Rain Part 2

Hello once again Gentle Readers, dispite all the positive feedback I recieve after reviewing the first chapter I realized that it had quite a few mistakes, this chapter I hope will be much better. As always if you are underage don’t read this, other wise, please enjoy.
After all the excitement from yesterday Noah got up early and put on his swimsuit. He waited around the house all day for a doorbell or a knock on the door but one never came. By the time it was dark Noah had given up hope he would even show up.

Several days past and still no word from Liam, Noah had even gone over to his house a few times but no one was home. Noah was becoming increasingly concerned. He needed to calm down a bit, the whole situation was becoming disheartening, he decided to go to the park to try and clear his head. Lately all he could think about was Liam, he was like some highly addictive drug, and Noah was facing some serious withdraws.

At the park there was a little league game going on at the baseball diamond, and there was a bunch of little kids on the playground with their parents standing around watching them play. Noah missed being a kid, life seemed so much simpler back then, no worries, no responsibilities, everything was taken care of by somebody else. Noah decided to try introduce a little more carefree attitude into his life. After hanging around for a few hours the baseball game was over, people started to go home, and it was starting to get dark. Noah needed to get home soon before his mom got home from work.

Much to his surprise when he got back Liam was laying on his front steps, his eyes closed. At first Noah was worried if he was okay, but after he saw him breathing normally Noah kicked him gently in his stomach.

“Where have you been?” Noah said, trying not to sound too hurt.

“I’ve been waiting for days.”

“I’m really sorry, I had sort of a family emergency, I’ll explain it to you later.” Liam said sitting up. “Forgive me?”

Noah sat down on the steps next to him and looked him in the eyes. He did look genuinely sorry, and all that really matter was that he was here now.

“Alright, but you got to make it up to me.” Noah said sternly.

“Deal, but it’s a bit late to got to you know where.” Liam replied.

“Well how about you come in, my mom will be home soon, she’ll make some dinner or something, and maybe we could watch a movie or something?” Noah offered.

“That’d be awesome, and Noah I really am sorry, I would have called but I didn’t know your number.”

“I’ll give it to you inside, come on.”   Noah said standing up.
“So what do you want to do till your mom gets home?” Liam asked as Noah unlocked the front door.

“Well we could play video games, let go to my room, the wii is in there.”

Liam followed Noah up to his room, and sat on the bed while Noah set up the wii.

“I’ve got Super Smash Brothers, is that okay?” Noah said getting out the disk.

“Perfect, hey, you don’t mind if I take my shirt off, I always play better without it, and I was already naked in here.”

“I don’t mind at all.” In truth it made Noah a little excited.

He sat down next to Liam on the bed, during the course of the game Noah kept steal glances at Liam’s perfect chest, allowing Liam to send him flying off the screen. Noah didn’t really care though it was a small price to pay to be in such close proximity with such a cute half naked boy. Round after round Noah got his ass handed to him.

Liam set down the controller on the floor and laid back on Noah’s bed, closing his eyes. Noah wanted to run his fingers down Liam’s flawless chest, just being close to him made Noah feel warm inside. Noah felt guilty about his feelings for Liam even though they felt natural.

“You suck at this game.” Liam said with a smile.

“I’m just a little.. um… distracted right now.” Noah actually had a boner, which he hoped was hidden by his baggy shorts. “My moms gonna be home soon, she’s kinda an uptight woman, you should probably put you shirt on.”

“Right sorry, hey listen, so tomorrow you wanna go see what’s on that island? I promise I’ll show up tomorrow.” Liam asked while he picked up his shirt.

“Alright, come over here tomorrow around ten or so, my mom leaves for work at nine thirty, so we’ll have all day to explore the island.” Noah replied turning off the wii.

Noah and Liam went downstairs and watched some TV until Noah’s mom got home.

“Hey Noah, who’s this?” Noah’s mom asked trying to get in the door, she had bags of food in her hands.

Noah and Liam stood up. “Mom this is Liam, he lives next door.

Can he stay for dinner.” Noah said introducing them.

“Hello Mrs… um…”

“Hunt.” Noah leaned over and whispered.

“Mrs. Hunt.”

“Well Liam, you’re welcome to stay for dinner, I picked up some chick-fil-a on my way home, lucky for you I usually buy Noah two chicken sandwiches, you’ll have to share the fries though.”

Noah’s mom said, walking into the kitchen and setting down the food on the table.

“Thanks.” Liam said politely when Noah’s mom handed him food.
“So you and your folks moved here from out of town?” Noah’s mom asked Liam when the boys sat down to eat.

“Just my dad and me, but yea, my dad’s in the military and we get moved around a lot.” Liam said between bites.” A thought crossed Noah’s mind when Liam said that, how long before Liam moves away again and breaks Noah’s heart.

“Oh, I’m sorry kiddo, that must be difficult to make new friends.”

“Yea, but luckily I met Noah, he’s cool.” Liam said looking at Noah, who smiled inwardly when he heard it.

“Usually he’s very shy.” Noah’s mom said looking over at him too.

“Mom...” Noah said gritting his teeth and giving her a pleading look.

“So, Liam, do you know how long you’ll be staying here?” Noah’s mom said changing the subject.

“My dad says he’s hoping that this will be a more permanent position, but I’ve heard that before.” Liam said taking another bite of his sandwich.

Noah couldn’t stand the idea of Liam leaving him, no matter how far along in the future it was it would be too soon. Noah pushed the though out of his mind, thinking about it now wouldn’t do any good.  He had to think about the present, Liam was with him now and that was all that really mattered.

