weather. Liam saw something glistening out past some trees.

"Hey there's something over there." Liam said running ahead.

"Wait up." Noah said rushing after him.

When Liam finally stopped Noah had to catch his breath before he could see what it was, but what he saw was breathtaking. There was a large lake, completely surrounded by forest, in the middle of it was a small island. With a few trees, it was beautiful. They gazed out at it in wonder, neither spoke for a while, finally Liam broke the silence.

"This is amazing, we should totally see what's on the island." Liam said.

"Alright,  but it's starting to get dark and we should start heading back my mom will start to worry, tomorrow we'll grab some swim trucks and head over there." Noah said.

"Alright, this is our secret, right?" Liam said looking into Noah's eyes, Noah felt like he was looking directly into his soul.

"Agreed, let's head back now." Noah said.

Liam stole one last look at it and followed Noah. The boys actually got lost twice, because Noah was so unfamiliar, by the time they got home it was completely dark.  Noah's mom still wasn't home which worried Noah a bit. Liam's clothes were now dry, after changing Liam gave Noah back all his clothes, including his underwear which made Noah very excited.
"Don't forget about tomorrow." Noah said waving goodbye to Liam as he walked to his house.
"Don't worry, I'll be there." Liam said waving back.

Noah went up to his room and closed the door, he picked up the underwear Liam had worn, he brought it to his nose, it smelled just like him. Noah began to masturbate to the thought of Liam in the underwear, he quickly came, which he only recently was able to do, and it was only a few droplets. Noah's mom came home later and apologized for being late, Noah didn't mind though, he had had one of the best days ever.

Alright people, there it is, my first attempt at making a complex story. It's hopefully just the beginning, I need some major feedback. You can contact me at creative.xpressions3@gmail.com, leave any sort of comments, suggestions, or critisms.