After dinner Noah and Liam went up stairs to resume their epic battles of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with Liam’s shirt on Noah was a lot less distracted, and beat Liam several times, so far that Liam resorted to cheating by grabbing Noah’s controller.

“Hey! No fair, you can’t do that.” Noah whined, grabbing Liam’s hand, it was warm and slightly moist from sweat, which usually Noah found gross, but like everything else it was sexy with Liam. A distracted Noah soon got falcon punched off the screen.

Noah, acting angry, playfully pushed Liam on to the bed, this led to Liam starting an impromptu wrestling, Noah took this opportunity better acquaint himself with Liam’s lower half. He tried to be as subtle as possible, a pass here and squeeze there. It was quickly dissolved when Noah’s mom came in and found them in a somewhat awkward position of Liam sitting on Noah’s chest, which Noah was secretly loving. Noah was kind of relieved that his mom had stopped it as he was starting to get hard.

After Noah’s mom left the boys resumed playing video games for several hours, every once in a while Noah would stop and have to adjust himself, he was constantly hard, fortunately he had learned that bag shorts help with those kinds of situations.

After they got tired of playing video games they decided to watch a movie, Noah led Liam downstairs to get some snacks to watch with.

“Shh, my mom’s asleep on the couch.” Noah whispered point at her as they descended the stairs.

Noah and Liam tiptoed into the kitchen quietly, Noah went over to the cabinet and pulled out some microwave popcorn.

“Go some soda out of the fridge.” Noah said putting the popcorn into the microwave.

“Want do you want?”  Liam asked pulling out a bottle of sprite.

“Dr. Pepp-“  Noah said before he was cut off when a bunch of dishes fell out the cabinet while he was trying to get a bowl.

Noah flustered around trying to stop all the dishes from rolling around, he then peeked his head into the living room making sure his mom was still knocked out on the couch.

“Smooth…” Liam said closing the fridge, Noah gave him a sheepish smile.

After nearly tripping up the stairs laughing the boys made it to Noah’s room with the snacks, Noah went over to his desk and turned on his computer.

“You don’t mind if I get more comfortable do you?” Liam asked while Noah fiddled with the computer.

“Do whatever you need.” Noah said slightly distracted, his computer was a bit old and took forever to boot up.

“What do you want to watch.” He said when he finally got to Netflix, he turned around to see Liam, in nothing but his underwear, which were tight fitting boxers.  Noah nearly choked when he saw him, he of course played it off as just a cough.

“You don’t mind, right?” Liam said sliding onto the bed.

“No, it’s cool.” Noah said setting the laptop on the edge.

“You can undress too if you want.” Liam said lying down on his stomach facing the laptop. “I’ll pick out a movie.

Being half naked with the cutest boy he’d ever met, it wasn’t a hard decision, he quickly stripped down to his underwear as well, he felt a bit embarrassed as he was still wearing briefs and Liam, who was a year younger was wearing boxers.

Noah laid next to Liam, on his stomach, he was glad his was in this position as he knew getting a boner was highly probable.

Liam started the movie, which was Red Dragon, Liam had never seen it but Noah had, and it was good enough to watch twice.

Noah wasn’t sure when he fell asleep but when he woke up the movie had been over for a while, and the laptop had shut itself down, he noticed that he was facing the ceiling now, but what was really strange was that Liam was asleep next to him, his arm was draped over Noah, his face inches from his own, Noah could feel his gentle breath on his face.

Noah couldn’t move, not that he’d have wanted to, he didn’t want to go back to sleep, when he woke up Liam might not be next to him, or at least not in that position. Noah looked down, seeing Liam’s boxers, feeling explorative he casual ran his hand over Liam’s package. Liam gave a tiny whimper, Noah wanted to continue, but the risk of waking him up scared him too much, no only would it ruin what they were doing but Liam might freak out and never talk to Noah again.

Noah couldn’t tell how long he had been laying there, he stayed up as long as possible before his eyes became unbearably heavy, he didn’t even realize he had fallen asleep till he woke back up, this time Liam had moved, now facing the other direction of Noah, partially sad, partially a bit angry for falling asleep, Noah got up, he checked his alarm clock, it was 6:28, the sun had only barely been up, Noah realized that Liam was never supposed to have slept over, his father might have been waiting up for him, not to mention Noah’s mom never said it was okay, although Noah didn’t think she’d mind to much except that Liam’s father didn’t know about it. Noah decided it best to go ahead and wake up Liam and get it over with.

“Liam.” Noah said shaking him gently, “Liam, you gotta get up, you accidently slept over.”

“What time is it?” Liam asked, lying in the same position, not so much as opening his eyes.

“6:30, your dad’s probably worried about you.” Noah said, concerned.

“I go days without ever seeing my dad, it’s fine, just come back to bed.” Liam said patting the spot next to him. “It’s too early to get up.”

Noah was a bit worried about Liam going long periods of time without seeing his dad, but he resigned and got back on the bed, he usually wouldn’t have gotten up this early, and he was still dreadfully tired from the last night. Noah laid down, shut his eyes and was quickly back to sleep.

Well there it is, the second chapter, I hope you all have enjoyed it. As always please send comments, suggestions, and criticisms to creative.xpressions3@gmail.com. I’ll try to post the third chapter with the next week or two, I realize that they are a bit short, and hope to lengthen it a bit, this chapter  just happened to end well here.

Next time:  Liam and Noah finally find out what’s on the island as we delve a bit deeper into the lives of our two young protagonists.